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Message of Sunday SEPTEMBER 22, 2013, by Reverend Martin KLOBO !


dimanche 22 septembre 2013

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par Rév. KLOBO Martin

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Message of Sunday SEPTEMBER 08, 2013, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 8 septembre 2013

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Word - 67.5 ko

A. What provoked the four "how" of this passage ?

It is the promise of the salute for whoever will invoke the name of the Lord that triggered this process.

B. What means" to invoke the name of the Seigneur" ?

To invoke the name of the Lord means to pray with faith for the salute ; to call God in the prayer for the salute.

When does someone drown, what does he have needed ?

Is it a succulent food or a free plane ticket to go to Paris and to lodge free of charge in the hotels to five stars or a new suit ? NO !

His real need, it is the salute ; to be saved of the drowning and after you can offer him a luscious meal.

Don’t ask someone that is taken to the trap if he wants to get married.

C. What is the salute ?

The salute, it is to be saved of God’s anger and to enter in God’s Kingdom. The salute is a free grant that God grants to whoever accepts Jesus as his personal Savior (Acts 16 : 31 ; John 3:16)

The salute is again to receive the hope of eternal life after the death.

To have the salute, it is necessary to hear God’s Speech first, to repent of his sins while placing his faith in Jesus who is the only path, the truth and life.

If someone dies without having made the peace with God, he is lost eternally. The mission confided to the church that is Christ’s body is to announce the Good News to everybody.

The one that will believe will be saved ; the one that won’t believe will be condemned.

The last "how" said : "And how will have some preachers if they are not sending ? »

I would like this morning to add a fifth "how" without compromising me, without sinning against God. The fifth "how" is there but he is not written in order that the Christian themselves discover it. This fifth "how" is this : And how will they be messengers if no one contributes financially so that they go ? The" how" evoke the idea of the mission. One feels through these" how" that someone must go and another must support it. One sees here complementarities. It is the business of several people. The one that gives money to the missionary so that he goes in mission will be rewarded to the same the missionary will be rewarded fairly.

We have two fields’ missionaries currently : Niger and Mali. A couple missionary in Niger localized in Gaya, border city between Benin and the Niger ; and a missionary couple in Mali localized in Bamako, the capital. The missionary needs are immense :

1) Preparation to go

2) Expenses of journey of the missionary and his family

3) House renting and the place of cult

4) Salary of the missionary following the standard of living of the country

5) Means of displacement

6) Carburetion

7) Health

8) Maintenance of the displacement means

9) Education of his children

10) Purchase of land for the mission

11) The demands of help of the church sister of the country

12) Organization of evangelism campaign.

D. To be missionary without going in mission

It is possible. An old woman was very happy when she had the visit of God’s servant. In their talk, she has said him : "I have four missionaries that I support : one in Africa, one in China, one in India, one in Europe.

The missionary who had paid a visit to him was astonished because this last lived in a modest house. Where did she find money to finance her four missionaries ? She said him : come to see : these villas are mine. I always believed in God’s Speech while giving my tithe regularly. God blessed me and I buy the first house. With the rents I could buy another again then a third and the fourth. Today I have four houses in renting. With these means I finance my missionaries.

A question has been asked to a convert chinos : That you will make when you will be to heaven ? He answered : "I will go to thank Lord Jesus to have accepted to die for me on the cross for my salute ; then I will be going to thank the missionary who arrived in China to preach me God’s Speech and after I am going to thank the one that financed so that the missionary comes in Chine ." It is very intelligent.

Dear brothers and sister of the Academic Temple, that will welcome you on the strands of gold when you‘ll arrive there ?

A man had thrown his belt full of gold in order to save a girl who had lost her mother in the dugout that capsized and that watched it and cried : save me gentleman, save me. Not can save it with his belt full of gold, he preferred to throw the belt and to save the girl. The following day, she came to him and with his two small arms, kissed his savior, gave him a kiss in saying : « Thank to have saved me." this gentleman said that this kiss passed what it lost far away.

I address you that keep your riches, accumulate the score of millions, maybe some of the billions while all around of you, the people cry : save-us ! Come to the help in Mali, to Senegal, to Niger, in Djougou, in Karimama, in Kétou ! Assembly of God of Benin, you received the salute 63 years ago. Send the missionaries to save us ; we don’t know the path that leads to God. I hear every day the scream of these lost souls, of these SOS that shout, but no one answers to them. 63 years of existence without can send some missionaries appear me carelessness. Who will be the responsible of it ?

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday AUGUST 28, 2013, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 18 août 2013

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The end of the message of July 21, 2013

III. Second disobedience of Saül. 1Sam 15 : 9-10

The order of God was definite v2-3

Why ?

God gave this order because Amalek had been the first to want to destroy the people of God at his exit of Egypt. Exodus 17 :8-13. Amalekites represented the potency of evil which opposes to the saving plan of God. God sends Saül to destroy them without mercy. This type of judgment is the symbol of what will be made at the end of time. The villains which oppose to God will be severely punished in a lake of fire which will never go out. God gives an order, Saül went and spared the king and the best stupid and aspires first of all and after everything and always. God says in verse 11 ; 22-24 : « God rejects you as king » what a regrettable sentence ! God who created the sky and the earth rejects you. His disobedience changed its destiny forever. He invokes Samuel to honour it in the presence of his people. Saül is deprived of the presence of God. Ever it was not going to see again the face of the man of God. A privilege lost forever. Oh ! What a misfortune ! This good destiny knew a failure. A kingship which had to have a long length had only one length of fire of straw. Saül destroyed his happy destiny himself. Consequently, it is a poor mind which lives in it since the mind of God left it. Here is there deliberate disobedience can behavior. Consequences were big. The nation will consequently be aimed by a rejected king, moreover had by a poor mind which it is always necessary to try to calm down. The nation is going to know a hellish reign. God has already found another person to replace Saül.

For us today

How we react faced with recommendations of GOD ?

God gave us ten commands to notice scrupulously :

1. you will not have other Gods in front of my face

A command which forbids the polytheism which characterized other religions of the close east

2. not of sharpened picture, nor of any presentation God is too big to be represented, by whoever it is

3. you will not take the name of your God for nothing

The name of God must be respected, respectable because it is profoundly blessed

4. Remember repose in the daytime

Notice a day of repose to love God, the Israelites had to model them driven on the work of God

5. Honour your father and your mother

This command consists of all necessary acts of goodness of material support of respect and obedience regarding his parents. It is forbidden invidious words and insulting acts of the children towards their parents.

6. You will not kill

This command forbidden second-degree murder that is to say the abolition of life in a not allowed and illegal way. Abortions volunteers are considered to be murders.

7. You will make no adultery

Marriage must be respected. The couples have to respect wishes of marriage. You comparaitras a day in front of the court of God to answer it your acts.

8. You will not hide

9. You will carry no falsehood evidence

10. You will not covet These commands are for the happiness of the man and not the happiness of God. If we put into practice them we shall be happy all our life. Alas ! Certain Christians as Saül choose what it is necessary to leave or to save for the convenience of their flesh. Fetishes, they leave Jesus, honour their parents. But adulteries, fornication, those are fatty animals for them. They leave what people of the world can leave for the passion of a game. They leave the easy things. God knows you brother, sister ; you will not avoid his judgment. As Saül, you are now rejected. You can continue living but God rejected you because you do not respect his command. You always have excuses. The word of God declares that our celestial father is holy. We his children, we owe the being also.

The unhappy end of Saül 1 Samuel 31 : 1-5 After all evil which it made in the country, it is going to commit suicide in the course of battle.

This morning, God reserve you his favor. Regret – you.

Sin against holy mind is unpardonable ; this sin is called incredulity, fact to refuse what comes from God by allocating it to the demon although they know that it comes from God.

I contact you now which rebels you against the command of God. God had good plans as your life which he has just erased. That you will make without God in this world, without God in your family, without God in your service. Do you know what this means to be deprived of the presence of God ? You destroy the work of God by your behavior. You discuss and destroy the creed of the faithful ; today God rejects you !

Your greeting is in the abandonment of sin and in a sincere repentance. You get up against the predication of the word of God because it to reproach for you and touches your sin. Regret before it is too much late. Do not run away as Saül which had opportunities several times to regret but stopped in remorse. We serve a compassionate God. Come my brother, come my sister, he is going to excuse you.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday AUGUST 04, 2013, by Brother Pascal DOGO !


Reading : 1 Thessalonicians 5 : 19

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dimanche 4 août 2013

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par DOGO Pascal

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Message of Sunday JULY 28, 2013, by Pastor Jean KULEMFUKA from Congo !


dimanche 28 juillet 2013

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par Pasteur Jean KULEMFUKA K.

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Message of Sunday JULY 21, 2013, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 21 juillet 2013

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Word - 73 ko

Who is he ? It is about the first king of Israel of the name of Saül. The visit on the political stage of its country is owed to a request of Israel addressed to God in the age of Samuel, sacrificer of the Endless : « Deal we a king to consider ourselves as there is at all nations » 1 Sam8 : 4-5 This request was considered as appalls one of the authority of God on them. Samuel who was the spiritual leader saw it with disapproval but God tranquilized it in these terms : « it is not you whom they reject, it is me whom they reject so that I do not reign any more over them » God goes on by saying : « listening therefore their voice ; but give them warnings ». In spite of warnings, the Bible says to us that the people refused to listen to the voice of Samuel. We want a king to reign over us and we shall be as all nations, our king will judge us, he will walk at our head and drive our wars of. God once again orders Samuel to give them a king. Here is permissive will of God.

That’s how Saül was chosen by Very God 1 Samuel 8 : 16. That day, Saül had honors worthy of the rank !

- Samuel gave him a place at the head of escorts among thirty persons 1 Sam 9 : 22

- the best party of the sacrifice was granted to him

- Saül ate with Samuel that day.

Before, Samuel had said to him that all that there is precious in Israel is for him and for all home of his father Sam 9 : 20. Saül answered in these terms 1Sam9 : 21 By these words, it shows its humility. Samuel points out to to him the definite place where the mind of the Endless is going to grab it 5-6.

It accepted another heart v9

Even though it is the permissive will of God, Saül accepted all qualities of a spiritual leader. God had not taken into account the mediocre words of his people. It chose well them to a king he gave to all whom that was needed to reign well. The mind of God was on him, and had Samuel in its sides as adviser ; he had all that a king could hope to reign better.

The purpose of the unction of Saül was to dedicate it to the Lord with the aim of the particular task to which it was called, and to announce him favor and donations which would be necessary for him to complete his mission. Even though it is an unworthy asks of the people to have a king at the head as the other nations of the world, God had not underestimated the royal unction of Saül. It had given him all privileges, all means, human resources, had given hands of writings varied for its success. The mind of the Endless came on him, it prophesied and was changed in another man according to the chapter 10 : 6

All Samuel’s prophecies were fulfilled confirming him so that God was with shone 10 : 7

After his win on the king ammonite, all people went to Guilgal to confirm his kingship there. Oh ! What a nice destiny for Saül ! Blessings gave without measurements. They gave actions of favors in front of the Endless and there, Saül and all people devotes themselves to big celebrations. 1 Sam 11 : 15

I. Benedictions that Samuel pronounced on the people after his goodbyes

To conclude this sentence, the clairvoyant Samuel who was an old man made his speech of goodbye.

In this speech, Samuel made one review of their past. He says to them, here is your king whom you asked. Councils made them lavished 12 :14-15 to show them that he spoke on behalf of God, it made a miracle, he asked God to send thunders and rain in rain season dry v16-18. A man of God does not hide. Samuel was a true man of God. God confirmed his predications. Finally, it ended up in this advice another 20-22. They can say that Saül knew his duty as king now.

II. First disobedience of Saül 1 Sam 13 : 8-14

The philistines had prepared a big army against Israel. Samuel had to succeed give in sacrifice in the Endless. Saül waited for Samuel, for a reason or for other one, Samuel accused a delay. Saül gave the sacrifice under pretext himself that the philistines were going to attack it.

Shortly afterwards, Samuel arrived and realized what the new king had just made. Samuel says to him 13 : 13 « you acted in senseless You did not notice the command which Endless your God had given you. Here are the reproaches which show that Saül knew that sacerdotal function returned to the sacrificer and to the king.

Eternal had ordered Saül to wait for the arrival of the man pointed out for this service. God felt the obedience of Saül by allowing that Samuel arrives only after the seven days of delays ; to give sacrifices was reserved for Levities. God does not play with his command.

The consequence of this senseless act is that the reign of Saül will not last. This disobedience changed its nice destiny. When the spiritual things are taken in the light in the life of the believer, blessings do not follow any more. True obedience is played according to the terms of God and not ours. Question that each must settle is the following : do I obey the command of God such as it gives them to me, or, I change his word in my convenience ? We must know that religious activity cannot replace an obedient heart.

The most part of the Christians are rejected by God because of the lack of obedience. What we often consider to be slip or insignificant error with the eyes of God, it can be a serious error which takes from us away many points with the eyes of God. They do not give the tithe and they God as a lack of love towards him, a disobedience in its command, a contempt towards its work, it also show that silver is our idol and the one who has something else than he likes more that God is an idolatrous and any idolizes will go to the sky. If silver is your idol, you will not go to the sky. How much the heart of God is hurt when he sees that what he gave us free we refuse it when he claims it. A child who was brought up by his father, grow and refuses to give 1000f to his parent on 10.000F, it said I have 10.000F but I do not give you the 1000F for which you ask me. It is too much ! How his father is going to consider it. Who can know why certain persons always have problems, debts, diseases, famine, and poverty ? When you do not pay your tithes regularly do you know consequences which it procreates in the work of God ? The local church is blocked, the national church is blocked, the biblical school is closed ; the workers on the ground are blocked.

• The dispatch of the missionaries stops

• building of temples stops

• The evangelization stops

• win is given in Satan to destroy the work of God

Here is what your disobedience procreates on the whole work of God. Do you want God to consider such Christian, as his child ? No ! It is a rebel, insubordinate and rejected son, a destroyer, an enemy of the work of God.

Example : the rich young man and Jesus.

If because of the perishable property which you are soon going to leave, to leave, you oppose to the creator by creating disturbances, know that it will oppose to you. God bought you back by the blood of sound made and by no silver.

When we refuse to obey God, our destiny knows a change.

(To follow)

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday JULY 14, 2013, by Reverend Félix SAMBIENI !


dimanche 14 juillet 2013

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par Félix SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday JULY 07, 2013, by Deacon Alfred AÏSSAN !


Reading : Éphésiens 4 : 25b (voir Zacharie 8 : 16)

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Reading : Judges 7:15-16

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dimanche 7 juillet 2013

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Talk truly to your brother
par Frère AÏSSAN Alfred

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Message of Sunday JUNE 23, 2013, by Pastor ADJAÏTO Ambroise !


dimanche 23 juin 2013

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par Pasteur ADJAÏTO Ambroise

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Message of Sunday JUNE 16, 2013, by Deacon Bernard HESSOU !


dimanche 16 juin 2013

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par Bernard HESSOU

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Message of Sunday JUNE 09, 2013, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !

Theme : JOB’S LIFE !

dimanche 9 juin 2013

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday MAY 19, 2013, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


Reading : Exode 34 : 22 ; Actes 1 : 8.

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dimanche 19 mai 2013

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday APRIL 28 and MAY 05, 2013, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


Reading : Matthew 18 : 32 ; 6 : 14 ; Ephesians 4 : 31 ; Colossans 3 : 12 – 17.

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dimanche 5 mai 2013

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Nouvel article

dimanche 14 avril 2013

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday APRIL 07, 2013, by Dieu-Merci !

Theme :

dimanche 7 avril 2013

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par Dieu-Merci

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Message of Sunday MARCH 31, 2013, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 31 mars 2013

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Word - 57 ko

The first Passover has been observed by the people of Israel in Egypt. Pharaoh had refused to let leave the children of Israel his country. He held them as dedicated slaves to the hard labor. God made come of the misfortunes on Egypt but, in spite of it, the Pharaoh refuses to make leave them. God decided to kill all firstborns of Egyptian families. To be able to save the firstborns of the children of Israel, he asked them to kill a lamb and to spill his blood on the lintels of their doors so that the destructive angel, seeing blood, saves the house.

The first Passover has been celebrated by a people ready to leave.

The word Easter comes of the word Hebrew "pesah" ; in Greece "paskha" that means "passage :" To go on in the sense to save. The feast was called Easter because the eternal passed over the houses that one had sprinkled blood. The correct etymology of the word Hebrew “pesah” in Greece means to pass over or to jump overcoat to recall God’s historic act that saved Israel on this occasion.

It is from this moment that God’s people began to celebrate the Passover every year, obedient thus to his command to make of this feast a perpetual law Ex. 12 : 1 4

At every Passover, Jews assembled at home, killed a lamb, removed that was in their house and ate the bitter herbs. The important moment of the evening intervened when family’s father told what had happened when God had delivered their forebears of Egypt miraculously, where they lived in slavery. This is how each generation Hebrew remembered Redemption and delivery that God granted to them. Ex. 12 : 26. The Jewish observed this feast at the time of the New Testament. Jesus to 12 years celebrated it in Jerusalem Luke 2 : 41-50.

Jesus celebrated it with his disciples.

The Easter is the last meal that Jesus took a short time with his disciples in Jerusalem before his crucifixion. Mat. 26 : 12

Jesus has been crucified the day of Easter such the paschal lamb (1 Corinth. 5 : 7) that delivers of sin and death all those that believe.


The lamb that has been immolated is standard of Lord Jesus Christ 1Corinthians 5 : 7. It was necessary that he is flawless, that speaks to us Christ’s purity, dead Christ for the condemned humanity. Jesus’ blood purifies us of all sin. The one that believes some has him the salute of his soul. So by the killed lamb and whose blood has been sprinkled on the houses, Jewish have been saved, how much with greater reason, Jesus’ blood, God’s son would be capable to make it.

The Easter is bound to Jesus because it is the immolated lamb that saved the Jewish . He is the plan of our salute this lamb ! His crucifixion is considered as the setting to death of the paschal lamb.

To the eyes of the Christian, the Easter contains a very rich prophetic symbolism that speaks of Christ.

The New Testament teaches that Jewish feasts are the shade of the things to come (Corinthians. 2 : 16-17 ; Hebrews. 10 : 1) to know the redemption by Christ’s blood.

1- The whole Easter speaks of God’s grace saving. The children of Israel didn’t deserve it as us as ran away by grace ;

2- The application of the blood of the lamb sacrificed in the goal to save the life of the Jewish firstborns.

This blood speaks to us the one that Jesus poured on the cross to save us of the death and God’s anger with regard to the sin. Hebrews 9 : 22

3- The Lamb paschal was a sacrifice that has for goal to replace the firstborn. It announces his Christ’s to the sinner’s place. Roman 3 : 25 ; 1Corinthians 5 : 7.

4- The lamb offered in sacrifice had to be flawless. It prefigured Christ’s purity. Christ was perfected. John 8 : 46 ; Hebrews 4 : 15

Christ our Easter has been immolated. Matthew 26 : 26-30

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday MARCH 24, 2013, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 24 mars 2013

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Word - 63.5 ko

"Me and my house, we will serve Eternal" says Joshua, leader of the people of Israel ; in other words, & as for me and my family, we will adore the Eternal."

What is the history of this famous declaration of Joshua ?

Why such a declaration ?

Are we also able to make such a declaration ?


Joshua was in the evening of his life. He convenes his people and pronounced a very passionate speech. In this solemn speech, Joshua exhorts the Jewish to remain faithful to the Eternal their God, conscious of the traps and obstacles that are on their road. Two arguments are put forward.

1. The Eternal appeared faithful and his held his promises while granting to the people of this good country while fighting him for them.

2. Success and the future prosperity of Israel depend closely on his attachment to the eternal and his law, and, by way of consequence, of his non base action with the rest of the foreign peoples even present to Canaan. Joshua is going to remind to the people on history, his/her/its origins, his/ forebears, God’s kindness towards Israel, inviting them to God’s fear. He insists on their big temptation to serve other gods ; he puts them before a choice. It is at this place that he was different saying : "If you don’t find good to serve the Eternal, choose today that you want to serve ; or the gods that your fathers served beyond the stream, or the gods of the Amoreanses in the country of which you live. Me and my house, we will serve the Eternal" He arrives of moments where while being that Christian, we must take our responsibility and must unmark us before choices that entail our destiny. Under the threat of their persecutors that forbade them to speak and to teach in the name of Jesus, Peter and John answer them : " judge if it is just in front of God, to obey you rather than in God ; because we cannot speak of what we saw and heard" Acts 4 : 18-20. Their choice was clear to this subject.

We are not going to move back ever from this choice, we will continue to speak and to teach God’s Speech. It is an irrevocable choice.

There are of moments where the Christian must make a public choice.

Ruth the Moabite must make this choice when her beautiful mother persuaded it to return toward her people and her gods. Ruth must make her choice between her gods and Eternal like this : "Entreat me not to leave you, or to return from following after you : for whither you go, I will go ; and where you lodge, I will lodge : you people shall be my people, and your God my God : Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried : the LORD do so to me, and more also, if ought but death part you and me." Ruth 1 : 16-17. Before such a choice, Naomi lost its strength and must tilt before this irrevocable choice, to see unchangeable of her beautiful girl. What hires a whole existence must not be discussed with a public that must show you what you must choose.

Jacob will tell his entire house : " T6ake away the foreign gods who are with you, purify yourselves and change clothes. We will present ourselves to Bethel owing God who granted me in the day of my distress, and that was with me during the journey that I have done. "His family’s members had some amulets, of the rings that they considered as protective gods or of the luck gods and Jacob collected all these fetishes and buried them. Genesis 35 :

2. God became Jacob’s God.

Me and my family we will adore the Eternal !

Schadrac, Meschac and Abel Nego last to make their choice in Babylon owing Nebucadnetsar Daniel 3 : 17-18. Before the king’s threats that wanted that they prostrate to adore the statue, they reply him : OH king, we won’t serve your gods, we won’t adore the statue of gold that you raised. There is a courage choice ! A choice that makes itself before a mean, cruel, murderous monarch who reigns in supreme master on his people that obeys to him blindly. These young believers choose to be pleasing to God, to serve God, to adore the true God Creative of the heaven and the earth.

Elijah the prophet during his life had invited Israel to make a choice. He tells the people : "If Eternal is God, go after him ; if it is Baal, go after him."Elijah tells them again : "I remained alone of the prophets of Eternal" 1 Kings 18 : 21. It means : me I chose the Eternal.

Abraham, Noah, Enoch, Job, the judges and the prophets had made some solemn choices : to serve only God ; No mixture ; to serve God with their family.


It is because he had seen all along the history of the people of God of the weaknesses, of disloyalty, an adulterous people, that wants to say that abandons his God and short toward the pagan gods. He had since this people was always tempted toward the idols. One made them believe that these gods made the good in agriculture, the fertility, etc.

Joshua said him : me and my house, we are going to serve Eternal, it is our choice.


We must operate such a choice. We arrived to difficult times. God seems to be put off side. The gods of that hull seem to take the place of the true God. The materialism became the new god of the world. Money, one adores it, it is necessary to win it at any price. To shortcoming drugs it, the diversion of the public deniers, of the pernicious sects, the flight. One sells his soul to the devil ; one adores "mami wata" One is in secret societies in the goal to become richer. Example of a brother : that another wanted to introduce in a secret society.

Our world adores Satan.

To have an important place in the high institutions, it is necessary to be Satan’s worshipper. To succeed in the studies, it is necessary to adore Satan ; to have a place in a financial institution, it is necessary to be a worshipper of Satan ; to become a president of republic…

Everywhere, someone proposes you Satan. Even some pastors or evangelists search for the diabolic powers to manage God’s church with false miracles. Our world is in confusion. One doesn’t know anymore that to serve. The Christian are in confusion.

To succeed in the trade, someone proposes you to serve Satan. You and me, we arrived at the end of the times. It is necessary for us to take some decisions and to operate the irrevocable choices that imply our family. If our family doesn’t want to follow us will be obliged us to make individual choices, if our wife doesn’t want to follow us, we must make our personnel choice : to adore only God.


God becomes our defender and our protector. God protects the three young Hebrew of the furnace ardent : Daniel 3 : 26-27. He made them prosper. They chose God and God honored them. Daniel had success in Babylon more that all Babylonians. God honors those that serve him.

1 Sam 2 : 30. God said : "Because I will honor the one that honors me, but those that despise me will be despised.

God say in Ps 91 : 14 « As he likes me, I will deliver him, I will protect him ; if he invokes me I will answer to him, I will satiate him of long days and I will make him see my salute"

Satan abridges the life of people.

All those that chose God were always happy.

The danger that threatened Israel to this time is the same that watches us today just before the third millennium.

The spiritual darkness covers the earth. We are in front of the temptation of the devil.

To Jesus after having made see kingdoms of the world and their glory, he said him : "I will give you all these things if you prostrate and me adore." Jesus said him : "Retire you Satan ! Because it is writing : you will adore Lord, your God, and you will serve him only."

There is my choice this morning. Choice operated since my childhood owing my parents. Me I will adore God and I will serve him only. Choice of my family : of a father and his son Henry.

God ridicules the worshippers of idols in Jeremiah 10 : 1-16.

To the last days, their part will be in the pond of fire that never dies out. Me and my family we will serve Eternal.

Let’s make like Jesus to this time of spiritual misplacement where the majority serves the devil.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday MARCH 17, 2013, by Reverend Magloire KOUDAWA !


dimanche 17 mars 2013

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Word - 57.5 ko

After the salute, God called us to proclaim the Good News (his speech) in order to build his kingdom here below. We must walk with him and must depend entirely on him in order to make his will. We must know his thought for being able to communicate it. And to make a success of this, it is always necessary for us to consult it before any initiative. If we want to make all things ourselves, we won’t go far. We must always consult very God in the least details, because our nature (the pride) or the devil can speak us. We must be attentive to God’s voice to be able to know his thought and to discern his absolute and perfect will. During this meditation, we are going to consider the reasons for which we must always consult God and the ways to make it.


To understand the necessity to consult God always before acting in any circumstance, so small either her, let’s consider some practices in God’s Speech.

A. Case of Joshua to the head of the children of Israel

1.) Joshua after having followed God’s strategies defeated Jericho (Joshua 6 : 2-21). But face to Aï, he wanted to use their own strategy and their own wisdom without consulting God (7 : 2-5) as the last time preliminary ; and in consequence, he made the people undergo a smarting and unprecedented defeat (Joshua7 : 6-9). God made him known that there was the forbidden within the people. After having removed this forbidden, they had the victory (Joshua 7 : 10-13 ; 8 : 1-4, 18, 19, 22, 25). Do never let God of side, so small that appears the situation, let’s consult it and we will always have the victory. "With God, we will be victorious, because he floors our adversaries » (Psalms 60 : 14 (F.C.))

2) Joshua and the people didn’t consult God before signing an alliance of peace with tired Gabaonites (Joshua 9 : 14-15). Three days after having concluded the alliance with them, the Jews learned that they were actually their neighbors, and perceived that it was the ruse ; but so late (Joshua 9 : 22). Once again, always consult God before acting or to take any decision or to undertake some initiative that it is before seeing if Satan doesn’t have his hand there. Let’s pay a lot of attention in our walk with God.

B. Case of Balaam. (Numbers 22 : 1-3) : You will not go steps with them !

Balaam, facing the demand of Balak to curse God’s people, is going to consult God. In a first time God has said him : « You won’t curse this people, because I have blessed them." He executed. For a second time, Balak sends more messenger than the first time and Balaam asks to consult God again. (Numbers 22 : 18-19). This time God allows it to leave but with very precise orders (Numbers 22 : 20.) We note here that it is about God’s permissive will. Someone has said : " if man refuses to make God’s will, God tells him that your will is doing". By the intervention of donkey, God wanted to make Balaam that it was not of his perfect absolute will understand. He doesn’t serve to kidney to consult God without listening to him or to listen to him without knowing how to obey to him. Samuel said : does "God find of pleasure in the holocausts and the sacrifices, as in the obedience to the voice of God ? Here it is, the obedience is better than the grease of the rascal." (1 Samuel 15 : 22). It is necessary for us to know how to listen to God and to obey to him. As much as we will know how to listen to God, we will discover his perfect and absolute will and to accomplish it (case of young boys that searched for God’s will in their spouse’s choice).

God waits for us a total and daily obedience as Paul’s case on the path of Damascus he has said : "Lord, what want you that I do ? " And the Lord said him : "Stand up, enter in the city, and one will tell you what you must do" (Acts 9 : 6, 7 cf. acts 20 : 23 ; 21 : 11 ; 2Corinthians 6 : 4-10 ; 11 : 23-23-27 ; 2Thimothy 1 : 8 ; 2 : 3, 9). II. HOW TO CONSULT GOD ?

Two excellent ways to consult God and to know his thought and to discern his will.

God’s speech

It is through his speech that God reveals us his thought, his will and his plan for the humanity. (Joshua 1 : 8 ; Psalms 1 : 1-2 ; 119 : 1-2, 105, 165 ; 2Timothy3 : 15-17.)

The prayer

The prayer is a dialogue between the Christian and God. It is in the prayer that God communicates us his thought Acts 10 : 9-48 ; 9 : 8-15.

Let’s be dependent of God and consult him at all times and in all things.

par Rév. Magloire KOUDAWA

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Message of Sunday MARCH 10, 2013, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


Reading : JOB 1 : 6-22 ; 2 : 6-9

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dimanche 10 mars 2013

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Word - 62.5 ko


Four disasters flood the restful world of Job and dive it in the suffering that the writers the best to the world would not know how to find appropriate words to describe the situation of Job.

This extremely rich believer of the orient, integrate, just and right fearing God, overnight, loses all his goods, his livestock of menu and cattle is removed by a strip of bandits and the servants passed with the passing of the sword. God’s fire falls of the sky scorch the sheep and consume all servants. It is one only that escapes from it to come to bring the news to Job, the facts repeat themselves.

The worse, it is when one of his servants survivor of the big wind came to announce to Job that all his ten children have been killed by a big wind while he feasted in their elder brother’s house.

It is whereas Job rose, tore his coat and shaved the head, throwing themselves on the floor, it prostrated.


A- Reaction of Job (1 : 21-22)

1- Facing the first tragedy (Job 1 : 21-22)

"God gave, and the eternal has deducted ; that the name of the eternal either bless ! In all it, Job didn’t sin and didn’t assign anything unjust in God. »

The reaction of Job is impressive of submissiveness and piety. He adores God within the test. Job doesn’t have business nor with Satan nor with the troublesome circumstances, but with God’s hand of which it receives all. Job had a strong faith in God. Three things made possible this attitude in the heart of Job.

Three things made possible this attitude in the heart of Job.

1. He considers all his privileges like God’s grant (the eternal gave, and no like a due) ;

2. He lets to God his sovereignty (the eternal removed) estimating the donor more again that his dons ;

3. He blesses the eternal ; he proclaims that all goodness is in God. Oh ! What big believer ! Can have ourselves this faith, this stability.

No mistake, no mind of rebellion nor bad thought on God have not been demonstrated by this test.

Job disgraced Satan by his reaction. Satan expected that Job curse God, on the contrary, he rented it. Satan believed that Job venerated God by interest. He now knew it. God was happy to have won the bet.

2- Facing the second tragedy and reaction of Job (illness)

Satan is not satisfied and wants that Job is reached in his body of a painful skin illness that spreads of the feet to the head.

The illness of Job

1 - It is characterized by a rot of skin that blackens, shape of the suppurating crusts and gives awful itch ;

2 – It causes him loud of the heart (3:24) and of the suffocations (Job 7 :15 ; 17) increased by a régime that disgust him (Job 6 : 6-7) and by his breath become fetid Job 19-17.

3 – It gives him of the fever Job 30 : 27, of the insomnias Job 3 : 13 and of the nightmares (Job 7 : 13, 14) kept by pains perpetual especially nocturnal (Job 30:17)

4 – Make him considerably to get thinner (Job 16 : 8). In such an extremity, job moans (Job 3 : 24) ; cries very often and wish to die (Job 3 : 21). To it the fact is added to be repulsive by his next of kin.

He doesn’t inspire any consideration, and the young that pass spit him to the face (Job 30 : 10). He ends up losing the respect of him and spends his day sat in the ash. What pain !

Who can be felt until this point not to have the bitterness against God ? Job recognizes that his Redeemer is living. If it is we today, we are going to accuse all the church, all members, the wizards, of the enemies etc. To their time, they knew that there were beautiful strengths of darkness but they didn’t assign them anything


Participating and control of this distress, Job’s wife doesn’t support to see his husband, the prince of orient, the extremely rich suffering like this.

How much it is painful to attend impotent the misfortune of those that we love ! She becomes Satan’s instrument while advising Job to curse God. Job answers to him while making him understand that it expresses herself as someone that would not know God. Our words end up betraying us. And you, what do you say face of the tests of life ?

She doesn’t recognize God’s sovereignty on his creatures. When did she enjoy God’s kindness, was gratitude ? Job him, recognizes that goods and the pains come of God’s hand.

When she conceived such ideas, history forgot it. Does one ask the question to know if is she who gives birth to the ten another children of Job or was she dead and did Job marry another ? If it is her, she has must be brought back to the order and should have repented.

Our attitude facing the tests that God sends us determines our spiritual level. How someone that knows God can he abandons it because a brother or a sister would death ? Our immaturity makes that we miss God’s blessings.


Three men arrive to comfort their friend grief-stricken. They notice that their friend is reached indeed. He is hardly recognizable. It is as if they considered Job as nearly dead. They observe a mourning of seven days. What fright for a patient when it seems him that he is already considered for dead person !

All three friends concluded that the suffering of Job is due to the secret sins that it committed. They said that his sons died because of their sins and he had more luck if he repented.

They put the accent on their experiences of life, of the revelations that they had, etc.

For them, their theology is that the just must not suffer. It is the gospel of the prosperity ; a life absent of all pain.

They look strong like people of our time. When something arrives to a community, they are ready to give some interpretations. They tried to unite the elements of a game without having all pieces of it. Later, God their will say : "But you didn’t speak of me with straightforwardness, as my servant Job" made it job 42 : 8.

Their silence had been more edifying than their speech. God said : "my anger ignited against you Eliphaz and against your two friends. You are crazy" Job 42 : 7-9.

On that, I would like to invite all members of this church to make much attention to their attitudes facing God’s plan, in other words, you risk attracting God’s anger on you and on your family.

Who are you to criticize the plans and the ways of God ?

Do you know how God treats his Church ?

Why do you look at the death like a malediction ?

So God permits it in the life of a sister or a brother, he is the responsible.

What is God’s Speech about the death ? Psalm 89 : 49.

Is there a man who can live and not to see the death ?

Is there middle in this world where the death doesn’t hit pas ?

Presidents, emperors, kings, physicians, military, sociologists, anthropologists, historians, religious, white, blacks, yellow, red, etc. who the death doesn’t hit ?

Us that speak of the sky, it is we more that is afraid of the death.

Some patriarchies had lost their parents : SARA, RACHEL,

Life has been lent us. It is like a shade. It is as the dew of the morning. It is brief.

Learn us to count our days so that we apply our heart to wisdom said Moses Psalm 90 : 12.

We often forget these references. No one has the right to ask God for what he makes in his sovereignty.

This church has a good spiritual life :

1. After the two cults of Sundays, a team of intercessors gets settled since several years ;

2. Monday, the group of evangelism is to the breach ;

3. Tuesday, the women are here of 13 hours at 14 o’clock for the intercession

4. Wednesday of 13 at 14 o’clock, the cell composed of about hundred people holds to the breach ;

5. Thursday, the same cell is there from 13 to 14 o’clock

6. The same Friday to 19 hours, prayers and testimonies.

7. Saturday, the groups of prayers here and there. Of the vigils of Fridays, of the fasting and prayers collective and individual.

8. The one that left us had just finished 41 days of fasting and prayers.

9. Of Monday until Sunday, someone fasts and pray.

Attention to your speeches !

Attention to offence !

The Saint Mind is the pastor of this Church

Satan is not able to anything

The wizard doesn’t have his place here.

Jesus is victorious !

This Church is blessed. She/it will be blessed again more. We are not afraid of nothing. We are more that winner. God likes us ; it is why he feels us.


Elihu brings a very deep vision. God doesn’t call us before him like before a judge but as before the one that justifies on the basis of the grace. These are not our efforts or our merits that allow us to meet God.

Elihu proposes several new answers to the problem of the sufferance : He has an educational virtue. Job 33

Of by the nature, God is neither unjust nor questionable. God is present even when one doesn’t see it intervening.

He invokes God and hands itself of it to Him to be guided.

Monitoring is the first virtue in the approach of the one that surfers.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday MARCH 03, 2013, by Deacon Athanase AKOUEHOU !


dimanche 3 mars 2013

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Word - 61.5 ko

Starting up I would like to thank the pastor for the confidence that heplaced in me, To thank the committee of the church for his/her/its support this morning I would like to thank all the church that accepts me this morning also and sustain me a short time for this that we will pass together.

We are going to read Luke 16 together : 1-13

The title of the message is an imperative :

Return-account of your administration (Bible Louis Second)

Return I all accounts of my house (Bible Speech of life)

Return I counts the way of which you exercised your load (Bible current French)

Here is a surprising order, a troubling order, an order écœurant because our steward didn’t expect a report of so early. He/it certainly set in motion a scheduling with strategies and a management system that didn’t foresee this periodic report.

We will see the explanation of the proverb

In the text, it is question of a rich that confided the administration of his goods to an administrator, a financial administrator. The goal it is certainly to increase his/her/its incomes. But he/it has been surprised unpleasantly to learn that his/her/its employee wastes his goods. This information preoccupied it so that the rich committed to verify it and to take some decisions consequents : to break the contract with his/her/its employee. In the modern time, one could speak of an audit financier of which the rich already announces some provision. This audit could have nowadays for consequences, not only the layoff but also a confinement with a formal notice to pay for the wasted goods.

Return I all accounts of my house (Speech of life)

Lessons to keep

The first fundamental lesson to keep is that we are God’s administrators. He/it will ask for account of all goods that he/it confided, we must give some account one day. Maybe that it is about our family’s management, of our use, of the business of the church of which we have the load (deaconry, choir, musical group, intercession, the management of the departments etc).

Everything that God given us, we must manage it as if one confided them to us, as administrators who must give account. If this morning, Jesus descends in the church and demand to each to give him all accounts of goods confided, what would be the attitude of each.

During our reflection, I wondered if I could have a lot of references on the notion of account - returned. To this preoccupation, my surprise was big and satisfactory. Let’s see some references :

In the parabola of the talents (Matth 25:19) it is written : " Long time after, the master of these servants came back and made them return account » Heb9:27 " il is reserved to the men to die only one time after what wind the judgment"

In Rom 14 : 12 we read " Like this each of us will return account to God for himself "

In 2 Horn 5:10, it is written : "Because it is necessary for us to appear before Christ’s court, so that each receives according to the good or the pain that it will have made, being in his/her/its body

Here is the declaration of a confident and ready man to give a good account to God. I mention 2Cor5 : 8-9 "We trustworthy full sums and we like to leave this body better and to stay by the Lord. It is for it as that we endeavor to be the pleasant, or we stayed in this body, or we leave. »

The Christian must also recognize that they will not only give account of their acts but also of their words. We read it in Matthew 12:36-37 " I said you : on the day of the judgment, the men will give account of all vain words that they will have uttered. Because by your words you will be justified, and by your words, you will be condemn. »

This verse is part of the verses that frightens. Today, the Christian fate a lot of things of which he is not control and of which he doesn’t have the proof. Of the things that he/it imagines, of the prejudices without no foundation aiming to mess up and even to plunge his neighbor and his/her/its Christian brother. And of times he/it has the pleasure to make it. We must repent to be forgiven because the day of report comes.

What was the attitude of this bursar ?

He/it used the cleverness, of the providence and it is for it that he/it has been rented in the text. It is not therefore his/her/its disloyalty that has been rented. He/it planned to get used friend to the former customers so that after layoff he/it can get out business.

Why does one speak of riches unjust ?

The riches are called unjust because they have been used badly and pain possessed. The steward considered himself/itself like owner whereas he was only the property manager. These confided goods are not ours. They are others, not only to God, but to all those to that God wants to send them by our mediator. (In our service, does God wait that we helped our brothers and sisters for practicum, of the job offers but that we did make until this day ? Murdoch told Esther in Esther’s book admonishes it 4, the verses 13 and 14 : " Ne doesn’t imagine you that you will escape alone among all Jewish, because you are in the king’s house. Because if you are now quiet, the help and the delivery will emerge on the other hand for the Jewish, and you and your father’s house, you will perish. And that knows if it is not for one time as this one that you arrived to the kingship ? »)

What is ours ; these are real riches, of the imperishable riches that the death cannot remove us contrary to the unjust riches that are only lent for a short time.

1tim6:7, 17-19 ; 1Pierre1 :4 ; 2Pie1 :3-4

A spiritual lesson to remember : The steward planned and used the material things to insure a future. A lot of Christian makes use of ruses and double-dealing nowadays in the business to guarantee them a place in the society. Christ by this parabola doesn’t encourage his disciples to the dishonesty but rather to use the material things for spiritual earnings of the future. He took a bad example to teach a good lesson. As this unfaithful servant was prudent, fast to be a place in the future, God’s children must use prudence, of more than goodwill and of more than abnegation besides to inherit the things of kingdom.

We must use our goods in the goal to drive the souls to Christ or to build the church and the brothers and sisters in Christ, to make the happy. Is it that by our wealth, our brothers and sisters are happy and the pagans converted in Christ ? How much of Christian act carefully with the goods that God lent to them so that tomorrow they are secured well in the eternal kingdom of God ?

Another lesson : If the Christian uses its goods with fidelity, then one will confide him of bigger things. The real riches are the spiritual riches to which the disciples were going to have part. If the Christian is faithful in what God confided him here low, it is that they show evidence that they will be able to benefit and manage bigger things.


We must serve God with fidelity and fear of God while endowing us with the spiritual weapons mentioned in Ephesians 6 : 10-18. We don’t have anything to win with Satan but all to win with God, with Jesus. Satan is lying and the father of lie. He/it wants to come with us in the disobedience to be finally with him in hell whereas our places are prepared to the sky. Let’s not look anymore at these things that he/it makes shine around us but watch Christ and kingdom that he/it prepared for us. This kingdom, God is the constructor and the architect of it, this city that has strong foundation, that shines and in which doesn’t have of cries.

We must be clever and zealous in the management of everything that God confided us on the earth to assure us a better future in the sky. Thus, we will give a good account to God.

That God blessed us.

par Diacre Athanase AKOUEHOU

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Message of Sunday FEBRUARY 24, 2013, by Deacon Eric MEGNIGBETO !


dimanche 24 février 2013

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Word - 61.5 ko

MATTHEW 6 : 33 "Seek first kingdom of God and the justice of God"

MARK 10 : 23-25. "Jesus, stingy around him, tells its disciples : That he will be difficult to those that have some riches to enter in God’s kingdom ! The disciples were astonished of what Jesus spoke thus. And, taking, he/it tells to them : My children, which he is difficult to those that confide in the riches to enter in God’s kingdom ! 25 he is easier to a camel to pass by the hole of a needle that to a rich to enter in God’s kingdom. 26 the disciples were even more astonished, and they told themselves the some to the other ; And who can be save ? »

Mark 1:15 "Repent you and believe in the Good News."


God’s kingdom, it is God’s reign today and beyond the death. It is the Paradise. God’s kingdom is a promise made by God to the humanity under some conditions. It is not therefore open to all humans. The God’s kingdom even named kingdom of heavens vehicle the idea of God’s arrival in the world to put forward his power, his glory and his rights against the domination of Satan and the present evolution of this world. It is an affirmation of the divine power in action. God starts his spiritual reign on the earth in his people’s heart and within (John 14 : 23 " If someone likes me, he will keep my speech, and my Father will like him ; we will come to him, and we will make our home in him".). He comes in this world with power (Mark 9 : 1 "I tell it to you in truth, some of those that are here won’t die, that they saw God’s kingdom coming with power." 1Corinthians 4 : 20 "For the kingdom of God doesn’t consist in words, but in power."). It is not about a material or political power but spiritual.

On present hour, God doesn’t have the intention not at all to purchase to reform the world through a social and political activism nor or by the violence (John 18 : 36 "Mons kingdom is not of this world, answered Jesus [to Pilate]. If my kingdom was of this world, my servants would have fought for me so that I was not delivered to the Jews ; but now my kingdom is not of this world.") It is only at the end of this age that God will reign by strength and will judge the men (Revelations 19 : 11-21 : Christ’s arrival).

Then, how does each of us have to take itself to have part in Kingdom of God ?

We are going to speak of God’s man through the Saints Writings to exhort us to make sure. Some people think that the salute cannot get lost, that being Christian evangelical, one is of office and immediately citizen of kingdom of the heaven.


Predestined and named to make to take the people of Israel of Egypt and to drive it on the promised earth, Moses was a man exceptional of that the eternal testified its fidelity, of his patience (Number 12 : 3). The children of Israel looked him for quarrel several times but every time, when God decides to make die them, it is Moses who implores it again to pacify his anger. Moses didn’t have the easy floor (Exodus 4 : 10). You have how much the stutterers get excited easily. And yet Moses was an exception. His relation with God was so deep and so pure that God spoke to him face-to-face. (Exodus 19 : 19 ; Number 12 : 6-8) : " They are not some so of my servant Moses. He is faithful in my entire house. I speak to him mouth to mouth, I am revealed to him without enigmas, and he/it sees a representation of the Eternal ")

Behavior compromising of Moses (Number 20 : 8-12) : "Take your rod, and convene the assembly, you and your brother Aaron. You will speak in their presence to the rock, and it will give its waters ; you will make come for them out of the water of the rock, and you will water the assembly and their livestock. 9 Moses took the verge that was in front of the eternal, as the eternal had ordered it to him. 10 Moses and Aaron convened the assembly in front of the rock. And Moses tells to them : Listen therefore, rebels ! Is this of this rock that we will make you come out of water ? 11 then Moses raised the hand and hit two times the rock with his rod. He came out of water in abundance. The assembly drank, and livestock also. 12 then the eternal tell Moses and Aaron : because you didn’t believe in me, to sanctify me to the eyes of the children of Israel, you won’t make enter this assembly in the country that I give to him.)

God ordered to Moses and Aaron to speak to the rock ; they have to however hit it like that had been the case to Horeb in Exodus 17 : 1-7. Moses didn’t have the authorization to make enter God’s people in Canaan because he had not followed the order of the Lord scrupulously. Moses was the driver of the people of God ; it was his that the eternal had given its law. His duty to obey Lord was especially big than his position was raised and his considerable influence (Jacob 3:1)

Moses had committed two sins :

He spoke in an impulsive manner as if the glory and God’s power resided in Aaron and him (Psalms 106 : 32-33 " They irritated the eternal at the waters of Meribah ; And Moses was punished because of them, 33 Because they soured his mind, And he expressed himself slightly by his lips."

He had acted in a precipitate way under the effect of the anger as hitting two times the rock instead of speaking him like God had recommended it to him. Moses lost the patience. [If we lose the qualities that God gives us to us receive the corresponding punishment. We must maintain and must fructify the talents that God gives us. ]

While speaking and while acting to the light, Moses showed that he didn’t trust God (v12) and he was rebel to his order (V24). To this instant, Moses lacked faith and obedience, two attitudes that we must have facing the speech revealed of God. Besides Moses didn’t treat Eternal like a holy God and worthy to be feared since he disobeyed his order. His walk toward the promised earth was stopped therefore. In the same way our walk toward God’s kingdom can stop if we don’t respect some conditions. [God has an objective that he always reaches. In spite of Moses’s behavior, water had left in abundance. It is not a proof that God approves what we make if he accomplishes a miracle or makes see his glory by us. It is why the Bible declares in Matthew 7 : 21-23 "The persons that tell to me : Lord, Lord, won’t enter all in kingdom of heaven, but that one only that makes my Father’s will that is in heaven. 22 several tell me in that day : Lord, Lord, didn’t we prophesy by your name ? Didn’t we hunt some demons by your name ? And didn’t we make a lot of miracles by your name ? 23 then I will overtly tell to them : I never knew you, withdraw yourselves from me, you that commit the iniquity." ]

We are servant of God, intercessor, chorister, evangelist, or simple member ; we must respect God’s speech while acting with faith and in the sanctification without which no one will see the Lord.

The fundamental condition therefore and necessary to enter in kingdom of God is : "Repent you and believe in the Good New" (Mark 1:15).

The one that lives according to "justice, peace, and joy, and by the Holy Spirit" (Romans 14 : 17) demonstrates clearly that his life is based on the precepts of God’s kingdom.

par Achille Eric MEGNIGBETO

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Message of Sunday FEBRUARY 17, 2013, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


Reading : 1TIMOTHY 6 : 6-11 ; PHILIPPIANS 4 : 10-13 ; HEBREWS 13 : 5-6.

To Read the french version of this message clic HERE...

dimanche 17 février 2013

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Word - 59.5 ko

The contentment : a person’s state that doesn’t want anything besides, nothing better than what she has, soft disposition of the mind that allows the Christian to behave in a balanced manner like all sorts of conditions.

Since the apparition of the strange and extra doctrines biblical in the evangelical and Pentecostal universe, one saw to be born a category of Christian that doesn’t look at all like the model of the Christian of the primitive church that has been directed by Jesus’ apostles. This difference enlarges from day to day and I am afraid that Christ doesn’t reject us at the last moment.

The Christian of the present century after have been fed of these doctors ; throw himself to arm the body in a wild race to the pursuit of goods of this world to the point to forget the contentment that is an essential biblical doctrine for the spiritual maturity. The Christian fell in the lust of this world and took it like one end in itself.

These strange doctrines generated the Christian therefore unhappy, sad, and unsatisfied, that accuse God of them constantly not to have given such thing or such other. They are not happy with the state where God places them in his wisdom and sovereignty. It is why one sees them running to all wind of doctrine not in search of the spirituality but in search of the better to be, money, the cars and the houses. They are in search of a preacher who is going to improve their conditions of life. One tells often : he has a car since he joins such a group…

These people believe that the piety is a source of gain ; in other words, they believe that the faith in God is a means to become rich.

One would say that God is standing to the crossroads to distribute goods of this world to those that proclaim themselves Christian. The faith in God can procure us a lot of blessings, but the contentment is first necessary. It is necessary to be content with what God has yen put to our disposition for saying him : thank you Lord for what you gave to me. The recognition deserted the forum, deserted the church to let place to the ambitious and worldly requests.

It seems that they don’t see everything that God made in their life. A woman who is always sad and unhappy of her husband will end up leaving it if she sees better elsewhere. It is thus of the Christian unhappy when the Antichrist is going to sparkle him the riches. The Bible warn us about the riches of this world in these terms : "But those that want to become richer fall in the temptation, in the trap, and in a lot of insane and pernicious desires that plunge the men in the ruin and the perdition." (1Tim 6 : 9)

There was a couple who lived happy with his means of side. The woman taken of lust began a trade that made it spend the night out of the home. We have said him no ! One day the husband surprises his wife with a lover in another city where she had rented a room. It followed divorce then of it her death.

Everything that a Christian wants to make should be presented to God to search for his will. It is necessary to analyze and to see if one is in the house or if one passed by the worldly lust. The Bible said : but those that want to become richer fall in the temptation.

One tells the history of Al Haffed, a rich man who possessed a big farm. One evening, a visitor spoke him of mountain of diamond that one could find in other parts of the world. While thinking about all this wealth, he felt poor in comparison. Instead of cultivating the earth, he decided to sell it and to leave in search of these treasures of which he heard to speak.

He went over there and he didn’t find diamond, nor however, nor precious stones. Finally, without one coin and desperate, he committed suicide while throwing to sea. During this time, the one that had bought his farm noticed something brilliant in the small river that passed on his property. He plunged his hand in water and, to his big surprise ; he withdrew an enormous diamond of it. Later while working in his garden, he discovered several other precious stones of it. The poor Al Haffed had spent its time traveling in the faraway countries in search of the diamonds while there was some on the farm that he sold all these precious stones that his heart could have wanted.

We must make much attention to lust. Let’s satisfy ourselves of what the Lord places at our disposal, let’s manage it with fidelity and it will be able to confide us others. The consequences of lust are incalculable.

The Bible declares : "We didn’t bring anything on this earth and we cannot carry away anything non plus." The root of all misfortunes, it is the e love money. So much homes once happy are broken because of the love of the money !

There is a danger, a lying monster that devours those that want to become richer costs that costs. They fall in the fraud, the flight, the diversion of the public denier. They can meet easily in jail.

2Kings 5 : 20-27 tell us the history of Guéhazi, servant of Elisha the prophet. The one that should replace Elisha loses all this privilege because of the lust of goods of Naaman that his master had refused for reason of integrity and compromise. The consequences were not only very big on him but also on his progeny.

That it is the men or the women who are rich ; they will tell you that they had to face big temptations.

A lot of Christian that are rich live in the immorality, the fraud and the lie. Some rich women fall in the adultery with the customs-officers and other personalities secured. There are some things that, if you are not in a stall, you cannot make (certain trade). The polyandry, the polygamy, the cohabitation is practiced by those that want to become richer.

A second case is the one of Akan in Joshua 7 : 21.

He coveted an ingot of gold, a beautiful coat, of money. He perishes with his family and all his goods.

Jesus warns us saying : he would be difficult to a rich to enter in God’s kingdom that to a camel of pass by the hole of a needle (Mark 10 : 23-27). Jacques in his epistle denounces the attitude of the rich (Jacob 5 : 1) Several recommendations are given to the riches :

• Not to be proud

• Not to put their hope in the uncertain riches

• To make the good to the poor people.

Job is a beautiful example in this domain (Job 31).

The Paul apostle is also a beautiful example. He said in Philippians 4 : 12-13 : I learned to be happy in the state in which I am…

Another case, the most striking and most flagrant, it is the one of Judas that sold his master, his friend, the best man in the world, God’s Son, for love of money. See his end.

The contentment misses to a lot of Christian homes today. The contentment doesn’t want to say : to stay in the laziness, the carelessness without trying to improve his condition of life. No ! To be content that is to be thankful to God for what he already gave us while working toughly to have what we don’t have again in order to contribute to God’s work.

When is a woman happy with her husband, does it want that the husband gives him all riches of this world ?

To be content, it knows how to live in poverty and in wealth while giving glory to God.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday FEBRUARY 10, 2013, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 10 février 2013

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Word - 54.5 ko

I am born in this village 40 years ago. I adore my forebears’ gods. I must every time pacify bad minds that try to destroy my family. I lost several members of my family. I don’t have peace. I look for a remedy. Who will bring me the light one day ? I want happiness and peace. Oh, God ! Where are you ? How to see you ? How to talk to you ? Who created this big world, the earth, the sky, the sea, and the mountains ?

My village is dived in darkness. We are sick, we live in the fear to be killed by spirits ; we fear the sorcerers ; we don’t have any remedy. I cry. I am going to die soon without anyone shows us what happens after the death.

One day, someone told to me that there are people in city that speaks of God. It appears that they are good and help people. Where are they, these people who speak of this God ? Is it that they love us ? Who will show us this way ? The Doctor Oswald Smith whose name is reminiscent of evangelism, had a passion for the lost souls. To his time, he had noticed that the missionary vision had dimmed somewhat among God’s people. This is how he motivated the church to get back to the work and to fill the order given by the Lord Jesus appropriately. Smith asked this question that must keep our attention : "Why some would hear the gospel two times before all heard at least one time ?" He used the passage of Luke 9 : 12-17 where Jesus multiplied bread and fish to feed five thousand people. He made them sit by rows of fifty. He gave the order to his disciples to share them bread and fish. When did they give to the first row, did they continue to give to the same row before the other rows receive ? If they had made it, the other rows would certainly have protested and with reason while seeing the first row receiving a second time before they have only one ration.

The Pastor concludes while saying that he is some in the same way in the spiritual domain. Some endure the spiritual famine while others suffer from the spiritual obesity.

The Pastor Smith said : "I have summer personally in contact with these men of the last ranks and I saw these millions of starved souls of the life bread. Is this situation just ? Would not have to us not rather to drag those of the first ranks to share with their starved brothers, to give and to give themselves end that the last can be reached by the message of the salute ? »

Jesus will tell his disciples that tell him : people wait for you there ; there are a lot of him that listened you yesterday and that would like to hear you again in this city. He answers them : It is also necessary that I announce to the other cities the gospel, because it is for it that I have been sent. He thought at the cities, to the villages situated beyond ; he thought about the multitudes that had not heard his voice again only one time.

We recover at the Paul apostle the same ambition. He speaks of the regions beyond, of the even vacant faraway earths. He has a longing to be going to preach where no one had ever gone.

This Church of the T.U will be going to implant Churches where no one ever went. The border villages between Benin and Niger, the inhabited islands must hear the Good News. Go everywhere the world… cities, villages and hamlets must hear.

The field, it is the world

Why go far while all peoples near don’t have heard ? Don’t forget that it is the beacon whose light goes the farthest that illuminates the more its starting point. If the first American missionaries had to wait that all American hear before they arrive in Africa, Africa would be stayed in darkness until this day. David Livingstone left Scotland to come in Africa before all Scottish accepted the salute in Christ.

I want to make of this Church a Church where each member is evangelist, affluent of the power of Holy Spirit with a heart full of love for the lost souls. William Carey left England to go to the Indies.

Today, with the high technology, we can evangelize the villages easily. We enjoy some privileges that the past generations had not had.

Let’s go to the evangelization !

Let’s go in mission !

Let’s go announce the Good News !

Paul will tell Timothy : " Preach the Word, insist in all opportunity, favorable or no….. (2Timothy 4 : 2). Only Jesus gives the salute and satisfied the spiritual thirst.

That God bless you !

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday FEBRUARY 03, 2013, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


Reading : LUKE 19 : 10 ; 10 :1 – 19.

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dimanche 3 février 2013

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Word - 53.5 ko

George F. Vicédome, after several years of biblical studies, gave this conclusion : " La Bible in his totality expresses only one intention of god : to save the humanity. It is for that he sent his Son Jesus to perish on the cross for the salute of the humanity."

Jesus, before returning to his father, let us a big mission : to Propagate the Good News in the whole world (Marc 16 : 15-18.) The Holy Spirit put to Paul part and Barnabas while sending them in mission (Acts 13 : 1-3.)

The Evangelizing

Evangelizing refers to the original phase of the Christian ministry. It is like that the authoritative proclamation of Christ’s gospel is revealed in the Bible in sure and intelligible terms, in a persuasive manner with for final goal to win some souls for Christ. It is a presentation (penetration, infiltration, confrontation) that is not only simple information but that requires a decision. It preach Christ’s gospel for a verdict. It is the total presentation of the gospel for the non-believer’s conversion in order to bring it to Christ ; it including the Christianization.

The Christianization

It is bound organically to evangelism and follows this last logically. It is indoctrination and the penetration cultural of the believer in the gospel and in the Christian ethics. It is the transformation of the one that believes in Jesus in Christ’s disciple. All his life must be permeable to the thought and to Christ’s principles in the goal to return it in conformity with Christ’s picture and to give him the quality of witness and servant faithful to the Lord. He must become a conscious disciple, committed towards the master and that gives all his life to Christ while accepting his lordship. In the clean sense of the term, it will be a process that lasts the whole life. Nowadays, it is clear that a true Christian civilization doesn’t exist nowhere in the world. Even the United States, where the elected swear on the Bible, lost Christian securities. This country has need again to be evangelized. He pushes a new generation that doesn’t know God. Our countries will become like Sodom and Gomorrah if the gospel there between not. Our world doesn’t have a future without Christianity. We are going to raise the children who are going to grow without the fear of God and our countries will be ungovernable. The western countries, that once sent us some missionaries to learn us to adore the true God, are today of the countries that turn back to the Christian ethics and shout high and strong the officialization of the marriage between people of the same sex (man and man ; woman and woman) ; of the relations against nature forbidden by God’s speech. It shows us that our world lacks the gospel that gives the true civilization cruelly. Only the powerful announcement of God’s speech will be able to stop these curses. Our cities and villages, our districts of city are flooded by porno movies that destroy the good habits and replace them by the galloping immorality. Our world is to the picture of Noah’s world where the sin reigned in master and God destroyed it. Let’s save the world ! Let’s save our country of the corruption ! Let’s go preach the Good’s News where it is not even known. The power has been given us by our Lord Jesus. (Matthew 28:17)

Jesus gives us his power to make his mission. We have the power on the enemy. Here is the testimony of the seventy (70) disciples sent by Jesus in Luc 10:17-20. Our salute is assured. Let’s go announce Good News of Jesus-Christ ! The evangelist must be convinced of two realities :

1. Christ is the only path that leads to God.

2. Christ is the only Savior who comes back soon.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday JANUARY 27, 2013, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 27 janvier 2013

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Message of Sunday JANUARY 13, 2013, by Reverend Théophile BATIEMA !


Reading : 1Thessalonians 1 : 2-3 ; 2 :19 ; 2 Thessalonians 1 : 3-4

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dimanche 20 janvier 2013

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par Révérend Théophile BATIEMA

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Message of Sunday JANUARY 13, 2013, by Reverend Emile ADOTE !


Reading : REVELATION 3 : 20 ; MATTHEW 7 : 7 ; GENESIS 7 : 16.

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dimanche 13 janvier 2013

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par Révérend Emile ADOTE

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Message of Sunday JANUARY 1st, 2013, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


Reading : MATTHIEW 28 : 19 – 20.

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mardi 1er janvier 2013

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday DECEMBER 30, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 30 décembre 2012

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday DECEMBER 23, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !

Theme : !

dimanche 23 décembre 2012

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday DECEMBER 16, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 16 décembre 2012

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday DECEMBER 09, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !

Theme : THE WORD "THANK" !

dimanche 9 décembre 2012

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday DECEMBER 02, 2012, by Deacon Athanase AKOUEHOU !


dimanche 2 décembre 2012

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par Diacre Athanase AKOUEHOU

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Message of Sunday NOVEMBER 25, 2012, by Reverend Michel SAMBIENI !


dimanche 25 novembre 2012

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par Rév. SAMBIENI Michel

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Message of Sunday NOVEMBER 18, 2012, by Reverend Théophile NOUANTI !


dimanche 18 novembre 2012

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par Rév. NOUANTI K. Théophile

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Message of Sunday OCTOBER 28, 2012, by Reverend Théophile NOUANTI !


dimanche 28 octobre 2012

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday OCTOBER 21, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 21 octobre 2012

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday OCTOBER 14, 2012, by Reverend ADOTE Emile !

Theme :

dimanche 14 octobre 2012

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Please click on the audio link below to hear in french this message of comfort delivered after the death of Rev. Pastor

Basile HOUNGBEDJI that occured yesterday (...)

par Révérend Emile ADOTE

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Message of Sunday OCTOBER 07, 2012, by Deacon Alfred AÏSSAN !

Theme :

dimanche 7 octobre 2012

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par Frère AÏSSAN Alfred

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Message of Sunday SEPTEMBER 30, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 30 septembre 2012

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Word - 51.5 ko

Who made this declaration and to whom he address ?

What are the circumstances in which this declaration was done ?

What was the outcome of this declaration ?

How could she/it be applied to each of us today ?

Histories :

We add in the year 488 before JC. A certain emperor named of Ahasuerus or Artaxerxes of the Persia kingdom reigns in absolute master on 127 Provinces since India until Ethiopia. The Diaspora’s Jews is sprinkled in the whole kingdom. Because of their king’s sins, they were taken captive in this country. They had the liberty however to attend to their tasks. They were not mistreated like in Egypt.

By God’s providence, an orphan that a considerable Jew raised the name of Hadassah or Esther in Persia became queen of king Ahasuerus that wants to say the wife chosen by this king. This girl had lost her parents very early and has been raised by her cousin Mordecai. He had raised it like his own girl instilling to him God’s knowledge. She didn’t know a man. One day, one heard that the king of the country had dismissed his wife and his kingdom was in search of the virgin girls to choose some for them a wife. The decision criteria were net : virgin, beautiful of face (Esther 2 : 2).

A certain favorite of king Ahasuerus of the name of Haman had succeeded in making sign by the king a macabre decree that stipulated that one destroys, that one kills, that one makes perish all Jews, young and old, small children and women, in only one day,… (Esther 3 : 13). There is the decree. The circular letters had already left in a hurry according to the king’s order.

For what reason had such a decision been tacked ?

It is because Mordecai that, being a Jew, refused to prostrate before Haman to his multiple passages in the royal court.

What ways did he use to convince the king and to make sign him this letter ?

1) Ways overlook Esther 3 :7

2) The lie Esther 3 : 8

3) Money, the corruption Esther 3 : 9

The stake of this genocide.

God’s plan for the salute of the humanity would have known another turn since the Savior had to come out of the Jewish people. There was Satan behind this hate. There are a lot of things that Satan prepares in the secret with his agents to slow down the influence of the gospel, to stop evangelism, to delay some realizations that God’s children starts. He stops it while creating a lack of money, of good will, or even the death of God’s man.

One also threw the" pure", a sort of thimble that Haman used to determine the most auspicious day, the month. This practice lasted during one year. Who can know what the agents of the devil make against us here. Benin is a country of occultism. The devil would not like that the evangelical Churches are constructed well to attract people to the salute. To your knowledge, how many Evangelical churches are constructed the big ways well very close to of which the accessibility is easy ? Count them and come to give me the number of it. Compare it with the other religions that don’t preach the salute, the new birth, the necessity to abandon the world and his/her/its lusts to enter in God’s kingdom. These religions have their places of accessible cults and made well. Doesn’t it tell you anything ? There are the satanic incantations that Satan’s agents make against us to stop us from making God’s work.

It is within sight of this decree that Mordecai challenged Esther to act expeditiously to save the situation. Esther made him understand the existence of a law carrying capital punishment against whoever man or woman who enter at the king in the interior court without have been called. He/it is liable of death if the king doesn’t stretch him the scepter of gold (Esther 4 : 11).

Reaction of Mordecai : It is to this point that he/it had what constitutes our topic of this morning taken. Esther 4 : 13-14. " Mordecai had Esther answered : doesn’t imagine you that you will escape alone among all Jews, because you are in the king’s house ; because, if you are now quiet, the help and the delivery will emerge on the other hand for the Jews, and you and your father’s house you will perish. And that knows if it is not for one time as this one that you arrived to the royalty ? »

The declaration is that : Esther, you are the only person more close to the king capable to act facing this danger. You are the only person indicated in the Jewish community capable to play a role savior. You are the only person prepared beforehand by God’s knowledge to intervene. You have the means, affinities, the intimate ties, and the social rank to approach you of the king. Maybe, who knows if it is not for one time as this one that you arrived to royalty ?

There is a question mark that challenges us this morning facing the construction of our temple that remains incomplete at the mercy of sarcasm, of the mockeries of the pagans that pass that way while seeing our cars upscale while we adore in a chapel dressed like an impostor. Finish this shame today. If you don’t react I am going to sell everything that I have to finish God’s house and to return at home in Natitingou in order to let to the generation future a finished chapel.

Who knows why god has you bless him ?

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday SEPTEMBER 23, 2012, by the Pasteur Guigui LEGBRE of NICE !


dimanche 23 septembre 2012

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Word - 68 ko

In this text the Elijah prophet is going to make three extraordinary things.

The first act : When he asked Ahab to take his chariot and to go back at home, he went up to the summit of the Carmel and he put his head between his knees.

The second act : He is going to run before the chariot of Ahab

The third act : He is going to ask his servant to return seven times. What spiritual teachings can we pull from his three acts ?

1- Elijah went up on the Carmel and bent against earth his face between his knees.

The face is the head and the head represents the reasoning, the thoughts that bring us sure well to the concerns, that bring us to look at the world and to cast worried eyes. The knees speak of the prayer, the prayer that seizes God’s promises, the prayer that seizes the grace of Lord, the prayer that allows us to watch skywards and to achieve that the one that called us prayed. To the one that called us to serve it nothing is impossible. The prayer allows us to look at Jesus who has said : All power has been given me in the heaven and on the earth. Elijah made an extraordinary thing therefore : he is going to wedge his head between his knees. He is going to bring his captive thoughts to Christ’s obedience. He is going to submit his thoughts to God in prayer. People of God, we have need to make it. We have need not to consider the world, not to look at the world and not to let us to absorb, to invade by the world, not to let us dive in the concerns and the worries by the world. We really have needed to put our head between our knees and to achieve that the Christian is victorious in the prayer and that the church triumphs in the prayer.

Some men in the Bible victorious by prayer :

The prayer is as a zoom that permits to see an object that is very far and that one has difficulty seeing with the physical eyes. The zoom on a twin permits to bring closer the object that one sees better and better and of which one appreciates all contours, all what is not once audible it becomes thanks to this zoom. The prayer allows us to enter in God’s world and to see all blessings that the Lord disposed for us. Do we took the twins of the prayer, of the efficient intercession, of the agony prayer, not a repeated prayer quickly, recited, but the prayer of the heart, the prayer of Gethsemane where Jesus is in such an agony that sweat falls on the ground as curds of blood. Did we experiment this prayer ? It is this prayer that the prophet addressed to his God. Appears a cloud then as the palm of a hand ; actually it is God’s glory. Then a big cloud that announces an extraordinary rain and the sky darkens. And he tells his servitor : go to tell Ahab that to begin to leave. One tells that in a region, there were a big drought and the Christians assembled in the church to pray and to ask for rain. And a child came to the prayer with an umbrella. To the questioning of the other, he said them : we came to pray and to ask for rain. After the prayer it will become overcast certainly with cloud and no one will be able to go back at if it doesn’t have an umbrella. The other started laughing because they didn’t understand. But at the end of the prayer, when they left the church rain got to fall because the Lord answered their prayer. This child was the only one to be able to go back at home without have been wet while the other have been soaked, wet until the bone.

The prayer is indeed efficient and we must believe that when we ask for something God, it is faithful and just to answer us and to grant us his grace.

Elisha is in the city of Dothan and surrounded by the armies of Syria. When Gehazi saw the armies of Syria by the window, he turns toward his master and said : we are lost. And Elisha spent the night in prayer, the head between his knees. Then Elisha saw God’s glory. Elisha didn’t see the same things with Gehazi : an army very strong with their chariots, the spears and swords to destroy his life and the one of Elisha but Elisha saw the celestial armies because he watched with God’s twins and he has said : Lord opens his eyes so that he sees. Let’s pray that God opens the eyes of all Beninese so that they see the future of their country Benin, what God will make in 5years, 10 years, 20 years. They will see the reign that you are preparing and the dark things that are going to come on those that don’t know God so that we can get ready with a courage coming of the Lord. The eyes of Gehazi are himself open and he saw the same thing with his master : the armies of Eternal, his chariots of fire, God’s glory, the angels a lot more armed than the army of Syria. Then his heart has been reassured.

It is not necessary to have concern because God holds all things under his control, he masters the situation, he is the Sovereign, the God of the armies. Let’s cast worried eyes then as those that don’t know God. But believe that when we put back our life between the hands of the Lord, he drives us step-by-step until he comes back to look for his Church. He will know to every instant how to provide to all our needs according to his wealth with glory in Christ. He will know how to bring us to achieve the experience of King David that will be able to say : the eternal is my shepherd I won’t lack anything. The eternal will drive us in green grazing, he will set a table in front of our adversaries, he will anoint oil our head and our cut will start overflowing.

The prophet Adija had served the Lord with faithful. He was an old man and had lost the view. One day the son of another prophet fell sick. He sent his wife toward the old prophet to ask him if the child will live or if he will die. But she must make up herself so that the old prophet doesn’t see it. Does one have to not to make up itself before a person who ever sees ? It is not normal. But as soon as she arrives to the door of the blind prophet, this last didn’t see her again nor sensible but will say her : enters Jeroboam lady ; why you make to yourself to pass for another ? I have very hard things, very difficult to announce you. It is a terrifying warning. When one disguises himself with the Lord and that one is not truthful with God, it is like that the Holy Spirit announces us some very hard things. Because God calls us to come to him in the transparence ; we don’t have to hide from him the things. All is naked and discovered before God, that we have to give account. One cannot play the comedy in the house of the eternal. One doesn’t have to pretend to be a good Christian and to hide ignoble, unpleasant and unacceptable things by the Lord. One cannot have a double personality : one in the church and the other in the world.

Akija had the weakened eyes but he had learned to put his head between his knees and God revealed him the hidden things. We need a real prophetic ministry. I don’t speak of the prophets who get settled in our cities with big posters and that attract the souls to take their goods. I don’t speak of the prophets who only announce the blessings and the prosperity, of the untrue things. But I speak of the prophets who really warn God’s people and that bring to become aware of the things in which we live. I speak of the prophets who are as the sons of Issakar that call the people to the repentance, to give up his bad way and to come really to offer itself/themselves to God. Paul said : Give yourselves to God, offer your body like a living sacrifice, what will be of your part a reasonable cult. When one learns to put his head between his knees one is endowed with the truth mind and one can proclaim Christ’s truth. One is not there to announce some lies and to bring people to delude itself and to appear before the Lord who said them : I never knew you, withdraw you from me you that commit the iniquity. But we want to present to God of people perfected in Jesus. It was there Paul’s ministry. He said : nevertheless our outside man destroys himself (has the Christian that think that the Christian must not be sicker but must be rich and succeed in all things in his life, it is not true. Akija was believer, he feared God and had prophetic visions on behalf of God and yet he had lost the view. And although having lost the view, he saw the sky).

Brothers and sisters, nevertheless we would have lost all here low, let’s continue to have the look fixed on Christ who is the chief and the consumer of our faith. May his name is blessed !

Whereas May our prayer is a zoom on the eternity, on God’s reign. That God reigns on this country, on his Church so that we can serve it and can give him the whole glory.

2- The second act : Elijah is going to run before the chariot of Ahab.

If he ran behind the chariot, he will have the pollution, the dust that is going to choke it. It is a spiritual picture. When we will run behind the world, we collect the whole dust of the world. The church is called to remain before the world, to influence the world, to print his steps on the path and to show to the world sees it that leads toward the eternity. She must have a vision of conquest of the world and must influence the world and not the opposite. In the 1ers century he reigned within the church the action of the mind. Within this Church :

• Paul told a man : you are going to become blind because you opposed God’s will.

• Pierre could tell Ananias and Saphira : why you are granted you to lie to the Holy Spirit.

This Church that walked by the revelation and by the mind of the Lord lost its unction. It walks behind the world and is polluted by the dust of the world. It adopted the thoughts, the feelings, the manner to believe of the world and lost its identity.

Church of Benin, people of God, Guard your identity. If you run behind the thought, the politics of this world while accommodating you to its mind, very quickly you would choke yourself under the effect of its dust, you would cough and you would lose your good cadence. But run before the world where air, oxygen is pure and where is God’s Spirit. Attached by God’s Spirit, Elijah ran before the chariot of Ahab. Did you see a man running more quickly than a motorcycle or a car ? It is well what happened because he was donned of God’s Spirit. And we can defeat the world as soon as we remain dependent of the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately a lot of Christian let them influenced by the world, the tradition. It is happy to understand that if one is in the Christ one is a new creature and that one must not mingle the old things anymore with the new things. The church of the benign understood that when one is Christian, one gives all his/her/its life to Jesus and one lives in novelty of life. There is not a part between darkness and light. There is not any agreement between Christ and Satan.

Dear friends may the Bible be our only reference and Jesus’ teaching our support then the church of Benin will be living until the Lord comes to look for it. Therefore that nothing separates us of the love of God shown in Christ our Lord.

One remembers the history of Lot. He is a man who experiment God’s power and glory. And then one day at the time of the discussions between his shepherds and those of Abraham, they are called to separate. Lot watches and chooses the plain that is watered and verdant of the side of Sodom and Gomorrhe. Some time after, the dust of these cities all their pollution enters in its house. When the angel of the eternal will come to take it to put it in security, his/her/its wife is going to look backward because she would run behind the chariot. She regretted what she let behind her. The one that puts the hand in the plow and watch backward is not clean to God’s kingdom. Paul will say : I forget what is backward and I carry myself toward what is forward and I run to try to seize the price of God’s celestial vocation in Christ. The woman of Lot is attached behind the chariot of Sodom ; she kissed the reason of Sodom. She accepted and beloved goods of Sodom. She was Christian half and half in the world. And yet, she/it ate with the angel of the eternal. She prepared to eat to the pastors and the deacons, she exercised the hospitality is not sufficient to be saved. What the Lord looks at that is the heart, it is the truth that is at the bottom of us, it is our intimate communion with it. Did we give up the world really, or are we Christian to be able to win the world and to enrich us, for prospering ? Or are we Christian because we know that God answers the prayers and do we want to pray to win the things of this world ? What does he serve to a man to win the world if he loses his soul ? And there is the end of the woman of Lot : whereas she/it watched behind, she became a statue of salt and when one is going to put water there of it won’t have anything anymore.

I would like to say brothers and sisters that Sodom is not very far from us. We are in the world but we don’t add the world. We coast Sodom, we meet it and it is our turn to bring it to follow us and not the inverse.

When Abraham won the victory on the enemies of Lot and Sodom, and that the king of Sodom proposes him to take his part of the loot, Abraham has said : no, I won’t take anything of that that belongs to you, not even a thread, not even a cord of shoe. Let’s not take anything of that that belongs at the world. We have need to hold us in the prayer so that God tells us how to drive us, how to live in the holiness, in the church. Paul writes to Timothy : if I linger, it is necessary that you know how it is necessary to behave in God’s house that is the column and the support of the truth.

3- Elijah is going to ask his servant to seven rounds : returns.

I will tell the one that lost God’s presence, the communion with the Lord, who continues to sing, to dance, to laugh with the brothers and sisters, but that doesn’t have a personal communion anymore with the Lord, return in God’s presence, return in the sanctuary, in the high room.

Let’s remember the disciples of Emmaus. They only knew Jesus was revived and they forgot the exhortation of the master : remain in Jerusalem in the high room until the promise came true. They went all sad toward Emmaus and Jesus meets them. He explains them through the writings everything that concerns it. He is going to open their intelligence so that they understand the writings. And when he/it broke bread with them, their eyes are open and they recognized it and the Lord disappeared. And to the instant, they took everything that they had and returned to Jerusalem, to the high room and said to the other : the Lord is revived, we met it and we spoke to him. Didn’t our heart burn us inside when it explained us the writings in path ? Maybe the heart doesn’t burn anymore but it is sad. The burden is heavy ; one has badly because one has some worries. One has badly because the things don’t work as one would have liked it. One has badly because maybe one has been disappointed in the church. A young boy has badly because he likes a girl who didn’t accept his/her/its advances, or it is a girl who likes a boy who preferred another. Then one is sad and one lost the communion with the Lord. Return ! Return in the room up ! Stop looking at the men, what your eyes see. Let you so that God opens you the eyes so that you see what he reserves to you. Return in the room of the prayer so that the Lord restores your life.

Agar is this woman put in the heart of Abraham by his main Sarah who was sterile. She wanted to precipitate the promise, to help God in the achievement of the promise. And when this woman fell pregnant, she started with despising Sarah who put it outside. She left with anger and rancor, with bitterness. She didn’t forgive. She got lost in the desert, and meet the Lord. She doesn’t want forgiven, she is bitter. And when one is bitter one cannot have a communion with the Lord. Then the angel said him : what do you make there Agar ? Return toward your maid and humiliate you.

Jesus has said : if you come to present your offering and that you remember that your brother has something against you, let your offering and go make up first with your brother, return then toward your brother come back to present your offering.

Someone maybe to the bitterness or the spite in his heart and didn’t forgive. Someone that is bitter, that refuses to forgive and whose heart is heavy must return, take courage, to humiliate itself/themselves, and make up as the angel asked for it to Agar. Agar made it and since the instant she was a lot happier, happy to have forgiven. She recovered her joie de vivre, her blossoming, her happiness.

People of the Lord, return seven times.

Does Pierre ask Jesus : how many times I must to forgive to my brother ? Must I forgive until seven times ? Jesus would say him : I ask you to forgive seventy times seven, that means 490 times in one day. And Pierre said : Lord, you ask us for the impossible things. But what is impossible to the men is possible to God. It is God who can make it in our heart. It is God who gives us the new birth by the mind and bring us to live the life of the sky.

Brothers and sisters, let’s continue to walk before the Lord, to run before the world, to put our head between our knees, to return without stop toward the Lord and let’s say him what we have on our heart and his life can continue to appear fully in the middle of his people.

May his name be blessed ! Amen !

par Pasteur LÉGBRÉ Guigui

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Message of Sunday SEPTEMBER 16, 2012, by Pastor LEMA DIAMONIKA Boniface of RDC !


dimanche 16 septembre 2012

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Word - 63 ko

1st CULT : Pastor LEMA DIAMONIKA Boniface de RDC

Text : 1SAMUEL 4 : 1-8 ; 1SAMUEL 7 : 1-7.

Israel, although people of God, didn’t know how to hold before the Philistines, and yet it is a people that belongs to the eternal.

The reason of his defeat was the sin of Hophni and Phinées and of the people himself. Before this situation of the sin not confessed, God’s hand had withdrawn from his people.

Instead to make a soul searching and to find the reason, the old think that it is because of the ark that was absent that Israel knew the defeat. They went to recover the ark but God was not with the ark. As consequence : to the absence of the ark, Israel had lost 4000 men of troop, but with the presence of the ark in the middle of those, Israel loses 30000 people of troop. What contrast ?

Lesson for us today

God’s will is to see us winner on our enemies. But if we behave like Israel while hiding our sins, we will never win the victory on our enemies.

God had already granted the earth promised the Jews and the conquest was certain. And to illustrate it, Jericho had fallen without problem, but because of the sin of Israel Acan knew a defeat owing the small city of Aï.

Let’s make take all that what is hidden of impure in our heart and God will grant us his/her/its victory. When Acan said the truth and showed where was hidden the things vowed to the forbidden, Israel was cleared.

We come to the church but we don’t want to repent and to abandon the sins. We will never be blessed and we will only know the defeats owing our enemies. We form a race of the hypocrites coming to the church without abandoning the impurity, the flight, the lie, the deception (to deceive God), the masturbation, abortions. All it is considered before God as the forbidden. Are going as a long time that these things to stay us of it, we are going to turn the back always to our enemies.


1- Let’s examine our course with God and let’s recognize our sins and let’s confess them.

2- That our repentance is sincere.

3- Let’s see God’s men and let’s share them our hidden life.

4- Let’s tell God that we took the decision to abandon the pain.


1) God will grant us the victory.

2) We will take the over on our enemies.

3) God is going to restore us what has been robbed by the devil.



Text : Mark 2 : 1-12 ; Ezekiel 22 : 30

God always looks for the intercessors. The true intercessors became rare. The intercessor is the one that is held between the needs of the man and God. It is a defender who comes to the help of the other. He/it wants the happiness of the other.

These four men are the race of the intercessors. They put in contact the paralytic with God for his recovery, his restoration. The intercession is never a loss, it is a gain.

Examples :

1- Abraham prayed for his nephew Lot who was in the danger in Sodom and Gomorrah ; following his/her/its prayer, God delivered it.

2- Moses prayed for the children of Israel. He/it told God "If not erases my name in your book" Exodus 32 : 33.

3- Samuel prayed for the restoration of Saül. 1Samuel 15 : were not 35 " Samuels going to see Saül more until the day of his/her/its death, because Samuel cried on Saül because the eternal repented to have established Saül king of Israel " 1Samuel 16 : does 1 "Eternal tell Samuel : When you to cry on Saül will stop ? I rejected it so that he/it doesn’t reign anymore on Israel."

4- Job was of this race of the intercessors because it asked every day for his children. He is said of him that this is how Job had custom to act.

5- Paul apostle prayed for the Ephesians (Ephesians 1 : 16-18).

6- Epaphras prayed for the Colossians (4 : 12) " He doesn’t stop fighting for you in his prayers."

God looks for again today the men and the women of the race of the intercessors. That God gives to the church the men who have the hearts made of materials that can take fire when the neighbor suffers. In Luke 10 : 30-37, a man beaten by the brigands is let to half-dead.

- A sacrificer (pastor) passed besides
- A Levite (servant) passed also besides
- A Samaritan rescued it

To the V.37 Jesus said him : Goes, and you, make in the same way.

The intercessors in the church don’t look for the stocks, work in slide, but it is the race that God is looking for today.

How to recognize someone that is the race of the intercessors ? They have four main features

1) God’s knowledge

These four men had the knowledge of God :

The new birth is the first step to know God.

Romans 5 : 5 « God’s love is spilled in our hearts by the Holy Spirit" Jean 3 : 3 " Sis a man is not born again, he cannot see God’s kingdom "

The experience with God (Mark 1 : 21-28)

In Capernaüm, Jesus had to hunt the demon that possessed the demonic while he taught in a synagogue.

V. 28 "His renown immediately spilled in all surrounding places of Galilee.

These people were thirsty to experiment Jesus.

There is not an intercessor without the new birth

There is not an intercessor without the experience with God.

2) Compassion

These four men who carried the paralytic had compassion for their friend who was paralytic.

She/it pushes us to identify us to the other. The one that has compassion knows that the neighbor it is the other myself. The one that arrived to the neighbor can also happen to me to me. Compassion always produces two things :

• She/it is ready to make us feel like what the other smells, to identify to the other in his/her/its joy, in his/her/its happiness so God visits it.

• The real compassion always pushes us to the action. As soon as they learned that Jesus is in the house, they seized the opportunity to bring the paralytic to Jesus. Every time that Jesus operated the miracles, it is always preceded of this phrase : "Being" touched of compassion"

Compassion pushed the friends of Job to come to spend three days with it.

3) The faith

Mark 2 : 5 "Jesus seeing their faith, said : My child, your sins are forgive. »

The true faith has three elements :

• It dares, takes the risk ;

• It is unassailable ;

• It is ready to pay for the price, even the most elevated price.

The faith it is our style of life. The just will live by l has faith. Without the faith, one died. Jesus has said : Your sins are forgiven. For Jesus : to forgive some sins equals recovery of the paralysis. The one that forgives the sin is capable to heal the illness.

Psalms 103 "Witch that forgive all iniquities and that heals all sick" If he forgave your sins, he can heal you, to make travel you, to give you the marriage, the children, the promotion, etc.

4) The perseverance

Only the value that we give to the other can have us, to continue until the tip, until the restoration, persevered.

The Bible said : "Witch that will persevere until the end will be saved"

The intercessor doesn’t release so much that he didn’t see the answer again coming. The Bible said : " il is necessary to pray always and not slacken" Luke 18 : 1 ; Exodus 17 : 12 "Less hands of Moses being tired, they took a stone that they placed under him, and he sat down over. Aaron and Hur sustained its hands, one on one hand, the other of the other ; and his hands remained farms until the bedtime of the sun"

Keep me Lord Faithful to you.

par Pasteur LEMA DIAMONIKA Boniface de RDC

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Message of Sunday SEPTEMBER 09, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 9 septembre 2012

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Joshua followed Moses to drive the people in the promised earth. The tribes began to settle on the territories that fell to them in sharing. Caleb, a former colleague of Joshua, came by him. He reminds to Joshua God’s promises to his consideration. He/it recognizes that God made it live until today forty years of it ago. Now I aged today of eighty-five years, I am even vigorous as on the day where Moses sent to me. I have as much by force now that I had some then, for the fight as to leave or to come back.

Request of Caleb

"Give me therefore this mountain" is a request of faith. The region mountain is difficult to fight. The inhabitants of this mountainous region were giants with big walled cities. Everybody was afraid of this region. Most of us like to ask God to the simple things that our weak nature can make. Our faith in God doesn’t allow us to ask for big things God. But, God’s will to our place is to ask him to big things, the things that pass the human imagination, the things that the science cannot make. Joshua stopped the race of the sun and the moon during a fight where he wanted to wipe out his/her/its enemies united against Israel (Joshua 10-12-14). It was the coalition of five kings against the small Israel. God listens to a man’s voice and stop for about one day whole the course natural of the stars until the judgment of the people’s enemies is complete.

How much he would make it today for the salute of the souls, his people’s recovery, of the spiritual, material and financial blessings of his children that we add. Doesn’t the Bible say that he doesn’t refuse any good things to those that obey him ?

What incredulous generation like our ? This generation saw and enjoys kindness of the death and Christ’s resurrection. It is a generation to the profit of the fruits that emanates Jesus and his accomplished works on the earth. The recoveries, of the miracles accomplished by Jesus should cause the faith in us.

Give me this mountain, Caleb demand. Caleb conquered this region, transformed it while giving him a new name, Hebron. And he is said that the country was from then on calm, without war thanks to Caleb. It shows us that the mountainous regions threatened the country. This big heroes defeated by Caleb, the peace arrived in the country. The action of Caleb was very useful. In our countries there was non subject regions by the Christ, regions where live in the occult strengths that throw their influence on the whole country, on the peoples that there lives in. It is necessary that God’s children rise as Joshua, of the Caleb to destroy these diabolic strengths spiritually. In every country, there is a diabolic spiritual army well organized with sophisticated weapons that fight us every day. It is necessary that we resisted to him with a steady faith ; it is necessary that we destroyed it completely.

To make it, it is necessary to fight on the spiritual mountains.

Our celestial father is generous

He tells us that everything for that we ask in his son’s name he gives it to us. Until there, some never asked for something big to the Lord. He is content with small things that the man can make by his personal efforts.

God allows us to ask him for that of which we have needs : a wife, a spouse, a motorcycle, a car, a house, a parcel, of money, a very gainful work, a purse of survey, a very any. In the spiritual domain, the Holy Spirit, the spiritual grants (to the number of nine). We are the most favored on this earth but we don’t know it. We bring God to the bed head of our feet. We put it in a small cardboard sat in with a white beard. He is not able to anything anymore to make for us ; he is an old God, tired, weakened by the problems of the world. Hereceived a lot of requests ; he is not able to anything anymore to make for us. Our God never changed, and won’t change.

Elijah waited for big things of him. The ravens fed it, the widow fed it. Let’s wait for big things of the by God

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday SEPTEMBER 02, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 2 septembre 2012

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I had year appointment in city with has high personality. I had fallen in has terrifying traffic jam. I told to myself, I will be late ; I am going to Miss this big appointment, when sudden we stopped by has blind. I read this : "God’s hour is the best." God had spoken me through this writing. God’s time is the best. I had arrived instead of appointment and receive this message : the appointment is postponed to year ulterior dates. I assures you that God’s time is the best. God had placed this appointment at has date and hour of his suitability. I didn’t regret it. God blessed this encounter and the fruits stay until now.

Jesus waits has marriage ceremony at Died. His mother is there. During this ceremony, wine missed ace the ceremonies lasted has whole week. His mother knowing who her his/her/its was cam saying him : they don’t haggard wine anymore ; you will want to make something. Jesus answer her" : My hour is not coming again." Being his/her/its God of, hey didn’t dare to rise to make has miracle without his/her/its father doesn’t allow it.


What is this hour of which he often speaks ? The hour of which he speaks is the one to which direct God the staleness supremely. God stays the creator of sky and earth. Hey knows the favorable moment to intervene and imposes his thought.

When God’s hour sounded, Jesus changed water in wine ; it was the best wine. God makes what is better.

In the Bible whole, it seems that God works according to his time, his hour. Hey doesn’t come before nor after. When his hour doesn’t sound, it doesn’t make anything. The Holy declared Scripture : When the times were accomplished, God smells like his His/her/its, born of has woman, born under the law… (Gallatin 4 : 4). What times was accomplished ?

I./ The world of this time.

1- The pagan world

Politically, it was unified under the principal in purchase Rome of. The general peace and the good roads encouraged the journeys. Of the same language, Greek was understood everywhere. Morally, the world had fallen very low. It appears that hey was conscious of his sin more that to other times. Religiously, the shapes were observed drank anyone had believing in the official divinities.

2- The Jewish world

Politically, hey was enslaved. Palestine had become has Novel province and has share of Jews were dispersed in the hand cities of makes worse where they had founded some synagogues. It is necessary to note also that the Diaspora’s Jews had kept year austere states of mind goal without impetus and coils, God’s and principals in purchase was drowned in the human traditions. The religion of Israel exercised year attraction one the pagans.

  Only one spoken language, Greek,

  The roads well drawn

  To world conscious of its sin more that to other times

  To world unified under the crook of the Novel Gets worse.

  The peace that reigned

  The Good News could circulate quickly.

When God promised custom something, it is necessary to wait heart his hour heart the achievement. God called Abraham when hey was 75 years old (Genesis 12). Several promised heart him had been done :

  I will make you has big nation

  I will bless you

  I will make your name big

  You will be has source of blessings

  I will bless those that will bless you

  I will curse those that curse you

  All families of the earth will be blessed in you

  Your reward will be very big (Genesis 15 :1)

  To son’s promised is made to him (Genesis 15 : 4)

Abraham seeing his advanced ages chooses his heir, Eliézer Damascus of, the manager of his goods.

All these promised cam true, goal Abraham had to wait has share. So many mistakes committed by Abraham and Sara not to haggard waited heart God’s hour haggard to have a son. I don’t blame them because ifI was at their places I would haggard committed the same mistakes otherwise more.

Isaac was born when Abraham had 100 years Sara and 90 years. Hey is said that Sara became pregnant in his old ages to the fixed time of God which had spoken to him. Twenty-five years waiting, it is has share. Why God didn’t given his him quickly ? Only God is in guard the secret.

Have God had promised it, Abraham exhaled after has happy aged old, aged and pudgy of days, and hey was collected by his people.

That he remembers you that after Sara’s death, he had taken has woman Ketura named ; she crams birth him six boys. With Isaac Ishmael and, that makes him eight sounds that buried it. He died aged of 175 years.

God is faithful promised in his/her/its. Today theses are Abraham’s children who possess the petrodollar. They are counted to the number of the most powerful nations of the earth (Israel).

II./ Joseph and his prophetic dreams (Genesis 37 : 5-10).

Joseph had his dreams at the age of 17 years that foretold that hey would become has leader. It was not overnight that he became has leader. God permitted tests in his/her/its life that led it toward has direction that seemed to be the opposite of his/her/its dreams. Years flowed out and to the moment marked God by, that means God’s hour sounded when Joseph was 30 bygone years old. Pharaoh said him " : Look, I give you the principal in purchase of the whole country Egypt of... " (Genesis 41 : 41-46).

When God’s hour sounds, no one can stop the staleness more from occurring.

God’s hour is the best.

To share of people haggard some needs drank God would only accomplish them in his time.

Let’s learn to wait heart God’s time heart all thing in our life. He declares that he planned good projects heart our life. Let’s remain faithful while waiting heart his hour.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday AUGUST 26, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 26 août 2012

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday AUGUST 19, 2012, by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


Reading:1 Samuel 17 : 33-37 ; Daniel 2 : 33 ; Daniel 7 : 7-8 ; Apocalypse 13 : 1-2.

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dimanche 19 août 2012

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par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday AUGUST 12, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 12 août 2012

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday AUGUST 05, 2012, by Brother Alastaire ALINSATO !


dimanche 5 août 2012

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par Frère ALINSATO Alastaire

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Message of Sunday JULY 29, 2012, by Pastor Emmanuel SAWADOGO !


dimanche 29 juillet 2012

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The Bible says that God chose Moses and said to him that it is by him that he had to bring his people out of Egypt on the promised earth. And thereafter God tells Moses, it is not anymore you that will bring my people on the promised earth, but I chose Joshua. It is by him that I am going to bring my people to Canaan. God tells Joshua : Raise you and watch Jericho. I give Jericho to you. It is whereas Joshua was going to look at the city of Jericho. "And it came to pass, when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted up his eyes and looked, and, behold, there stood a man over against him with his sword drawn in his hand : and Joshua went unto him, and said unto him, Are you for us, or for our adversaries ?" Joshua 5 : 13. He saw a man who was held before him, between him and the city of Jericho that God had given to him. It is a man who can stop it from taking Jericho. Joshua tells him certainly : if you are a man who is going to stop from taking Jericho, know that I am also a man and Jericho is mine. The Eternal already gave it to me and if you think that you are going to stop me from entering there, I tell you to free the passage. We are in a period where God needs the men, where it is necessary to be a man to win. God wants some men to use his power to astound the whole world, so that the enemy’s doors moves back, so that God’s light shines and illuminate all over the world.

When one speaks about a man, it is not the physical of the person but it is the heart, it is courage, the determination that is to be valiant. And God can pass by you to reach his objectives. The Bible said us that there was a man named Goliath who rises every morning to throw a challenge to God’s people. He said them : "I throw in this day a challenge to the army of Israel ! Give me a man". Is a man in Israel, someone that has the heart and that is determined to face me in order to remove the shame of Israel ? During thirty-nine days, any man could not find able to face Goliath. The fortieth day, a young man, David, was going to see his brothers. And there, he heard Goliath insult God’s people. David asked himself : « Who is this heathen ? Why do you let him insult the Lord ? Me David I am there and Goliath will know today that there is a man among the people of God." I ask this morning that God makes you a man, a determined, powerful man, having God’s heart, the authority of God and the power of the Eternal so that by your passage the works of darkness trembles, Satan sees that his camp is threatened, the enemy can know : if I touch to this man, I will be hot. Because if you say : "Father", fire comes down from the heaven.

This man had a sword in his hand, but Joshua was not afraid of it. He asks him a question : "Are you of us or of ours enemies ?" Joshua 5 : 13. In the same way, there are people who coast you, walk with you but in their heart they are not with you. They want to destroy you, to harm you, to kill you. Did Joshua ask this man : are you there to help me to fight or to help my enemies to destroy me ? Some come to the church but are not with us. I pray that the Holy Spirit puts them aside. Several among us meet some problems because they didn’t know that some that tell themselves their friends, who eat with them, are not with them. Some were sick because they have been trapped by their colleagues, by their brothers or by their friends.

Joshua asked a question to this man to mean : if you are with me you will have the safe life, but if you are not with me I will invoke God’s fire on you.

Often for lack of authority as child of God, we are afraid of our adversaries.

For lack of God’s presence, when one speaks of the enemy, we tremble.

For lack of the presence of the Holy Spirit, when one says that someone is Satan’s agent, we don’t want any more to greet him, we don’t want to pass more before his door because God’s presence, the authority of God and the power of the Holy Spirit don’t live in us. If God’s unction, his power, his authority and his presence are there, whatever is your adversaries, those that fight against your life, that took the engagement to destroy your family, your use, your ministry, whatever is their number or their power, the Bible declares that "You are more victorious." May the Lord grant you the victory this morning in Jesus’ Name !

The Bible says that we have a God who achieves the impossible. But when we look at what happens around us, we have the impression that the miracles not exist really. What misses us, it is God’s authority, his power and his presence in our life. When the enemy rises, God is more power than him. Don’t be afraid of those that threaten you to frighten you because God defeated Satan, death and demons. And when you call Jesus’ name, all powers are subjugated because Jesus’ Name is more power than all other name. Whatever is the fate that one throws to you, or those that prowl around you and curse you, Lord told to you that you will have the blessings.

Are you there this morning to sustain God’s man and to support him in the mission that God confided to him or are you there to impede the progress, to destroy his ministry ? I am going to invoke God’s presence this morning on all satanic work, on all mean minds that fights against God’s house and against his people so that now, God can put aside those that is his, so that light sprang.

The man answered Joshua : "I am the chief of the army of Eternal, I come now." The Lord saw your difficulties, your suffering, and he sends before you his angel to walk in front of you, to drive you, to guide you, to rescue you, to protect you, to protect your life, your family, your work, etc.

I am the chief of the army of Eternal, I now arrive, with the authority, the power because there is Jericho to take in possession, but you only, you are not able to. What is your Jericho this morning ? What do you try to have in your work, in your study ? You try but you don’t arrive. Look in front of you : the angel of Eternal is there with the sword in is hand. From now, they will look for you but they won’t see you anymore but they will see the angel of Eternal who is going to fight for you so that the glory comes back to Eternal.

The angel tells Joshua : "Take your shoes of your feet, because the place on which you are held is holy. And Joshua made it." Sometimes, the miracle is there, your fulfillment is ready ; and it is sufficient to tell God : I am ready to obey you, I open you my heart. How can God operate miracle in your life if your life is in disagreement with him ? How can God drive you in green grazing if your life, your behavior and your character are in disagreement with the speech of God ? Joshua has obeyed, and the consequence : they took Jericho.

"Are you for us or for our enemies ? "Don’t you fight against the progress of God’s work in this Church ? Don’t you contribute to bring a spiritual mess in the house of God ? Do you come here of all your heart ? Are you for us ?

Do you belong to Lord ? Are you really there because you are thirsty of God or you are with those that we fight ?

When the enemy is outside, the fight is easier, but when it is inside that is complicated more.

Brothers and sisters,

God recommends you this morning to be a man with determination as David so that at all times God can use you to make his ministry. Are you with God or with the adversaries ?

All those that are tired, dejected, disorientate, God stretches his sword to drive you.

It is necessary that we can obey the voice of the Lord. The obedience brings grace, blessing of Lord, attachment to God and to his grace.

God in his grace made you something. Whatever are your projects, your ambitions, what you have in your heart, the angel of Eternal is going to accompany and you will know progress in Jesus’ name.

When God comes with you, you don’t have a fear. What God says, he will make it. That God’s hand sustains you in the fights that rise against you.

May the grace of the Lord come with you !

par Pasteur Emmanuel SAWADOGO

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Message of Sunday JULY 22, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !

Theme : GOD’S HOUSE !

dimanche 22 juillet 2012

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Introduction :

Toward the end of his terrestrial ministry, Jesus noticed sadness and despair on the face of his disciples. He spoke them with open heart, showing to them that the hope was not loosed ; but on the contrary, it went to the heaven to prepare them eternals homes in his Father’s house. What joy to know that God possesses a house that has several compartments ! Jesus calls it my father’s house. How must be this house of the great creator God of the heaven and the earth ?


A house according to the dictionary is a domicile, a home, a building of dwelling, lodging, or a residence. It is also at home where one takes a rest. Every normal person wants to have a home, a house where he lives in with his family.


While leading the research on the word “house”, I wanted to know how the houses of the richest men to the world are. According to the magazine American Forbes who counts every year the multimillionaires of the planet, the world counts in 2012 now 1140 multimillionaires. Carlos Slim Helù, a Mexican of Lebanese origin is the first rich of the world with $69 milliard of dollars, either 36 thousand billions of CFA francs, comes in second position the American Bill Gates with $61 milliards equivalent of 32 thousand billions in CFA ; comes in third position another American Warren Buffet $44 billion equivalent of 23 thousand billions of CFA francs.

There are also some stars who accumulated of money. We can mention the Cameroonian Samuel Eto’o, the footballer paid best of the planet. He is at present in Russia in Moscow in a residence that costs 80 thousand euros equivalent of 52 million CFA each month as rent for that the boss of his club pays. His salary is 20 million of euros each season, equivalent of 13 billion of CFA franc. He made this declaration : "I don’t live in the place of my dream", whereas this residence is situated on 1000m², it has its private elevator, a Jacuzzi, a Turkish baths, a swimming pool in the middle of the lounge, a regular cook, fifteen pieces, 5 rooms of which a reserved for his cook, and the guard of body permanently with him, at present he lives only because his family is again in France, the owner of the club put a throw deprived to his disposition capable to take 8 persons. He possesses 17 cars of luxuries, a house in Milan in France value 17millions of euros, in CFA 11.0500.000.000.

All these rich persons of the world built themselves castles, scrapers - sky, villas to billions of dollars. Let’s go to the discovery of some such as :

- BILL GATES : The boss of the Microsoft Word Corporation, his house is situated on 6600m2. It is filled of modern technology. When you enter there one places you a flea that contains your preference of temperature and music.

- Aaron Spelling : His house has 123 pieces to a value of 48.000.000 of dollars what makes in CFA 20.400 000.000, if the dollar is 425. He has a piece solely for packing of gifts, another for the dolls of his daughter and others for the pleasures.

- Fifty hundred, the rapper : he bought the house of the boxer Tyson to 4.000.000 dollars equivalent 1.700.000.000 in CFA. This house has 7 kitchens ; a night club capable to contain 1000 persons.

- Larry Ellison the boss of the software oracle constructed his house on 2hectares during ten years. He created an artificial lake around the house that was worth him 100.000.000 of dollars = 42 500.000.000 of FCFA about.

- John Travolta : his Residence situated on 1600m2 had two garages for his two private planes, one Boeing 707, better plane that the American state so rich doesn’t even possess. He goes to the service with his plane-private and possesses his own crew. He doesn’t want to be in the plugs, of the traffic jams that often arrive with cars.

- Michael Jordan : he lives in a house of 30 000 000 dollars that has a big swimming pool. This house possesses a spellbound security that opens up with the print of his finger. His value in CFA is 12.750.000.000.

- Jelo : She lives in a house made of bronze and possesses a lot of other pretty homes again.

Another possesses his private island of 25hectares where he constructed his house of a very big value. He receives his visitors by boat.

The dearest house costs 128.000 000 of dollars = 54.400.000.000 in CFA.

They have more than what a man can wish to have on this earth, to estimate himself happy. Let me tell you that all these people are not happy in these luxurious homes.

After having my investigations, I find that in these houses all is not pink. There are some tears, sadness, suicide, multiple divorces, worries, and fear, fear of the future, and horrible sins as homosexuality and the child molestation. Yes ! There are many divorces, the sadness, the misunderstandings, the death, the illnesses, the solitude, the insomnia, the old age, and all misfortunes and their derivatives. The one whose house has 7 kitchens, said the day of the interview, "with all it I look for a person fascinated to live with me in this vast home." Could you believe that this so beautiful house provided with 7 kitchens doesn’t have a person to make the cooking ? What sadness when one has all it without Jesus.

In spite of their immense fortunes they are not saved of the illnesses, of the death because some are widowed, others suffer cancers of the prostate, of diabetes, from tension and travel with their doctors. Some divorced themselves several times, the women leave these pretty homes while cracking the doors with oaths for never to put feet there. Yes, my brothers and sisters, you who listen me, I tell you that there are some tears in these pretty homes, the sadness, the fear of the ageing and the death, of the permanent worries of that could happen to them. To another person one told that she is sifted of debts ; to the other one said that she should have stopped some of her activities by fear to have one heart attack.

The Bible does say : "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul ?" Mark 8 : 36. Everything that one can have here below like homes is only the ephemeral things that never manage to secure his owner.

Now speak of the house of our father celestial :


Jesus certifies us that his father possesses a house. The Holy Writings show us that this house has several appellations : the paradise, the heaven, a city, the New Jerusalem that comes down from the heaven (Revelations 22). Such a place is prepared by God to satisfy to the demand of the justice. The sufferings of just on the earth and the prosperity of the impious require a repair of the things that justice is made so that those that accepted Jesus as Savior is rewarded in the world to come. Example : the history of the rich and the poor Lazar.

The best human language is incapable to depict the realities of happiness that wait for the elected. The Bible says that God is the only Architect and the constructor of his house according to Hebrews 11:10. In this city, there is not of night. He won’t enter anything soiled in this house (Revelations 2 : 27). Will be absent in this city, the misfortunes that hit our world : the illnesses, the death, the wars, the earthquakes, all disasters that make unhappy our world won’t exist anymore. In front of this reality, and of this happiness that waits for the Christian, we have the feeling expressed by philosopher Socrates when he said : "I only know a thing ; it is that I don’t know anything." An ant who can only browse some centimeters out of its hole can it understand when one will tell to it that man browses some kilometers, and that he possesses the planes that overfly the oceans, the deserts and the continents in some times ? God’s house will be a place of delights because the Bible declares that there are the things that the eyes didn’t see, that the ear didn’t hear, and that didn’t go up to the man’s heart, the things that God prepared for those who like him (1Corinthiens 2 : 9). Paradise cannot be described with the human language. Speaking of it, Paul said : " I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell ; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell : God known ;) such an one caught up to the third heaven. And I knew such a man, (whether in the body, or out of the body, I cannot tell : God known ;). How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter." (2Corinthiens 12 : 2-4). The happiness that existed during the reign of one thousand years pursues us to the heaven.

The city is magnificent and precious beyond everything that one can imagine. It is filled of gold and stones precious (Apocalypse 21:18 – 21).

But the central picture is the one light, the burst, the glory that emanates some because of God’s presence in the middle of the city. The place itself is made of pure and transparent gold as the glass.

The house of our celestial father is a magnificent house where there is the peace, joy, happiness, the total satisfaction, the eternal life, the worship, the angelic music, the love, God’s presence himself, the streets paved of pure gold, the permanent light, God’s glory, etc. What happens in the luxurious homes of the rich of this world won’t be in our homes. There won’t be anything to disturb us. We will be there for the eternity.


Here below, one must accept Jesus as his personal Savior.

One must repent of all his sins, and to walk every day in the sanctification,

It is necessary to keep his commands also while producing the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

It is necessary to move away of the work of the flesh.

Money doesn’t have its value anymore in this place.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday JULY 15, 2012, by Pastor Gervais SOSSOUKPE !


dimanche 15 juillet 2012

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To understand the sense of such a question, it is necessary to consider some elements :

1) In the time of Jesus, Palestine lived under the Roman occupation.

The Jews being deprived of their national sovereignty aspired to regain their independence as a matter of course.

2) The Savior, by his teaching and his miracles, had affirmed his authority, his disciples had entertained the hope that in Messiah’s quality, Jesus would succeed sooner or later in hunting Romans of the holy earth, and would be invested as the sovereign of Jews.

Probably they had tried a first disillusion when after the miracle of the multiplication of breads, their master Jesus had moved away of the enthusiastic crowd knowing that they was decided to make him king (John 6 : 15).

But they could believe that to Christ’s conception, the favorable moment was not maybe come again.

3) When Jesus had sent his disciples to evangelize their compatriots, he had given them this order : "Go, preach, and so-called : The kingdom of heaven is at hand." Matthew 10 : 7.

In their comprehension, it meant the announcement of the imminent institution of Christ’s kingdom in Israel.

4) The day when the Lord made his triumphal entry in Jerusalem, "Those who preceded him and those that followed Jesus shouted : Hosanna ! Bless either the one that comes in the name of the Lord ! Either the reign that comes, David’s reign, our father !" Mark 11 : 9-10.

Gained by the general exaltation, the apostles believed whereas the hour was near where the Lord was going to re-establish David’s kingdom, their prestigious ancestor.

5) More, during his ministry, Christ had declared to his apostles : " Verily I say to you, that you which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, you also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel." (Matthew 19 : 28).

At which time this big renewal had been realize ? Jesus had not given any indication to this topic.

Translated before Pumice Pilate, Jesus limited himself to say : "My kingdom is not in this world." (John 18 : 36).

6) In any case, the twelve last to undergo a second and cruel setback when, instead of contemplating their master sat on the throne of Israel, they turn it elevated on a cross, condemned to death like an outcast. Then, all their hopes of a restoration of messianic kingdom vanished brutally.

Also, two days after the crucifixion, disabused, they gave voice to their bitterness feelings : "We hoped that he would be he that would deliver Israel ;" Luke 24 : 21.

But when they were certain that Christ was revived, this vivid victory on his enemies made reemerge quicker than ever, the hope to attend the establishment of his reign finally on Israel. From where their question : "Lord, will you at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel ?"

Concerning Jesus, he fed other ambitions. He wanted before all to establish his throne in the heart of the believers, to some nation and to some race that they belong. It is why, far from encouraging the apostles in their nationalistic aspirations, he seizes the opportunity to widen their horizon until the measurements of the whole humanity : "You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in the whole Judea, in the Samaria, and until the extremities of the earth." (Acts 1 : 8)

May God bless you and gives you to conform your ambitions to witch is his own.

par Pasteur Gervais SOSSOUKPE

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Message of Sunday JULY 08, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 8 juillet 2012

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We are in one hard period ; the famine raged in Israel and touched the borderlands. Elijah has been fed by ravens close to the torrent of Cherith that is in front of the Jordan ; the Bible teaches us that the ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning, and bread and flesh in the evening and he drank of the brook.

But it came to pass after a while, that the brook dried up, because there had been no rain in the land, the drought continued to rage. God sends his servant to Sarepta that belongs to Sidon, country in Canaan worshippers of idols. God said him : I ordered to a widowed woman there to feed you.

Through the Bible, we see that God has his way to act that is always contrary to reason ; he doesn’t follow scientific ideas, it is always a mad, irrational, inhuman manner that escapes the man’s control.

Yesterday, it was the ravens, impure birds ; today, it is a widow, a needy person, a social case who is going to answer his servant’s food needs. What powerful God we serve ! That his ways are unfathomable !

This manner to act of God had to create the faith in us so that we are capable to trust in him. It is this confidence that the prophet Elijah had and he didn’t ask any questions to God for what concerns his survival.

Elijah arrives to Sarepta ; he watches on the left, on the right, in search of this hospitable silhouette. Here, he sees when he enters in Sarepta city a widowed woman who collected wood for the last time. Elijah asks her to drink and then to eat.

The poor widow is going to describe him her last thought, a conclusion of her life and the one of her son like these : I row two wood pieces then I will go back and I will prepare it for me and for my son ; we will eat, after what we will die. It is the last meal after what the death will come to finish us.

Elijah said him : don’t fear. First, give me to eat. While acting thus, she gives the first place to God. By her obedience, she will learn that those who give to God the first place in their life never lack the necessary. We must learn this lesson : TO GOD THE FIRST PLACE. Jesus will make the praise of this widow’s faith when he reproached the population of Nazareth for their incredulity. He said : there were a lot of widow in Israel at the time of Elijah. But Elijah has not been sent to anyone among them (Luke 4 : 26).

He wanted to say them : You are from the house, but if you reject my words, I am going to bless the pagans.

When the widow made what God’s man asked for her, a prophecy was pronounced on her : Eternal so speaks, the God of Israel, the flour that is in the pot won’t miss and the oil that is in the crock won’t decrease until the day where Eternal will make fall rain on the face of soil (1KINGS 17 : 14).

What beautiful prophecy for this widow ! She already made a negative conclusion of her destiny, it is the death ! But now it is life, it is abundance.

You who listen to me today, you made a conclusion for your life, your destiny. Your conclusion is relative to all tests that you had cross : finally I will be alone for all my life, I won’t have a child, a husband, money, a house, health, emergency or purse of survey, I will die in misery, in my poverty, all things became expensive, the economic crisis nailed me, I won’t be able to advance anymore, my business will stop, etc. These negative findings that you made on your life are stumbled today by God’s prophecy. Eternal speaks : you have a lot of blessings again. God saw your distress ; he wants to put an end to this negative conclusion. Jesus came to give you, life and life in abundance.

If you give the first place to God at the moment, if you give God’s part, God also decide to change your conclusion today. The poor widow became rich, crossed the period of famine with joy. She could sell flour and oil to have money in order to buy condiments, or clothes. When the test came in her life, God intervened so that she has faith in him.

We will have liked to know the continuation of this widow’s life.

The lesson that can be taken out of this widow’s life is edifying. The widows must know that God considers them. God asks them to give him what they have and he will make some more for their life. They don’t owe say : We don’t have anything still the tears to eyes. God has a plan for them. Anybody doesn’t receive anything of God when he doesn’t give to God what he asks us. They must exercise the hospitality, to deliver themselves to the works in Church.

That no one be discouraged. We have a God who is sufficient to provide to our needs.

Abraham and his conclusion (Genesis 15)

I leave childless. I already chose my heir ; it is Eliezer of Damascus my servant who is born in my house.

God immediately answers him in verses 4-5. "And, behold, the word of the LORD came unto him, saying : He shall not be your heir ; but he that shall come forth out of your own bowels shall be your heir. 5 And he brought him forth abroad, and said, look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them : and he said unto him : So shall your posterity be. »

God wants to change your conclusion this morning.

Remember that you serve an Almighty God to that nothing is impossible ; you will kiss a son and you will give him a marvelous name.

Job had a conclusion for his life. Job 17 : 1 ; 11-16 "My breath is corrupt, my days are extinct, and the graves are ready for me." 11-16 "My days are past ; my purposes are broken off, even the thoughts of my heart."

They change the night into day : the light is short because of darkness. If I wait, the grave is mine house : I have made my bed in the darkness. I have said to corruption, Thou art my father : to the worm, Thou art my mother, and my sister. And where is now my hope ? As for my hope, who shall see it ? They shall go down to the bars of the pit, when our rest together is in the dust. »

What tests in the life of this just man ! Remember this girl’s declaration to the teaching of the school of Sunday : "Les histories of God always good end." God finished the history of Job well. If you want to see God changing your negative conclusion, place of him your confidence. Give him the first place in your life and you will see his glory.

Conclusion : Psalms 37 : 5-6 "Commit your way unto the LORD ; trust also in him ; and he shall bring it to pass. And he shall bring forth your righteousness as the light, and your judgment as the noonday. »

I would like that you know that God didn’t finish working in your life. You have a lot of blessings.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday JUNE 24, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


lundi 2 juillet 2012

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Today’s topic is in affirmative shape without any doubt. It is neither conditional nor subjunctive, it is a certain declaration that is located in the future and will have its achievement. Consider this topic like a prophetic declaration for your life.

People will change language about you the days or the years that are coming. Since your conversion, you go through some tests where the head winds, some hurricanes disorientate your existence, you are criticized, your friends, your family have a language of contempt towards you, but in a few time, they will change language about you.

Paul did a maritime journey most dangerous of his life or even perilous. The narrator describes us the situation in this term : "The sun and the stars didn’t appear during several days, and the storm was so strong that we finally lost all hope to be save." They had not eaten for a long time. No one among us here would not like to live such situation. Yet it is what Paul apostle lived. He went to Rome to appear at the court in front of Emperor Caesar. In this perilous journey, an Angel appears to him and assures him life in these terms : V.24. Paul rose and assured the crew that it will be like God said to him. V.25

By God’s grace all the crew was saved. Paul could say : I am saved, I will go to Rome without problem. People of Malta lit a big fire to warm the shipwrecked victims. Paul collected a heap of bushwoods and put it to fire, a viper left from it and bit his hand.


There is a new test for him. What to do when the tests follow each other in the life of the Chretien ? God doesn’t permit anything given away.

This test gave an opportunity to the barbarians to slander of Paul. They concluded that Paul was probably a murderer because even as having escaped to the wreck of the ship, the justice didn’t want to let him live. In their language it meant that the gods had found another manner to make die Paul. The rumors had already circulated on Paul to speak of the bad side without saying what this man made to the shipwrecked victims. In the life of Christian some circumstances arrive and let pagans to say that they want.


God who had saved Paul in sea is again there to save him on the earth of this snakebite. Paul didn’t feel any pain. According to them, they waited and told that Paul is going to fall suddenly dead in a little time. They waited during a long time and Paul was always living.


He is a god. They changed opinion. Paul is now a god, superior to them. The bite of the snake had opened so that God’s power can appear.

You who listen to me today, you that cross hard tests at the moment, people already pulled their conclusion saying that you will never succeed in life because you became Christian, I would like to tell you that they will change language about you the days and the years which come. Do you know what they will say ? I tell it to you. Let’s go see the commissioner, the commander, the CEO, the district attorney of republic, the Rector, the Physician, the Professor, the Prime Minister, the big Evangelist, the Mayor, The President of Republic ... The next years you won’t be any more what you are today. The language of the enemies will change to your consideration. The future of this country is between your hands.

Anne the sterile of yesterday, abused, humiliated by the second wife of her husband gives birth seven times and says in her song : He raised up the poor out of the dust, and lifted up the beggar from the dunghill, to set them among princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory.1Sam2 :8 God was with Paul.


The Main character of the island, Publius, Roman civil servant whose father was reached of the fever and the dysentery was healed. The news of this recovery spilled like a trail of powder through the island and a lot of other patients were healed. Paul received a lot of honor, and a lot of grants to continue his journey.

If the tests that assault you are not consequences of your disobedience to God, reassure you that they will bring you the blessings of all kind. If your conscience blames you for a sin, repent you and you will have the over.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday JUNE 17, 2012, by Pastor Léon SESSOU !


Reading:Hebrew 11 : 27 Matthew 6 : 27-30

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dimanche 17 juin 2012

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Word - 62.5 ko

Hebrew 11 : 27 « By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king : for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible »

Matthew 6 : can 27-30 "Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature ? And why take ye thought for raiment ? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow ; they toil not, neither do they spin : And yet I say unto you, that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. 30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith ?"

Introduction :

The fear is one of the most dangerous weapons than the enemy uses to paralyze and to abort the destiny of God’s children. The fear is one of the biggest reasons of the failure in the society : fear to fail, fear of the price to pay, fear to give, fear of the illnesses, fear to fall in the sin, fear of the devil, fear of the critiques, of the oppositions, fear of poverty or fear of the prosperity. The fear is a shape of faith deceived.


The most dangerous two shapes of fear are the fear of the dismissal and the fear of the failure.

1. The fear of the dismissal drives you to not to try, to conform you to the popular thought and to ever to unmark you. It pushes you to become a photocopy of the other. It comes from the conditional love that you received on behalf of your parents. When you made something that they disapproved of, they withdrew you their love, and you interpreted it like a dismissal of their part. This fear to be rejected again drives you to search for the validation of the other constantly in everything that you make. It drives you to go in the rank and to especially not to disturb the established traditions. As expressed it so well lately a pastor, "qui doesn’t inconvenience itself range »

Does this fear of the dismissal express itself by next questions : that one goes to think on me ? If the other reject me, or, and if they didn’t approve me ?

2. The fear of the failure, as for it, drives you to especially not to take risk. You want to change, to go farther, but the following question frequently arrives in your spirit : "what proves that in this time you will succeed ?" or "If that didn’t go well ? »

The fear pushes you to not to advance, to postpone on the following day what you should make today constantly. It pushes you to choose the status quo, to remain in your zone of comfort, while waiting patiently that one day luck smiles you, or that all late are to the green before coming out of you.

You will always have a good excuse behind which you hide to justify your fear. But know that the chronic fear can become an offense towards God. It implies that you consider that God is not at your sides, and that it is not capable to make succeed you. You bind God’s arms thus…


The development of courage starts with the understanding of the psychological origins of the fear. All child newborn only feels two fears : the fear to fall and the fear of the noises (the deafening noises). All other shapes for fear that we feel as adult are learned as we grow. These fears come mainly often from the critiques and warnings destructive of our parents even when they were filled of good intentions. When we are adult, we experiment it as the fear to fail, to take some risks, the fear to commit a mistake or the fear to fail. The fear comes from something that you don’t see.

Every time that you are afraid, it means that there is something that you don’t understand or that you don’t see. The fear also comes from the ignorance.

Moses would have had all reasons to be afraid while presenting in front of Pharaoh, king from all over the world to this time. But the Bible says that he was not afraid to go in front of the visible king (Pharaoh) because he watched to the invisible King, the eternal of the armies (Hebrews 11 : 27 above mentioned).

Satan is called the prince of darkness. The word "prince" means "first". Word "darkness" is also translated of Hebrews by "ignorance." Thus, Satan maintains his reign in you of it through your ignorance ; he reigns in all domains where you don’t have the knowledge. But when you discover and experiment the knowledge of the truth, you become really free. Jesus has said : « You will know the truth and has truth will set you free." (John 8 : 32). It is not the truth that frees, but the knowledge of this truth. The truth exists indeed, since beginning. In other words, your ignorance is you very expensive. The word knowledge here, of the Hebrews" yada", implies the intimacy, the communion and the narrow relation.

Don’t let conquer you by the fear ! Be victorious and non-victim of the fear. Watch to the invisible King, and no to the visible mountains that stand before you. Focus yourselves on the promises and no on the problems, on the opportunities and no on the obstacles. Confess your insurance in God’s Speech, and receive courage to go from the before while watching to Christ, the author of your faith and the one that leads it to perfection.

The Christian that spend their time confessing their faith in the illness exist, the failure, the weakness, the impotence, the calamities, the defeat… They don’t realize that this kind of confession deprives them of their means and their efficiency. They don’t realize that this kind of confession can change the strong and victorious way in a slushy path, obstructed and dark. The reason is that their affirmations are the expression of their faith.

I suggest you the eight following stages to free you of the ascendancy of the fear.

1) To achieve that the fear is an emotion behind which hides a mind.

2Timothy 1 : 7 : "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear ; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." A mind of fear is a mind whose nature is the fear. In other words, it is a mind that is afraid and that shows what he is. Since he is always afraid, if you stay in the fear, you invite it implicitly, and he will show in you what he is simply.

Understand me : to be afraid doesn’t mean to be possessed by a mind of fear. On the other hand, if you stay permanently in this chronic fear state, you risk attracting to you this mind of fear. Psalms 27 : 1 "Lord is the support of life, of that would have me fear ?"

2) To create an atmosphere of praise and action of grace around you by the prayer.

God sits in the middle of the praise. He goes up to the sounds of the screams of rejoicing of his people. In front of the fear, make bring up the intensity of the divine presence in you by the praise and the actions of grace. There is always a divine presence intensity before which no enemy will be able to resist.

Philippians 1 : 4-7 : " 4 Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy, 5 For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now ; 6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ : 7 Even as it is meet for me to think this of you all, because I have you in my heart ; inasmuch as both in my bonds, and in the protection and confirmation of the gospel, ye all are partakers of my grace."

3) To study and to find the speech of God adapted to this situation

What does the Bible say ? What are the promises of God adapted to this challenge that is in front of you ? God already freed all provisions of which you will have need during your journey on earth. God made with you an alliance that contains the promises (of the rights) and of duties.

The particularity of the alliance with God is that nothing cannot be evoked in order to break this alliance. In other words, God is bound by what he promised. But it is your responsibility to remind him what he declared in the promises of the new alliance.

Isaiah 43 : 26 : "Put me in remembrance : let us plead together : declare you, that you may be justified."

We must believe God’s speech and must take it to the word, because God watches over his speech to accomplish it (Jeremiah 1 : 12).

4) To confess your mouth what you want and no what you see

To proclaim regularly and in a high voice what you know and not what you feel. Before the fear, it is not anymore the moment to speak to God but you owe yourselves return toward the mountain raised before you to order him to disappear in Jesus’ name. Remember that Satan only understands one language, and it is the one of the violent faith. God’s speech is in your mouth. Dare to confess.

Proverbs 18 : 20-21 "A man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth ; and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled. 21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue : and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof." Dares to confess what the Bible say you ! Dare to say that that you are ! Dare to say the facts to high voice ! Confess them ! Say them to the devil ! Say them to the illness ! Affirm them at the mountain of problems ! Confess them facing the evidence contraries ! Say them while the pain is there ! God is delighted when you recall him his speech. (… It is while confessing the mouth that one arrives to the salute, to the miracle…)

Make enter God’s speech that suits your situation in your heart and believe it, confess it, and you will arrive to the delivery, to the recovery, to the security, to the holiness of the mind, the soul and the body. In other words, you can receive other miracles in the same way as you received the miracle of the salute.

If you want a miracle this morning in a domain of your life, the first thing to make is to look for seed (Speech) suitable to this problem… sows it then with your faith… (Mark 11 : 23 "Sis someone told this Jesus Mountain… " didn’t say" what it believes will be give him" ; it didn’t say either" what it says will be granted to him", but it says "what you believe in your heart and that you confess with your mouth." Yes, it is necessary to confess with your mouth : If you say : "Thank you Lord, I believe that I healed", you will be healed unless you change your confession thereafter.

It can take one day, one week, one month, six months, one year…

But if you let seed in soil, she will produce the wished result. Don’t pull it… no matter the appearances and the sensations… Believe because God’s speech affirms it.

5) Recall yourselves and count your successes

Is there something that God has fop in your life yesterday ? Does have you he delivered of the distress in the past ? Certainly, with a little receding, you will perceive that God made big things in your life, and that had not been his goodness, you would not be where you are today. Before today’s adversity, remember, as David, that the same God, who delivered you yesterday, will deliver you again today.

1Samuel 17 : 37 " David say again : the Eternal that delivered me of the claw of the lion and the paw of the bear will also deliver me of the hand of this Philistine. And Saul tells David : Goes, and that the eternal either with you."

6) Wait to win the victory

To play to win and to play not to lose makes the whole difference between a winner and a loser. When you prophesied your victory, wait for yourselves to triumph, because in Christ you triumphed already. That to what you wait for the more will be what will materialize in your life. Don’t underestimate the power of the imagination. You must discern success to conceive it, then to believe before can receive it.

7) Act ! Dominate the fear while passing to the action.

The action produces the reaction, and there is not a reaction without action. It is the convenient phase during which you are going to tame this fear while facing it. Remember-vous : courage is not the absence of fear, but the audacity to face what you fear.

8) Discipline your thoughts

Constantly put around yourselves what you want to see inside you. Since your thoughts are influenced by what you hear, discipline yourselves to listen possible as much only that what builds you. Saturate yourselves of positive, declarative words, and of faith words. Read and listen to the teachings, the cassettes of proclamation of God’s speech, or people testimonies that succeeded in defeating the fear, the procrastination and the failure. In summary, feed your mind of everything that is positive and pleasant to God regularly.


Courage is not the absence of fear, but the audacity to face what you fear.

I possess what I confess.

If I confess Jesus as my Lord, I possess the salute.

If I confess that by his bruises I am healed, I possess the recovery.

If I confess that God’s Son freed me, I possess the absolute liberty.

If I confess that God’s love has been spilled in my heart by the Holy spirit, I possess the power to like others.

If I confess that the just has the insurance like a lion, I possess the insurance of the lion in the spiritual fight.

If I confess that he won’t abandon me, that he won’t abandon me, I possess God’s presence to every instant.

God bless you !

par Pasteur SESSOU Léon

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Message of Sunday JUNE 10, 2012, by Pasteur Jean-Gabin EDEA !


dimanche 10 juin 2012

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Word - 80 ko

All man’s life is here below comparable to a ship in movement on big waters of the oceans. But as we know it all, the ship without a commander on board, who can take the reins of it, cannot sail in the good direction and surmount all adventures of the world dangerous of the oceans. Besides, people often say that it cannot have two captains there in a boat ? So this is the same of every person’s life, and especially of God’s child in this difficult world full of adventures, this world in which we are called to surmount high waves in order to avoid the icebergs and to arrive safely.

But how will he be able to arrive there if he is not driven by Christ the best commandant ? It is therefore in this thought that Lord would like this morning to address to each of us by this interrogation : "Is Christ really the commander of your ship ? »

The passage of this message relates a prodigy achieved by Lord Jesus ; prodigy witch demonstrates his supremacy and authority on the nature and all its components. Here, the disciples who follow the Lord are going to experiment happiness to be with Christ ! If it is true that they pass through a moment of unrest and fright, they were reassured that when someone follows the Lord, he doesn’t have to fear whatever it is, whatever it occurs. Because the Lord knows all things, He knows the best for our life and he has the control of all !

But today, it is sad to note that numerous are these Christian, God’s children, who confesses Jesus’ name, who comes to church, who reads the Bible, but who refuses unfortunately to be conduct by the Lord, and refuse to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit that stops speaking to them all the time. They prefer to direct their own life as good seems them, while putting Christ in margin of their existence, of their decisions, of their choices, of their projects, of their actions.

They even go as far as finding that God is not expeditious to act in their life. And see themselves wiser to their own eyes that God. Thus, they act of their own chief, according to what they think to be the best. He lets the flesh take the over in their life and satisfies the desires of it, ignoring that "affection of flesh is enmity against God" (Romans 8:7). They like conforming to the counter-nature practices of the world not knowing in the same way that "Who wants to be friend of the world surrenders enemy of God." But the Bible said in Proverbs 14:12 and 16:25 that "There is a way which seemed right unto a man, but the end thereof is the ways of death." In other words, "many people think to be on the good path, and yet, they are on a way that, finally, leads to the death. "And elsewhere God said : "As the heaven is raised the earth above, as much my ways are raised your ways above, and my thoughts above your thought" (Isaiah 55:9). My dear brothers and sisters, how will be able to succeed ourselves our life, if we make fi of Christ that liked us and saved us so that we are delivered of our life unhappy of once. We are not blessed. We lost all joy to live. The peace of the heart, it makes us cruelly at the moment default. All it, because we decided to drive our own life without Christ ! It is dangerous ! Imagine only one instant that Christ is not in this boat with the disciples ! What would have been the fate of these miserable fishers quit to themselves and impotent in front of a high storm ?

Today it is not more about these fishers who knew how to see in Christ the only recourse to deliver them of this troublesome storm and to lead them to good carriage ; but it is concerning us, you, and me. How do we lead our life ? How do you lead your life ; with Christ or without Him ? Do you accept God’s Speech you heard ? Do you accept to walk according to the Speech of God ? Do you accept to act in all things while obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit ? Do you accept to count on Lord and no on a person ? Do you believe yourself all sufficient in the point not to have need of God anymore your savior ? Is Christ really the Sovereign of your life, the Commander of your ship ? Or you have some another one that is maybe yourself or the people ? Christ invites us this morning to more to resist his voice that since a good moment makes sound only in our heart. He stretches you the hand with so much love, you said and retell you this again : even though you had gotten lost far from me in your thoughts, your manner to lead your vie ; I am full of compassions for you and ready to forgive you to bring back you on the right path. So that you know the real happiness in Me, that I reserve to all those that let themselves direct by Me. Come back to Me my child, don’t linger anymore and seize this beautiful opportunity that I offer you in this day. I saved you, not to abandon you to yourself as someone that has person in his life, but to drive you safely, while making you to cross, excellently, the big waves of life.

What can we keep in this message ?

Beloved in the Lord, you that are here this morning and who listen to me ! You that hear these strong words that transfix you the heart ! It is yours that the Lord addresses solemnly ! It is therefore the moment for each of us, to strip itself/themselves of our human pride, to recognize the emptiness that lasts us of it, and to accept this beautiful invitation of the Lord humbly, in order to experiment again of the beautiful and happy days in company of Christ the real commander that it is necessary for us to guide all our life ! How long resist-you ? How long will you waste the time so expensive that the Lord grants you for you be restored ?

Let’s know therefore that "As for God, his way is perfect ; the word of the LORD is tried : he is a buckler to all them that trust in him" (2 Samuel 22:31).

So therefore, "Who is wise, and he shall understand these things ? Prudent and he shall know them ? For the ways of the LORD are right, and the just shall walk in them : but the transgressors shall fall therein. " (Hosea 14:9).


par EDEA Jean-Gabin

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Message of Sunday JUNE 03, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


Reading : Romans 13 : 1-7 ; 1Peter 2 : 13-17 ; Titus 3 : 1-7 ; 1Timothy 2 : 1-4

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dimanche 3 juin 2012

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Word - 82 ko

We arrived at the end of the times that is marked by acts of rebellion, of rebelliousness to the authorities. The Christian seems to forget his responsibilities concerned the authorities of his country. The Bible is clear on duties of Christian towards his government. She teaches us that the authorities’ origin is God so that there is order in the world.

I./ Who is the Christian ?

The Bible defines the Christian as someone that gave up profanity and worldly lusts, and that lives in the present century according to wisdom, to justice and to piety while waiting for the blissful hope and the demonstration of the glory of the God Almighty and Christ his Redeemer who comes back soon to take him.

It is therefore someone that accepted Christ as Savior and that leads a pure conduct, pleasant to God. He is characterized by the sweetness, goodness, the peace and the neighbor’s love. He has God’s fear in his life.

II./ Duties of Christian towards the authorities of his country

a) His first duty : the submissiveness to the authorities

The Apostles Paul and Peter remind to the Christian that they must be submitted to the authorities. Who says submissiveness says obedience. The authorities have been established by God so that the order reigns in the society. Therefore, the Christian owes them submissiveness. The authorities have been established by God for the many populates.

b) The second duty of the Christian : to honor the authorities

Christ God’s Son who was above the men was a model in this domain. He had known how to answer his detractors who set for him a trap while asking him if it was necessary to pay for the taxes to Caesar. Jesus said them : "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and God the things that are God’s." We see that Jesus respected and honored the authorities (Mark 12 : 17).

We don’t see nowhere in the Bible where the Lord incites to the rebellion, to the incivism, to the revolt and to the insurrection. On the contrary, the Christian must be pacific, moderate, and full of sweetness because he is salt and light.

If it happened to him to want to ask for his rights, he is first analyzed to see if he fills his duties appropriately before asking for his rights. And if it happened to him to ask for his rights, he would make it with the biggest respect that he owes to the superior authority of his country, while using of the soft and respectful terms or while passing by advisable ways.

c) The third duty of the Christian : to like the authorities of his country

He must like the authorities of his country because he knows that they have been chosen by God for his happiness. A child who doesn’t like his parents who put it to the world is a stray child.

God said to his Israel people in captivity in Babylonia : Search for the many cheap where I brought you in captivity and asked the eternal in his favor because your happiness depends on his.

Our happiness depends on the country where we live in. If our country knows some unrest, we are also reached by the same curses. The Christian must like its country and well to work for its development returning the easy task to the leaders.

d) The fourth duty of the Christian : the prayer.

God recommends that the Christian prays, intercede for his country. When he notices that no one intercedes he is astonished.

The Christian must sustain the authorities in the prayer because they are the weak human beings, capable to commit the mistakes that can be fatal to the economy of the country.

It is while praying for the leaders that God is going to pour on them his wisdom to be able to take decisions favorable to the development of the country. A country is not easy to manage. A family who only has some members that live in the same court is not easy to manage, to compare to a nation that is composed of millions of individuals.

Instead of spending the time to length of day criticizing our authorities, we would do well to pray for them because the Bible tells us that the fervid prayer of the just has a big efficient, that is to say that it gets extraordinary results, while giving us the example of Elijah (James 5 : 16).

If the Christian united in the prayer for their nations, the Nations would avoid the disasters that we often see.

The prayer can save a country of the war, the illnesses, the famine, the bad governance and of a lot of other curses.

We have examples of God’s big servants of once that knew to intercede for their country. Thanks to their fervid prayers, their countries benefited God’s blessings.

The history of the country makes us discover a monk of the name of Jerome Savonarola. In his time he had noticed the decadence of the church invaded by vices and the sins of all sorts. He passed of the time in the prayer. To hear it, people rose in full night to wait in the street for the opening of the cathedral. There was a big wakening, an awareness in his country. The worldly literature was abandoned in favor of Jerome’s sermons. The rich rescued the poor people. A big stake was prepared to Florence to burn the objects inciting to vices and vanities.

John Wesley that brought a big wakening in his country and saved his country of revolution said : "Adjoin me hundred men who like God of all their heart, and don’t have fear of nothing, otherwise of the sin, and I will upset the world. " He/it knew the importance of the fervid prayer of the just. The Queen of England said : "I’m not afraid of the arming of United States, but I am afraid of the prayers of John Wesley. »

Christian, we can orient the destiny of our country by our prayers.

Let’s be Christian who respect their roles and who are useful to the country.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday MAY 27, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 27 mai 2012

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Word - 79 ko

It is impossible to read the Bible without being impressed by the fact that the worship and the experience of the first believers possessed supernatural elements indisputably.

When the ministry of Elijah pulled toward its end, Elisha who had to follow, asked him for a double portion of his mind on him. 1Kings 19 : 19-23 : 2Kings 2 : 9-10. After the abduction of Elijah, God’s mind descended on Elisha that began to make some miracles. Elisha was that one that solved the people’s social problems. People came to him to look for the solution to their problems.

1- Purification of waters 2Kings 2 : 19-22

2- The widow’s oil was blessed. 2Kings 4

3- Resurrection of the child of the Sunamite

4- He destroyed the poison of a wild plant. 2Kings 4 : 38 (One vegetable)

5- He multiplied breads. 2Kings 4 : 42-44

6- He heals Naaman of the leprosy. 2Kings 5 : 1

7- He makes remain iron. 2Kings 6 : 1-6

8- He hit blindness of the Syrians. 2Kings 6 : 8

9- He prophesied in the time of a famine that of the less expensive food will have and it arrived. 2Kings 7

10- The power of the Holy Spirit stayed on its bones after his/her/its death. 2Kings 13 : 20

Who made the occult in the former testament ? It is the Holy Spirit.

• He participated in the creation of the world according to Genesis 1 : 1-2. The symbols are clear in the Bible : dove, wind, breath, oil, waters, and fire. The word Hebrew" ruach"-mind, in Greek Pneuma

• He blew and put the red sea to dry. Exodus 14 : 21

• He brought the quails to the Jews. Number 11 : 31

If Genesis doesn’t insist on the mind, it is because the world was not ready for the revelation of the Trinidad.

Abraham and other patriarchs felt the movement of the mind but they could not understand. God spoke to Abimelec who had taken Abraham’s wife : Return this woman to her husband because he is a prophet (Genesis 20 : 7-17), he is going to pray for you. Did you see a prophet without God’s mind ?

Pharaoh recognized that Joseph had something different that the Egyptians. Joseph could explain a dream. After the interpretation of his dream, Pharaoh said : would find ourselves a man as this one, having in him the mind of God ? Genesis 41 : 38.

Moses had God’s mind ; what allows him to operate some prodigies in Egypt.

For the construction complicated of the Tabernacle, God’s mind intervened for his realization while using two persons : Betsaleel and Oholiab. The presence of the mind in the life of these men gave them wisdom, intelligence, knowledge and talent. Exodus 25 : 1-9 ; 35 : 5-9, 30-35. Moses and the old persons chosen to help it in him were filled of the Holy Spirit. Number 11 : 10-30. God’s mind descended on them like unction to qualify them. The day of the convocation, two remained at the camp and the mind also descended on them.

The mind gave strength to the judges to deliver Israel. Gédéon, Jephté, Ehud, Samson, etc.

God’s mind was on the prophets. They exercised the spiritual grants.

In the life of Joshua and all those that had a particular work, God gave them his Mind. The kings of Israel : David, Salomon. There were the fighters who were filled of the Holy Spirit and led mysterious fights. It was a calm presence. As we serve a just, equitable and generous God, he tells Joel (2 : 28) : Next I will spill my mind on all flesh. Pierre mentions this passage the day of the Pentecost to say that the prophecy came true (Acts 2 : 17-21).

On all flesh means on all the humanity your sons your daughters, your old men, your young people, servants and maids. Joel himself didn’t understand all the range of this prophecy.

This passage shows merely that there is not restriction of age or sex. This phase suppresses the limitations, the reserves, therefore etc. Slaves, men and women, rank social negligee ; kind, Jews, rich, poor people, educated, ignoramuses, without any consideration of race

"Next can want to say after the repentance and the restoration

The Holy Spirit came on the 120 united disciples in the high room. To speak it in language appeared when the Holy Spirit descended. It is necessary that our language accustomed to criticize, to insult ; to curse is seized by the mind. Why don’t some receive the Holy Spirit ? It is their language accustomed to the pain that they prevent some.

May the Holy Spirit come to take our languages this morning !

The mind gave them his power to operate some miracles (Acts 3). The limping of birth was healed.

God want that we received his free grant

Pentecost, a feast where one offered the beginnings God passed by this feast and offered us his Holy Spirit.

How to receive ?

Repentance - Obedience - and Faith

God’s mind comes on those that repented of their sins and that obey to God.

You can receive it today. The mind arranges us his nine (9) distributed grants in three groups :

1st group : Revelation Gifts : wisdom, knowledge, discernment of the minds.

2nd group : Power Gifts : Faith, Operation of miracles, Recoveries.

3rd group : Inspiration Gifts : Prophecy, Language, interpretation of the languages.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday MAY 13, 2012, by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


Reading : 2Kings 13 : 14 ; 1Corinthians 15 : 24-26

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dimanche 20 mai 2012

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The Bible says in Romans 5 : 12 "Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin ; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned :" the death reigns since Adam…

Of all mysteries that abound the human thoughts and that are sometimes enigmas disconcerting, three were fundamental :

The 1st is including : it is God himself by his origin ;

The 2nd mystery is celestial : it is well the origin of sin ;

The 3rd mystery is terrestrial : it is the death herself.

One way or another, God’s mystery himself and his origin would never be known, of the less on this earth.

The mystery of the origin of the sin is roughly known : it was celestial before being terrestrial.

But, as for the mystery of the death, his enigma is deep and is astride all biblical alliances.

Indeed, people make of journeys in souls, go in mind in airs, years the stars, in the underground places, in the sea, going aver soon the physical, soon the spiritual world. They meet the minds, the demons, the fallen angels as the good angels, the archangels, and same Satan and speak with him. They elaborate some projects, initiate of the missions with him. In his ministry, Paul went to the sky according to 2Corinthians 12 : 1-6.

But about the death, it has never been seen and known unless a caricature. The death has never been known nor in his gas, nor in his totality, nor in his totality by whoever, in spite of 24 hours of Paul in the abyss (2Corinthians 15 : 25)

She is and stays the contrary of life.

So Christ is not known in his completely, the death won’t be able being so much also that we would be on this earth.

The manner to create Adam is different from the manner of which we are created. Indeed, Adam is woven directly of God’s hand. Adam is created slightly different from us, but the death succeeded in flooring it. He resisted then until 930 years and he died.

Adam died of his death and no the one programmed by Satan and the men. You will die of your death and no of the one programmed by the men.

This same death reached Elisha the prophet : Elisha was reached of the illness of which he died (of which he was going to die).

Actually, Elijah as Elisha was highly remarkable prophets to their time. They put political, economic, social, environmental, cultural and technological acts (by means of a stick, Elisha made remain a felling ax (ax). However, there been fundamentally of the spiritual and supernatural acts. They even revived some deaths. Elijah made eight miracles but Elisha made sixteen of them. Elijah as John the Baptist is with the honey and the grasshoppers in the bush. Elisha as Christ is in the society with the politicians.

Elisha was so however powerful his departure of this world was not spectacular as the one of Elijah.

The prophet Elisha died in its bed as would die all man, but his death glorified God. In the name of Christ, your death will glorify God.

Elisha was so powerful that God’s power continued to reside in his very bones after his death. Because 2Kings 13 : 21 told us history. Certainly that this resuscitated dead, having risen on his feet took them to the neck, ran away.

Oh ! God’s power never die ; it is and living home in the aftermaths of very Elisha after one year.

God’s man, Elisha, made his sixteenth miracle after his death.

Yes, God’s power was there, in him. However the death came because he was deadly.

It is exactly the departure of this power in this prophet who was going to die because he aged, because Joash the king was crying.

"My father, my father, chariots of Israel and his cavalries" otherwise my father, my father, you are worth all chariots and all riders of Israel. He was a prophet to offensive and defensive revelation power, to power of security for Israel. He was terrifying as Elijah according to 2Kings 2 : 12

Elisha was all for Israel in front of natural calamities, foreign invasions. Only, he was more that a powerful army.

Oh ! King Joash cried and regretted the departure of this famous prophet that announces itself, a hard situation for Israel and his king. Some situations can make cry.

But why do you cry ? Why these tears ?

The death succeeded in killing Elisha but knows that the God of Elisha is living. Besides, Elijah and Elisha are all living. Your God is living ! Why do you cry ?

But why you cry when the Bible says in Revelation 5 : 2-5 "And I saw a powerful angel, who shouted a strong voice : Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals of it ? And no man in heaven, nor on earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book neither watch it.

And I wept much because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look at it. And one of the elders told to me : don’t cry ; behold, the lion of the tribe of Juda, David’s root, defeated to open the book and his seven seals. »

Jesus already defeated your situation.

If the celestial advice was in a dead end and finally the lamb rose, Jesus will rise for you ; he will rise to destroy this last enemy. You believed that you have them all defeated, but there is a last that is announced itself and it will also be defeated in the name of Jesus.

Our last enemy is the death. This enemy will be destroyed of your life, of your home, of your offspring and will finally be thrown in the hell to Christ’s Powerful Name. Yes. Everything that smells like the death in your business, in your enterprises, in your home, in your family, in your life, in your projects is destroyed. May all obstacles to your life are swept. Everything that smells like the bodily death and the spiritual death in the church is destroyed.

I order that all people who are here in this time and who died spiritually, to difficult spiritual life and rotted come back to life.

I order that everything that is contrary to life in you loose and leaves. I order that all demon of death disappears of our houses, of our motorcycles, of our vehicles, of our services. That Christ is glorifying !

And you, king of the death, drop your armor ; may Christ enter in the hearts, in the homes, in lives, in the projects.

Let’s know and recognize that the Bible doesn’t ever have said : "O Satan, where is your victory" but "O death, where is your victory ? Oh death, where is your sting ?" (1Corinthians 15 : 55) Indeed, the victory on the devil is proclaimed since Genesis 3 : 15. But the victory takes place after. Christ said : "I am the first, the last and the living ; I had died and here it is I am living to the centuries of the centuries. I hold the key of the death and the stay of the deaths. The victory is gotten on the cross.

Actually the keys are with Jesus. But the death is a dangerous enemy, it is not even destroyed. Comes one day where by order of condemnation according to Apocalypse 20 : 10, the beast and the false prophet and Satan will first be thrown in fire. Then the death and the stay of the deaths will be thrown in fire. Finally all those whose names won’t be in the book of life according to Revelation 20 : 14-15.

Dear friends !

Oh ! In this big solemn day where the death will be thrown in the eternal hell, all armies would be able to themselves cry : finally the death finally died. Yes, it would be the second death for the impious but the definitive death of the death.

The reign of the death will be finished because Satan who has the power of the death would have preceded the death in the eternal fire (Hebrews 2 : 14).

Life won’t have a competitor anymore for the eternity of the eternities.

Soon our competitor will disappear.

Let’s pray and let’s fight all minds of death, of misfortune, of poverty, of trouble in the home, and that drive in the hell.

Don’t worry about anything and don’t have any fear.

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday MAY 13, 2012, by Mrs. SAMBIENI Victorine !


dimanche 13 mai 2012

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Of all times, God in his big love for his people, always caused the men and women to very precise moments to save his people or to bring back it to him. The history of the church through the centuries, reveal this principle more with regard to God’s love for his people. When God notes a weakening or an upsurge of the sin, or his people’s spiritual deterioration, he always causes someone to blow a wakening, a restoration and to put a stop to the enemy’s plan. To every time that Israel fell in disloyalty, or took to pagan practices, God always caused someone to bring back his people on the good way.

Nowadays, the church crosses of the dangerous and difficult moments in his history. Satan in his rage against the church uses all possible strategies, in order to divert the church of his mission first, and to make the Christian lose their identity. Strong of it, we can understand then that we are all challenged by the theme of this national week : raise you and act because this business looks at you. Then, why must rise and act ? How do we have to act ? There are two important questions that will be landed in our message. After having spent 70 years of captivity, in Babylon, God’s people had begun to come back on the promised earth. Back from the exile, the temple had been constructed by the Jewish, under the direction of Zorobabel after several obstacles. And to the arrival of Ezra, this sacrificer poured in Moses law, with another group of exiles, he discovers a situation desolated : the infiltration of the world and the marriages with the inhabitants of the country. The Jewish had not parted with the peoples among which they lived. More serious thing, not only they practiced and imitated their abominations ; they had contracted mixed marriages with these peoples. (Ezra 9.1 - 2) The service makes once with heart attached to the eternal became a service of pure shape. The compromises generated the disobedience and blindness. The separation asked by the eternal in Deuteronomy 7.3 has not been maintained and the disastrous consequences appeared. Ezra was afflicted then deeply to discover that of the Jews of Palestine and even some sacrificers had, contrary to Moses law, married of the pagan women. (Ezra 9.10) The world that surrounded it had invaded the assembly of Israel gradually and, if they were not all contaminated, they were in big danger of the being, because their drivers had been the first to conclude profane alliances. It is in such an atmosphere that Ezra should accomplish its mission. He/it was in a big desolation while learning this sad news that revealed the spiritual decline of God’s people.

I./ The spiritual situation nowadays

The spiritual state of the Christendom nowadays, let to want for all aware people. The people of God composed of women and named men to be the light of the world, the salt of the earth, put aside for God, seems sometimes to confound itself/themselves with the world like that was the case in the time of Ezra. Some Christian behaves currently as in the time of Ezra in compromises with the world. The principles of the world sometimes guide our behaviors. The walk of the faith, made place more and more to a walk where calculations, ambitions and human supports adjust the conduct of several people. In that the necessity to raise the challenges.

II./ The challenges to relever :

The conformity to the world was and home one of the major challenges to raise by God’s people. We are constantly submitted to the pressures of conformism.

After the exodus, the Lord puts the children of Israel in garde : " Vous won’t make what makes itself in the country of Egypt where you lived in, and you won’t make what makes itself in the country of Canaan where me you mène : you won’t follow their practices. You will practice my orders, and you will observe my lois : you will follow them. I am the eternal, your God". (Lév 18.3-4). Yet once arrived to Canaan, the people will tell Samuel : " maintenant, establish on us a king to judge us, as there is some at all nations " (1S 8.5). And more Ezéchiels should take Israel because of his/her/its idolâtrie : " vous dites : We want to be as the nations, as the families of the other countries, we want to serve wood and the pierre " (Ez 20.32). In the New Will or in our contemporary time, one recovers the same situation. In spite of the precise orders of Jésus : doesn’t resemble to them…. " (Mt 6.8) and the pressing recommendations of the Paul apostle : " Ne you flow not merely in the mold of everybody. Don’t conform your life to the principles that govern the century présent ; don’t copy the fashions and the habits of the jour. " (Rom 12.2). God’s people was always and was always minded in " faire as the païens " until sometimes more nothing distinguishes the church of the world, the Christian of the non Christian. However the work of the cross, withdrew us from this bad century, that means the system organized of a world without God, dived in the pain, so that we are a people put to part for God, a light for this world of darkness. The Bible declares that we are called to live in the world but not as the world. And yet how much we let easily train to act as those that naturally is from the world. For example in the sartorial domain, the church conformed at the world. Otherwise, the Christian ethics made place to the worldly behavior. Several Christian lost their Christian identity while introducing in their life of the worldly practices, in order to appear as the other, to be to the page, such que : the drunkenness, the adultery, the calumnies, the wild love of money, the divorce, the illicit marriages, the juvenile delinquency, the gossips, the calumnies, the loss of the brotherly love etc., In short, the œuvres of the flesh (Gen. 5.19-21) took place within the church. The idea that Christianity is disconnected of the realities, obsolete and maladjusted is spilled very. Several people consider the gospel or the biblical principles today as not being on their length of waves. It is for it that one hears some expressions such que : " ça it is passed, it is for the former times, the world evolved, and the Bible owes évoluer " That it is regrettable for the church of Christ ! Facing all this, we are all challenged, it is necessary to act and this situation must concern each of us. This business also concerns you, we must be unanimous to maintain the sartorial ethics, the holiness, the purity, in our houses and in the church. Who will rise to denounce these pratiques ? Ezra in in his/her/its time rose against the practice of the mixed marriages and ordered the divorce of with all foreign women and their children. (Ed 10.5-7). A courage needed a determination to act of the sort. III./ How do we have to agir ? By the life of Ezra, we can mention some means 1. Awareness of the situation The all first step is the awareness. When one doesn’t realize his/her/its situation, one won’t be able to measure his/her/its size either. If a sick person doesn’t realize that she is sick, she will never look for the remedy of his/her/its pain. Ezra, as having been informed of his/her/its people’s spiritual situation took conscience and was touched deeply. " Lorsque I heard these words, I tore my coat and my clothes, I pulled to myself hair and the beard and I sat down accablé " completely. (Ed 9.3). 2. To humiliate itself/themselves before the Lord The awareness must be come with by a deep humiliation before the Lord. Ezra prostrated before the Lord to confess the people’s sin to which he identified. " Et me, I remained seated and sorry, until the offering of in the evening. Then, at the time of the offering of in the evening, I rose of the breast of my humiliation, with my clothes and my coat torn, I fell on the knees, I spread the hands toward the eternal, my God, and me dis : My God, I am in confusion, and I am ashamed, oh my God, to raise my face toward toi ; because our iniquities increased over our heads, and our mistakes reached until the cieux " (Ed 9. 4-6). There is an attitude of someone that wants to see a real change, in the people’s life. He/it considers the people’s sin as being his/her/its sin and confess their sin before the Lord. Only an attitude of humility before the Lord can bring a wakening, because God resists the proud but he makes thanks to the humble. (1 P 4.7). Before a situation of sin, we must learn to humiliate us before the Lord, and no to think that we are better than the other as in the prayer of the Pharisee (Lc 11.16). The one that wants to act appropriately must learn to humiliate itself/themselves before the Lord while recognizing that it is not by his/her/its strength nor by his/her/its wisdom, but only God can raise the guilty party and no the haughty words with regard to the guilty parties. The sin of the brothers and sœurs must touch us instead of becoming a topic of our talks, gossip and our useless comparisons. On the contrary we must go before the face of the Lord and must cry for the situation. As made it in the same way Joshua after the defeat of Israel owing Aï. (Joshua chap 7) 3. To rise After the stage of humiliation and confession, it is necessary to rise. This action consists in passing a stage to another. Of a position given to another. Nothing acts as to remain to lie down, to bend the whole time if one doesn’t rise to look at the situation in the face. Some often take pleasure in speaking of weaknesses of the church in these termes : nothing goes in the church, we died spiritually, the persons responsible don’t pray, the world is in the church etc… then they don’t make anything thereafter. They can spend all their time criticizing the leaders, to reveal the weaknesses of their church, of the brothers and sœurs without taking a time ever to counsel these last, everywhere to take one day to fast and to pray so that the situation changes. That it is dommage ! And Satan uses these similar languages a lot to weaken the church better. Beloved in the Lord the hour is not anymore to the chats inutiles ; it is the moment to act, to put concrete acts to take a decision, to rise and to see than it calm action. 4. To act to the appropriate moment The action is what it is necessary to make. The beautiful words, the good propositions, the beautiful intentions would remain dead letters if they are not followed of concrete acts. To act and especially to know how to act to the appropriate moment is very capital. In the Bible we have examples of the men and women that knew how to act to the appropriate moment to save their people of a situation given. In the books of the Judges, we find there a woman’s history whose name was not even known and that yet to put a beneficial act for his/her/its people (Judges 9). Abimelech, an usurping king who murders his/her/its 70 brothers in the same way father (Gédéon) on a same stone, was going to fire the tower of Sichem then (Jg 9.49) where had taken refuge about 1000 people (men and women) that died. Still uncompromising in his/her/its sordid acts, he/it attacks Thébets. The inhabitants of the city run to take refuge in a strong tower. Having learned it, Abimelech attacks the tower, and decide to put fire there. Then just to this precise moment a woman got in action. She/it used the simplest weapon, the instrument the less waited in a field of fight, that she/it had to her/its portée : a millstone of mill, a big stone. She/it threw this stone on Abimelech that broke the skull. (V 53) thanks to this action courageous of this woman, the worse didn’t arrive to this city. We arrived to one dangerous time in the history of Christ’s church. She/it is threatened with the inside and the outside by the enemy who uses the men and women become worldly, power-hungry and of the popularity, sowing confusion, the mess within the local churches, of people filled of themselves, full of cupidity that tries to divide God’s church, to destabilize whole families. These are the Abimelech of our century. Unfortunately, because of our lack of discernment, or sometimes of our lack of courage to act in time, we undergo the ominous consequences of their machiavellian actions. We need the women and the courageous men within our local church, of the fighters who will rise to break and to destroy all movement that doesn’t glorify God’s name. Raise you to defend the truth, raise you to destroy Satan’s work within your church (Ps 45.4-5). As this woman, raise you in the prayer to stop the spiritual hemorrhage that sows the dwindle in your assembly. Why are you going to remain there as contemplating the spiritual death who destroys your assemblée slowly ? The devil attacks the church of several manières : the division to weaken the church, the false doctrines to divert the supporters of the truth, the jealousies, the love of money and the popularity, regionalism etc… God searches for a man, a woman having a ministry within his/her/its church to destroy the work of the devil. You are that woman, you are this man, who will hold to the breach to prevent the enemy’s progress. Stop Satan’s work. Thin dish to the spiritual war that rages in your country, in your church and in your denomination, in your family, in your home in your personal life. Who will rise and will act like this femme ? In order to stop the mal ? If this woman had not considered this situation as her concerning, could she have reasoned in disant : " je is not the people’s leader, the king is there the notables of the city there are, are the warriors there, who be-je ? No one knows me etc… ." But she/it considered this situation as his and didn’t hesitate to act with the means that she/it arranged. God used this humanly talking weak means, petty to put an end to the people’s suffering, then. You that listen me this morning, if you rise to act, God will use you to accomplish big things. The Lord didn’t say - it not in Gédéon : goes with strength that you as ." Know that God uses the weak things of this world to confound the strong. Don’t disregard what you have hand-held therefore, don’t disregard the grant that is in you. You have a role to play in the work of the Lord. Each is important and useful in God’s house. Who that you are, you can make something in God’s house. God is in search of the men and women who can rise in the prayer to intercede in favor of the brothers and sœurs who cross the difficult situations, or that intercede in favor of the church. Of the men and women who won’t hesitate to give that that they possess for God’s glory. Each must rise to its level. Instead of remaining aside to observe while declaring that nothing goes, raise you and act. Listen to the voice of the Lord, he/it will certainly show you what you can make for his/her/its glory. Your action will save someone and will bring a more in God’s work. Another example is the one of Esther. This queen knew how to act also to the appropriate moment to save his/her/its people of genocide planned by the enemy of the juifs : Haman. Mardochée made this important declaration to Esther : " si you are quiet, the help and the delivery will emerge on the other hand for the Jewish… and that knows if it is not for one time as this one that you arrived to the royauté ? " (Esther 4.14). It is not a luck so that you are to this position, to this place, in this church. It is so that you are useful to the Lord. You owe impacter your time by your actions, mark your generation by concrete acts for God’s glory. But if you are quiet, if you remain aside, you remain in margin of everything that makes itself in God’s house, know that God will never miss those that will make his/her/its work and you you will be the biggest loser. It is why, you must rise and must act because this business concerns you. Don’t be aside. No one is of too much in God’s house. We are saved to serve 5. To have courage and the determination Courage is indispensable for all action. For lack of courage, of determination, the good initiatives, or the beautiful decisions are not achieved sometimes ever. Satan in his/her/its ruse uses this instrument to stop several people in their decisions. Ezra took courage and asked positively for the return of all foreign women while starting with the families of the leaders. For lack of courage sometimes, we let some situations last until the worse arrives. For all work we need courage. To several resumptions in the Bible we see the Lord telling his/her/its serviteurs : « fortifie you and take courages " (Js 1.7) 6. To act in a good collaboration For this reform among the people, Schecania declared what follows to Ezra : " nous will be with toi " In other versions he is written that that suit : " nous sums ready to you seconder » ; " nous sums with toi " it expresses the idea of a truly collaboration of an unit in the work. We cannot succeed the mission that the Lord confided us without the unit. To work in a line scattered only benefits the enemy who likes to divide to reign better. Facing the enemies, cooperation was a big support for God’s people. Josué being in the valley to the forehead, Moïse went up on the mountain to intercede, seeing that he was tired, Aaron and Hurs came to sustain it in his/her/its moments of weakness, and the victory was won on the enemies. Josué defeated Amalek and his/her/its people to the cutting of the sword. It is of this same manner that we are called to work for the Lord. If you are not Josué, you can be Moïse. And if you are not Moïse, you can be Aaron or Hur. We must sustain ourselves mutually. That the one that is standing help to raise the one is weak. Conclusion The Lord challenges his/her/its church in this last time. Facing mundanity and the spiritual compromises of the church, God looks for a person who wants to intercede while raising a fence and while being held on the breach, that shouts against the spiritual and moral decadence. A person who shows the example of a humble prayer, of the true repentance of research serious of God in view of the wakening. Who will raise the défis ? Who by his/her/its fervid prayers will extinguish the arrows inflamed of the enemy ? Who will stop the progress of the pain, the penetration of the world in the Church ? God searches some persons like Ezra and Esther today, courageous men, of the women directed by the Saint - Mind, that will put an end to the actions of the Abimelech of our time, of the reformers who will bring a wakening in the church, of the builders who will accomplish big works for the Lord, of the intercessors who construct a rampart and that are held up on the breach, before the Lord in favor of the country, in favor of the brothers and sisters, in favor of the church, in order to divert the anger and God’s judgment. Of the men and women capable to plead the reason of God’s people. Raise you and act because this business concerns you !

par Mme Victorine SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday MAY 06, 2012, by Reverend Douèto N’TOUAMA


dimanche 6 mai 2012

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Of moments ago where all seems to really go with our Christian life. We don’t find any serious sin and our lives are in agreement with the writing. He/it seems that we are" OK", but for a reason or for another, we are inefficient for God’s Kingdom. We have needed to be reformatted", that means to erase our slate completely and to restart to zero.

There are the people who live this way. They make best that they can but get a result never. They think that they don’t have an importance for God’s kingdom. They don’t believe that they can make a difference. They can be in the church since several years without can evoke an important thing to which they could have contributed in the church. The inefficient and fruitless Christianity is so tragic, because the whole Bible calls us to use God’s power to reach people so that they are transformed.

If you avoid this transgression, my brother my sister, you will become a Christian five on five.

I./ To discover the last idol

During his ministry, Jesus met a rich youngster and Jew. This young man was certainly born in a privileged family. Obviously, he had followed a religious teaching. The Bible said : "A chief interrogated Jesus, and says : Good master, who must make me to inherit eternal life ?" (Luc 18 : 18). This young rich man had this devouring question in his heart. Jesus answered this question of various manners on different occasions. To a jurist who asked the same question, he tells him to like God and to like his neighbor (Luc 10 : 25). But to this young man, he says to sell everything that he possesses, to give to the poor people, to come and to follow it. The Lord didn’t call all rich to abandon their wealth. But for this young man, it was his guideline. There is a principle behind it.

The Lord unveiled the heart of this young man and found the last idol. It is always something that we like more that God. She/it hides in a secret corner of our heart. We can say « Holy Spirit, I am distressed. But it is the only place where you are not able to enter. « Be sure that Jesus is going to aim his light on this domain of your heart with a piercing light. He knows that a hidden idol conceals itself in darkness of your soul.

A lot of Christian is inefficient because although they gave 90% of their life to the Lord and that they live in agreement with his commands, they kept with precaution the last 10% - or maybe less and they cling of it firmly. The problem is that even though someone observes all points of the law with the exception of one, it becomes guilty to transgress them all. Jacques 2 : 10. We cannot remain neutral. No of God’s laws is not petty. All must be honored.

Maybe you tell : « I’m not sure to have given 100% of my life to the Lord. There is an idol that remains in my heart maybe. There is a domain that I didn’t abandon in Jésus6Christ. Maybe « You don’t discourage. You can clear the following stages for a total abandonment.

II./ The stages for a total abandonment

If you hid some idols, decide today to remove them of your life.

These six stages are going to knock the last gate that hinders your spiritual life and hindrance efficiency in the ministry down.

A. Call good Jesus, but know that he/it is God.

The young man in Luc 18 had good intentions. In another narration of his history in another gospel, he is said that him "run and throwing to his knees before him… (Mark 10 : 17). He/it was very respectful towards Jesus, and good master called it. But it was not sufficient. It was as if Jesus said him : "If you call me good, you will make to achieve better that I am God. Otherwise is not called. « It is what arrives to the Christian today.

The religion can become a superficial thing. Jesus is more that good master. He/it is the Lord the Almighty. He said that those that would adore it would make it " en Spirit and in truth" (John 4 : 23). We must pass admirers to worshippers. Mathew 7 : 21-23 are revealing to this topic.

B. Keep the commands and listen to the Command

In Luke 18 : 19, Jesus invited the young man to the obedience, to be receptive and to a complete abandonment. A lot of people try to keep the commands, but they don’t listen to the command (what God says to the church today).

Do you know that the human heart is able all to transform in an idol ? Fashionable clothes, meal, relations

C. Thank God for the passed religious fidelity but don’t count on her for the present spirituality.

Jesus tells the young chief rich : "You know the commands : You won’t commit adultery ; you won’t kill ; you won’t steal ; you won’t say false evidence ; honors your father and your mother. I have, he/it says, observed all these things since my youngness. « Luke 18 : 20-21.

In other words, this young man declares : "I have the good doctrine. I have the good origins. I am an obedient person and disciplined. What can I give you again ?" We shall always meet problem when we think that our past obedience or our good doctrine will save us.

The Ezekiel prophet treated this point while clearly declaring and unequivocally how we had to look at our past obedience (Ezekiel 33 : 12-13).

All our religious past, all our good education, all our good preparation and our good practice in the ways of the Lord won’t count if we walk today in the disobedience.

We must make a distinction between the ministry of the Holy Spirit and Satan’s work. Satan brings in our heart and our minds a vague and general guilt sense, he provokes crises of guilt but the Holy spirit reveals something precise, of individual in our heart and said : « It’s an idol."

D. Be ready to identify, to delimit and to destroy the last idol.

In Luke 18 : 22 Jesus tells the young chief riche : "You miss something again » He/it didn’t ask him to all to change in his/her/its life-just one. You can lack a thing rightly, but once this idol will be removed, your soul will be free to serve God as ever before.

You are maybe a person who already took in rule his/her/its life with God’s speech. However, if there is even only one domain of sin, God calls you to abandon your last idol. Your last idol is not maybe something of so terrifying. It can be your pride, a lack of forgiveness. It is marvelous to see the believers getting rid of their last idols.

E. Adopt a radical philosophy towards money.

The people who are serious about all to give to the Lord in their lives are as radical about their money. John Wesley had said : « Have everything that you can ; save everything that you can ; give everything then that you can. « I believe that it is one of the best and the most biblical philosophies for a management of the finances. I don’t preach the poorly ; I preach the goodwill.

For the people Jew, the material prosperity (temporal) was considered like a sign of the divine favor. He/it hardly made a worry about his riches while prostrating before Jesus (Mark 10 : 17).

Jesus didn’t deny that the prosperity was a blessing of the Lord. But the problem is that the prosperity can become a malediction when we refuse to submit it to God’s will.

F. Practice a work of ethics radical

Jesus worked hard. He tells the young man riche : « I don’t want that you are just my admirer and that you call me good ; I want that you abandon your idol and that you my follows. I have work for you. « He retorted all sad and sorry.

Those that refuse to abandon the last idol, who refuses to commit of all their heart, will have the pain. They know that they missed the biggest opportunity of their lives-the luck to join Jesus’ team.

Some people feel that they missed the last" spiritual plane ; they believe that they will be never happy or happy anymore. Are maybe you one of these people ? Think yourselves maybe that you missed the plane and didn’t have any means to return you to your divine destination. But I want to tell you that there is an opportunity again. We are in the time of the salute ; we are again under the grace of the Holy Spirit. The last judgment didn’t yet come. He/it is not too late. He/it is again time to abandon your last idol.

Zacchaeus, rich man, made some restitution because of his dishonesty. He gave up his love of money and committed his life to follow Jesus (Luke 19 : 8).

Satan wants to attract God’s people with small things. Some people are trapped by petty things. They refuse to abandon these small things, these decoys, because they believe that these sins are not important. Their hands are shaken around their minuscule idols. They are determined to ever to release. They pull and pull on these things, and they don’t know that a net is about to fall on them.

The net doesn’t come of God-it is the destroyer’s trap (1Pierre 5 : 8)

I implore you to open your hands and to release what stops you from following Christ completely. It can be a relation that turned of a good Christian appointment into an immoral trap : A relation in love or an affection of the heart out of the will of God. Of the emotions entangled in a bad friendship or relation, and you know it, you say "yes, I want to serve God" but you have the fist firmly closed around this relation. It can be the material blessings or a professional career. It can be of the attitudes or emotions in your heart that have not been solved to God’s manner. It can be something of which you are alone informed, a secret idol that hid in a small breach of your heart.

What do you have need to deposit it on the altar of the Seigneur ? The young rich chief was very sad because it was incapable to give up what represented his/her/its last transgression, his/her/its last idol. But Zacchaeus was happy when he met Jesus because it was ready to all to quit.

It doesn’t have an importance, how many sins or how many transgressions were parts of your past. If you repent today, God will erase the page completely.

It doesn’t have an importance either, how much justice or religious activities are in your past. If you refuse to abandon your last idol, you are in a state of sin, and God’s favor will move away of you.

My desire : Put back your last idol to God and make the experience of his/her/its power that transforms your life in a love and an unreservedly committed devotion for him.

par Révérend Douèto N’TOUAMA

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Message of Sunday APRIL 29, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 29 avril 2012

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Word - 77.5 ko

The faith is a powerful weapon that God put at the disposal of all man and woman who believe in Jesus. Paul apostle, while speaking of this armor that is the faith, said : "Above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all arrows inflamed of the wicked." Ephesians 6 : 16.

Another translation makes clearly us saying : "Always and everywhere take the shield of faith. With will be able to extinguish yourselves to him the burning arrows of the mind of the bad. "The New Testament "The Book" translated in Greek word to word, said : "You will be able to stop the flaming arrows shot by Satan. »

The faith can stop Satan’s attack.

The Prophet Habakkuk said : "just will live by the faith" Habakkuk 2 : 4.

The faith is an important weapon for the Christian to the point that the authors of the Bible reserved him a whole chapter in order to make take out again his importance in the spiritual fight. Without her, declare the writing Saint, it is impossible to be pleasant to God. God sees himself/itself by the faith. It is her that allows us to understand that God created the world.

How does God want that she is in nous ?

a) A triumphant faith in the worse situations.

b) A faith that believes in the spiritual realities.

c) A faith that drives to the justice.

d) A faith that looks for God and believes in his/her/its goodness.

e) A faith that has confidence in God’s speech and that obeys to his commands. V8

f) A faith that aligns his/her/its life on God’s promises. 13 ; 39.

g) A faith that rejects the mind of the present bad century (V13) and that looks for the celestial domicile (V14-16).

h) A faith that perseveres in the test (V17-19), that blesses the generations to come (V21).

i) A faith that refuses the enjoyment of the sin (V25) [Moses].

j) A faith that supports the persecutions. V27

k) A faith that accomplishes powerful acts of justice (V33-35), that suffers for God.

The exploits of the faith

The inspired author, after having described the faith, said : "Le time would miss me to speak of… and it started mentioning the names.

By the faith, they defeated some kingdoms. While mentioning these exploits, the author thinks about the wars of King David, to the Judges, etc. By the faith, they won the victory on the stronger kingdoms than Israel.

I would like to invite all one each of us to defeat these kingdoms that wants to say the difficulties of life that oppose our Christian walk : Illnesses, unemployment’s persecutions, etc. By the faith move away these things of your life. They got what had been promised them while expecting God fully. Us also, God made us a lot of promises for that we must ask by the faith while waiting for their achievement every day, every week, every month and every year.

The deliveries in the extreme circumstances.

By the faith some closed the muzzles of the lions, killed and chase them

  As David 1Samuel 17 : 34-36.

  As Renaja 2Samuel 23 : 20-22.

  As Daniel. Daniel 6 : 21

The manner of which these people defeated the annoyances of life and the powerful enemies must challenge us. Of the lions, of the giants hundred times stronger than them, but by l faith in God, they defeated them. There are the eloquent testimonies of the faith in God. Even the animals, of the inanimate elements (wind, waves, and the nature) are defeated by the faith.

By the faith, they extinguished the strength of fire. (Shadrac, Meshac, Abed Nego) Daniel 3.

By the faith, they transform their tests in blessings. They showed another aspect of this weapon.

• She refuses the pleasures of this world and sometimes prefers the suffering to the temporary enjoyment of goods of this world. (Example of Moses that leaves the manorial house of Egypt. V24-27.)

• She accepts to undergo the mockeries, the torments in some opportunities (V35) because she knows what she waits at the end for it. Pastor’s child refused to be delivered by her executioners who kicked it of strokes to his father’s eyes.

This weapon not only delivers always us but permits us to support the relative sufferings to life Christians. Jesus on the cross ; some prophets killed.

God’s Speech invites us to be strong in the Lord. We add some winners before going to the fights.

When one puts a weapon sophisticated in a soldier’s hands, if he refuses to use it, she won’t serve him to anything ; even risk the death. It is necessary to use the weapons that God places at our disposal. It is not the pastor who will use it at your place.

He is told the verse 35 " Deses women regained their deaths by the resurrection"

In the time of Elijah : the child of the Sarepta 1Kings 17 widow : 21-23.

In the time of Elisha : the child of the Sunamite 2Kings 4 : 36-37.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday APRIL 22, 2012, by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


Reading : Psalms 104 : 1 ; Psalms 105 : 1-2.

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dimanche 22 avril 2012

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Word - 76.5 ko

David exclaimed in these term : Blessed either the eternal, the God of eternity in eternity. Amen.

Rent the eternal because his hard mercy to always.

He is infinitely grand ; my God you are infinitely big.

David’s subjects are full of sense and recognition.

But before coming from it to David who was exploded itself in sign of joy, triumph and recognition, let’s make a tour toward a man, a sold man and resold ; a man who escaped at least two times the death, of the less three times. It is well Joseph.

The Bible says in Genesis 37 : 18-19 : "They kick out Joseph from afar and before he was close to them, they plotted to make die him. They told themselves one to the other : has the maker of dreams who arrives. Do now come, kill-le… "That could deliver Joseph ? Exactly Joseph tried but could not prevent the artful to sell it. Maybe that he asked them in vain forgiveness. Yes, sold to the madianites, Joseph has been resold to Potiphar again ; but in all it, God was with Joseph. God was with him and made prosper between his hands everything that he undertook.

But in all it, that could think that Joseph could think that Joseph who had escaped a 1st death could escape a 2nd death, a slave who is accused of looking for his master’s woman. Worse, the accusation emanates of the woman herself. Potiphar could kill it but threw it in jail.

Joseph having escaped this 2nd death, it is clear that he won’t escape the 3rd death, the one that consists that he is executed the day where he will leave the jail, as it was the case of the pantler. (Genesis 40 : 16-22) But he escaped.

So Joseph escaped the 3rd death, you will escape in the same way. Where your death has been stopped, they will only see your life. Be faithful in God ; no of their missile, malediction, incantatory speech, none of their bad fate, of their bewitchment, will reach you. God will preserve you. Since Joseph was not a being for the death, you in the same way you won’t die. Better, you will leave grown of this test. After this test, the Lord will raise you as loud to the point that anything in you won’t deserve this station, but all and all in you will reflect that all is grace.

Joseph took shaven head of the jail to receive the stick of command of Pharaoh’s hand. (Genesis 41 : 14 ; 41 : 39-44)

To savor God’s prodigies who exploded themselves while changing the course of history, God getting round the texts and the Pharaoh’s laws to send Joseph with the head of the country of Egypt by means of a dream, suddenly.

Oh ! God’s paths are impenetrable.

What impenetrable God we adore.

The dream that will raise you is on the way.

So God makes prosper thus Joseph in the middle of the brambles and thorns, you in the same way, are faithful to God, he will make you prosper. Because of you, God will disturb the sleep of someone.

Young boys, girls, people of social rank here, stay faithful to God and he will honor you. To Christ’s powerful name, be honored in your fidelity ; you never regret your fidelity.

Since Satan doesn’t have the ink that could erase that that God wrote on you, hold yourselves alone, remain exact ; what God wrote is written.

The delivery, the victory, the elevation, the blessing that God wrote on you is those that will come true.

Let’s recall that she even died waited Moses carefully before his birth. That so-called Pharaoh to the women (midwives) Hebrew in Exodus 1 : 15-16 : "Le king of Egypt also spoke to the midwives of the Hebrews, named one Schiphra, and the other Stank. He tells to them : When you will deliver the women of the Hebrews and that you will see them on the seats, if it is a boy, make die him ; if it is a girl, let it vivre. »

It is well in this context that Moses is born. He escaped the death thanks to God’s fear that was on these midwives. God made prosper their house (Exodus 1 : 21). Pharaoh doesn’t want to see the children boys of the Hebrews. But he will see one of it, he will see it and will feed it without giving himself account of it. What had to arrive arrived. (Exodus 2 : 5-10).

As big as are your problems, as big are the solutions that God places at your disposal. The meanest very law won’t know how to govern you. We, children of God, are not law-abiding of the devil, better it is we that submit the devil and the demons to our laws. Christ said : "Je saw Satan falling of the sky like a flash" (Luke 10).

Now understand that God can even bring Satan to serve it without that he doesn’t realize it.

He would have finished before biting the finger in saying : "He has me"

Our God is capable to bring our enemies to change language. Yes, your enemies will change language.

Paul da the island of Malta made the experience in Acts 28 : 3-6.

Moses escaped then a second death because, having defended a Jew while killing an Egyptian, he was sought-after by the Egyptian police.

Moses, called by God to be sent in Egypt, got under way. But he escaped of exactness a 3rd death. God wanted to kill it for the non-respect to the instruction of the circumcision (Exodus 4 : 24-26).

See what this man became. A very patient man recognized God and the Bible confirmed it. Powerful instrument used to spill the prodigies ever lived in the past. His patience has been reinforced by the fact that it surrendered eight (8) times on the mountain, a high mountain measuring some kilometers.

Our situation today would not know how to foretell what will be us tomorrow. Not only tomorrow will be beautiful but also he will be better.

Today the problems search for you, wait for you, pursue you, you harass ; the death haunts you incessantly, you don’t know if you will even survive. But to Jesus’ powerful name, you will survive.

So Moses is not among the deaths, but among the living because stood up on the mountain of transfiguration (Matthew 17), you in the same way you will live, you will live and will appear one day on God’s holy mountain.

Be faithful to God because soon your nights of grief and worries will disappear. Moses died and buried by God himself. Be faithful in God ; your end will be happy.

For David, you know some implicitly by his declarations : my God, you are infinitely big ; I will sing in your honor and will speak of all your marvels.

Having escaped repeatedly the death-you know the best of it : he faced the lions, he faced Goliath who wanted to kill it and succeeded in slaughtering it, he escaped the spear of Saül to become finally king-after so many flight years, of suffering, of galley but of fidelity, he/it became so much king on Judah that on Israel. He escaped the death for the 4th times owing his son Absalom (2Samuel 18 and 19).

Oh ! What God wrote, he has wrote ; what he initiated, He initiated it.

Be faithful, let your worries and your burdens, and watch to your God, he will honor you.

I announce to you that what you cross won’t continue, he won’t continue. You are faithful and you will see like Joseph, Moses and David saw and you will say : oh God ! You are infinitely big.

Joseph’s God is also your God.

Moses’s God is also your God.

Is David’s God also your God ?

Your God is there ! Be exact ! You won’t regret it ! You won’t regret your fidelity.

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday APRIL 15, 2012, by Pastor JEAN GABIN EDEA !


dimanche 15 avril 2012

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Word - 79 ko

Philippians 2 : 15 « In the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world"


The world, in which we live, has the tendency to impose us daily his laws and his practices to such sign that Christianity sees itself threatened more and more by the perversity and the corruption of this present century. Facing this actual position what must be therefore the position, the testimony of the Christian in front of this perverse and corrupt world ? Paul’s exhortation in the Philippians illuminates us on the value of the testimony that we must bring. In this context, the verb "to shine" means "to make itself to notice, to distinguish itself".


I would like that we stopped during some instants on this term torch ! The torch, according to the dictionary, it is a bundle of wicks smeared of wax to illuminate, to direct, to guide, to warn, to reassure (to perfume). One used the torch nowadays in the former time, pocket-size lamp or torchlight ! The biblical significance is deeper and more implicit. God, who is light, came in our world by his Speech to illuminate the lost.


The role of light is to illuminate, to make visible and legible everything that is in the obscurity.


We use some torches to make manifest what is hidden. The life of the Christian should shine, to the point that no one can live with it during one week without knowing the gospel. His conduct should be as those that surround it should discern clearly to that it belongs, and to see Jesus’ picture reflecting itself in his daily actions. Not only to show the truth on what we add, on the one that lives us, that directs us, but to show the truth also to those that are wrong, that don’t know happiness, the peace and the true joy.

How much we hide our torch often, we darken our torch by our whispers and the influences that the world has on us ! It is necessary to recover, it is necessary to shine again well strong, so that the world sees the truth !


It is necessary for us to help those that, around us, wander in darkness. We must present them the Speech of life, and to direct the sinners toward the Savior, as well as to drive those that are tired toward the place of the divine rest. If we are God’s torches, then our goal is to guide all toward the Savior, not in a gathering, in a movement, toward the sensational, but in the truth, and the truth it is Jesus.


The devil projects a false light, and it belongs us to hoist the true light. It is our duty !


When you are in the jungle of this world, it is as when you camp, you surround yourselves with a fire, and it moves away the predators and the wild beasts.

"Resist to the devil and he will run away far from you", exhort us God’s Speech. The torch, it is also this fire that God communicates us by the power of the Holy Spirit. Are you full of God’s mind ? Didn’t you extinguish the Holy Spirit in you ? Didn’t you sadden by your manner to live and your testimony in this world perverse this flame that burned in the beginning of your conversion ? To find again is necessary ! Let’s ask the Lord then to come to shine in us ! Come to shine us, Jesus, of it burn us of it ! Come to illuminate us, so that we illuminated this dark world. We add God’s sentries, we add those that must stay up, that must also shine so that no one lets itself surprise by the enemy, and we add those that must carry high and strong God’s torch, this truth that frees, that comforts, that heals.


Our light it is the testimony that we return to Christ, present in us. You, on the contrary, you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and a peculiar people ; that you should show forth the praises of him who have called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. 1 Peter 2:9

It is important that our life is Christ’s reflect, as the writing the Paul apostle : If I live, it is not anymore I that live, it is Christ who lives in me ; Galatians 2:20

In fact the real light that we carry that is Christ,

This light was the real light that, while coming in the world, illuminates all man. John 1:9

It is therefore he that we must show by our words and by our work, his life being demonstrated in us by his Mind.

These are the things that we know, also pass to the practice, since we add carriers of light. Here are some instructions :

Let’s declare our identity

It is necessary that your setting knows that you are. One doesn’t light a lamp to put it under the bushel.

Let’s have an obvious testimony

Our words and our acts, our conduct, our way of life must correspond with what we declare to be.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5.16

Have in the middle of the pagans a good conduct, so that, there same where they calumniate you as if you were malefactors, they notice your good works, and glorify God, on the day where he/it will visit them. 1 Peter 2:12

Torch always lit

It is necessary to recognize that sometimes our flame lowers and can be going as far as dying out. It is necessary for us to be therefore the attentive watchers, who don’t fall asleep.

Let your loins be girded about, and your lights burning. Luke 12:35

About these lamps lit two things are important :

The fuel, in the circumstances, oil that imbibes the wick and nourishes the flame is as we have all understood, the Holy Spirit. Be filled of the Holy Spirit, it is he that makes shine the light, that is the strength of our testimony.

The wick, is our heart, us same. She must be clean and from time to time the wipe is necessary to cut what is burnt to the tip and that makes smoke. She must constantly soak in oil in order to not to consume itself her even.

Of the torches to the outside

The particularity of the torches it is to illuminate the way, to signal the presence in the night, but also to help us to distinguish for what we look. It means that we must be the watchers, the lookouts, the researchers, who discern and seize the opportunities.

Of the persistent blimps

Let’s continue to live in the middle of them, our fidelity and our attachment to the Lord Jesus Christ, without speech solely, but with a good conduct. Our light will continue to shine to their eyes… and one day God will visit them. Then they will glorify God because of us and of our perseverance.

Light and fire come of the Lord Jesus Christ

There are two things over which we must watch and in which it is necessary us to persevere, to be the carriers and the communicators of light : it is the prayer and the communion with the Lord. Sometimes, our flame lowers or vacillates. If we maintain our communion with our Lord Jesus Christ, by a real attachment, his/her/its Mind will maintain the divine fire that will constantly burn in our heart and will make shine the flame of our testimony. When we are filled of the Holy Spirit us become audacious and active witnesses : of the lamps, of the lit torches, that shine in the world carrying the Speech of life.

Once you were darkness, and now you are light in the Lord. You must walk as children of light because the fruit of light consists in all sort of goodness, justice and truth. Ephesians 5:8/9


Currently, Satan, the" prince of this world" increases in perversity and destructive seduction. He runs him also, in order to win some souls to his ignoble reason. And it is precisely in this difficult context that he is asked us to raise us and to shine, such an illuminating beacon the sailors in the middle of the night. Are you ready to answer this call ? If you remain hidden under a bushel, overcome by the fear or the shyness, what will become the world, your family or your setting ? Be these torchlights through of which the Lord will shine to be revealed to those that don’t know it.

My brothers and sisters, too often we are not what God wants that we are. We are not these torches, we are not the light of the world, and of this fact we enter fully in the contrary of the verse 14 : "Make all things without whispers or hesitations !" How much we whisper, we are hesitant, we don’t know what to do, we get bored.....

Where did we put our torch, our lamp, our torchlight ? Do we again illuminate ? Or is our gleam pallid ? Are the batteries flatbed ? By the grilled bulb, the crushed wick, by so many worries, whispers and complaints ?

What to keep this message ?


The disciple who submits his life to God’s will becomes by makes it even a spiritual light in a world darkened by the immorality. His Christian character returns testimony to Christ. He distinguishes himself of the world, not because he is better, but because God’s power is to the work in it. The world has the possibility to return glory to God when it recognizes, while observing us, which we are what we are by God’s grace. The men will note as well as our light comes from the one of God and that our works is those that God accomplishes in us. In this way, Christ makes himself know and we pray that several come to him.

Let’s be these flames of fire, these torches for the glory of our Lord. Our responsibility is big, to us to assume it. To us to choose what life we want ! Can God, by his Holy Spirit, to appear with burst in each of our lives for his glory and his only glory ! Amen !

par EDEA Jean-Gabin

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Message of Sunday APRIL 08, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


Reading : John 19 : 38-42 ; Mark 16 : 1

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dimanche 8 avril 2012

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Word - 75 ko

They are numerous these men and these women who marked the history of Christianity by their work of beneficence. I leave to mention some only because he/it would be impossible in a sermon to enumerate all these people of which the Writings of the Bible made mention.

The old as the new will overflows many these people who made famous by their work of beneficence.

I./ Joseph of Arimathée and Nicodemus doctor of the law John 19 : 38-42

You know all in what circumstances Jesus, Son of God, died on the cross out of Jerusalem.

His burial was a difficult case. His disciples were dispersed, lived in the fear of a possible pursuit.

It is whereas Joseph of Arimathée came out of his anonymity as disciple of the Christ, was going to ask Pilate courageously for Jesus’ body to be buried.

That one as that had come of night to converse with Jesus, the doctor of the Nicodemus law joins Joseph of Arimathée to help the last to God’s Son. Precise Matthew that a man of Arimathée named Joseph deposited Jesus in a new sepulcher that he had made himself/itself carve in the rock. He gave to Jesus his tomb.

Matthew describes it like being a rich man of the city of Arimathée. He was disciple of Jesus.

Luc speaks of him like an adviser, a good and just man who had not participated in the decision and the acts of the other and waited God’s kingdom.

Marc describes it like an adviser of distinction who dared to go toward Pilate.

It is he that took down Jesus of the cross, put him the shroud and deposited it in a sepulcher carved in the rock.

Nicodemus brought perfumes of big prices to embalm Jesus’ body.

There are two big benefactors who intervene to one appropriate moment. Their love for Jesus doesn’t calculate itself. Jesus the king of the Jews received honors reserved to David’s descendant. Born Jesus of a virgin is deposited in a virgin tomb, tomb of a rich man. Isaiah 53 : 9.

He is born in a poor family but he is buried by the rich according to the prophecies. The poor people and the rich have their part to play in the achievement of God’s work.

The rich and the poor people meet within the Churches. He arrives of the situations within the assembly that require the intervention of the rich. They must not cross the arms to let God’s work in the shame.

Let’s do suppose that Joseph of Arimathée and Nicodemus refused to act and said : that is a national business that the remains of the Son of God would have become ? He was going to be buried in a common pit and his/her/its resurrection would be covered with doubt. The detractors of Christianity would have found strong arguments to muddle this doctrinal basis. Although Jesus has been buried in a clear manner, it is necessary to see how the enemies of Christianity invented some theories :

1 - The disciples stole his body

2 - The body has been flown by someone remained in the shade

3 - Nothing arrived to the body

4 - The body has been removed by the Roman authorities, etc.

What would it occur so Jesus had been buried in a commune pit ?

Jesus’ tomb is empty. The proofs of his resurrection are incontestable. The theories advanced by enemies annul themselves one after the other to the arrival of the palpable proofs of Jesus’ resurrection. Joseph of Arimathée and Nicodemus played an important role. You my brother and my sister, what do you within the Church make ? So God blessed you materially and financially, it is that you also blessed his/her/its work, that you make the good to his servants.

Everywhere where one will speak of Jesus, his life and his death, he will always be mentioned that two people took care of his deadly remains. All two gave their goods, their precious objects, their money, and their time to offer to Jesus a funeral worthy of his person.

You and me, what goods will make ourselves to be counted like having contributed to the advancement of God’s work ? The resurrection took place, it passed but the continuity of the work is there and asks the investments. To celebrate Easter that is well, to give to make advance the work that is even better.

Other benefactors appeared. For this time it is a group of bound women.

II./ The group of Mary Magdalene. Marc 16 : 1

A group of women that had a deep attachment to their Lord came at dawn, the first day of the week to embalm the body of the Lord Jesus. Does one embalm the body with the hands empty ? No. They bought the aromatics, of the perfumes of big prices to return their last duties to Jesus that they liked all heart.

The angel said them : "He is not here. He is revived of the death. "What good new ! They looked for Jesus among the deaths.

III./ The importance of the resurrection.

1- Central truth of the Gospel : 1Corinthians 15 : 1-8.

2- Proof that Jesus is the Son of God : Jean 10 : 17-18.

3- She is the guarantee of the efficiency of his redeeming dead : Romans 6 : 4 ; 1Corinthiens 15 : 17.

4- She is the proof of the judgment to come of the wicked : Acts 15 : 30-31.

5- She assures the believers of their abduction and their resurrection at the time of Jesus’ return.

6- She assures our future inheritance.

IV./ What God now asks us ?

1- Propagation of the good news all over the world. Matthew 22 : 19

2- To give our time, our money to spread his work.

3- To lead a holy life in conformity with his while waiting for Jesus’ next return.

Let’s not be speaking of Easter, of the feast while forgetting the essential : to Live a sanctified life.

This truth fundamental of Christianity constitutes for us Christian a topic of joy. She becomes a reality in our life when we live in harmony with God’s recommendations.

Some religions are specialists of organization of religious feasts ; they don’t miss some a. But how the Christian life of their adepts is ? That that God demand, it is not only the celebration, it is to put in practice God’s commands.

Let’s celebrate Passover far from the orgies of this world. Let’s celebrate Passover in the holiness.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday APRIL 1st, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 1er avril 2012

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Word - 87 ko

Some Christian comes to church, serve God, but miss the scent for the things dedicated to God’s service. They don’t consider the objects dedicated to God’s service. Serve God without spiritual smell of the things or persons dedicated to his service will make us commit a lot of mistakes and sometimes our life can be in peril. In the Bible we see several persons who carelessness didn’t have consideration towards things or persons dedicated to God and attracted on them misfortunes. To have a flair for persons and things dedicated to God brings us blessings and prosperity. When a person lacks the spiritual scent, he shows evidence of deficiency in Christian education ; his spiritual level can be valued from there.

When the apostle speaks of whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of Lord, unworthily, that they are guilty towards the body and the blood of the Lord, he addresses this category within the church. 1Corinth. 11 : 27

It is the Christian that take without due reflection spiritual things, they don’t know the importance of the holy things ; they are also called laymen like Esau that sold his right of primogeniture.

Paul said : "But let a man examine himself … Because the person who eats and drink unworthily, eats and drinks damnation to him, not discerning the Lord’s body. Each feels itself therefore oneself…. "1Corinth. 11 : 28-29 and he adds in verse 30 : "For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many are dead." He adds an advice to the verse 31-33 "Sis us judged ourselves, we would not be judged. But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, so that we should not be condemned with the world. Thus, my brothers, when you meet for the meal, tarry one for another. »

These are verses to read well.

When one asks for those that are sick in the church, many of the Christian rises. Why ? Why so much sick ? Are the holy things, the persons dedicated are respected ? Is the Communion taken in the purity in thought and in action ?

Ask you why sometimes the church is struck of misfortunes, of sudden deaths of the young, of the couples ? The spiritual things are not treading ? Some things can arrive within the church because we are on the earth, but others arrive like a consequence of the spiritual things trodden by the Christian. We are not able to tell you what happens in secret in the life of the Christian as in the life of the pastors that preach God’s speech. God’s servant who lives in the immorality with his its Christians, who have fun with the holy things, what can you hope in the assembly ?

There is a denomination that had taken the decision to celebrate the marriage of the homosexuals. But a powerful wind came to remove the cross of the church.

When are the spiritual things trampled by God’s people, did the Communion take shamefully, that want you that God do ? Increase of the invalids, of the patients, of the deaths. One could mention some things like this : the barrenness, poverty, misery, the non-fulfillment of the prayers.

When the spiritual conditions are not united and are observed by an assembly, let’s not expect that God grants the prayers. The Bible said : "But only one sinner destroys a lot of good things. « Ecclesiastes 9 : 18.

Example of Akan : when he/it stole the things to the hold of Jericho, this sin entailed 36 deaths in Israel. Joshua 7 : 5.

1- King Belschatsar and the vases dedicated to God (Daniel 5 : 1-6.)

During a feast organized by Belschatsar to his/her/its big to the number of one thousand people, he/it invited on this occasion his/her/its concubines and his/her/its official wives to be delighted. He/it has since the vases of Babylon were not at the height of the ceremony. It is whereas he/it asked that one brings him of the vases of gold that had been removed of the temple in Jerusalem ; the king, his/her/its big, his/her/its wives and his/her/its concubines used some to drink. It is since the time of his/her/its grandfather Nebucadnetsar that the vases dedicated to the eternal had been brought to Babylon whereas he/it was not born. He/it dared to use these vases in his/her/its orgies to glorify and to rent the gods of gold, money, bronze, and iron, wood and stone.

The length, the distance, owner’s change, could not damage the mark of holiness of the living and true God of Israel on the objects dedicated to his/her/its person.

2- Reaction of God facing such contempt

She/it didn’t make herself/itself wait. Man’s one-handed fingers wrote on the defensive wall writing that none of theirs could not decipher. The king was frightened and distorted it in a crazy.

He/it promised a lot of things to the one that would be capable to read him the writing and to give him the explanation of it. Daniel said him : "Keep your grants… Nevertheless I will read you the scripture… » (Verse 17) "Mene, lead, tekel, parsin=compté, counted, weighed and divided. 4 words only. Verse 25 " This is the writing that has been drawn : Counted, counted, weighed, and divide. »

This same night, he/it was killed by a coup. Daniel had said him in verse 23 : "… you didn’t glorify the God who has in his hand your breath and all your roads. »

Why all this judgment fell on him ? Because he/it had not had nose for the elements dedicated to the eternal nevertheless these things changed hands. He, he/it was a pagan, worshipper of idols. However God didn’t excuse it because Daniel recalls him higher than he knew what had arrived to his/her/its grandfather who had been punished by God and became like an animal and that ate the grass.

Brothers and sisters, you all that come in this assembly to adore God, I add you and I warn you about taking your Christian life, to have a nose, seriously the faculty to discern the spiritual things and to respect them scrupulously because your happiness depends on some.

We called light those that don’t have a respect for people and the things dedicated to God. Know that God is in his/her/its house and eve on what is him. Jesus had respect for the temple that he called my Father’s house.

3- Aaron’s sons. Exodus 30 : 7-10.

Nadab and Abihu all two sons of the big sacrificers Aaron had been taught by Moses on the importance of the ministerial service, but one day they believed that they could make what they wanted while bringing the fire of a source forbidden on God’s altar.

The routine can bring us to lose view the sacred things. One speaks anyhow in God’s house, one goes up, one comes down from the altar, etc. without thinking that God is present. Of the profane talks, immoral in God’s house, one dresses anyhow.

4- Consequences on Aaron’s two sons

They were consumed by God’s fire. They committed this mistake under the effect of the alcohol. Some commentaries tell to some because one sees what the eternal tells Aaron to the continuation. This profanation cost them life. Fire should be taken of the altar of the holocausts (Leviticus 10 : 1-7.), but they are saying him : fire it is fire, one can take it where so long as that is fire. When one desecrates the sacred things, it is as if one despised God.

5- The condemnation of Uzza 2Samuel 6 : 3-8.

Uzza was to the number of those that drove the ark to bring it in Jerusalem within music. Along the way the plow leaned the ark and Uzza spread the hand toward God’s ark and seizes it. God’s anger ignited against Uzza and God hit it there. No one had to touch the ark, symbol of God’s presence, except the Levites.

Uzza missed the scent of the things dedicated. Him he/it was very zealous but he lacked the scent of the things dedicated to the eternal. He/it showed evidence of lightness with regard to the rules of God’s Speech.

6- The dangers caused by the ark at the laymen. 1Samuel 5

While wanting to equal the ark of the eternal to their fetish, the ark broke these last. They were hit of hemorrhoid and desolation, of consternation, of deadly terror and some died.

So God condemns those who touch the objects dedicated to his service thus, that will say us those that have no consideration towards anointed them of God ?

Two battalions that had not respected Eli the prophet 1Rois 1 : 7-10. Fire consumed the first battalion, and then the second was also consumed (verses 11-12). The third battalion respected God’s man while bending the knees owing Elija and implored it (V. 13).

7- The children of Bethel and Elisha 2Rois 2 : 23.

They insulted God’s man, ridiculed him. He/it curses them and two bears tore 42 of these disrespectful, impolite children that certainly were recalcitrant to the moral teachings given by the parents.

8- The rebels who opposed Moses Number 16 : 1.

Korea, Dothan and Abirams had lacked respect to Moses, the man chosen by God since Egypt to direct toward the promised country. They rebelled while dragging 250 people with them. (V.3)

God immediately reacts to crush the rebellion. (V 29-33 ; 35) He/it punishes the authors, their accomplices, their families and all their goods severely. One doesn’t speak quite a lot of the servants of God dedicated to his/her/its service. I address you that lack the spiritual scent, you whose mouth utters mean words towards your pastors, you that lie on their account, you already carry God’s condemnation on you and on your family. Does one ask the question to know why so much people are not they blessed spiritually and material ? They constitute their own problem. Do they have the nose of the things spirituals ? They are not laymen sat to the Church ?

Moses met a lot of problems but God always defended his/her/its reason. In another opportunity, it is his/her/its own family who gets involved in the critiques.

9- Marie and Aaron oppose Moïse Nombre 12 : 1-14.

As Moses’ woman was a stranger, Marie got involved in the critiques. Then God takes the front of the stage and guiltiest Marie was hit. All these events are lessons for us. It is to teach us to respect God’s servants, to not to speak to them as one wants, as if they were plain people.

The New Will drives the nail while saying in Hebrews 13 : 17 " Obey to your drivers and have for them of the deference [that is to say of the consideration]... « We know David’s example towards Saul.

Not only have to obey to them but God gone until to say : "The one to that one teaches the speech announces all his goods to the one that teaches. "(Gallatin 6 : 6)

Not only we must respect God’s men but also we must share our goods with them. Don’t wonder when I will come to take your car to go to the north if mine is spoiled. Outside of your wife and your children, all your goods must be shared with the one that teaches you God’s speech. A blessed tradesman bought a car 4WD Prado’s to hand to his Pasteur. A house has been bought to 40 millions francs and discount to a Pasteur in a country of the under-region. Etc.

When the sacred things are taken seriously, the much sustained servants of God, the Christian are also blessed. Don’t you know it ?

The members of the choir and the musical group are dedicated to sing in God’s house. They must move away of the sin. The altar is a holy place ; one doesn’t go up there anyhow. The Temple is dedicated to God ; one doesn’t come there to lead the talk’s pain famous, to roar with laughter, to sit down anyhow. To every time that you are in God’s house, it is necessary to keep the silence because you are in presence of God, of the King. Ananias and Saphiras have been hit in God’s house because of the lie. The communion is a holy ceremony. One must examine itself before taking part in it.

The Pastors are people to God’s service. One must not approach them without respect.

Let’s respect the sacred things, let’s have a nose, of the spiritual smell and God will bless us. Come out of small groups of men and women chatterboxes that make to criticize God’s servants, to criticize the brothers and sisters of the church, only. Respect the Communion, live in the holiness. You risk to die young or to become infirm if you don’t stop your manner unhealthy to live.

A girl fell sick and was evacuated to the hospital. But Sunday, she didn’t present any sign of malaise ; she was at her station to the choir, dancing and renting God of all his heart.

Whereas the couple pastor took arrangements to be going to inquire of his/her/its health state, two Christian made their entry in the pastor’s office. They had the aghast face. Pasteur, Marianne has just died, says one of them. Of what ? Are you sure ? Yes pastor, she/it has just died to the instant and the pain is to the height in their house.

To what happened to this girl of 24 ages old ? Why did she die brutally in the flower of the age ? All those that learned the news didn’t come back from it. His/her/its death was a shock for all. It is an attack of the devil, sustained some.

Some weeks later, the church made him of the funerals worthy of his/her/its devotion. Choir, musical and same group the fanfare was the part. Abundant tears were poured that day for her.

The most unbearable stage to the cemetery was the pain expressed by a young man who seemed inconsolable. It is the girl’s fiancé whispered the crowd. Sunday following a lot of tears was flowed again by the sensitive souls while seeing the place where Marianne had custom to sit down to the cult.

One month went by and whereas everybody began to get over the shock, a girl tried to meet the pastor’s woman. « Tanti, I know what killed Marianne. She/it was my friend as you had to notice it maybe. I warned it but she/it didn’t want to listen to me. In fact Marianne was enclosed of her fiancé and wanted to abort. Since the other times concealed succeeded him, she/it tempted again and unfortunately it was him fatal. »

The pastor’s wife said her : "Why didn’t you contact me before the worse arrive ? Why do you make it today ? Do you be aware ? All hymns sung all good words pronounced to his/her/its place can be he of no help today because she/it is lost.

Marianne sang in the musical group ;

Marianne danced in the chorale ;

Marianne didn’t have a nose for the spiritual things, she aborted. As established God servant on this Assembly, I am even of the blood of all ; I announced you and taught God’s speech.

If you behave otherwise that God’s Speech doesn’t recommend it, you will also harvest the salary of the sin.

Live for Jesus !

Walk in the Spirit !

Keep your holy body because he is the temple of the Holy-Spirit !

Respect the holy things !

May God bless you !

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday MARCH 25, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 25 mars 2012

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Word - 68.5 ko

The survey of the speech of God of the former Will until the New Will brought me to make this report that God always has nearby a solution for his child who crosses a difficult situation.

I. Pursuit of the Egyptians to bring back the children of Israel in Egypt. Exodus 14 : 5

Six hundred elite chariots and all chariots of Egypt with a big number of fighters were expanded by Pharaoh to bring back the children of Israel in Egypt. The children of Israel saw them from afar and they took fear. One can hear their laments to the verses 11 and 12.

God put in the mouth of Moses of encouragement words to the verses 13-14.

II. Solutions of the problem :

1st solution.

So that the two camps can reach themselves, the eternal had a solution nearby. God’s angel who went before the camp of Israel left and went behind them. The column of cloud that preceded them also left and dyes behind them. It stood between the two camps ; it was on one hand gloomy that wants to say the side of the enemies, and of the side of the children of Israel it illuminated the night. Because of it, the two camps didn’t approach one of the other during all night long.

2nd solution

Moses spread the hand on the sea and the eternal drove back the sea by a wind of Orient and waters cracked ; the sea is put to dry. The children of Israel crossed the sea.

3rd solution

The pursuit of the Egyptians was delayed by a mess caused by the fire of cloud. The wheels of the chariots were removed and returned the difficult walk of it (Verse 24-25). The Egyptians perished in the sea because waters came back on them, on order of God. (Verse 28)

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, God is with you. Some either the problem, the difficulty that you face, knows that God already prepared you the solution. Keep the faith and pray, and you will see God’s glory appearing in your life.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday MARCH 18, 2012, by Missionnary Benjamin SAMBIENI !

Theme :

dimanche 18 mars 2012

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par Révérend Benjamin SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday MARCH 11, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !

Theme :

dimanche 11 mars 2012

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday MARCH 04, 2012, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !

Theme :

dimanche 4 mars 2012

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday FEBRUARY 19, 2012, by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


dimanche 19 février 2012

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Word - 79 ko

Hey ! It is an astonishing narration moving of the confrontation between Moses and his God.

In a dialogue of a big freshness, Moses confesses his inability and his tears before the size of the divine mission. But long before, let’s note the insistence of the call by the repetition of his name : "Moses, Moses", It is exactly about an unconditional obedience act to the call. It is an obligatory call.

We find some various echoes in the Bible.

• Abraham (Genèse22:11)

• Jacob (Genesis 46 : 2)

• 1Samuel 3 : 4-8)

• Paul (Acts 9 : 4)

God presented himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He made it in order to make Moses that the call that he hears doesn’t come of one of the divinities he knew in Egypt.

God enumerates the reasons of the call in Exodus 3. Two reasons fundamentals :

• God saw the sufferings, heard the screams and known his people’s pains.

• God descended himself to deliver his people.

He will make it thereafter in Christ’s person to save, through the cross, his people of slavery of sin.

Moses’ mission is therefore strong person of the orders and God’s help.

In the same way, Christ would give the same order to his disciples : « Go, make all nations disciples… "

However, the doubts of Moses and God’s insurances incite our curiosity. Oh ! That are multiple, our excuses !

I./ The 1st resistance of Moses : « Who am I to go circa pharaoh ?" (Exodus 3 : 11)

Moses expresses his humility thus, but also his smallness facing pharaoh ; yes his uselessness owing Pharaoh.

Remind that Moses was a runaway, rejected by his brothers and sought-after by the Egyptian police. Who is he before Pharaoh who is a powerful monarch ? Pharaoh always looked at the shepherds with horror. In a general way, the shepherds of small sheep are in horror to the Egyptians. However, here, it is God who sends his servant Moses.

God could answer the concerns of Moses : I will be with you.

Christ has said : I will be with you until the end of the world. Also, such Christ has us his presence, it is in the same way as the angel of the eternal, who is Christ incarnate meadow has his presence to Moses.

Why do you think that you are a child ?

II./ The 2nd résistance or doubt or concern or excuse of Moses : Who I will tell them that sends me ? Exodus 3 : 13-14

God said him" : The one that is called I am" What great answer of God : the "I am", the God of all eternity, the alpha and the omega, the first and the last. God anticipated on all. So God had answered" Eternal", nearly all men will say that God’s name is Eternal (as some Jehovah). It is why Christ could say" later I am light, I am life, I am the truth, I am the path, I had died and here it is I am living to the century of the centuries. I am the "I am." God added his promises :

• I will spread my hand and I will hit Egypt of all sorts of pains.

• I will make you find thanks to the eyes of the Egyptians and you will strip them.

It is so much marvelous to notice that God has all means to put the man in possession of his rights, all means to oblige the man to pay.

III./ 3rd résistance : "They won’t believe me, they won’t listen to me." What other excuse again ? Exodus 4 : 1

Certainly you give yourself the same reasons, but they will believe you.

The miracle of the famous snake shows the power of God and Moses’ courage facing God’s orders.

Let’s recall that the snake is an animal divinize in Egypt. The Cobra is symbol of life power and to can on life. While commanding Moses to seize the snake by the tail, God demonstrates the power that he has on the elements of the creation.

In relation to the leprosy, she/it symbolizes the incurable character of some illnesses. The fact that the hand affected by leprosy became again as Moses’ flesh stipulates that nothing is impossible to God. God can hit wound and can remove the wound again.

With regard to the water of the stream, this stream is for the Egyptians the very source of life and the productivity to the point that the stream of the Nile is divinize.

Then this water that became blood would like to mean that God is capable to change the stream god of life in stream god of death.

Finally, Moses can brave the powers that embody the divinities of Egypt and even the Pharaoh.

IV./ 4th excuse " : I am not a man who has the easy floor." Exodus 4 : 10

God answered : "It is I that made the mouth and I will be with your mouth…"

Don’t be afraid, God will be with your mouth.

Indeed our God is almighty. He changed Moses and made of him an eloquent man. Etienne testified of him while saying that he was powerful in speech and in work.

V./ 5th excuse : "Lord, send that you will want to send" Exodus 4 : 13.

Otherwise said : I am not able to go ; me refuse ; I don’t accept all these promises ; I say no, no and no.

Was the answer of the eternal the colère " : did the anger of the eternal ignite Then against Moses, and does it say : has t there it not your brother Aaron, the Levite ? I know that he will speak easily."What confirms that had not been God’s miracle, Moses spoke with difficulty.

How much do hold this language again to God and continuous of hold it ? Let’s go and let’s quit to make stand God thus.

Although Moses finally accepted, the eternal always exhort him to leave, because since his return, God addressed Moses at home again. Exodus 4 : 19 " : Goes, return in Egypt, because all those that were angry at your life died." You also, go, because all those that you fear are not more capable to harm you. It is whereas in Exodus 4 : 21 the promise comes back encore " : see all prodigies that I put in your hand." Christ said : "I give you the power to walk on the demons." This speech pronounced by Christ incarnate meadow came back again in his/her/its mouth when it got ready to leave his disciples in Mark 16 : 17 "This is the miracles that will follow them that believe : in my name, they will hunt the demons ; they will speak of new languages ; they will seize some snakes ; if they drink some deadly beverage, they won’t make them a pain ; they will lay hands to the patients, and they shall recover."

Oh ! Misfortune will be to us if we don’t announce the gospel. Oh, how much die in conditions regrettable ! Where are they now ; and where will be another ?

Dear friends !

When will advance ourselves of the excuses ? Moses, the champion in it, did he be able to resist ? He ended up giving up. As well as Christ says it loud and fort : "I am with you ; it is me who send you ; they will believe, they will let themselves persuades ; Go, make all nations of the disciples… ; I will be with your mouth, don’t even premeditate what you will say beforehand, all will be given you on time ; my miracles will come with you", some rewards wait for us.

Dear friends, if the death of Pharaoh’s firstborn caused the delivery of the Jews of Egypt, and if Christ’s death (God’s firstborn) generated our salute, let’s give us a pain, a pain, and then a suffering for the salute of the souls that perishes.

Oh ! So much apology of our part : it is my profession, it is my job, it is my family, I don’t have the time, I am sick (always sick) ; oh, my business, my goods, my machine ; alas, I don’t understand French, I am ashamed !

When do we continue our excuses ?

Let’s ask for forgiveness for our apologies, because misfortune to us if we don’t announce the gospel.

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday JANUARY 15, 2012, by the Reverend Ankou SARAM of TOGO !


Reading : Genesis 21 : 9-14 ; 22 : 1 -

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dimanche 15 janvier 2012

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Word - 66.5 ko

God is a God of personal relation. He tries to walk and to live with us. He promised us the eternity. But before it is possible, he/it requires us some conditions to fulfill :

• To send back Ismael.

• To sacrifice Isaac.

1. To send back Ismael. Genesis 21 : 9-14

Ismael symbolize :

 The impatience,

 The war,

 The lack of faith,

 The insecurity,

 The culture,

 The tradition,

 The violence,

 The works of the flesh,

 The death,

 God’s non implication in our projects.

What type of Ismael do we have produce ?

2. To sacrifice Isaac. Genesis 22 : 1 -

Some either the length of the promise, it will be achieved. It is not the birth for that God looks but the place that he occupies in our life and before God. God wants that Isaac is given to him like a victim.

It is what he makes with Abraham. After the return of Agar and his/her/its son Ismael, God asks Abraham thereafter to sacrifice him Isaac : " After these things, God put Abraham to the test, and says to him : Abraham ! And he answered : has me ! God says : Take your son, your unique, the one that you like, Isaac ; goes from it to the country of Morija, and there offer it in holocaust on one the mountains that I saw you. »

Isaac is the symbol of :

 The hope, the promise , ;

 The faith and the confidence, the benediction , ;

 The heir, the posterity , ;

 The future, the destiny, milk and the honey

 The sacrifice of Isaac was a test and no a temptation. It is the devil who tempts us, but God feels us.

 To accept the test, it opens up to the miracle. It allows God of power.

May God bless you !

par Ankou SARAM

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Message of Sunday JANUARY 08, 2012, by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !

Theme :

dimanche 8 janvier 2012

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Word - 73.5 ko

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday JANUARY 1ST, 2011, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !

Theme :

dimanche 1er janvier 2012

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Word - 73.5 ko

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday DECEMBER 25, 2011, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


Reading : Matthew 1 : 22-23 ; Luke 2 : 10-14.

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dimanche 25 décembre 2011

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Word - 73.5 ko

God’s Speech declares that God liked the world that he gave his only son so much so that whoever grows in Him didn’t perish but that he has the eternal Life. (John 3:16)

But it was necessary that his Son becomes man in order to know the weaknesses of this last to be able to save it.

Two evangelists led some research to retrace us the authentic history of the birth of God’s Son in the world. It is about Matthew and Luc. In the introduction of his/her/its gospel, Luc said : "Many people having undertaken to compose a narration of the events that came true among us, following that that transmitted us those that were eyewitnesses since beginning and became ministers of the speech, he seemed also good to me, after having made exact research on all these things since their origin, to expose them to you in writing of a manner consistent, excellent Theophile, so that you recognize the certainty of the teachings that you have received. » (1 : 1-4)

The birth of God’s Son in the world is filled of mysteries ; what gives him his divine value.

A virgin gives birth

The repeated theophany (apparition of the angels to the men)

The kings mages come from afar to adore the child

A star guides them.

There are as many mysteries that surround this happy event that the angels described in these terms : "I announces you good news that will be for the whole populates the topic of a big joie… »(Luke 2 :10)

This announcement of a joy was only reserved to a small group of men and women sensitive to the spiritual realities.

We are going to identify these three groups of persons :

1- The shepherds in the fields (Luke 2 : 8-20)

It is only Luc who tells us this apparition of the angel to the shepherds.

They had in them some spiritual realities, some securities that the rest of the men didn’t have. They represent the simple class of people in the society that the civilizations separate, but however these are them often that keep remembering them the things that of others forgot. God didn’t send his angel toward the proud of the society that lose view the spiritual things, blinded by the ambitions and the modern things of the world.

There were the rich, of big tradesmen, of big politicians preoccupied by the things of this world ; those that lost the vision of the beyond and that take this world like one end in itself. God has them all ignored to go toward the simple shepherds, the low class, marginalized them, the villagers.

According to the research, in the society of the time, the shepherds were peasants situated at the bottom of the social ladder. God doesn’t reject what people of this world despise.

2- Someon and Anne (Luke 2 : 26-40)

a) Simeon, an inhabitant of Jerusalem, a just and devout man who waited for the consolation of Israel.

God have identified it, he will say : "You, you won’t die before having seen the Christ." He is said that the mind Saint was on him.

There is the picture of a Christian truth that is filled of the Holy Spirit and that waits Jesus’ return patiently.

I understood once again as will say it later the Pierre apostle at Corneille : « Truth, I recognize that God doesn’t make meaning of people, but that in all nations, the one that fears it and that practices the justice is him agreeable. « (Acts 10 : 34-35)

Me also I confess it and I confirm it that the one that likes God and that serves it with a devoted and sincere heart, the one that fears God on this earth and that keeps his commands, that he is African, Asian, European, etc. that he/it lives in the north or south pole, in the forest or the desert, or all at the end of the world, unknown of the men, God will send him his/her/its light, his/her/its love, and his/her/its blessings will reach this last inevitably because we serve a just and equitable God. No distance with him. God gave a long life to Simeon so that he sees the Savior of the world. Simeon took it in his hands.

A soul sensitive to the spiritual realities will always be warned by God on the arrival of some things.

Noah has been warned divinely of the arrival of the deluge in his time because he lived differently in relation to his/her/its fellow citizens. (Genesis 6 : 8)

God is going to remove Hénoc without he dies because of his justice. (Genesis 5 : 34)

God will always honor the faith of those that serves it in the sincerity.

God perfectly knows you in this Church and will return you to the hundredfold for everything that you make for him. Our fidelity only benefits to ourselves.

b) Anne (v.36)

She was a woman whom knew the joy of the marriage 7 years only. One would be able to say : has a woman who would remain sad all her life in God cursing to have pulled him her husband very early. She let everything and oriented her destiny toward what has eternal value, the communion with God.

She made prayer and fast her daily food. This manner to live made of it a prophetess.

She was also very happy with the Savior’s birth. Remained widowed and aged of 84 years, she/it didn’t leave the temple. There is an old supporter. She presents us a model of life that is pleasing to God.

3- The mages

There are the scientists who came from afar while following a star. Who are these orient mages ? These are scientists poured in the astronomy. Members of the scholarly class, they were depositories of the science, philosophy, the religious mysteries and the medical practice of the countries on the other side of the Euphrates. Is there a tie between the stars and the man’s life on the earth ? The Bible doesn’t speak of it to us and even bars this practice. What happened there ?

It was a temporary star installed by God to pave the path to the mages. It was God’s Shekinah, this same glory that had driven the children of Israel during 40 years in the desert, this column of cloud that guided Israel. It was maybe what they had in orient and due to a lack of a better term ; they called it" star." All efforts to explain this star are insufficient.

Who did they come to adore ? There is a verse that confounds other religions that chose to adore Marie, Joseph and the men.

When the mages arrived, the Bible said : They prostrated and adored it. However Marie and Joseph were seated holding the child. They didn’t say anything on the parents, anything on the mother.

No worship given to Marie like some make it today while displacing Jesus’ worship on his mother. Do you know why ? Satan is artful.

A worship sustained by precious grants to the child. They opened him their treasure :

-  Gold

- the incense

- the myrrh

What gift can be more important, more precious than one cannot give to God ? The grants worthy of a king :

Or : divinity or purity

The incense : perfume of his life

The myrrh : his sacrifice and his death.

Joseph used these grants to bring his family in Egypt and to provide over there to his needs until the death of Herode.

You and me, after this act of God to our place, God’s love towards each, how answer-us ? By our worship, our grants, our seriousness, our life of holiness, our devotion to only God.

The shepherds, Simeon and Anne, the mages let us a beautiful example to follow. God is glorified !

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday DECEMBER 18, 2011, by Reverend Emile ADOTE !

Theme :

Reading : 2Thessalonicians 3:16-15 ; 1Thessalonicians 2:9-10 ; Ephesians 4:28.

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dimanche 18 décembre 2011

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par Révérend Emile ADOTE

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Message of Sunday DECEMBER 11, 2011, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !

Theme :

Reading : 2Thessalonicians 3:16-15 ; 1Thessalonicians 2:9-10 ; Ephesians 4:28.

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dimanche 11 décembre 2011

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday DECEMBER 04, 2011, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !

Theme :

dimanche 4 décembre 2011

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday NOVEMBER 27, 2011, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !

Theme :

dimanche 27 novembre 2011

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday NOVEMBER 20, 2011, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !

Theme :

dimanche 20 novembre 2011

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday NOVEMBER 13, 2011, by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !

Theme :

dimanche 13 novembre 2011

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par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday NOVEMBER 06, 2011, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !

Theme :

dimanche 6 novembre 2011

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday OCTOBER 30, 2011, by brother DOGO Pascal !


Reading : PSALMS 1 : 1-3 ; MATTHEW 7 : 24-27.

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dimanche 30 octobre 2011

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To build a strong and resistant house, no one would dare, after so many years of efforts, to choose an unsteady and swampy earth. Today, with the evolution of the science, the competent structures conduct the survey of soil before all constructional works (it is the example of the CNERTP in Benin).

For these structures, the zones where one finds the rocks are the best zones for the construction of building.

Jesus is going to push this truth in Matthew 7 : 24 "This is why, whoever hears these words that I say and puts them in practice, will be similar to a prudent man who built his/her/its house on the roc. »

How then to build his/her/its life on the roc ?

To build on the rock, it is necessary to try first to discover the rock.

In Jean 3, we see Jesus’ interview with Nicodemus, the doctor of the law. Jesus called Nicodemus to be born again that wants to tell to be born of God’s mind.

The new birth allows us to discover the rock of the centuries that is Jesus. Today in our Churches, many want to build on the rock without discovering the roc ; what is impossible. They live several years in the church for vain motives : miracles, protection, etc.

After the new birth, one belongs henceforth to a new world in which one walks by the faith and no by the view.

According to Romans 10 : 17, “ … the faith comes of what one hears, and what one hears comes of the speech of Christ.” In other words, the source of the faith is God’s Speech. The Paul apostle addressed in the Colossians in Colossians 3 : 16a : " May Christ’s speech lives abundantly among you ; instruct yourselves and exhort you one another in all sagesse "

Today God’s people has little interest for the Parole ; he rather becomes attached to the miracles, to the sensual, falling thus in the net of the false prophets and doctors.

The rigorous and daily meditation of God’s Speech is indispensable for our success as Joshua teaches us in Joshua 1 : 8.

The assiduity to the meetings of teaching, to the school of Sunday and other, is necessary for our spiritual growth.

The obedience or the submissiveness to God is also necessary.

It only is not sufficient to know the Speech, to listen to it, but most important is to put it in practice.

Very Jesus who is our rock was par excellence subject of obedience. When his/her/its death approached, it saw the difficulties that waited for it and it asked God for the Father that if it was possible, that it moves away this cut of it, but however that God’s will the Father is made.

In Jean 4 : 34 Jesus had said : « My food is to make the will of the one that sent to me, and to accomplish his work. »

As imitator of Christ, we owe to the first place of our lives the will of the Very High, which must excel on ours.

The advantages of one life built on the rock.

The salute

A victorious and steady life in all circumstances of life. (Matthew 7 : 25) Joy, the peace, and quietude

The blessings mentioned in Deuteronomy 28 : 1-14.

par DOGO Pascal

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Message of Sunday OCTOBER 23, 2011, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 23 octobre 2011

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Word - 73.5 ko

To our time, when two political or Ecclesiastical authorities meet in a country, they don’t escape the gnarls of the International Press that always return the object of their interview. They often sacrifice to the tradition while discussing on the questions of public interests. The topics of the social and economic development are landed with such a seriousness that lets believe that of here to there, there will always be a clean improvement of the conditions of life of the populations, These, naive, applaud with joy following such declarations and treaties signed. Unfortunately, the months and years flow out and the populations always in the waiting finish by discouraging itself/themselves, or even disappointed.

The evangelist Jean in his time, while returning the big Evenements of Jesus’ life, didn’t overlook his interview with Nicodemus, Doctor of the law of the time, very cultivated religious man, Member of the Sanhedrin, class leader of the Nation,. During this interview, important declarations have been made relative to the conditions to enter evidently in God’s kingdom after the death, topic of a high importance that interests the whole world since the big Religions of the world speak to of it, each to his/her/its manner.

But if there is life after the Tomb, only the one that comes of in top of by God, who died and resuscitated, will be able to illuminate this question. That one, it is Jesus God’s son who is made itself flesh to come in the world. An expression she/it doesn’t say that if the frog comes out of water and declare that today the crocodile to pain to the eyes, no one can contradict it, since one is not aquatic. In this interview, Jesus will specify that no one went up to the sky, otherwise the one that descended of the sky, the man’s son who is in the sky, talking of Him.

Dear brothers and sœurs, there is the question that we are going to land today therefore, since she/it dons a fundamental importance, I would like that you prepared a particular attention there in order to share it with your friends, your colleagues and friends, your family, while opening their eyes on the eternal life and the conditions to have it. Let’s go discover these marvels together.

It is about Nicodemus, Doctor in theology with Christ God’s Son, two big faces of the New will. What will be the subject today ? On what are they going to converse, this two big faces of religion ? Their country is not under the domination of the romans ? Are they going to be interested in the polities ? Certainly they are going to pass social and economic questions of the country with a fine-toothed comb. Why choose the night ? They want maybe to have silence. It is necessary to underline this probability also : Nicodemuswas afraid of his/her/its colleagues of the sanhédrin because whoever recognized Jesus as Son of God was sent back of the sanhédrin.

Nicodemus was Jesus’ disciple in secret because of his/her/its social rank. What big meeting ! Two big religious authorities, of the scholars of the time, of the people’s blimps, those that show the signposts that illuminate the Path of the salute, two rabbis that the people admired, one are secured of the knowledge acquired on the earth, the other those of in top. Two scientists, one doesn’t operate any miracles while the other makes the miracles and the convincing prodigies that attest his/her/its divine origins. Nicodemusrepresents the religious system that one often sees on the earth, that pretends to be the depository of the theological knowledge, appreciated highly by the world but that God doesn’t consider. This interview must interest us because Jesus is going to take advantage of this opportunity to teach a fundamental truth when to what concerns God’s kingdom that interests us all. This interview only contains one agenda to know the new birth, only condition to enter in God’s kingdom.


Member of the party of the Parisians, a chief of the Jewish, a Doctor of the law.

Doesn’t become doctor of the law who wants. It was necessary to study the thora during years ; it was necessary to be a person who observes with a finicky rigor the precepts of a morals all formal, and that lands in model of morality and virtue. The Rabbi or the Mr. was a person respected in the society. Nicodemushad seen his/her/its interlocutor’s miracles. He/it knew that Jesus was a Mr. particular come on behalf of God because his/her/its miracles prove it.

Contrary to the other pharisiens, Nicodemuswas not hostile to Jesus. As Parisian, Nicodemus believed that the one that observed the Jewish law and the tradition of the old scrupulously, got the salute. As his/her/its Jewish compatriots, he/it believed therefore that the salute won itself by the œuvres of the law. Jesus knew that Nicodemussincerely tried to obey God and to enter in kingdom of the heaven. For the Lord Jesus the agenda will include one point only to know : The new birth.


Jesus doesn’t waste the time when he finds an opportunity to tell the truth to a person. Ex. his/her/its meeting with the woman samaritaine in Jean : 4 In his/her/its interview with the big nicodème, Jesus jumps on the essential and makes this declaration importante :<> (Jean 3. 3) the big Doctor is taken of dizziness and meet on pupil’s bench whereas he is a very recognized master. Nicodème that taught to the people how to enter in the paradise ignored the new birth, only door to enter in God’s kingdom. His/her/its doctorate, his/her/its big knowledge of the thora, his/her/its social rank, his/her/its ministerial clothes, his/her/its religious practices made of him God’s man with the eyes of the men but hélas ! Owing Jesus he/it becomes a pupil in the CEI that it is necessary to teach ABC. So much Babies today in the religious surroundings carries religious stocks, considered in the world but the only essential condition to go to the sky they ignore it.

If the Lord came back to have an interview with the religious of the world of today, it would show to them that they teach some falsities to people. Nicodème that the first was between the men, are less that a child, that must us to think the rest, of the commun ?


They carried on their forehead a strip of parchment on which was written of the verses of the law. They made some fringes to their clothes to recall commands of the law. These fringes showed to all how much the piety of these men was big Jesus condemns their conduct in Matt 23 They liked the best places in the banquets and the seats of honor in the synagogues. They required a lot of the people, while interpreting the law to the letter, but they didn’t make anything to alleviate this heavy burden. They fulfilled their religious duty to be seen of the men and no by motive of conscience. He/it came of night, because he/it saw himself/itself big and had fear to lose his/her/its reputation, because he/it seems to the ambitious that this is made some of their honor if of their masterly size they descend once to the rank of the apprentices. Doesn’t our world overflow t it not of such personalities religieuses distinguées by their clothes sacerdotaux ? What the world sometimes considers is not what God considers. The man watches to what hits to the œil but God watches at the heart. The pharisiens is ten times better that the religious of our time but however, Jesus has since they ignored the unique condition that permits to enter in God’s kingdom. That would say - them to those of our time that swim in the mire of the sin and the erreur !


To be born again

To be born of water and mind

To see God’s kingdom, to enjoy kindness introduced by the Messiah’s reign, was the wish of all Jewish devout. to enter there, Jesus says that it is necessary to be born again. It is about a spiritual and divine operation that produces a new life that escapes the terrestrial contigencies. Here water is the symbol of God’s speech, the mind is the agent that applies the speech to our conscience and that renews our to be interior. Jesus approaches one of the doctrines fundamental of the faith chrétienne : REGENERATION or spiritual Birth. Without the new birth, no one can see God’s kingdom.

The new birth, is the recreation and the transformation of the human being. Rom 12,2 by the help of The mind, the man receives this change in him, that makes that he becomes like a newborn in God’s kingdom. His/her/its conduct changes, it is not anymore as it was. He/it repents of his/its sins, and turn toward God and confide some him. Of thief, liar, adultery, that he/it was he/it is not anymore. Those that live again in the immorality and follow the ways of the world, no matter that that they profess their mouth, demonstrate that they stay the children of non Satan régénérés.1 Jean 3 : 6-10

The one that is again born leads a just life, he/it sins fortuitously he/it doesn’t practice the sin anymore. He/it likes God, keep his/her/its commands, like his/her/its neighbor, free of the slavery of the sin, he/it tries to be pleasing to God, sanctify Himself every day.

Nicodème could not consist of Jesus’ declarations by that he had human reasonings. He/it wanted to know that was Jesus. The Lord doesn’t answer this need without exercising his/her/its faith. By the recall of the bronze snake, Jesus turns his looks toward God and touch his/her/its conscience to make know him God’s love for the world. This meeting had a decisive effect for Nicodème ; it is some thus for us when God’s speech challenges us.

To first view, the answer of the Lord Jesus in Nicodème doesn’t appear in relation with the subjects of this last. Here is what Jesus wants him dire however : Nicodème, you come to me to receive a teaching, but that of which you really have need, it is to be born again. It is necessary to be born of in top, otherwise, you will never see God’s kingdom. All as the first birth proves to be indispensable to communicate us the physical life, a second birth is necessary to communicate us the divine life. Born means born again also of in top. In other words, only those whose life has been changed can enter in Christ’s kingdom.

Dear brothers and sœurs, there is the point culminating of our sermon. Did each of us know this new birth of which speaks the Lord Jésus ? Did each of us receive this new vie qui permits him to enter in kingdom of Dieu ? The new birth is as wind, one doesn’t see it but the consequences that they drag in life see themselves. One sees in this person the abandonment of the péché : Limp of night no, flight no, lie non ! Adultery non ! To smoke non ! To take the alcohol as far as getting drunk Non ! To go to the impostors to consult non ! To like the quarrels non ! Diversion of the denier public non !

One sees that the person endeavors to keep God’s commands The positive things begin to be born in lui : the brotherly love, to go to the cult, to read God’s speech, to visit the brothers, to give for God’s work, to like God’s Servants, to sing for God, becomes his/her/its passion. Anyone believes in the Lord Jesus receives this new life.

The Bible presents the faith like an act of the heart. She includes an intellectual, emotional and volitive change therefore. What does it want dire ? It means that for our salute, it is necessary that our intelligence, emotion and will participate there. The Men believe the heart to be saved. Nicodème had the faith in this sense of the term when he came toward Jesus. The demons also believe is us he/it says because they know God (Jacq 2. 19). We conclude some therefore that the faith must be more that a simple intellectual assent. No one can be saved if he/it doesn’t appropriate the Lord Jesus voluntarily.

The results of Jesus’ interview with Nicodème

Our curiosity would have liked to know the results of this big maintenance of Nicodème with Jesus. But while probing the Writings, we realize that Nicodème had accepted Jesus as his/her/its personal savior. Here is the preuves of it :

Because it is he that took Jesus’ defense later before the sanhédrin. (Jean 7.50-52) After Jesus’ death, whereas all disciples had fled, Nicodème came to help Joseph of Arimathée to put Jesus’ body in the tomb (Jean 19.39). so in the beginning, Nicodème proved to be a shy and apprehensive disciple, at the end, he came out of his/its hiding place to show off like disciple of Jesus

As Nicodème, you and I must also accept Jesus as our personal Savior, to believe that he/it is God’s Son and be born again. Because it is the only condition to be saved. Jesus himself Declares that " personne didn’t go up to the sky, if it is not the one that descended of the sky, the man’s Son who is in the ciel " (Jn3.13). By this declaration, he/it shows than him only Jesus detains the criterias of entry in his/her/its Father’s kingdom. Otherwise he/it adds that he/it is the path, the truth and life and no one comes to the Father that by him. (Jean 14.6).

Therefore, whoever invents his/her/its criterias or paths to reach God, would be only an impostor.

That the Lord blessed you.

Reverend SAMBIENI K. Pascal Pasteur titular Academic Temple Of the Assemblies of God of Benin

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday OCTOBER 16, 2011, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 16 octobre 2011

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Word - 77.5 ko

There is a question that was always the subject of my reflections. I asked several questions and the Holy spirit gave me a certain light on what stops Africa from being blessed by God, what stops the Christian African from being blessed by God.

In the western countries, Christianity lowered lamentably. However God continues to bless these countries that have a food self-dependence. These countries had a strong enough Christian plane rear that forged their thought, their character, their conduct, and placed in them of the virtues that the Africans miss strongly. It is true that morally they fell low but their manner to work, their respect of the public thing, their market and manner to market don’t look at all like our manner in Africa. In their market, the White doesn’t have his/her/its price and the Black his.

I bought a picture of Africa that is currently in my office. On this picture, him is écrit : Africa with a hot tear, to when the end of his/her/its problèmes ? Let’s pray together for the continent of Africa.

What scream of alarm threw this artiste !

Why did Africa remain to the low of the scale of the monde ? She/it endures several maux : drought, famine, lack of water, poverty, the scarcity, the underdevelopment and all consequences that he/it drags.

Why didn’t God trigger the blessings on the Christian africains ? Here are the causes of it :

1- The Christian African cruelly trustworthy lack in God

He/it believes at the diabolic demonstrations more that God. His/her/its confidence in God is superficial. If he/it occupies an important place, he/it searches for the protection of the devil. He/it is afraid of the threats of those that exercises the satanic strengths. He/it wants to see before believing. His/her/its faith is ruined by its rear plan féticheur. Therefore, God cannot bless the one that doesn’t have confidence in him. For example, Abraham believed in God and it was imputed to him to justice. In spite of the progress of Christianity in Africa, the Black man believes more in the demonstrations of the devil more that to those of God. He/it believes more in the protection of the devil that to the one of God.

2- The African market system based on the false balances, the deception.

Proverbs 11 : 1 " La swings false is in horror to the eternal, But the just weight is him agréable.”

For the African, to become richer to deceive his/her/its neighbor in the sale of his/her/its goods is necessary. No merchandise to the market has a flat rate. For the sale of all product, the African uses false balances. The Christian himself not of pain in cela ; he/it makes as the pagan (meat, fish and other commodities are weighed on false weight).

God condemns the use of improper balances in the goal to injure someone. Lévitique 19 : 35-36 " Vouses won’t commit an iniquity nor in the judgments, nor in the measures of dimension, nor in the weights, nor in the measures of capacity. You will have the just balances, the just weights, the just épha and the justes. hin " He/it orders us to act honestly so much towards everybody in the financial domain that in all circumstances where it is possible to cheat. God doesn’t bless in a system based on the flight, the fraud, the deception. The White has its price to the marché ; the strangers who come from another African country especially have their price when one recognizes their accent. The system to trick his/her/its neighbor is the practice of the African. God recommends the just weights, the just balances. God likes the just measures. The African can unearth a rotted meat and can sell it to his/her/its neighbor. Not to deceive tells him anything. To lie not to reach gene his/her/its conscience. A peasant went to buy a mill in an African country and discovered that these are the stones that one sold him in cardboard. A brother in Ouidah bought for 1 500 000 FCFA of the enveloped bricks that one made him believe that these are computers for sound cyber. One can quote to not to finish this cases counterpart of it.

Here to Benin, some swindlers exploited an old peasant while making him believe that his/her/its land is an oilfield. To convince it, they buried a can of oil there unknowingly. God condemns in his speech the system of fraud, of flight, of cheating. Michée 6 : 10-15.

These practices make us lack material and financial blessings. God will never modify his/her/its speech to conform to our rotted system. Not to win money throughout middle gene the Christian African. He/it meets in the same practices. How can be blessed him by God who requires just weights.

Daring 12 : 8. Daring lets hear that the Jews delivered themselves to the practices commercial cananéennes that was contrary to the rules of honesty required by God. But the merchants didn’t think that will be asked them to give account of their dishonesty. As the Christian of today doesn’t know it non plus ; a brother made you an orders to buy him something, you deceive it to sell him it another price.

The third reason that makes that one is blessed is the dishonesty.

3- The dishonesty

The Christian African lack of honesty in his/her/its business. He/it lives on the flight and it doesn’t tell him anything. The surfacturation doesn’t say anything to his/her/its conscience. Amos 1 : 8

We see the materialistic merchants here. They waited with impatience for the end of the Sabbath to take their false commerce :

• To decrease the épha

• To increase the prices

• To falsify the balances

• To deceive the purchasers

• To buy the poor persons

• To buy the poor people (less dear)

There is a system similar to the one of Africa.

God’s maledictions on the country.

Amos 8 : 9

• Feasts changed in mourning

• Songs in lament

• Famine

• Thirst.

The continuous Africa to suffer with a basement filled of riches. One speaks of the democratic Congo, ex Zaire, as being a geological scandal, a country that can feed all the Africa. But no African country has its sons as scattered in the world as Congo. They are in search of the well-being that is at home. Do you see it as normal ? The 4th reason is the following.

4- The corruption

So much that the Africans will continue to swim in the corruption, their countries will never be blessed.

The taxes are not well perçus ; the clearance of the goods is not made well. Of false statements faites is ; money enters in the pockets of the individuals while the state suffers. Will come one day and God will condemn us for everything that we won in the corruption and the fraud. To be tidy, it is necessary to corrupt the médecins ; for a childbirth, it is necessary to corrupt the midwives. They ask you to buy some medicines for your wife in work that they resell to the other needy persons.

To be affected to some stations, it is necessary to corrupt the superior. When God looks at our thus rotted environment, he be able to only turn us the back.

5- The bad governance

  Unjust treatment

  Of the unjust taxes

  Non payment of a correct salary

  Retained fraudulent of the salary

  Delay in payment.

The governing become richer on the back of the other. The employee is not considered. The good manners are there but one doesn’t put them in practice. To create a school, one requires you a lot of things that the government himself doesn’t have in his/her/its own schools, him that pretends to give the morals to the other. The riches of the country are not shared in an equitable manner. To Benin, the government wants to put back the pendulums on time while speaking of the revision. It is not today that one spoke of the unique ticket window. In the time of president Kérékou, one had made him believe that it is made. When president Tandja was in visit at home, he noted that one had it trompé ; he was obliged to say that he is surrounded with bandits, that his/her/its ministers are bandits. Why don’t people want that the things is claires ? Because that profit to some corrupt individuals who like to fish in troubled water. One doesn’t count the cadavers said a briber.

God cannot bless a corrupt country.

6- The laziness (Proverbs 6 : 6-11)

God’s speech sends us toward the ant to pull lesson. The African doesn’t work enough. This laziness makes that one doesn’t walk bien ; one doesn’t raise the feet to walk. One drags the feet as old men. Go in the services, especially in the CNHU, and you will see how we walk.

The slowness to treat a file or even to take something that is nearby. Compare how people of the private sector write to the manner of those of the government. There is a difference. One day, the evangelist Jacques Halépian that had to work with us in Benin, told one our pasteurs : " Toi, you are too slow. You cannot work in France. " In Europe, people walk in courant ; in America, it is the same thing. But in Africa, one takes all his/her/its time. One wastes the time. One wants to win without effort. One walks while sleeping. One sleeps while walking.

Instead of working, one believes in the lottery, to the magic, one believes to collect what another would have lost, one believes in the easiness, to the gri-gri. The White believes in work. God encourages work. The ant is given us in example in Proverbs 6 : 6.

Here are other reasons that deprive us of God’s blessings

7- The spitefulness (The very formed people prefer to work in Europe to the risk to make itself/themselves kill at home in Africa by their brothers, by the sorcery)

8- The hiding (behavior of a person that hides his/her/its thoughts, his/her/its feelings)

9- Breach of confidence (one doesn’t pay for our debts)

10- Insoluble debtor

11- The subordination (to divert itself/themselves from the right path)

12- The extortion (to swindle, to extract)

To Benin, he/it arrived that a swindler let make his/her/its funerals after having swindled the Whites of billions of francs. One Whites fell of the top of a floor after a swindle.

Someone sold its lands to contribute to buy a white rat is saying that the whites want to buy it to 25 millions francs for the scientific researches in a laboratory in France.

In a class, a teacher asked the following question to his/her/its élèves : " Quelle function wants to exercise you when you will be grands. " 34% have dit : " L’escroquerie " because they saw a swindler’s realizations in their locality. In what country to the world does the seller ask you after the purchase of a car" piece you do want what sum that I put on the facture ? You are going to eat, I also leave to eat."

In what countries to the world, when the government throws an order for printing, restoration, purchase of material, toilet paper, etc., one makes him an invoice so elevated because it is the government.

All people chain becomes richer to the same moment. It is in Africa. In what country to the world the NGO is considered as the free money for which it is necessary to multiply the journeys, seminaries to become richer. Expenses of missions, of the surfacturations, of the indemnities are caused to win money.

To tar a road, one diverts bags of cement, of the important material destined to work.

The bridges and pavements are made badly. A lends White mocked of the Black disant : " Si a Black constructs a bridge, I won’t pass thereon. If he/it manufactures a plane, I will enter in because I know that this plane won’t take off because the elements that it is necessary to buy to really make work are détournés. »

The misfortune follows the African everywhere in Europe, in America because of his/her/its dishonesty. I saw Blacks cursed to the United States, always poor.

One speaks of the" white elephants" in Africa, of the non finished factories, the incomplete public housing and badly facts.

So much indirect large sums in Afrique ! Of the projects inachevés ! And there is in what middle the Christian African exercises his/her/its faith, his/her/its believer’s life.

As Christian in a similar environment, we sin every day. How do we treat our ouvriers ? To want too many earnings is a sin. A Christian western had sold his/her/its old car. After, he/it comes with tears to the eyes by his/her/its pastor in disant : " Voici the price of the sale. Is what I didn’t sell it too cher ? " Are going to find you this behavior at a Christian africain ?

For us, it is the ruse, the double-dealing, the fraud, the lie, etc. who characterize us.

So that the Christian African is blessed, it is necessary that he/it comes back on the norms required by God. It is necessary that the Christian African rest to make his/her/its business in a pagan manner.

What to do so that God us bénisse ?

 To have the balances and weights justes ;

 To have confidence entirely in Dieu ;

 To practice the honesty, the integrity, the justice and the fairness.

 That our yes either yes and our no either non ;

 To say the vérité ;

 To give our tithe juste ;

 To work strong to come out of the pauvreté ;

 To pay for our dettes ;

 To pay for our ouvriers ;

 To have the fear of Dieu ;

 Let’s clear our choses ;

 Let’s respect the autorité ;

 Let’s abandon the méchanceté ;

 Let’s like our prochain ;

 It is necessary that the Christian refuses some things. [Had a Christian honest that refused the sharing of money stolen from the peasants during the weighing of their products.

 Let’s win our salaire honestly ;

 Let’s work toughly to produce wealth.

And God will bless us richly.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday OCTOBER 09, 2011, by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !

Theme :

dimanche 9 octobre 2011

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par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday October 02, 2011, by Reverend Pasca SAMBIENI !

Theme :

dimanche 2 octobre 2011

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday SEPTEMBER 25, 2011, by Reverend Pasca SAMBIENI !

Theme :

dimanche 25 septembre 2011

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Message of Sunday SEPTEMBER 18, 2011, by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


dimanche 18 septembre 2011

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Word - 46 ko

I announce you this morning that your situation will have a way out.

Actually, can Israel leave Egypt without the trust in God ? Can the people of Israel get out of Egypt ? Can Moses, Aaron, the different chiefs dare without a minimum of insurance in God ? Their number was more than six hundred thousand, without counting the women and the children. They do know what Pharaoh is and the power of the Egyptian army at that time.

What do verses 6 and 7 of exodus 14 reveal us ? Six hundred chariots of elites and all chariots of Egypt. On every chariot, there was a crew of three soldiers : a driver, a soldier and the one who carries the soldier’s shield.

Israel was jammed between the sea and this army of Egypt, without any way out.

But the eternal always makes the way. He is the one who draws passages on trees, in bushes, on hills, mountains, in forests, in the space, firmament, seas and even in the fire.

The Eternal always makes the way. With God, there is no situation without solution. You will have your way out because Abraham and Israel had their way out.

Moses told the people (Exodus 14 : 13-14) “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you ; you need only to be still” .How to be still ? The people are jammed between the army of Egypt and the Red Sea and he (Moses) said : “ you need only to be still." The big faith attitude of Moses is good.

The matter was serious otherwise the people would not say in Exodus 14 : 11-12 : “Was it because there were no graves in Egypt that you brought us to the desert to die ? What have you done to us by bringing us out of Egypt ? Didn’t we say to you in Egypt : Leave us alone ; let us serve the Egyptians ? It would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than to die in the desert !” The matter was serious with God too otherwise the Lord would not say in Exodus 14 : 15-16 : “Why are you crying out to me ? Tell the Israelites to move on. Raise your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea to divide the water so that the Israelites can go through the sea on dry ground”

All this came true.

The Egyptians tried magically to prevent Israel from going, but Israel went through the sea on dry ground : what a victory ! In the same way, you will pass this gate with triumph ; you will pass this red sea with burst, with screams of joy.

As for your present enemies, the Lord puts an end to their intrigues.

The Bible says in Exodus 14 : 13c : “for the Egyptians you see today you will never see again.”

The Bible also declares in Exodus 14 : 30 : "That day the Lord saved Israel from the hands of the Egyptians, and Israel saw the Egyptians lying dead on the shore" Yes, your enemies will fail one after the other.

They will flee, will disappear, their cadavers will fall unless they repent in case they are human.

You will look for them and you won’t find them anymore. Your adversary will lack coffin unless s/ he repents.

Oh ! Numerous are the gates that want to prevent you from inheriting this New Jerusalem. Stand up and overcome them.

What does Joshua 3 : 14-17 tell us ? "And it came to pass, when the people removed from their tents, to pass over Jordan, and the priests bearing the Ark of the Covenant before the people ;

And as they that bore the ark came unto Jordan, and the feet of the priests carrying the ark were dipped in the brim of the water, (for Jordan overflowed all his banks all the time of harvest.) That the waters which came down from above stood and rose up upon an heap very far from the city Adam, that is beside Zarethan : and those that came down toward the sea of the plain, even the salt sea, failed, and were cut off : and the people passed over right against Jericho.

And the priests that bare the ark of the covenant of the LORD stood firm on dry ground in the midst of Jordan, and all the Israelites passed over on dry ground, until all the people were passed clean over Jordan. »

You understand that Israel was jammed between the sea and the Jordan. Stand up and conquer the city. This obstacle won’t resist you : it will be swept, crushed, ground. Of feet firm, you will win the victory. Pass, don’t stop. It is your adversary who will leave the way for you.

He will leave the way like the Jordan before Israel.

Yes, the waters that were upstream will stop flowing while those down-streams will continue, what powerful God ! While your upstream enemies will respect your passage, those down-streams will flee away.

Stand up and conquer the city. Go to receive your crown because soon you will leave the earth. Let’s notice that here Israel passed the Jordan and was opposite Jericho. Here Israel was jammed between the Jordan and the city of Jericho. Jericho is a city on the Promised Land. But, it was closed and barricaded. No one left and no one entered so the Eternal says in Joshua 6 : 2-5 : "See, I have given into your hand Jericho, and its king, and the fighting men. March around the city once with all the armed men. Do this for six days. Have seven priests carry trumpets of rams’ horns in front of the ark. On the seventh day march around the city seven times, with the priests blowing the trumpets. When you hear them sound a long blast on the trumpets, have all the people give a loud shout ; then the wall of the city will collapse and the people will go up every man straight in.”

Jericho is a city of the cis-Jordan, situated on the west strand of the Jordan. The city was one of the first centers of the divinities’ cult. It is a city full of symbols and mystics.

Its defensive wall was six meters thick ; its foundation dates back to the 9th century before Christ and has been conquered toward 1473 before Christ. It is the oldest city of the world. It was a big fortress but no matter what, its walls must give up, and they wall gave up through praises : God will put his praises in your mouth. In Europe, the Communists tried to impose themselves to God during several years. But in the years 1990, the Berlin wall collapsed.

The wall collapsed as in Joshua 6:20-21 "When the trumpets sounded, the people shouted, and at the sound of the trumpet, when the people gave a loud shut, the wall collapsed ; so every man charged straight in, they took the city. They devoted the city to the Lord and destroyed with the sword, every living thing in the city, men and women, young and old, cattle sheep and donkeys." Nothing from the adversary will remain.

Its memory will completely be forgotten ; yes, the defensive walls of Jericho collapsed and the city has been conquered.

The inhabitants of Jericho were strongly armed ; it is a monstrous city, full of valiant soldiers with occult practices. There were false gods, amulets, etc. If the verge helped to pass the red sea, if the ark of the eternal helped to pass the Jordan, let’s recognize that the praises helped to collapse the defensive walls of Jericho and to defeat the enemies.

• If they come like a fire, God’s water will extinguish their fire.

• If they come like a stream, God’s breath will dry this stream up.

• If they come with chains, they will break.

• If they come as rains, the rains will turn against them in throws of stones.

• The stone will fall on the one that rolls it.

• The adversary who takes the sword will stabbed.

• If he curses, he will be cursed.

• The iron will turn against the one that throws it.

• The fire will burn the one that activates it.

• The effects of incantations will fall on the one that pronounces them.

• All those that want to harm your life will see God on their path.

Dear friends,

Which soldiers are you in the army of the Eternal ?

A caporal ? A soldier of the first level ? A sergeant ? An warrant officer ? A lieutenant ? A captain ? A major ? A lieutenant-colonel ? A colonel ? A lieutenant general or a major general ?

Your situation will have a solution.

God is with you. Stand up and conquer the city.

There is a solution for you.

Stand up, cross your red sea, your Jordan and conquer the city.

Joshua crossed the red sea, the Jordan and succeeded in conquering the city.

In the name of Jesus, I order all these obstacles to fall before you.

May they disappear because it is necessary for you to inherit the Holy City, the New Jerusalem. Clear the obstacles because the Holy City is at hand.

There is a solution for you.

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday September 11, 2011, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 11 septembre 2011

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Word - 38 ko

Those who live in the mountainous regions know what it a valley is. A valley is the less elevated part between mountains. To climb a mountain one must go through the valley. In the valley it is impossible to see well as on the mountain.

The valley can symbolize suffering, difficult times that we go through and which prevent us to move on, to have success in our life. The valleys can also represent hard tests sent by God in our life to evaluate our faith. Great numbers of Servants of the Lord had to cross valleys of tears before reaching the mountain of joy and glory. Among those people, we have Joseph, favorite son of Jacob. We can mention the valleys that he crossed in his life :


If you are rejected and hated by people of outside, you can easily understand it and support the pain ; but if the rejection comes from your own brothers, it becomes difficult. Joseph had become a matter of hate, a person to annihilate since he has had two prophetic dreams that he told his family.

Hate and jealousy don’t date of today ; they are as old as the world. The Bible shows us the case of Cain and his brother Abel. As God has appreciated Abel’s offering and rejected the one of Cain, the latter planned an unequalled hate against his brother and murdered him instead of making amends by repenting. Oh ! What a dark picture ! Joseph underwent every day ominous consequences and bad treatments from his elder brothers. To mock him his brothers don’t call him any longer by his name but they gave him a nickname : "The dream Maker." Genesis 37 : 19. Maybe while we are preaching, someone is victim of hate and rejection of his brothers of the same assembly. Because of your goodness, of your liberality, you undergo an unequalled persecution. Maybe you have decided to leave and join another church. Be calm, God controls the situation.

The second valley of Joseph :


You imagine the physical and moral pain of Joseph aged of 17 years, sold and mistreated by his new masters. So much tears flowed… You saw how his father cried when his elder brothers deceived him, making him believe that Joseph would have been killed by a ferocious animal. The distance between the place where Jacob lived, and Egypt was considerable. The masters often have right of life or death on their slave. For fear he might escape, the slave was well attached and much watched. Who among us experienced such a valley ?

The third valley of Joseph’s life :


When you watch American movies on the slavery of Blacks in America, you are fiercely affected. Joseph used to wake up early and sleep late. He had lost all his rights. Poor Joseph, slave in Egypt ! You imagine his suffering ! A human being who is resold, he is going from a master’s power to the one of another. His name is the “Hebrew slave”. A human being sold like an object. His new master is Potiphar. He will therefore serve in his house. Joseph is a young with his fear of God, God lets him go down lower, in a dark valley. He could have said : There is no more hope for me. My dreams were vain. I am going to die soon. No future for me. I will be submitted to mean masters who would treat me as they would like. My God, where are you ?

We sometimes ask the same question when we are going through some situations.

Seeing all that happens to Joseph, we would even be tempted to ask : “What wrong had he done to God to deserve such a fate ? But it is not all. It is in this house that he will cross his fourth valley.


Potiphar’s wife coveted Joseph. She wanted to introduce him in the sin but joseph resisted her. Angry, she accused him falsely.

Indeed, while Joseph, the young slave was working in the house, Potiphar’s wife coveted him. She asked him repeatedly to have sex with her ; but Joseph refused and replied : “My master doesn’t concern himself with anything in the house ; everything he owns he has entrusted to my care. No one is greater than I am in this house. My master has withheld nothing from me except you, because you are his wife. How then could I do such a wicked thing and sin against God ?” (V.8-9). She tried to convince him every day, but he resisted her. Finally, she will seize him by his garment, but Joseph succeeds in running away.

Joseph will be wrongly accused and this matter will bring him into jail. It’s painful when you are wrongly accused and there is no one to defend you. But God, who is in heaven, sees everything.

Joseph’s life didn’t seem to go toward the good side. We can feel here Satan’s deeds. If such a situation happened to someone today, we would conclude that he/she needs deliverance, of "Breakthrough".

Joseph didn’t have any demon ; he had not sinned ; besides he was holy. A young that had God’s fear and escaped the sin in which fall the young of his age. This situation will drive him in jail. There again, he will experience another valley.

5°) Valley of oblivion in jail (Genesis 40)

Joseph interprets the dream of Pharaoh’s servant in jail and tells him : “But when all goes well with you, remember me and show me kindness, mention me to Pharaoh and get me out of this prison. Because I was forcibly carried off from the land of the Hebrews, and even here I have done nothing to deserve being put in a dungeon.” (Genesis 40 : 14-15). Unfortunately, He leaves and forgets Joseph. Only God doesn’t forget anybody. Man easily forgets his benefactor, if his life condition changes.

God watched over Joseph’s life, as he watches over yours. God sees the maltreatment, the rejection, the contempt, the abandonment that you are inflicted. You are not able to defend yourself. But God will do it for you.

6°) Joseph on the Mountain : From the jail to the palace (Genesis 41 : 14)

God remains the Master of the History. Daniel will say that it is God who “changes times and seasons.” (Daniel 2v21) Men forget, but God forgets nobody. Joseph’s suffering ended one day.

Pharaoh himself had disturbing dreams. This is what will bring Joseph to the palace. God creates some favorable situations for his children. After several years of sufferings, Joseph becomes Prime Minister of Egypt.

They are numerous in the Bible, the people that the Lord directed through deep valleys of life.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday SEPTEMBER 04, 2011, by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


Reading : Psalms 114 : 1-8 ; 2 Corinthians 6 : 14-18

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dimanche 4 septembre 2011

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Word - 36 ko

The Bible declares with triumph in Genesis 5 : 24 that “Hénoc walked with God, and then it was no more, because God took him away.”

Also in its most beautiful pages, it underlines in Deuteronomy 34 : 5 that “Moses, the Servant of the Lord, died there, in the land of Moab as the Lord has said. God buried him. No one knew his sepulchre until this day.”

Moreover, we also read in the same Bible in 2 Kings 2 : 11 : “as Elijah and Elisha were walking along and talking together, suddenly, a chariot of fire and horses of fire appeared and separated them one of the other and Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind. God took him away.”

Yes, Enoch walked with God during 365 years in such a way that God doesn’t bother himself to let him on the earth for a long time and took him away very early.

God took Hénoc away very early, otherwise how to understand that his father, Jared was 962 years old before dying and the son of Hénoc, Methuselah, was 969 years old before dying (he had more that the double of his father’s age). Thus, God honoured him and took him away in such an especially extraordinary manner that the narrations of the end times exclude him from a possible return for his death ; because he was the image of Christ’s church, Christ’s body (holy) that will be taken away.

As for Moses, he has also been honoured in an exceptional way. Besides, Egypt considered that to reach the age of 110 years was a reward for a remarkable life and an honour for the person.

By reaching 120 years old, Moses proves his superiority to all. However, he must come back to die a second time according to Revelation 11 : 3-8.

As for Elijah, his departure has been cried by Elisha showing that his absence was an enormous loss for Israel. According to him, Israel would be without chariot of safety i.e. without security. What grace for this man ! However, he will come back again to die according to Revelation 11 : 3-8.

All these patriarchs, in spite of the multiple sins of their time, held on and braved the situations of compromise, of fraud, of double-dealing to which they were exposed.

By their holiness, they have shaken the throne of the devil, shaken his fortresses and split God’s glory.

Didn’t God tell Moses in Exodus 7:3 "And I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and multiply my miraculous signs and wonders in the land of Egypt. » ?

Didn’t these people by their faith fight on God’s sides, walk with God and reveal God’s adversaries and the infernal powers of all side ? Yes, they were men of value, of high dignity and that know how to respect their dignity ; they also have merit.

If Enoch was the image of the taken away church, Noah, as for him was the image of the Jewish that would be saved during 3 years and half. Taking into account holiness, can God rely on us ?

Imagine Enoch living after all sinners generations described in Genesis 5 : 1-20 and however holding so much in holiness and his joy.

The behaviours of these generations described in Luke 17:27.

Let’s recall ourselves Moses, as well as Elijah whose generations have been plunged in such a high idolatry that there was no longer God’s fear. People could easily kill the prophets. Didn’t Prophet Elijah say in 1 Kings 19 : 14 "They killed by the sword your prophets, I am the only one left and now they are trying to kill me ?"

Doesn’t the Bible say in the gospels : "You are in the world, but you do not belong to the world. » ?

Dear friends, how long will you be part of the two sides ? Come out of the world ! Come out of the world ! Run for your lives (Jeremiah 51 : 45).

But it is useless that you are here and continue with the same ardour in sin.

You were adulterous, liars, smugglers, murderers, thieves ; you lived and still live in impurity, pride, jealousy. Now, give up this bad life. God’s hands are wide open to welcome you ; the heavenly Father loves you. Come back, come back your father’s home.

Now change, leave this lodge, this group doesn’t help you, they won’t serve you. The Bible says in Revelation 18 : 4-5 "Then I heard another voice from heaven say : Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins."

You are in the church and still in and with the world.

Can a man take two ways at the same time to go in the only, same and unique village ?

You are drinking in two jars simultaneously ;

You are with Satan and want to be at the same time with God. You are with God’s children and remain agents of Satan.

If you don’t give up your habits, you will be punished. Because a man reaps what he sows, undoubtedly, don’t be deceived, God cannot be mocked. (Galatians 6 : 7-8).

What harmony is there between Christ and Belial ? What does a believer have in common with the unbeliever ? … And be separate ! (2 Corinthians 6:15-17)

You are with God’s children, with the God of light, miracles and power, and you dare to consult the Ifa priest, the marabous, the alphas, the fortune-tellers ; you will never have peace ! I say it again : You will never have peace !

Throw the black dress and the mask. Throw the mask, throw the mask. Why have you masked yourself ?

Otherwise, you will never have peace.

Now come out from them and walk with the Lord. Walk with the Lord and you will see his miracles.

Look at Israel ; when they left the land of Egypt, oh, the sea saw them and fled. The Jordan returned back ; the mountains were jumping like rams, the hills like lambs, the earth was in joy, there were miraculous signs.

Job, Enoch, Elijah, Moses and Noah left and experienced. You too, leave, and you will experience God’s deeds that change the rock in pond, the rock in source of water. The God who opens heaven and earth, who shows his glory. I order all the chains that keep you to be broken.

Be broken, free the captives ; free them.

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday AUGUST 28, 2011, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 28 août 2011

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Word - 73 ko

“What a bizarre topic” will you ask me ! "Same country, but not same fate." However, it is true. The story that we have just read is an eloquent testimony of the veracity of this topic. “Same country, but not same fate” or “same country, but not same suffering”. God is a specialist in this domain ; He can pull a machine gun in the crowd and at the same moment save his people.

The story tells us that a new Pharaoh went up on the throne and had not known Joseph and everything that he had made in that country (Egypt). 220 years had flowed out between the death of Joseph and the beginning of the persecution. It is dangerous to have some leaders to this high-level that don’t know the history of their country because they risk to upset their country as we will see it in a little while. This wicked Pharaoh, certainly with his numerous advisers, made a report on the demographic growth of the Israel people in their country. Effectively, God blessed his people in this country.

This king lent them of the suits of intention that stipulate this in Exodus 1 : 9-15 : "And he said unto his people, Behold, the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we : Come on, let us deal wisely with them ; lest they multiply, and it come to pass, that, when there fell out any war, they join also unto our enemies, and fight against us, and so get them up out of the land. Therefore they did set over them taskmasters to afflict them with their burdens. And they built for Pharaoh Treasure cities, Pithom and Rameses. But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew. And they were grieved because of the children of Israel. And the Egyptians made the children of Israel to serve with rigor : And they made their lives bitter with hard bondage, in mortar, and in brick, and in all manner of service in the field : all their service, wherein they made them serve, was with rigor. And the king of Egypt spoke to the Hebrew midwives, of which the name of the one was Shiphrah, and the name of the other Puah." The people underwent the suffering inflicted by their enemies. It is not this suffering that we want to mention in our message. We want to talk about the judgment of God sent on Egypt in order to punish this people, and about how at the same moment Israel who was living in the same country was not reached by these ten plagues inflicted to the Egyptians. The Bible declares that God knows how to deliver the righteous of the misfortune and to reserve the unrighteous for his judgments.

First plague : Water changed into blood. Exodus 7 : 17

Second plague : The frogs. Exodus 7 : 27. The magicians, instead of moving away the frogs or stopping them from coming, they also made some to increase their suffering. But no frog at the Jews’.

Third plague : The lice. Exodus 8 : 12

Fourth plague : The flies. Exodus 8 : 16

Fifth plague : The death (pestilence) of livestock. Exodus 9 : 1

Sixth plague : The ulcers. Exodus 9 : 8

Seventh plague : hail. Exodus 9 : 13

Eighth plague : The grasshoppers. Exodus 10 : 1

Ninth plague : darkness. Exodus 10 : 21

Tenth plague : The death of the firstborns. Exodus 11 : 1. But an important declaration is made to verse 5 : “…from the first born of Pharaoh that sat upon his throne, even unto the firstborn of the maidservant that is behind the mill ; and all the firstborn of beasts.” The eldest sons of the Egyptians, the hope and the ambitions of the families, perished. The chapter 12 : 29-30 said that there were big screams in Egypt… God knows the punishment that it is necessary for every wicked.

In Goshen where were living the children of Israel, a flat calmness was reigning. Everybody was sleeping in peace, calm. Even dogs didn’t bark.

God circumscribed the limits of the plagues.

“Same country, but not same fate”. As Christians, we are like the children of Israel in Egypt. Egypt is the symbol of the world. The world hates the Christians ; it killed several of them. God will revenge the blood of his children one day.

I would like through this sermon to assure you of God’s protection on you and on everything that belongs to you.

Why was the Hebrews people saved of these plagues occurred on Egypt ?

• Because they are God’s children, they belong to him.

• Because they remained at the place of the divine protection.

As long as we remain in the circle of salvation, nothing wrong will be able to reach us. If something happens to us, it will be God’s will.

God knows how to save his children from the dangers that often occur in life. When he decides to punish, he saves the righteous.

Examples  :

1. The flood. Noah was saved him and his family staying in the ark.

2. The judgment that fell on Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot was saved with a part of his family.

3. Daniel and his friends were saved in Babylon from several traps.

I don’t know what Benin will undergo as punishment of God to come, but I know that God will protect you. We are Beninese but we don’t have the same fate with the other Beninese. “Same country but not same fate.”

The children of Israel came out of Egypt with a lot of blessings. If we remain bound to Christ, we will always be the head and no the tail. God knows how to bless his children.

The people of this world run to the fortune-tellers, magicians who disappoint them. Could the magicians of Egypt deliver their country ?

Only God delivers.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, 21 AUGUST 2011, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 21 août 2011

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par Pasteur LENORMAND Frédéric

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Message of Sunday, 14 AUGUST 2011, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 14 août 2011

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Word - 67 ko

A. Before his entry in the garden.

Man was living happily with his charming wife. The perfume of the plants was perfuming the beautiful garden. Here, there was a rose with its beautiful flowers ; there, it was a sunflower with its leaves turned toward the sun. Man was eating everything that he wanted without pain. God used to visit the garden and converse with the man created in his own image. God was planning heart beautiful projects for his creature. The animals could sleep in peace next to the man. Joy and happiness were the feelings of the man and his wife. The man didn’t complain. Nothing disturbed it. From Eden flowed a river separated into four headwaters.

God filled the man’s solitude by giving him a wife suitable to him. He loved Eve deeply. Imagine the joy experienced by these two lives that go by in a clean and pleasant environment exhaling the odour of the creation ! I can see Adam going for a walk hand in hand with his wife, looking at the birds, the animals, the flowers, the rising sun, the waters of the flowing rivers ! What beautiful projects of future God had for its creatures ! All had already been foreseen for longevity.

B. When Satan entered in the garden.

We move from a scene of freshness and life to a scene of sadness marked by dishonour, shame, and death. Toward the garden of delights slips insidiously the snake, Satan himself. The father of lie, wickedness and hate has just made his entry in the pretty garden. He is going to head toward Eve, sensitive and weak creature. The woman let doubt invade her heart and fell into temptation. She turned toward her husband, who fell too. Instead of happiness, they saw what they couldn’t see before. Henceforth, he is afraid of God.

When we sin, we don’t get what we wanted anymore.

He hid from God’s eyes. He accused his wife. The woman becomes a subordinate helper. She will give birth with pain. Soil is cursed. Man will eat through painful toil. They are banished from the garden. Brambles and thorns grew everywhere. The animals become mean. The worse consequence is death. Man’s life is limited henceforth. Illnesses, microbes and suffering of all sorts invade man’s life.

God pronounces hard sentences on the man and on the woman. They are going all to return to the dust.

Man is banished from the garden. The soil that will assure his subsistence is no more the one of the Eden garden. He cultivates laboriously and harvests little. The garden is kept by an angel with a sword to stop man from returning there.

Henceforth, sin entered in the world.

Cain is will kill his brother Abel. Pains hit Adam and Eve in front of the dead corpse of Abel that Cain has just killed coldly. Adam and Eve cried that day a lot. How did they bury Abel ?

Because of sin, there are terrifying wars today. Satan is behind these disasters : famine, pestilence, illnesses, war, poverty, etc.

When Satan entered in Job’s house with God’s permission, Job lost his wealth, lost his children ; he lost his health. Rich as he was, he became poor and moreover sick.

Satan used some men, the strengths of the nature to destroy the riches of Job. God allowed Job to recover his wealth, his children ; his health and God doubled his blessings.

God is good ; He is full of love ; God is wonderful ; He is compassionate.

Do never allow Satan to enter in your house, in your professional or marital life. Do never allow Satan to enter in your youth. Do never allow Satan to enter in your family. Do never allow Satan to enter in your Church, in your country, in your ministry.

C. How do we stop Satan from entering our house ?

By having a exemplary behaviour ;

By walking according to the Spirit ;

By living in the holiness and the sanctification ;

By loving God with all your heart ;

Satan cannot enter in such a life.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, 07 AUGUST 2011, by Bernard HESSOU !


dimanche 7 août 2011

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Word - 68.5 ko

“Hold on to what you have”, is the theme of the men’s Day.

This order has been given to the church of Philadelphia in the sixth of the seven letters addressed by God to his people.

In this letter, like the other churches, this church of Philadelphia has been valued by the Lord. Today we don’t escape this process. The Lord assesses us in many ways : our service, our love for him, our integrity, our personal relation with him, and our testimony. May each of us be appreciated like the church of Philadelphia.

What are the results of the assessment of the church of Philadelphia ?

They held on to the Word of God, which each of us must do. If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. This word of God is a weapon for Christians. The church of Philadelphia knows this secret. They obey the word of the Lord although apparently weak. They didn’t have the fame of the big metropolis Ephesus. Not as prestigious but they have the quality of obeying the word of the Lord.

There are discreet Christians, despised by people, without anything attractive but having a big value to the eyes of the Lord because they obey His Word. This is what the Lord likes. In difficulties, problems and contempt, Philadelphia didn’t reject the Lord. And therefore the Lord makes a promise, “I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut,” door of blessing, door of service and testimony.

He promises to keep the church of Philadelphia from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world. What a promise ! My brother, my sister !

After this assessment of the church of Philadelphia, the Lord gave them this order : “I am coming soon, hold on to what you have” !

In other words, keep firmly these values and qualities you have.

Indeed, in today’s world where dishonesty, theft, lie, homosexuality... are applauded ; brief, a world of the end time where wrong has become good and good wrong, where the Christian values have disappeared, such an order had to be given.

I remember when I was young and we used to play “ludo”. One day a cousin of mine that I attended during the game handed me twenty-five francs and sent me for a package at the old lady’s nearby. Astonished, I asked him what kind of package it was. He replied me dryly while treating me of little emancipated and sent another one for it. Do you know why ? Because the packet I was sent for was simply drug (Indian hemp). So knowing that a packet was drug is a sign of emancipation.

We go through the world about which Paul talks in 2Timothy 3 : 15. A Christians must make violence on himself and must keep the Christian values firmly so that Satan doesn’t make him lose the crown.

The Christian must not abandon these values such as : honesty, faithfulness, the connection to the service, in short to keep the Word of God. In hardships, in the trials, we must get rid of the "give up" option as in the story of this soldier Markus of the elites’ corps of the American army called "the NAVY SEALs." This soldier, who could escape with a broken leg, with several bullets in the body after the massacre of all his other friends by the Taliban, told when asked, during his decoration ceremony, how he could escape in such conditions : “I won this bet because I got rid of the option “abandon” in my life ; this since my training during the "Hell Week."

Do you know, to be part of this elites’ corps, it is necessary to undergo special practices during which the candidate goes through several survival tests. The program consists of a named special week the "Hell Week" during which the soldier undergoes a set of tests which are increasingly harder and harder. During this week, more than the ¾ of the candidates quit. To quit, you have just to ring a bell installed in the camp. If you ring this bell, you are released from your suffering ; you are then sent to take a good shower, a good meal and after the ticket of train to go back in family.

This soldier said he had got rid of the "abandon" option during the "Hell Week."

The winners that will have the crown are those who got rid of the "abandon" option.

We are going through hard and difficult times but hold on firmly, don’t give up. Not being an up giver should be our challenge.

The Lord is coming soon to reward your faithfulness, your service, your love for his work.

While we are waiting for this Glorious Day, let’s work. Don’t say that it is in vain that I remain faithful. Don’t follow the way of the wicked ; don’t envy the deeds of darkness. When the Lord will appear the deeds will be revealed and he will judge people. Then the good seeds and the weeds will be known.

My brother, my sister if you hold on to what you have, the Lord says that he will make you a pillar in his temple.

Don’t you want to be a support for the church, strong men and women to sustain the church of God like James, John and Peter in Galatians 2:9 ?

These men are considered as columns. The Lord promised it and he will do it. He requires from us to obey his teaching. Hold on to what you have. The world which has lost today its reference marks needs these values.

He, who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. That is the warning of the Lord knowing that in spite of all some will not obey. But my prayer today is that all of us have ears to hear what the Lord tells us.

Confess now your failure. Time is still available. Tomorrow doesn’t belong to you. While hearing this message, if there is something to do, a sin to confess, don’t resist.

“I am coming soon” said Jesus.

par Bernard HESSOU

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Message of Sunday 31 JULY 2011, by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !

Theme :

dimanche 31 juillet 2011

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par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday JULY 24, 2011, by the Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 24 juillet 2011

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday JULY 17, 2011, by the Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


dimanche 17 juillet 2011

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par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday JULY 10, 2011, by the Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 10 juillet 2011

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Word - 67 ko

There is the topic of our message of this day : "He is calling you." The theater of the events moves from Pere in Judea. The Lord and his disciples, after having cleared the Jordan, arrived in the neighborhood of Jericho where they meet a miserable man who had all his lucidity and were also conscious of his health state and wanted the recovery, only the recovery. The one that is sick doesn’t need a new cloth, a villa on the coasts of azury ; he doesn’t need a beautiful woman, a good bed or a luxurious hotel to five stars. All these things are like of the mud him. The one that is sick needs the recovery. He knows well that if he/it enjoys a good health he can have all these beautiful aforementioned things. When one is sick, the leisure, the good dishes, the social rank, succeed it in the business as well as the bankroll doesn’t have a value anymore.

When Jesus and his disciples arrived in Jericho, a big crowd joined them ; the son of Timée, Bartimée, beggar and blind was very close to seat the path. There is the place where the illness had confined it. He passed the biggest part of his day very close to the path. Struck by climatic risks, abused little by people anxious of the life of the other, put to the last bench of the society and relegated to the second plan, Bartimée a blind man doesn’t have any other choices anymore. Nor the Parisians, religious class proud of herself, nor the Sadducees, class leader could not bring a remedy to the pains of Bartimée. That sometimes we are proud of our Denomination, of our academic diplomas, of our ranks and ministerial clothes but incapable to help the poor wretches who look at us as men of God.

They arrived to Jericho ; this city is the picture of a world under the divine malediction but it is as there that the grace finds the opportunity to appear. That it remembers you that it is as toward Jericho that headed the man of the parabola who fell between the hands of the thieves and it is on this path that the good Samaritan passed. God’s grace is always where the man’s misery is.

As Bartimée, you also who listens me, you are not blind but these last years you lost your health, you are sick. I see you getting off the plane pushed on a cane surrounded with your near. You are seriously sick. Your activities are reduced. The illness confined you permanently on your bed. Bartimée heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth who is in the neighborhood. He had heard once certainly to speak of Jesus. He knew for what Jesus was capable. Here is the royal title that this beggar assigned to Jesus : « The son of David" Jesus has mercy of me ! « He certainly repeated this royal title while the crowd took it. They are not numerous those that recognized Jesus’ royal genealogy, so that there is an obvious contrast between this stage and the contempt of which was generally surrounded our Savior. How much these words of Bartimée should have rejoiced Jesus’ heart. In this uproar God’s Son could discern the voice of the one that really needed him.

The obstacles that can stop us from being in direct contact with Jesus the Savior of the world.

Very often the crowd is an obstacle for the people who want to have Jesus. Zachée, the woman affected by a blood loss, the paralytic of Capernaüm (Luke 19 ; 3). In every case those that really look for Jesus found it. He/it will always be some so for each even though the circumstances seem to raise some obstacles.

The scream of Bartimée is a universal scream that represents the scream of all the humanity in prey to the suffering and to misery because of the sin that made his/her/its entry in the Garden of Eden.

But it is necessary to tell you that all it didn’t damage compassions, goodness and God’s mercy towards the fallen humanity. The Jeremy prophet in his laments facing the disasters of his people said : when I think about my distress and my misery, to absinthe and to the poison ; when my soul remembers it, it is inside dejected of me. Here is what I want to iron in my heart, what will give me the hope. The goodness of the eternal are not exhausted, his/her/its compassions are not to their term : they occur again every morning. He/it exclaims after this report : oh ! That your fidelity is big ! (Laments 3 : 19-23)

Dear brothers and sisters do never forget that in spite of all problems that we endure, the suffering that hits us to full whip, of the illnesses without human remedies that frighten us that the goodness of the eternal and his compassions occur again every day towards us. He will come us in help when we shout toward him. Jesus is not there in flesh on our earth but his name continues to operate extraordinary miracles. The Holy Spirit is there.

Jesus was captivated by the sharp scream of Bartimée. He stopped and said : call it. There was a distance between Bartimée and Jesus. People said to him : take courage ; raise you, he calls you.

He calls you, what opportunity ! Oh ! What privilege ! He calls you… Jesus marked a stop to call the poor wretch. When Jesus calls you… Emmanuel, God with calls you to us, the Physician of the physicians calls you. The one that made the eye calls you. The Creator of the heaven and the earth calls you. The one that has the power in the heaven and on the earth, the one that orders the universe, the one that opens and no one can close, the one that closes and no one can open, the lion of Judas’s tribe, the first and the last, the one that had died and now living to the centuries of the centuries, the one that holds the keys of the death and the stay of the deaths, the one that results the sword acute from two cutting, the one that has the eyes like a flame of fire and whose feet are similar to the ardent bronze, the saint, the real that works in the middle of seven candles of gold, the one that comes back soon calls you… His call contains your recovery, your success. In this call there is compassion, of the love, etc.

The recovery of Bartimée is started

What do you want me to do for you ? Jesus knew well the need of Bartimée but he wants that the concerned person himself expresses it. Bartimée answer him : Rabbouni or Rabbi that means Doctor, Mr. (the one that teaches) : respectful appellation that the Jews issued to their spiritual chiefs. (Mathew 23 : 7 ; John 1 : 38). Bartimée knew all these appellations. He adds : That I cover the view. I want the view. He regained the view. What marvelous day for Bartimée ! Jesus gave back him his lost view. Go, your faith saved you.

I now address you. You that suffer one way or another, you that lost the joie de vivre, you became article of the death, you that suffer physically and morally, I have good news for you : He calls you, Jesus calls you this morning. Don’t allow the crowd to stop you from reaching the Mr.. Your obstacle can be your religion, your social rank, your setting, your pride.

Let me say to you : to the point where you arrived, you must not consider all anymore these things, they cannot help you. You advance toward the unknown.

Who will welcome you in the beyond whereas you are not known over there ? Would you like to come to Jesus now ? He is going to heal you. He calls you…

The future of Bartimée

A useless son to his family becomes now not only useful to his family but also to the whole world.

Enjoying one perfect life, Bartimée can now work, to provide to his needs. The Bible says that he followed Jesus in the path. I think that Bartimée would have become a big evangelist with a living testimony. I was blind but now I see.

He has now right to the marriage, to the journeys and to all advantages and privileges that life offers. Bartimée would have become a man important of his generation. One day, we will know all it.

Beloved, you that now listen to me, God want to heal you, you won’t die. Jesus wants to make of you a column in his temple, a man, a woman, a young man, a girl, very happy in this world. He wants to give you what no one ever gave to you. He calls you.

Today Jesus calls all again, those that suffer to come to him. There is someone that likes you in this monde again : it is Jesus, it is Emmanuel, God among us. Even though you should leave this world, you would leave full from hope because Jesus reserves you the best.

He calls you, come to him without lingering. Your life won’t be any more the same with this contact with the Mr. of the world.

Jesus is compassionate, he lets himself convince by the scream of distress of a blind. God always answers similar call characterized by the persistence, the precision and the faith. Jesus, as asking him this question probably aimed two but : to make to specify to Bartimée his request and to show to the crowd that this faith he didn’t only beg money but he is going to beg something dearer than no one can offers him ; except that only God can offer the view to a blind. He calls you today so that you explain him your real need precisely. Are you ill ? Tell him it. You have a need that passes a man’s capacity, tell to him. He calls you, he likes you, he wants you closer to him, really tell him your need. Today will be an unforgettable date for you. He/it heard your sighs ; he marks a stop to listen to you. Know that he is the same yesterday, today and eternally. There is his strength, Jesus of Nazareth. He sees your eyes blush by tears, he sees your cushion wet by nocturnal tears.

This July 10, 2011 he calls you.

Approach you of him by the faith and you will be saved.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday JULY 03, 2011, by the brother AÏSSAN Alfred !


dimanche 3 juillet 2011

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Word - 62.5 ko

The last recommendation most urgent Jesus gave to his disciples before going to the sky is the announcement of the gospel that means to preach God’s speech in the whole earth. (Mark 16:15)

Jesus’ order to which perfectly obeys the theme of this day causes some questioning that : The why ? The how ? The where ? And the when ?

To approach the theme therefore without answering some of these questions would be or even practically difficult impossible.

Why do I have to speak of my God ?

Others will say that it is because it is Jesus’ order. Yes, it is true, but it is not sufficient if we want to go until the tip. When the man obeys and only makes execute an order without understanding the founded good of it, he ends up loosening with time. So Jesus accepted to go until the cross, it is because he had since this sacrifice was necessary and indispensable to pull the humanity of the hand of the devil. He took the burden entirely on himself. It is necessary to make costs that something costs so that the men are free. "The physician didn’t come for those that are in good health but for the patient." (Mathew 9 : 12)

Our text of basis answers the diagram that I am describing well. Here, the name of the small girl is not given by the Bible ; but we read that it had been caught by the pillagers. Of his Israel country, she has been taken in Syria, foreign territory where she will be used like servant by the General’s woman in chief of the king of Syria. This man named Naaman had achieved a lot of exploits for her country and had had a big renown. In spite of this, this reputation, Naaman has a suffering daily : the leprosy, a dangerous and headstrong illness. She/it tackles the victim’s skin by small wounds that gnaw and deepens themselves. While worsening, she/it can eat greedily the fingers or the patient’s toe, or it is the nose or the ears according to the case.

Naaman our General in chief would have looked for by one thousand and a way to get rid of this nasty illness, but impossible to arrive there. His body gnawed itself, deteriorated of months during or even of years. What misfortune for the General ! What impotence before the sick ! The small girl of Israel, slave, could observe Naaman to struggle before this curse. What to do ? Is it necessary that I am quiet on this that knower me ? Acts 4 : 20 Pierre and Jean were able to say : "… we cannot speak of what we saw and heard."

Capable to refrain before the misery of the big boss, the small slave should have opened her mouth to make a proposition to her mistress on what she had either seen sensible in Israel. [Recommendations to the children]

Otherwise, the leprosy is not simply considered by the Bible like an illness. It is rather an illness of the impurity that wants to say the sin. (Leviticus 13 : 3 ; Luc 5 : 13-14)

The sin doesn’t know the social rank. Wealth cannot hunt the sin of a man’s life. The houses to floor and the beautiful cars cannot purify a man. True or False ?

What a pity ! Some rich persons lie as the bird flies.

One day, a vastly rich man had been won by a big sadness to the point where he refused to eat. Some days later, he confided in his friends in these terms : "Je wanted to win the confidence of a beautiful woman but she refused me in spite of everything that I gave to him and promised. » Oh ! The flight, let’s not speak to of it anymore. You will be astonished while even seeing the old people robs ; it is not anymore the business of the only children.

In a school complex, a professor of mathematical flew every week of hours. Fortuitously for us that it is not here. Without the knowledge of all, he/it took the biggest salary. But one day, he was detected and was hunted right away.

Let’s see how many times the world is sick ; how many times the wizards continue to destroy of lives humans ; how many times of the murders him orchestrate all days. Can one be quiet while letting our similar in the alcoholism ? And that I know again ?

In law, the failure to render assistance to somebody in danger is reprehensible by the law. (Ezekiel 3 : 17-19)

If you have mercy of the men, speak of your God ;

If you know that god saves, speak of Him ;

If you remember of what you were compared to your life of today, speak of your God ;

If you know that it is by the testimony of another person that you arrived to the salute, speak of your God ;

If you know that it is thanks to God that you continue to live, speak of your God ;

If you know that God fortifies those that announce the gospel, speak of your God ;

If you know that all tree that doesn’t produce any fruits will be cut and thrown to fire, speak of your God.

Yes speak of our God, not only of the mouth but especially by our acts.

Today, he/it is demonstrated by the communicators that our acts speak better than our words. An expression in language" fon" teaches us that : "that says itself if doesn’t make itself well."

Christianity is not a theory but rather the practice, the practice it in his heart, around oneself, in his family, to the village, to the service, in journey, etc. By my mouth and in one record time, I can go to the United States of America, to descend quickly in France, to hold a meeting then in Germany to come back quickly to Godomey in the Academic Temple. But to put it in execution becomes difficult thing. It is why in some communities, some shameless persons responsible arrive before their similar to declaim this poem : « Ne made not what I make. Rather make what I tell you faire. »

The truth is not anymore with those, or God’s mind.

Dear children, if to proclaim you that God is good, one must feel it through your behaviors. The obedience and the submissiveness to the parents, the exemption in your subjects, the humility in your acts, the justice and the love of work makes well, the acceptance of the difference, the respect of the other and public property, brief the obedience to God’s speech.

Dear parents know that the proposition of the small girl slave to his/her/its mistress was not a fact of the luck ; it is the fruit of a previous seed.

If we want that our offspring become topics of salute for the humanity, we owe strive from now on. That means to instill to them God’s speech, to speak them of our God.

Speak of your God to your children.

That God bless us !

par Frère AÏSSAN Alfred

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Message du dimanche 26 JUIN 2011, par le Révérend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 26 juin 2011

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Word - 63.5 ko

« But of these who seemed to be somewhat, (whatsoever they were, it maketh no matter to me : God accepteth no man’s person :) for they who seemed to be somewhat in conference added nothing to me : But contrariwise, when they saw that the gospel of the uncircumcision was committed unto me, as the gospel of the circumcision was unto Peter ; (For he that wrought effectually in Peter to the apostleship of the circumcision, the same was mighty in me toward the Gentiles :) And when James, Cephas, and John, who seemed to be pillars, perceived the grace that was given unto me, they gave to me and Barnabas the right hands of fellowship ; that we should go unto the heathen, and they unto the circumcision. Only they would that we should remember the poor ; the same which I also was forward to do. »

There is the recommendation of the apostles, of those at that were looked like columns of the church, guarantors of the biblical doctrine, those who were the more considered, eyewitnesses of Christ’s actions, those who approved and verified the predications and teachings given by man of God. When Paul was met by the Lord Jesus who called it to preach the gospel that he persecuted, he was going to meet the guarantors of this Gospel to expose them that he preached ; they approved it and advisable like God’s good and truthful man.

According to his own testimony, the guarantors of the biblical truths gave him the hand of association ; they didn’t impose him anything otherwise to remember the poor people.

To remember the poor people, it takes care of them. The former will contain a lot of passages concerning the poor people : Exodus 23 : 10-11. The earth had to be loosened the seventh year so that the poor people enjoy some.

Your hand must not be closed before your indigent brother (Deuteronomy 15 : 7-8 ; 9-14)

A part of the crop in a corner of the field had to be let for the poor people. The world is divided in two groups or two categories of persons : the rich and the poor people, the affluent and the resourceless.

The Lord is an ardent defender of the poor people.

While reaping, it was necessary to let them some ears so that they glean some.

It was not necessary to refuse them the loans.

It was necessary to pay him for his/her/its salary.

It was not necessary that the rich exploit the poor people. Leviticus 19 : 9-10 ; Deuteronomy 15 : 1-6 ; Leviticus 15 : 8-55

The believer’s responsibility towards the poor and the pauper.

The son of God Jesus-Christ exercised the major part of his/her/its ministry in favor of the poor people and the underprivileged of the Jewish society of the time.

The oppressed and let them for account (Luke 4 : 18-19).

The Samaritans and their similar, the lepers, the widows, etc.

He had hard words at the place of those who were attached to their terrestrial goods and ignored the poor people. (Mark 10 : 17-25 ; Luke 6 : 24-25)

Jesus practiced what he preached. His/her/its disciples and had him a purse in which they drew to give to the poor people. (John 12 : 5-6 ; 13 : 29 ; Mathieu 19 : 21)

Jesus didn’t consider the liberality like an option ; she is one of the conditions expressed by Jesus to be able to enter in his/her/its kingdom. (Mathieu 25 : 35-46)

The Paul apostle and the primitive church showed evidence of a constant interest with regard to the poor people.

Since the beginning of their ministry, Paul and Barnabases represented the church of Antioquia of Syria and brought to Jerusalem an offering destined to the Christian of Judea. (Acts 11 : 28-30)

Paul made a collection in favor of the poor people among the saints of Jerusalem (Roman 15 : 26)

The church of God’s Assemblies must rescue the poor people. We want to see it to the bedhead of the patients, to see it by people hit by natural calamities.

God’s speech doesn’t let us the choice. It asks us to be sensitive to the bodily needs of those that surround us and more especially and of our brothers and sisters in Christ. (Galatians 6 : 10)

The Christian life is not only to come to rent the Lord but also to give a part of our goods to relieve the pain of the poor people. If the world had learned to share goods, God blessed this world enough so that there are not any poor people anymore. But hélas !

The selfishness, the greed is to the point that others eat bread of one thousand in full swing (1000), of two one thousand (2000) people at home.

They die without having.

God’s speech encourages the sharing of goods with the poor people. Barnabas, a man of good,

Barnabas is a Christian of the first century who deserved his nickname by his goodness. His parents who lived to Cyprus had named their son Joseph. But when he converts to Christianity, he excelled in kindliness, so generous that he was named Barnabas by his Christian friends. Barnabas means : son of the encouragement. Remember that he had sold his property and had given the whole price of the purchase to the apostles so that they share it to the poor people.

The primitive church cam of naître ; it was cosmopolitan. People of a comfortable class were mixed to the slaves, to the poor people, to persecute them hunted of their family ; they had lost everything because of Christianity. Immediately the Holy Spirit placed in the heart of the Christian the brotherly love.

Barnabas possessed a land and was one of the first disciples to answer the needs of the community while selling his property to give the price of it. The reputation of Barnabas is widespread ; it is called as apostle of Jesus. One didn’t hear that he/it revived a dead, healed a patient, but what he/it made was equal to the operation of the miracles. He had a good heart that God appreciated. He was like has player centralist who repairs the team’s game.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday JUNE 19, 2011, by the Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


dimanche 19 juin 2011

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Word - 66 ko

« By the grace of God, I am that I am… "

Before I had formed you in your mother’s stomach, I know you ; and before you had come out of his breast I had dedicated to you, I had established you prophet of the nations. Such are God’s subjects at the place of Jeremiah.

These subjects to mean you that before your conception, God knew you and had a plan for you.

Are you really already become this that you would owe be ? You are not late or in advance on yourself ? Do you deserve this really that you are being ?

Do you deserve one only of your diplomas ? Do we deserve our position truly in Christ ? God had a plan while sending the Holy Spirit on the earth. His plan was between other to destroy Satan’s actions by his children. Here is the reason of our position in Christ. Exactly, this position allowed us to have God’s Spirit in us, the Almighty in us. We are by way of consequence destined to the divinization.

We participate by God’s grace in his divinity and let’s become of this fact instrument in his hands.

Yes, God in us and us in his hands and between his hands : impenetrable mystery. The Holy Spirit in us is a formidable experience ; demonstrated especially by speaking in language.

Thus, God came on the earth in a new language, using a language or the new languages, appearing by distinctly different and unusually powerful signs.

This statute brings us to operate so much in the physical that in the invisible. Indeed, God had a plan for us.

We add this fact governed by two laws, one natural and the other spiritual. It returns us possessor of two identities : one spiritual and the other natural.

We are from two worlds then : physical world and spiritual world. Of this fact we use a natural language for the natural beings and a spiritual language for the spiritual beings. By this spiritual language Christ imposed the silence in the sea (Mark 4 : 35-41) and made quit the demonic recreations (Luke 8 : 26-33).

So God had a plan for person like Salomon.

Salomon was very young ; however God had reserved him a marvelous plan that humanly talking was incomprehensible.

We find in Salomon the sovereignty mysterious of God in favor of a man been born of an illegitimate relation (1Kings 1 : 32). Had not been a plan marvelous of God, what man as Salomon could be chosen to be a king instead David. It is inconceivable and unacceptable. Salomon is descended of a dirty origin. If one aligned the very born and lawfully born men, who would choose or would remember of Salomon ? Who could imagine that God would keep such a man to build him a house (2 Chronicle 3 : 1) ?

Recall yourselves the multiple sins committed by David before the birth of the big brother of Salomon : adultery, lie, murder and that I know again.

If this woman of Urie was not pulled, would not God find him another son of David susceptible of the remplacer ? Of course. Better, God watered it of a multitude of wealth and a prodigy of wisdom. What plan fantastic of God ! Who had it cru ?

If so much grace was for Salomon, did Paul enjoy him of a plan ? Paul apostle (1Corinthiens 15 : 10)

Which of the apostles and disciples could imagine that Paul, who was a persecutor, could a mean, a murderer, become an apostle ? Is not this that

God had a plan for this man, this adult ?

See this Paul and Barnabas applaud like gods in Lystre after the recovery of a disabled man of the feet and limping of burn ; this man who rose of a good and walked. The Bible says in Acts 14:11-13. A view of that Paul had made, the crowd raised the voice, and says in language lycaonienne : The gods under a human shape descended toward us. They called Barnabas Jupiter, and Paul Mercury, because it was he that carried the speech. The priest of Jupiter, whose temple was to the entry of the city, brought some bulls with strips toward the doors, and wanted, as well as the crowd, to offer a sacrifice. , »

Will browse the Acts of the Apostles and the epistles and let’s see the acts and words of Paul and we will see that incontestably God had a plan for this man and for us.

It is why with pride him said : " Par God’s grace, I am that that I am. ». You also, in the name of Christ, you will be what you should be. Yes, by God’s grace, we are even more that what we believe to be. We also received more that what we believe to have possessed.

So God had such a plan for this adult Paul, he also had a plan for an old man. So God had a plan for an old man, certainly he has a plan for you, you that read this message.

Two old men lived in a home for aged people. One say to the other : has something that I don’t understand about your case. You are going to lie down in the evening and you sleep until the morning like a baby ; but me, I wake up several times and my sleep is agitated. And the other respond : Lord never sleeps lightly, that it watches over us ; it is not necessary that we passed all two up the night. I lie down and he/it takes the relief. Abraham was old, aged of 90 years, descended of an idolatrous family and an original idolatry, the one of Nimrod that is fundamentally from Babylon. However God had a plan for this old man. The death appeared to be at his/her/its door. But Abraham’s age could not annul God’s promise, the one to give him a heir. Abraham’s origin could not stop God from raising it until this level. Certainly God will raise you.

Discouragements, the quarrels, the misunderstandings, the anguishes of the devil could not stop God’s plan from coming true in Abraham’s life. What God wrote on you will achieve itself. He will achieve himself. What God wrote on you will come true.

Pilate could shout it loud and fort : "That I wrote, I have written it." (John 19 : 22). Me Pilate I say that he/it is King of the Juifs s ; that you accept it or no, he/it is King of the Jews.

Didn’t God have besides, him a plan for Christ ?

Of Christ’s birth passing by the cross until the resurrection, he/it is stayed always king of the Jews. [Certainly, we will come back there]

Is this easy to tell a " I man will make of you a big nation… will be blessed in you " Genesis 12 : 1-3, and the accomplish ? So God could accomplish his promise on Abraham’s life, he will remember you.

What seem you of it that appear to us and let’s disappear without big trace ? No ! No ! No ! God will make us let good traces. In spite of the different jolts of the devil, we will defeat and God’s plan will come true. Thanks to him, we will be what we had to be.

As I had told it higher, it had a man mid-man mid-God : it is Christ. (Hebrews 5 : 5) For this God man had an impeccable plan. So God made a plan so marvelous for his/her/its Son Christ to the point to raise it Sovereign Sacrifice as the author of an eternal salute, the Father opened out his strength of it him while raising it above all domination, of all authority, of all power, of all dignity, of all name, and gave it for Chief Supreme in the church to the point that to Christ’s name, all knee bent and all language confesses that it is Lord. (Ephesians 1). Oh ! God has a plan for you.

Dear friend,

Don’t cry anymore. God has a plan for you.

If the jail didn’t stop Jeremiah from becoming what God wrote on him,

If the manner of which Salomon is born didn’t stop it from becoming king, rich, and to build a house for God,

If the multiple sufferings didn’t stop Paul from being apostle and to say " J’ai fought the good combat " and thanks to God, " Je is that that me suis ",

If the test of the barrenness and the sacrifice of Isaac didn’t stop Abraham from being father blessed of the faith,

If the cross, of part his/her/its suffering didn’t stop Christ from being raised sovereignty,

If the jail, the illness and the death didn’t stop Joseph and Job from being if bless,

If the flight didn’t constantly stop David from becoming king,

Nothing absolutely nothing will prevent you, no matter your origin, your poverty, your birth, your family. God has a plan for you.

Escape the sin under all his/her/its shapes. Because God has a plan for you.

I order that all black hand of the devil on your life, your family, your to become, your projects, is destroyed. That God’s plan achieve himself.

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday JUNE 12, 2011, by the Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


Reading : Luke 24 : 49 ; Acts 1 : 4-5 ; Matt. 3 : 11 ; Acts 19 : 2

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dimanche 12 juin 2011

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Word - 64.5 ko

I- Declaration of the big characters of the New Testament on the necessity of the Holy Spirit baptism.

A- Jesus, the Son of God

Jesus recommends to his disciples to wait for the baptism of the Holy Spirit before beginning his work. (Luke 24 : 49 ; Acts 1 : 4-5).

Knowing therefore the importance of the Holy Spirit baptism in the life of his disciples and in any believer’s life, Jesus the Son of God, having himself been helped by the Holy Spirit during his ministry on earth, insisted that the disciples receive it before entering into the mission of the harvest of the souls.

We see them under the influence of the Holy Spirit in acts 2. The crowd ran and heard them speak in other languages (v.9-11)

B- Declaration of John the Baptist, precursor of Jesus the Son of God.

Filled of the Holy Spirit before his birth, he was one of the biggest preachers that the world has ever known. He saw crowds of people come to him, all categories together, to hear his powerful messages. People repented of their sins and were baptized of water. He would tell them : "I baptize you of water, to bring you to the repentance ; but the one that comes after me is more powerful than I, and I am not worthy to wear his shoes. He will baptize you of the Holy Spirit and with fire." (Matt. 3 : 11)

C- Declaration of Paul, apostle of Christ

Former persecutor of the church, Jesus met him on the way to Damascus and he converted to Christianity.

Then, Jesus recommended him to go in the city and a certain Ananias who will tell him what to do. Ananias told him : « Lord Jesus sent me so that you regain the view and that you are filled of the Holy Spirit."(Acts 9 : 17).

After having made this experience, Paul himself will say : « I give thanks to God for I speak in tongues more than all of you" (1Corinth. 14 : 18). Then he exhorts the Christians of his time saying : "Don’t forbid speaking in tongues. But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way." (1Corinth. 14 : 39-40)

D- Declaration of Peter, apostle of Jesus

" Repent and be baptized, everyone of you, in the name of Jesus-Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, because the promise is for you, for your children and for all who are far away, in as big number that the Lord will call." (Acts 2 : 38-39)

All these big characters of the New Testament have all made some declarations in favor of the importance of being filled of the Holy Spirit for stable and victorious Christian life. No one is as indicated as them to speak of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life.

They would be shocked to hear that there are Christians that don’t believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

When Paul met a group of of twelve (12) Christians in Ephesus, he asked them this question :" Did You receive the Holy Spirit when you believed ?" (Acts 19 : 2). It is an important question. Paul knows that a Christian must be baptized of the Holy Spirit. Paul didn’t try to know if they were Assembly of God, Baptist, Evangelical, Methodist, Foursquare, UEEB Christians, etc. For Paul, a Christian must be filled of the Holy Spirit. Paul didn’t ask them : did you do a pilgrimage in Jerusalem ? Bethlehem, Nazareth, to the Jordan to pray, close to the waters where Jesus was baptized ?

The apostle went straight ahead to the essential. Twenty-five (25) years after the first Pentecost, Paul experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit in Ephesus. It was first necessary to make them an upgrading, a lighting, preparing them thus to live the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

They received the Holy Spirit on imposition of Paul’s hands. When the Holy Spirit came on them, they spoke in tongues and prophesied.

Next, there were extraordinary miracles by the Holy Spirit in the city. Paul taught the disciples in the school of a man named Tyrannus. (Acts 19 : 9-12). Christ’s power appeared. There is the face of the true Christianity. May God make our church a real Church of Pentecost.

Let’s be filled of the Holy Spirit so that Christianity recovers its original meaning, its vitality and its relevance. It is necessary that we returned to the question of the great Apostle : "Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed ?". They were not filled because they were ignorant about this issue.

Paul said : "Be filled with the Spirit" (Ephesians 5 : 18). It is not an opinion, it is a command. It never came to the mind of the Apostles to separate the believers in two groups, the filled and the unfilled. Satan divided the Christians on the issue because he knows that if all Christians were filled with the Holy Spirit, his reign would already have ended.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit gives the zeal, courage, the power in evangelism. If all the church is filled of the Holy Spirit, the devil will be in trouble.

(To follow.)

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday JUNE 05, 2011, by the Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


Reading : John 16 : 1-4, 33 ; 2Tim 3 : 12

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dimanche 5 juin 2011

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Word - 62 ko


We must all know that God’s fidelity doesn’t guarantee to the believer a life free of all suffering, pain, and problem as some think it. Jesus, in his teachings, warned us that we must expect such tragedies.

There are several reasons for which the believers suffer :

1) The believer suffers because of the down fall of Adam and Eve. When sin entered in the world, it brought in the world pain, conflicts and death that invaded the life of all humans. Genesis 3 : 16-19.

2) Some believers suffer like unbelievers. That mean they undergo the consequences of their actions. The principle that wants that one harvests what one sowed (Gen. 6 : 7) applies in a general way to all. God can discipline us because of our sins.

3) God can use suffering as catalyst for our growth or our spiritual transformation.

4) God uses suffering to test our faith.

5) God can use suffering to make advance the reason of his kingdom.

When God treats us as his children he must correct us from time to time, prune us for God’s kingdom to allow us to bear a lot of fruits. Abraham, Moses, David, Daniel, Joseph, the Apostles, all knew of the difficult times and the end was marvelous.

It is sometimes necessary that we are in a hurry as one presses a cloth to make all the water that is in it come out in the only goal to make it clean and presentable.

6) We suffer because the world doesn’t like us because of our life that judges them.

If the world didn’t like Jesus, it won’t like us either.

7) God tests us in order to bless us.

David composed a lot of songs through his suffering. These psalms are useful for us today.

Apostle Paul speaks about his sufferings. (2Corinth. 11 : 21-32 ; 12 : 7-10). Didn’t a secular author say : to defeat without peril, one comes back without glory."

So that he is not swollen of pride, God made him sick all his life by ordering a Satan’s angel to introduce this ailment in Paul’s body. Did he sin ? No ! He had a splinter in his flesh. The idea of the splinter evokes a sort of pain, tribulation, suffering, humiliation or physical infirmity. This pain humiliated Paul. While seeing this state of thing, he stayed humble before God.

God can for our future good invalidate this body in the goal to maintain us in this test so that our soul is saved.

All things contribute to the good of those that love God. God himself especially chooses the tools and the instruments that he knows necessary in order to form and to qualify his child for only one domain of activity and service in the eternal kingdom. God never permits uselessly a pain in his child’s life. Fortuitous deaths, the paralysis that arrive in the life of the Christian have a goal. The tests that we have to endure in this life are all things considered, light and ephemeral. They prepare us for the eternity, a fullness of glory exceeding what we can imagine.

To complain about the tests that God sends on us, that underestimates God. Those who preach, that a Christian doesn’t fall sick, preach their own speech and not God’s. Those who preach, that a Christian cannot be poor, preach their own speech and not the one of God. In the parable of the rich and Lazarus we saw what happened later. God uses poverty to correct us so that we learn to depend on him every day. He knows that if he gives us abundance, it will lead us. Everybody cannot manage abundance to go to heaven. The big riches lead astray.

Whatever the test is, God’s stories always end well as a young girl would say it at the Sunday school while listening to the story of the sacrifice of Isaac.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, 29 MAI, 2011 by Pascal SAMBIENI !

Thème :

dimanche 29 mai 2011

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, 22 MAI, 2011 by Pascal SAMBIENI !

Thème :

dimanche 22 mai 2011

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, 15 MAI, 2011 by Naomie TEKLE !


dimanche 15 mai 2011

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The gospel got an effective access in Thessalonica. Many Thessalonians firmly embraced the gospel. The church grew in faith, in charity and in hope. Its enthusiasm and its fervor were known in all the provinces of Macedonia and Achaia (1 Thessalonica 1:1-10).

But in the past, a false teaching spread surely by certain philosophers about the resurrection of the dead (Acts 17:18-32) plunged some believers into discouragement and doubt. That is what made apostle Paul react. He made everything clear on that important doctrine i.e. the resurrection of the dead (1 Thessalonians 4:13). Nothing changes for the true Christians, whether they are dead or alive, they will live with the Lord. That is what the Thessalonians did not understand by leaving the false teaching making them asleep. That is why as for we, let’s not sleep.

To sleep is to be in sleep and sleep is explained by the universal dictionary as the periodical and natural suspension of the conscious life. It is a state of inactivity.

1- How to identify a Christian who is sleeping ?

A Christian who is sleeping hears nothing anymore, he sees nothing. He is like a blind person. God speaks by using many ways but this Christian hears nothing. A Christian who is sleeping becomes weak with regards to the work of God.

He has no more zeal for the work of God. He gets no more interested in Spiritual things. Some Christians have progressively abandoned the activities they do in the church without a valid reason : Choir, Sunday school, evangelization and department activities…

Prayer becomes a difficult thing to do. He has no more the desire to spend time before God. The meditation of the word of God becomes difficult and he progressively regresses in prayer and in the meditation of the word of God. At this level, one must question himself and see if sleep has not started in his life.

The Christian who is sleeping is more interested in the pleasures of this world. He sins and lives in sin without being worry (lie no more tells him anything).

Jesus is appealing to us this morning : if you have ears, then, listen to what the spirit says to the churches (Revelation 3:22).

II- The dangers that the person who is sleeping is running

Some youth travelled to take part in a youth camp. At the bus stop, the night caught them and they were to spend the night there. One of them took the decision of staying awake so as to watch over their luggage. But during the night, his eyes got drowsy and he got asleep. When they woke up they notice that their luggage disappeared by the visitation of the thief

Sleep puts man into an unconscientiously state and being in this state of unconsciousness he loses his state of defense. When somebody gets asleep, we can do everything by his side and he will not know. In the same way, he who is sleeping can do things in the sleep without knowing. For example, having his mouth open or being naked. When we are sleeping, we do not control our self anymore.

The same thing happens in the spiritual domain. He who is spiritually sleeping loses his state of defense. The enemy can attack and get him. Witches, demons, the devil can attack and get him. He who is spiritually sleeping is exposes himself to the enemy. He defends and supports what we cannot d

par Mme TEKLE Naomie

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Message of Sunday, 08 MAI, 2011 by Rev. Pascal SAMBIENI !

Theme :

dimanche 8 mai 2011

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, 1er MAI, 2011 by Rev. Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


dimanche 1er mai 2011

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Tell me, who is that man who sufficiently possesses goods to offer to a man of God. No one eventually. In everything faith is need.

Or who has sufficient goods to offer to God. Tell me, who has almost nothing to give to a man of God.

Because every time you say in your prayer : Lord come to help, assist, protect and bless the servants you gave us and their respective family, this is already a rescue, a support, a contribution, a gift that you are offering us. I would even say, in other term that it equals diamond, silver, and gold ; in short it is an immeasurable blessing. More over, if you offer them a cup of fresh water …

  Does the Bible not say in Mathew 10:42 "You can be sure that who ever gives even a drink of cold water to one of the least of these my followers because he is my follower, will certainly receive a reward."

The expression "Even" means that who ever gives the least thing has done much.

Of course, who ever gives a cup of fresh water to a servant of God, a prophet, an apostle, a teacher of t he word, a disciple of Christ will be rewarded.

The Bible says out and specifies again ’you will be rewarded". Your decision to take away shame from a servant of God will never be forsaken.

Shame kills more slowly but surely than the iron of a sling or than the bullet of a gun. In fact, all the people who did great things to God, materially speaking, such people whom God has distinguished on a list in so far as Christ mentioned them centuries later, have never been rich men. Luc 4:26. Very often, they are not opulent, well accommodated.

They decide by faith and act by it.

Generally, they have been people of a modest life, hungry and poor men,who need help, who in reality lack their daily bread, people in a situation of handicap,people under suffering,facing death, people that God rightly uses for his glory.

These people have rarely been rich.

As evidence, we can look at the attitude of the poor widow in Luke 21[She had just put two little coins because not only did she bear the drawback of poverty but also that of the widowhood.

 That widow hardly had a legal status:religious,social or political.

 She offered everything she had to live on : what a faith ! She is exceptional

 She actually showed the evidence of a spirit of and faith. Limitless] If the poor could give proportionately to their poverty and the rich to their abundance !

But that widow did not only give a proportion, she rather gives all she had !

Put God to test and you will see his glory.

Besides, the attitude of the widow of Zarephath that says “I had no cooked food” Sothen, if there is nothing in a house, nothing eatable or cooked, this is a problem. If again nothing can be cooked, this is very bad.

She said : “I have a handful of flour in a pot and a little oil, and I am collecting some firewood to go home and cook with just for me and my son. We will eat and die after that.

But the man of God said (Luke 21:13-14)

O !How many times the programs of God’s servants fall and break the programs of people ! Sometimes they make things confusing to people’s programs.

But in the name of Jesus your wealth will not be lessened.

As the flour was not lacking in the pot and the oil the jug, thesame way, rather than lessening,your wealth will increase. Your treasury will not go down of a penny and nothing will harm it.Neither cockroaches nor pestilence will destroy it.If the widow of Zarephath did not regret that faith and obedience to the word ofGod and has mostly lived the miracle, youtoo, will live your miracle.

May all your businesses and enterprises that are dead or staggering come to life and breakthrough ?

In Jesus name,may the God of prosperity, of reward visit you and make you prosperous in all domains.

May the God of Abraham,Isaac,Jacob, Elijah and of the widow lift you up.

Be blessed !

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, 24 AVRIL, 2011 by Rev. Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 24 avril 2011

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The word of God said that sin came into the world through one man and in the same way, resurrection triumphantly came into the world through one man ; Romans 5:12. Christ, risen from the dead, will never die again ; death has no more power over him ; Romans 6:9. Before His resurrection,He told about His superiority over death by raising people from the dead : Lazarus, the only son of a widow…

The importance of resurrection in Christianity

- The corner stone of Christianity

- The entire superstructure lay on the resurrection of Jesus

- Gives hope to the hopeless world

- Constitutes the superiority of Christianity on any other religion

- Without resurrection, our faith is vain

The reasons of believers’ resurrection

a- To permit believers to become all what God wanted man to be a creation ; 1Corinthians 2:9

b-So that believers be aware of everything God wants to show them ; John 17:3

c-So that God express His love to His children like He wishes ; John 3:16 ; Ephesians 2:7

d-So that all the redeemed may be rewarded after serving God on earth

e-So that the incredulous be punished according to God’s righteousness for the crimes they commit on earth.

The evidence of Christ’s resurrection

- His tomb is empty ; Matthew 27 ; Luke 24

- The angels proclaimed and announced His resurrection ; Luke 24:2 confirms it

- More than 500 brethren saw Him

- He appeared to Paul on the way to Damascus

- He spoke with His disciples

- He walked with two of His disciples on the of Emmaus ; Luke 24:15-17

- He changes people’s life today.

Christian’s behavior 1Corinthians 15:58

- being firm

- Being steady

- Working better and better in serving God knowing that this will not be in vain.

Christian does fear death.

Christians are sleeping waiting for resurrection ; 1Corinthians 6:14 They do not cry like pagans when they lose their relative.

The importance of resurrection

1- It is one of the basic truths of the Gospel ; 1Corinthians 15:1-8

2- It shows that Christ is the Son of God ; John 10:17-18

3- It guarantees the effectiveness of His redeeming death ; Romans 6:4 ; 1Corinthians 15:17

4- It confirms the truthfulness of the scriptures ; Proverbs 6:10 ; Luke 24:44-47

5- It is the proof of the coming judgment about the wicked ; Acts 17:30-31

6- It gives believers the assurance of future heritage ; 1Peter 1:3-4

7- It allows us to have access to the presence of Christ and to benefit from His power over sin

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, 17 AVRIL, 2011 by Pastor Justine SOSSOU !


dimanche 17 avril 2011

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Nowadays, the youth constitute the majority of the population. This category of people is at the center of all the spheres of life in the society. If we usually say that the youth are the hope of tomorrow or the future of a nation is based on its youth, let us also recognize that it is all the truer that the future the church is based on her youth. Unluckily, it is sad to notice that this youth is under the influence of the world and undergo the pressure of sin and Satan to the extent they are losing their real identity in Christ. Then, it is to help this youth that the theme of this National Youth-Day is entitled “God’s call to a staggering youth”. Therefore,whydo we say that the youth is staggering ? What is God’s call to them ? What is God’s expectation from this youth ?Here are some concerns to which we are going find answers through this message.

Notwithstanding, a better understanding will help to grasp the content of this message.

I- Definition

When we consider the theme of the message, we can see the use of some expressions such as “God’s call” and “A staggering youth”. “God’s call” : This can be seen as an interpellation, a quick and urgent call, or an alarming shout.

“A staggering youth”is a less firm youth, unstable, oscillating, staggering and likely to fall. But in what are they staggering ?

II- The characteristics of a staggering youth If the youth are staggering, it means that they were vigorous, firm in faith, combatant, devoted, resistant, determined, engaged and confident.

But unfortunately today, they are no more at their initial place. In fact, we talk of the characteristics of a staggering youth ; two main levels are taken into account : spiritual and moral level.

1- In the spiritual domain

Today, they undergo downfall, regression and weakening leading them progressively to a sad downfall. All this is marked by a spiritual coolness and lack of zeal for prayer and for the meditation of the word of God. Indeed, it is sad to notice that most of the youth like no more prayer sessions. There is regression of faith, lack of consecration to God.

Being then disarmed and weakened, the youth undergo the devil’s attacks and the influence of the world that affects them.

2- In the moral domain

They are losing their real identity in Christ. In 2Timothy 3:1, apostle Paul said that in the last days, times will be difficult, because people will be selfish, greedy, boastful, and conceited ; they will be insulting, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, and irreligious, …These words of apostle Paul can be observed today, and unluckily even in the church. Some young menget drawn in worldly practices, just for material and financial interests, putting aside their identity of children of God.Sin has become a common fashion with young men within the church, so much that this means nothing to them. They even minimize the extent and badness of sin. Some of them give themselves to sexual immorality without any remorse ; they even apply this as a living style. What a pity ! This youth is staggering today, because they are possessed by the love of money, the love of the world, lovingpleasure than God and blinded by the seduction of the flesh. Thus, they give up spiritual weapons and the power of God. They are vulnerable to so many temptations and fall under the enemy. That is why they encounter many difficulties in their social and professional life. In the domain of marriage for instance, we can noticea despair with some youth due to their old age without a partner. In the domain of job, the same remark is made, because many youth are looking for job, without any satisfaction, and they fall into despair, find themselves weakened,uncommitted vis a vis God’s service and giving up their weapons in so doing. If the future of the church is therefore based on the youth, what is the fate reserved for them ? This situation preoccupies the church a lot, the leaders and, mainly God, about the youth. That is why God is calling today.

III-What is the call then ?

The passage we have just read is a prophecy from prophet Isaiah toward God’s people. In fact, Isaiah became God’s spokesman in Jerusalem in a dangerous period when there was an international tension. The Babylonians who replaced the Assyrians as the dominatingpower in allthe region, besieged Jerusalem 587 B.C and deported its population. The deported thus, wondered about their fate and about that of the holy city(Jerusalem) ; because to them, the ruin of the holy city may have been a victory of the Babylonian’sgodsover the God of Israel. Far from the country that God gave them, deprived of the temple where they met God, the captives were in great despair and were persuaded that God knowingly or powerlessly abandoned them.

It is therefore, in this context that God via the mouth of prophet Isaiah, addressed them in verse 31 “Butthose who trust in the Lord find their power renewed…” When we also consider the situation in which the youth are today, we can see that God is calling them to come back to Him, to trust in Him and to rely on Him only.

1- Call for repentance : from our weaknesses and spiritual downfall

2- Call fortrust in the Lord : God is calling the youth to have confidence in only Him for the success of their destiny.

3- God’s call for relying on His power : God is also calling to depend on his spirit, because the source of our spiritual power is the Holy Spirit. If we do not depend on God in our combats and in our race, we will uselessly get weary.

4- God’s call for the whole church : We must also know that this call does not only concern the youth but all the church.


This morning, God is showing us that He is powerful, so that as Israel, all the church reconsiders and believes in His restoration for a better future. Because though the youth and the adolescents are staggering, it is God who renews their strength and He is ready to renew the power of whosoever puts his confidence in Him and repents from his evil way and lives a life that entirely depends on His Spirit. That is why, it is now important to answer the call of God to every person present here.

par Pasteur Justine SOSSOU

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Message of Sunday, 10 AVRIL, 2011 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !

Theme :

dimanche 10 avril 2011

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Veuillez nous excuser pour le retard sur cette page. Cette situation est indépendante de notre volonté. Notre équipe est à pied d’œuvre pour vous satisfaire. Merci.
par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, 03 AVRIL, 2011 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !

Theme :

dimanche 3 avril 2011

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, 27 March, 2011 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 27 mars 2011

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A legend reports that after the death of Ossei Tutu, the great founder of the Ashanti Empire of Ghana in the 18th century, a civil war broke out in Koumassi, the capital of the Kingdom. The two nephews of the King started dragging the power.

During a fight the fight, one of the nephews named Dakan was killed by his rival who got the throne. He started persecuting all those who supported his unfortunate cousin. Then, the princess Pokou who was Dakan’s sister was obliged to flee with her people. Carrying her son at her back, she led the walk and encouraged her followers to fight against fear and discouragement. They came in front of the Comoe, a furious river whose strong waves were terribly rolled by rains. Lying on the river’s bank, caimans with their mouths to the sun were observing with interest this tribe made of poor people.

The Queen called for the help of a fortuneteller who, after consulting the oracle, told her that the ghost of the river is irritated and claims a human sacrifice, the blood of one of their son. The Queen returned and came back to her people and announced the price demanded by the river’s ghost for the redemption of the tribe. She shouted from family to family, from one group to another saying : "The River demands the blood of one of our sons Is there any volunteer among you, people of Koumassi ?" But they all bowed down their head and returned holding their sons in their arms. Then, the Queen returned slowly to the bank of the river and detaching her son from her back, she covered him with her jewelry and said : "My only son, I know that I should sacrifice my son for the survival of this tribe". She threw him into the waters and returned and the miracle was fulfilled. The waters of the river cooled down and a great cheese monger situated on the other side of the river got curved offering a bridge to the tribe in distress.

When they got at the other bank of the river, all the people of Koumassi bowed down before the Queen and asked her to baptize her new kingdom. But the Queen could only murmur in sob saying :"Ba ou li” which means : the son is dead. From there came the name of Baoule people of Cote d’Ivoire. She was the most famous Queen who died in 1760 near Bouake.

If we asked God the reason of our meeting as church made of one body of different tribes, He would answer in sob : "My only son is dead. I lost my only son at the age of 33 in the vast ocean of the sin in this world." He died shouting Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani !, which means : ‘’My God, my God, why have you forsaken me ?’’. These words have broken my heart ; Mathew 27:46. I sacrificed my son so that the sinner lives. That is the history of Christianity. 800 years before his birth, Isaiah prophesied in the following way ; Isaiah 53. None of us would like to see his son suffering in this way. God showed his love to us by sacrificing his only son so that all the tribes of the world live.

The great price of our redemption.

The word of God states : "It is not through perishable things, money or gold that you have been redeemed from the vain way of living…" The money of which people are slave today is minor and inconsiderable compared to the price whereby Christians are redeemed. We, Christians have been redeemed by the blood of Christ.

The value of our redemption is too high, consequently we must be very watchful not to crucify Christ again, which is impossible. The high price of our redemption looks like the story of two boys who went to jail after breaking the government law. One of them, the son of a wealthy family was soon released after his parents paid a caution. But the other boy stayed longer in prison and his mother had got to work hard breaking stones for his liberation. The son of the wealthy family was ready to renew the same game but his friend understood quite well the price paid by the hardship of his mom and refused to get involved in the new adventure.

The reaction of the poor boy is similar to a person who has understood the value of redemption. When we are invited by sinners or bad companions to go to night clubs or mess ourselves in the world, we can answer them that Jesus suffered for us. We no longer want to crucify Him. A great number of Christians underestimate the cost of their redemption. They have one foot at church and the other in the pleasures of this world. As a Christian, I need to recognize that I have a past. Somebody died for me. From now on I am dead in sin. Whenever I sin, this looks like worsening the wounds of Christ for me.

My behavior towards the high price of my redemption.

As an obedient child,

  I should not comply with the desires of this world

  I should look for holiness,

  I should fear God,

  I should walk in sanctification, 1 Peter 1:13-16 ; 22

I must always remember that all the wealth of this world put together is not able to redeem a single soul. When we know the value of an item that we have on our body, that we use, we do not use it anyhow. Unfortunately there are many people who underestimate the death of Jesus. They talk about Jesus but their behaviors are not in line with the commandments of Jesus. The Holy Scripture states : "For this is no longer any sacrifice that will take away sins if we purposely go on sinning after the truth has been known to us".

In the Mosaic Law time, he who violated the law died without mercy upon the deposition of two or three witnesses. What, then, of those who despise the son of God ? Who treat as a cheap thing the blood of God covenant which purified them from sin ? Who insult the spirit of grace ? Just think how much worse is the punishment they will deserve ! Verse 31 states : “It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God. ”

Each sin we commit reduces our value before God. God hates sin in all its aspects. Saul, the first king was rejected by God because of his disobedience, 1 Sam. 15… Obedience is better than sacrifices and the respect of his words is better than rams’ fat. Obeying God’s commandments is better than rituals. Tithes, offerings will be valuable before God if the individual giving them gets separated from sin.

Being a Christian means resembling Christ, Remember that God sacrificed his son for you.

God bless you.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, 20 March, 2011 by Reverend Emmanuel OGOU !

Theme :

dimanche 20 mars 2011

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par Rév. Emmanuel OGOU

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Message of Sunday, 13 March, 2011 by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !

Theme :

Reading : 2 Samuel 18 : 6-9 ; Psalm 133 : 1-3

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dimanche 13 mars 2011

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par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, 06 March, 2011 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !

Theme :

Reading : Job 1 : 12 ; Job 2 : 6

To Read the french version of this message clic HERE...

dimanche 6 mars 2011

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, 27 February, 2011 by Clément DAVITO !

Theme :

dimanche 27 février 2011

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par Clément DAVITO

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Message of Sunday, 20 February, 2011 by Reverend Marc KOMBIENOU !


dimanche 20 février 2011

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Midnight is the hour of Christians. When we consider the whole prophesies, it appears that Christ will come to seek his spouse (the church) in a particular troubled period i.e. "at midnight".

Darkness shall become thicker and judgment shall fall on a world that is more and more rebellious. The church shall experience the first trembling of this great tribulation described in the book of Revelation.

The way God spared his people before striking (at the time of Noah and Lot …) the same way we believe he shall withdraw the church from the earth before judging nations.

And since we ignore the day of his coming, what is important is that we get ready when he will appear for 3 reasons at least.

a- First of all, he will come without warning, like a thief

b- Thereafter, he will appear like a light , suddenly

c- Finally, he will be like a net, which suggests the idea of a selection : "one shall be taking and the other shall be left".

With this last thought, let us seriously question ourselves. Are we really vigilant, perseverant in faith and in prayer ?

par Rév. Marc KOMBIENOU

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Message of Sunday, 13 February, 2011 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


Reading : Ephesians 6:1-47 ; Colossians 3:21

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dimanche 13 février 2011

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Children are God’s gift to parents. They come into the world so that parents guard and feed them so that they can grow up and become adults.

God makes parents responsible for the education of their children. In Deuteronomy 6:6-7 it is written : "Never forget these commands that I am giving you today. Teach them to your children. Repeat them when you are at home and when you are away, when you are resting and when you are working".

One of the best ways of showing our love to God is to care about their spiritual welfare and to strive to bring them to have a faithful relationship with God.

The bible says :"Parents, do not irritate your children". How do we then irritate a child ?

I- We irritate a child when we fail to satisfy his legitimate needs : shelter, food, education, clothing and health. Many children have become gangs for having missed these means. We should not bring children into the world if we are not ready to play this role. God condemns parents who refuse to take care of their children.

We see animals, birds taking care of their children. They protect them against dangers ; they give them food to eat…

Certain animals and birds take care of their children better than men. A hunter saw a bird one day that was burnt by fire because of his children in their nest.

II- We irritate a child when we frequently insult him.

Do you know why Michael Jackson, a black American, a great star underwent many esthetic surgery operations ? He was the seventh child of the Jackson’s family who had 9 children. In fact, his father had got 10 children and a twin is dead after his birth. The family was living in a little house made of 2 rooms with 9 children.

His father, a guitarist was modestly gaining his life so as to feed 9 children. He was a Jehovah witness. Michael left this religion in 1987. Being very authoritarian, his father imposed strict rules to his children. He physically and mentally ill-treated his children. He regularly made fun of Michael. He mocked at his physical appearance by calling him “Big nose”. This insult affected Michael and he had emotional difficulties, a great dissatisfaction because his body irritated him.

When he became rich, he underwent many operations about his nose. To hide his defects, he wore a wig. He said he was shocked by the insult "big nose". That is why he altered his face, whitened his skin and suffered from loss of pigmentation for 20 years.

He was in conflict with his father because of the insult "big nose". Yet, he had glory and money but he did not live a happy life. He was irritated by his father. He expressed it via his songs. We could feel that it was a young man full of bitterness due to the irritation that his father inflicted to him. He died at the age of 50. For an American, it is too soon because their average of life is very high. He preferred to bequeath the guard of his children to his mother. The drawbacks of this irritation followed him all his life long.

The bible says :"Parents, do not irritate your children".

Another child who was irritated by his mother again is Niky Cluz. At the age of 13 while playing football by his mother’s side and jumping here and there, his mother, a medium, addressed him in the following ways : "you are son of Satan, go away from here". The child sobbed for long time and cried deeply. At this age, he left his fatherly home and was recruited in a group of gangs who used daggers and guns as their weapons of fight. It is at the age of 30 that he got converted under the ministry of teen challenge of Pastor David Wickerson. In his testimony he said it was his mother who wounded him when he was 13. Embittered, I left home.

Numerous are parents who insult their children all day long (good for nothing, impolite, you are like your father or your mother, idiot, big head,…). These things do not edify children. Our mouth must bless but not to curse.

The third thing that can irritate a child

III- Maltreating his mother in his presence or fighting between parents in front of him

This kind of behavior can irritate your children. When peace leaves a household, children undergo negative consequences. When children lack a model what remain for them again ? Many parents are no more a model for their children.

IV- We irritate a child when he sees that his mother is replaced by another woman.

I was reading the story of a little American of the age of 11 who is currently in prison for having killed his father’s concubine on the bed by shooting a bullet in her head. Numerous are the children in prison and they constitute a serious problem for American justice.

A child told his father : "when I become a grown-up, I will kill you".

Why ? His father asked ?

The child answered directly saying :"because you maltreat my mother". He was 5. At the age of 5, he was already irritated. Numerous are the children who lost reference in families.

A Christian star was singing about the plagues of our world by saying : "I encountered in the street a child of about 4 years who was tearfully crying. He asked him "where do you come from ?" he answered by summarizing his suffering in telegraphic sentences : "Daddy drinks…Mum beaten… I run away from home … there is nothing in the fridge. I am looking for someone who loves me… would you like to take me to your home…I am hungry".

How do your children describe you outside ?

Wicked father ! Wicked mother ! There are going to church for nothing. A child said : "one day I will leave this house, it is a hell".

V- We irritate our children when we become irresponsible parents who have resigned from their duties

Children are humiliated at school, in the society. They have a complex of inferiority as regards the others. They are ashamed of their parents. They prefer to show other people’s parents to their comrades instead of their own parents.

We do not have to resign from our duty as father or mother. Animals and birds who act by instinct do not resign from their duty. Having become grown up in village, surrounded by cows, horses, goats, kids, dogs, wild and domestic animals, I saw a lot of things. A mare gave birth to dead child. She stayed beside the baby believing that it would survive. Why does she stay there ? Because she loves her baby, she wants to take care of it.

If a bird could fight for his babies, if a dog, a cat could displace they babies and hide them from danger, if a lioness could everyday hunt so as to feed her children, created at the image of God, man should do everything for his children.

To secure his children, Eagle makes his nest over high mountains, high trees where it is difficult for men and animals to reach.

The bible says that if someone does not take care of those in his family he has denied faith and he is worst than an unfaithful person ; 1 Timothy 5:8.

How many are those among Christians who truly take care of the

members of their family ?

How many children can testify the good manner in which their parents take care of them ? Children are born and abandon to their fate.

Listen to the cries of the abandoned children that reach God’s ears. They cry, those poor children in streets and neighborhoods, looking for someone who would love and take care of them. They come from irresponsible parents who only know how to make children but do not know how to take care of them.

As for Christians, they have to take care of their children because the Lord demands it and one day they will give account of the way they treat their family. Abraham transmitted the knowledge of God to his children and bequeathed his properties to them.

If parents must not irritate their children, what must they do ?

What is their duty towards their children ?

I- They must educate them

God recommended it to the children of Israel in Deuteronomy 6:6-9.

God repeats the same thing to Christians. To educate is to train, to up bring and to transmit ethic values so that the child know how he must behave in the world. It is in education that the child learns how to live and politeness. Moses’ mother educated him ; Samuel’s also did not neglect this sphere.

Very often we hear adults saying : it is my mother that trained me … it is our father that trained us … If I am what I am today ; it is because of my parents.

Psalms 78:4-8, Proverbs 22:6, Geneses 18:19.

The second duty is the following :

2- Disciplining children

To discipline is to give the sense of order, of duty, of obedience. It is parents’ duty to punish children in love. The child must know that there is a superior authority who leads the house and who is capable of punishing the disobedient child.

In the modern societies that exclude God from their system of life, they forbid physical punishment. They are rebellious societies to God. That is why today, they have under ages in prison.

They have too much problems because they put God aside from their system of life. But as far as we are concerned, we must keep what God teaches us.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, february 06, 2011 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 6 février 2011

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Abraham knew that his son Isaac had reached maturity. He engaged the steps for the son not to get married anyhow to a woman. Abraham also knew that God called him and his descendents to live a life separated from the lifestyle of the tribes that surrounded him. That separation consisted in forming a holy nation that would keep his commandments.

To that effect, Isaac had no right to marry a Canaanite woman who might turn him from the living and true God, chiefly when we know that a woman can influence her husband in a way as to make him lose his religious moral values. Abraham strictly forbade those discarded weddings that can bring about negative consequences in the life of the couple. Later, his grandson Esau got married to Canaanites who caused anguish to the life of Isaac and Rebecca, which they expressed as follows :"I am disgusted with living because of these Hittite women. If Jacob takes a wife from among the women of this land, from Hittite women like these, my life will not be worth living." Geneses 27:46 ; 28:6-9 ; 26:34.

To prevent Isaac from such a wedding, Abraham gave very strict orders to his steward. Geneses 24:3. Abraham thought : "I am old in age ; I don’t know when I will die. But if I died before my child got married, I recommend you not to take a wife among the Canaanite women to my son. As I am still alive, I recommend you to find for my son a wife from my country where somehow people have knowledge of God."

Given this high standard mission, his steward asked him an important question, that of knowing if he would go with Isaac in the trip (verse 5). Abraham opposed that idea of taking his son there.

Manifestation of Abraham’s trust in God for the achievement of this great project of wedding.

Here is the point to which we see Abraham exercise his faith in God : The Lord, the God of heaven …

Who brought me out of my father’s home and of my nation, Who spoke to me, Who swore to me, Will send his angel to me

His Faith in God is based on his past experiences about this God who spoke and swore to him.

That God before whom he worked : (Geneses 24:40) and you will take a woman from my father’s house.

Abraham put his trust in God, certain that He would lead his servant in finding a woman to Isaac even though the latter does not get there. God answered the prayer of Abraham’s servant when he reached Abraham’s country. He stood in front of a well where young ladies come to fetch water in the evening. (I understand better the culture of going to fetch water from wells).

It is near that well that God honored Abraham’s faith. Verse 18 shows us this beautiful shadow of Rebecca, a pretty lady…

She had virtues sought by Abraham, she was worthy marrying Isaac, the heir of his father, the son of the promise by whom the promises made to Abraham would reach their happy fulfillment. When we put our trust in God, he guides us in the minutest details of our life. Results of confidence in God

A- A wife is found to Isaac with all necessary virtues and qualities.

B- Rebecca’s parents are convinced that this choice comes from God and they testified it in verse 5.

C- Rebecca accepted to go with Abraham’s servant to become Isaac’s wife, though she does not know him yet ; verse 55-58.

Rebecca’s parents bless their daughter as she was leaving them to joint Isaac.

"O, our sister, may you increase to thousands upon thousands ; may your offspring possess the gates of their enemies". Do you know what this means ? Do you know how deep, great, broad and large this blessing is ?

The blessing means : you, our sister (as she was surrounded by her brothers, sisters and parents) may become mother to thousands and thousands and your offspring become master of all their enemies. Those are the blessings said onto an obedient lady who honors her parents in a holy wedding instituted by God for the happiness of homes and families that he cursed on earth due to sin.

E.g. Isaac pronounced blessings on Jacob, Geneses 28:1-4.

The different blessings said onto Rebecca were fulfilled as years passed. Isaac loved Rebecca. He was comforted following the death of Sarah his mother who gave birth to him in her old age. Rebecca really replaced Sarah in Isaac‘s life who kept on weeping his mother’s death.

Indeed, God’s will does not mean that we are out of problems, trials. Isaac and Rebecca did not automatically get a child. It is 20 years later that they got twins. Two nations came out of Rebecca. Out of these two nations, one is to be stronger that the other. They are the Israelites and the Edomites.

The blessings of God remained on Rebecca through Jacob whose descendents came down to Egypt and became a great nation that provoked hatred from Egyptians. With stretched hands, God freed his people and the Egyptian nation underwent a great judgment and perished in the sea.

Israel constitutes that nation today. Don’t they hold the door of their enemies ? Haven’t they become a great nation ? Can they be compared with Benin ? Who can resist Israel today ?

All these blessings are the fruit of a wedding which was done according to ethic and moral values.

Let us not despise spiritual values. The greatest blessing is the birth of this world’s Savior through that nation. Brothers and sisters,

Like Abraham, let us give a good Christian education to our children. Let us preach them the word of God. Let’s show them the badness of the disrespect toward God’s commandments in a person’s life. E.g. : Samson, Isaiah, Salomon, the sons of Eli the priest, Ahab king of Israel and many other are examples to avoid.

The grace of God is for women and men who failed in this domain. God is willing to forgive you if you repent sincerely.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Your happiness lies in the Christian community. Don’t forget that it is God that controls some realities regarding our life which we cannot master.

Young ladies and men,

Respect and obedience to God are still in force in spite of changes that our world encounters. In spite of the degradation of manners, God’s commandments remain unchanged. We only have one life on earth. Let us not live it in sadness and egret.

God bless you !

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, January 30, 2011 by Pasteur Pierre OUEDRAOGO !


dimanche 30 janvier 2011

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par Pasteur Pierre OUEDRAOGO

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Accueil du site > English version of Messages > Theme : EVERYTHING COMES TO LIGHT IN ITS TIME !

Message of Sunday, January 23, 2011 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


Reading : JOB 34 : 21- 26 ; PSALM 139 : 7 - 12

To Read the french version of this message clic HERE...

dimanche 23 janvier 2011

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A teacher of natural history who was walking in a field situated near some wood was surprised to see a marvelously beautiful flower come out of some grass, a flower which normally appears under a different climate.

He inclined himself toward the ground, and with his knife, tried to deter the plant along with its roots. Useless effort ! It was too much rooted. He needed a special instrument to do that.

Seeing a woman not far from the place, the teacher went politely to ask a hatchet to the farmer, saying : Do you know that that field over there has a flower of the tropics ? Enable me to take it from the ground and to offer it as present to the botanic garden of N. This was a discovery of the highest interest.

To that revelation, the farmer dreadfully refused to lend the hatchet to the teacher.

- This field belongs to me Sir, and soon we will have flowers. I don’t want my harvest to be damaged.

- Here is ten francs ! Then, I will do my best to get the plant out of the ground without harming your fodder.

- I don’t want anything of your market, concluded the farmer turning his back to him to hide his sight decomposed by fear.

Surprised by that refusal, the wise man went away, but at night fall, he started digging the ground with a hatchet to get the marvelous plant. At a given time, what terror ! The hatchet fell out of his hand. He had just discovered a body from where the tropical flower was getting out. Taking the plant and recovering the discomposed body was an instant matter for the teacher. As a well informed man, he went to talk about his macabre discovery of a man of law who investigated seriously on that matter.

Unfortunate ! What a terrible story did the tropical flower reveal ? The farmer had got a brother in Central America. In an autumn evening, that brother came to surprise him on his farm, but as he was resting on the first night in his father’s house, his brother killed him in order to be the sole heir of the heritage that he had.

The story’s end can be guessed. Secretly, the body went to the ground, precisely in the field along the forest, but the victim had the bulb of a tropical plant in his pocket which sprouted like a smooth evidence of resurrection. Then, the superb flower became the revelation of the odious crime committed by the farmer. The latter, put in the presence of the facts, could but recognize his murder, and underwent the right punishment he deserved.

-  In front of God, nothing is hidden, and sooner or later, everything will come to light.

How could that criminal farmer imagine that one day, his felony would be revealed in such a manifest way and that his fratricide act would publicly be unveiled ? All precautions were taken and he surely believed he was assured of the conspiracy of silence… sometimes, God enables men to discover the odious deeds of evildoers as we have just read about in the story above.

We are going to see what the word of God says in Job 34:21-25,. That verse reveals the omniscience of God. Let us see what our God is able to do :

1- He sees the conduct of every one of us.

That attribute of God should make us fear Him, but unfortunate ! Some make fun of it and continue to behave the way they want. We can hide our guiltiness to our parents, friends, brothers, sisters, husband, wife, pastors, and deacons and to others. But there is someone to whom our sins cannot be hidden. It is God, creator of man. One day, He will reveal all our hidden sins that we did not confess to him.

2- He has his eyes on all our steps.

Our world is populated with billions of people, but their conduct does not escape God’s eyes, the great judge of all human beings. He has his eyes on the steps of each of us so as to count what we do as good or bad every day. The word of God invites us to walk according to the spirit in order not to accomplish fleshy deeds which are :

a- Impudicity,

b- Impurity,

c- Dissolution,

d- Idolatry,

e- Magic,

f- Hatred,

g- Quarrels,

h- Jealousy,

i- Animal deeds,

j- Disputes,

k- Divisions,

l- Sects,

m- Envy,

n- Drunkenness,

o- Orgies,

p- And the like,

I am telling you beforehand as I have already told you, all the people that do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God, Galatians 5:19. In verse 22, the fruit of the spirit described to us, shows us that whoever lives according to the spirit will have them. We can enter the kingdom of God if we produce that fruit.

There is neither darkness, nor death shadow where those who commit iniquities can hide. In fact, God can see a dark ant in a dark night on a dark stone. He does not look for the guilty, for He knows where he is hidden. He does not need witnesses for the manifestation of the truth. With God, lawyers, magistrates, pastors, priests, popes, presidents, kings, poor, rich, black and white… all sit on the same bench to be judged.


a- I must confess my sins known or hidden to God,

b- I must ask him forgiveness for all my sins,

c- I must abandon them,

d- I must as of now walk in sanctification,

The word of God states that he who confesses his sins is to be forgiven as God is faithful and righteous. If we want to be blessed during this upcoming great revival, we must confess and abandon our sins. God bless you.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, January 16, 2011 by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !

Theme :

dimanche 16 janvier 2011

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, January 09, 2011 by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !

Theme : A PLAN FOR YOU !

dimanche 9 janvier 2011

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The beginning of every New Year draws us, whether we want or not, near the glorious return of Christ. The change of a New Year is an important thing. A cycle finishes and new one starts. We also need to make an account or set up a new strategy ; because God certainly has a plan for you in this 2011. “God has a plan for me !” said a man with authority. He continued saying : “O, when I think about my childhood and past, I am a bit sad. I even have Goosebumps. Glory to the Lord who delivered me and filled me with joy ! He added : "I shouldn’t be born because my parents were still studying when my mother got pregnant of me at the age of 16". Frightened, my father went to see a marabou so that I would not live. But to his great surprise, the marabou answered him that he could do nothing. All attempts were to no avail. Here am I today, servant of God. Imagine the number of souls saved thanks to me ! No ! No ! No ! God has a plan for me.

Dear brothers and sisters, It doesn’t matter how you were born, that may be through adultery or incest or rape or levirate. Too bad or good, God has a plan for you. God does not look at that. Those circumstances are just channels. Your presence on earth is not hazardous. God has a plan for you. In this year 2011, God has a plan for you. Yes, your access to 2011 is not hazard. God has a plan for you. Didn’t God have a previous plan for Adam and Eve ? Of course yes.
  Nothing and absolutely nothing surprises God. He is the King of Kings, a true Sovereign because God does not work in agitation.
  He is never surprised by the course of events. Adam and Eve’s downfall in Geneses 3 shows that God had got a plan for them.
  One needs to be God to find a solution to eternal problems ! God had a plan for Adam and Eve. He knew that they would sin.
  God does not mistake upon what he undertakes.
  That initial sin did not derail the plan of God known in sovereignty for Adam and Eve. He was able to immediately announce the future coming of Jesus, the Savior who was to crush the head of… (Geneses 3:15). Geneses 3:21 : God made for Adam and Eve skin clothes and dressed them up. That act of God shows that God’s punishment does not prevent his mercy and the mercy does not prevent his judgment, a judgment which Christ has saved us from. The blood of the animal killed to make those clothes is nothing but a symbol, sign of the means God would use to take away sin from the world through the bloody death of Christ at the cross of Calvary. God had a gorgeous blessing plan for Adam and Eve, and consequently a plan to save the world from its disastrous situation. Geneses 1:28.
  Adam and Eve were saved from nakedness.
  The nakedness of the spirit, the soul later, but that of the body on the spot. All the shameful situations that would happen to you in 2011 would be derailed by God. You will not undergo that shame. God will cover, dress, save you even if you have a great deal of troubles. God will deliver you. Let us remember the story of the deluge in Geneses 6. Didn’t Noah preach for more than 100 years asking his contemporaries to believe in God ?
  They should believe in God to escape the deluge.
  The earth was in sin, for every flesh on it sinned, Geneses 6:11-12. Every flesh was destined to perdition, but God had a nice plan, not only for Noah, but also for his family. In fact, the ultimate purpose of the deluge was not to exterminate every life, but to destroy the stronghold of sin. The aim of the deluge was not to exterminate creation, but to protect it. Eradicating creation would mean that the creator failed.
  That’s why some animals and poultry were saved.
  Indeed, God got a plan for Noah and his family, i.e. saving them by the building of a boat. Your own mean of salvation from that spiritual deluge is ahead to come.
  God also has made a plan for you and your family. You are costly to God and your family as well.
  Indeed, we have God the Creator as Father, Jesus Christ as Brother and the Holy Spirit as Guide. What a wonderful army of security, blessings and prosperity ! That’s why in Geneses 22, God began his plan for Abraham, his family and posterity. It is said : "After these events, God put Abraham to trial and told him : take your son, your only son, the one that you love, Isaac. Go to “Morijah” and there, you will offer him as a sacrifice on one of the mountains that I will show you." Imagine ! Abraham built the altar, arranged the wood, bound his son Isaac and put him on top of the altar on the wood. Then, Abraham stretched his hand to slain the son ; Geneses 22:11-18. • If Adam died in himself and was blessed by Jesus Christ, • If we (ourselves) are dead in Adam and blessed in Jesus Christ, so let us receive blessings from Jesus and possess the door of our enemies in this New Year. Indeed, God had a blessing plan not only for Abraham and his family but also for his posterity. Dear brothers and sisters, God has planned to kill an animal to cover the nakedness of Adam and Eve. If God has planned an arch to save Noah and his family, and a ram for Isaac that Abraham would slain to bless him, his family and posterity ; therefore God has a plan for you, your family and even your posterity.
  Indeed, God has a plan for you in this year.
  He will draw you from shame and bless you,
  He will save you from deluge, calamities and disasters, from disease and misery, from death and drowning so much that he will bless you and your family,
  O, you will come out great of this trial as it was the case of Abraham. Be blessed, you, your family and your posterity.
  In the time of disaster, you will find the animal that will cover you. You will find the arch to save you and the ram which is going to be the way of your blessing.
  I command that this year 2011 be truly for you a year of domination,
  Dominate upon all kinds of misfortunes. Let of misfortunes be stamped under your feet.

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, January 02, 2011 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !

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dimanche 2 janvier 2011

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par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, December 26, 2010 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 26 décembre 2010

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Since our parents Adam and Eve sinned in Garden of Eden, man’s life has been lamentably diminished on the earth. Man’s life on the earth is so short that he fails to complete his program. An outstanding enemy whose name is death pitifully takes humans’ life away. Who among us has never seen a brother or a sister died in her young age ? The man of the 21st century can no more reach the age of the men of the beginning of humanity. The sin of Adam and Eve made us lose life-which is a good thing. This must lead us to fear sin in all its forms.

One day, a man of the 21st century found himself in a worldwide conference with the men of the beginning of humanity. He was a retired man and was 60 years old with white hairs. When the people of the beginning of humanity saw such a man, he was spectacular to them. They moved close to him so as to ask him some questions : Where do you come from ? How old are you ?

He answered that he was a man of the 21st century, he was 60, and an old retired man at the 21st century. To his great surprise, they all fell in tears and cried for long seeing how the sin of Adam and Eve affected man’s life on the earth. All those who were there, were 930, 840, 895 and the eldest one was 969. They showed him the youngest one of them who was 400 and it was Noah. At the age of 400 years, Noah was young. He hadn’t yet had white hair on his head. He was shown Adam’s tomb who died at the age of 962.

As for Eve, she was still alive and sat with many children around her-those she born after the first three ones that we well knew. She also, was very affected by seeing how she and her husband Adam caused misfortunes to all their descendants. Many ministers of God deplored the shortness of man’s life on the earth, For instance Moses, the great spiritual leader of the people Israel, Psalm.90:9-10

In his prayer, he shouted : “All our days disappear by your anger. Our years fade away like a whisper. Teach us how to count our days well in order that we can become wise”. This should be our prayer. If we lack wisdom, we will mismanage the time that God gave us. We must be conscious of the shortness of our life with a view to using it by doing good things, especially by staying away from sin. What must we do when we see that from one day to other, we will suddenly and unexpectedly appear before our creator ?

We must seek peace with God, because after death, comes judgement, says the holy scripture.

We must be born again as Jesus told Nicodemus, John.3:3 ;

We must walk in sanctification without which no one will see the Lord ;

We must obey God’s commands ;

We must ask God for forgiveness whenever we realize that we offend Him, 1John.1:19 ;

We must love God with all our heart, with all our strength, with all our mind and soul ;

We must love our neighbor like ourselves ;

We must always ask for God’s help ;

We must have reverence for God and ask Him for longevity. If we live in this manner, it shows that we are wise. Job talked about the shortness of man’s life in the following word : “We are all born weak and helpless. All lead the same short, trouble life” ; Job.14:1 Actually, man suffers on the earth. Wars, sicknesses, bad weathers, natural plagues, man’s life is naturally short, it like a shade that easily changes it shape. Job said :”My days pass by without hope, pass faster than a weaver’s shuttle ! Remember that my life is only a breath ! Like a cloud that fades and is gone, we humans die and never return ; we are forgotten by all who knew us”, Job.7:1-10. Apostle Peter exhorted the believers of his time in the following word :”I appeal to you, my friends, as strangers and refugees in this world ! Do not give in passions, which are always at war against the soul”,1Peter.2:11. Peter acknowledged that man on the earth is a stranger and a traveler ; his hometown is in heaven ; he must consider this world like an ephemeral habitation. By comparing them to strangers and travelers on the earth, Peter wants to show that man is a passenger on the earth. A fool man Luke’s gospel chapter 1:20, shows us a fool man who thought to be the owner of his breath. He didn’t learn how to count his life. He made his projects without God. The same night his life was taken away. Let’s read his words, verse 18-19. The lesson Apostle James teaches us. James, the Apostle teaches us that we always have to say : “if God wills”, James.4:15. Let us not make projects without associating God because He is the only one who can help us succeed in our projects, since He is the owner of our breath. I would like to tell you the story of a farmer who wanted to cut a stick in his farm. It goes like this :”the stick went to the Lord to complain about the words of the farmer and God asked him the following question :”Did he call my name when he says that he will cut you ? The stick answered : no, he didn’t ! And God said : Go back, he will not cut you. This happened two times and God gave the same answer to the stick. But the third time, the farmer said : if God wills ! I will cut this stick. When the stick goes back to God, the same question was asked him and the stick answer : yes, he called your name and God said : this time he will cut you because he called my name. And the project of the farmer was achieved”. Through this message, we understand that we are strangers and travelers on the earth. Our days are very limited on this earth. Let us be wise. Let us live in the way that pleases God. Our Life does not belong to us ; we do not know when God who is the owner will withdraw it.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, December 19, 2010 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


Reading : 2 Timothy 2 : 1-8 ; Rom 13:1-7.

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dimanche 19 décembre 2010

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The duties Christians have towards their political and administrative authorities in the country are clear according to the bible. Apostle Paul, one among the greatest apostles, teacher of the Law, a scholar in his time has enlightened us in his inspiration about the duties of a Christian as regards the authorities in his country.

The first duty

a- Submission

The state is an institution established by God. Consequently everybody must obey and be entirely be submitted to it, especially Christians who must prove to be good citizens.

Authorities have been established by God because the world in which we live is distorted and we need some restrictions to protect ourselves from chaos and anarchy which are natural consequences of sin. God wants the state to be a justice institution that limits evil by sanctioning those who practice it and protecting those who do good in the society. Paul describes what a government is supposed to be. But when it abandons its own functions, it no longer comes from God and no more works according to his plan.

For instance, forbidding church services, persecuting Christians, prohibiting the preaching of the Gospel or the word of God oblige Christians to act against the word of God.

In this case, Christians must rather obey God than human being, Acts 5:29 ; Daniel 3:16-18 ; 6:6-10.

In front of this laws or decisions made by authorities simply for hindering the children of God, Christians must say no to that. God defend their case as he did for Daniel.

Second Duty

b- Prayer

Christian must pray for everybody, particularly for kings, presidents and for those who are highly ranked. It is a recommendation of the word of God to Christians.

Why must we pray for all those people of dignity ? The answer is unquestionable :

  So that we live a peaceful life. Peace is a wealth to be preciously kept, to be daily cultivated. Peace is what makes us move freely. When we lack peace, many things are lacked as well.

The Congolese artist who sang "old combatants" was truly inspired by God to show his country, the sub-region, to Africa and the world that war is bad.

We are in a world where evil spirits possessed people and they force their destiny. Luring spirits tell people : "You are the one who will become president, king, mayor…". But evil spirits are liars like Satan who lied to our first parents Adam and Eve, telling them that they would look like God if they ate the forbidden fruit. But do they ?

Consequences of war

  Everything stops working in the country

  Banks are closed

  Businesses are blocked

  Schools are closed

  Markets are closed

  Traffics stop

  There is no more farming

  Hospitals are overwhelmed and can no longer function

  Buildings are bombed and destroyed (works done over years erased).

  There is killing of one another,

  No more running water

  No shopping

  Children starve in their mothers’ arms like what is going on now in Ivory Coast.

They are not the only one concerned !

Rwanda, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Chad, Togo are also other examples.

After war infrastructural reconstruction is hard. The country at war cannot be rebuilt as it used to be. Poverty, insecurity prevails for long. Investors depart from the country.

  We need to ask God’s favor, praying, begging and thanking Him. We need to address him our requests for our country because the election coming ahead may be times of turbulence. This can be felt from now considering jolts that are noticed. If we cross hands thinking that difficult moment are only reserved to other countries, we might undergo negative consequences. With prayer, things can be controlled.

The prayer of a righteous man is very powerful. It yields extraordinary results. Through prayer we are able to expel spirit of war from our country. We are able to bind infernal forces and to stop their deeds, James 5:16.

The third duty of Christians

They must pay their taxes, and customs duties. Unfortunately, Christians try to avoid their obligations in order to make a lot of profit.

That is the reason why we sometime encounter failures. We lack honesty. Like pagans, Christians look forwards to smuggling. They do not pay their employees normally. They hoard everything for them alone.

When the employee cries at home, his pain falls on the employer. "My wage, my wage", he cries. God hates injustice. He likes justice and equity.

Let us be good citizens.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, December 12, 2010 by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


dimanche 12 décembre 2010

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The parable of the ten virgins has a poignant significance : “the necessity for the disciplines to be ready for the coming of Christ”. It is inspired on images of wedding at that time. It is clear that some details of the parable symbolize truths and important realities. If the bridegroom represents Christ and the wise virgins represent spiritually ready believers, the foolish virgins on the other hand symbolize the category of those who are not yet ready for the coming of Christ. They have not been strategic in their watch. In most of customs, weddings constitute great opportunities of feast. But we also need to recognize that they also have their bag of difficulties. Every wedding always has little problems. There is no wedding without frustration, anger, accusation, several sufferings. A young man was chosen to honor a wedding. He was supposed to be with the bride and groom and organize the celebration so that it could be nice. But, unfortunately on the wedding day, the couple waited very long for him because he had been at his tailor’s, waiting for his clothes which were not yet ready. Even wine ran off at Canaan’s wedding ! During weddings in Jesus’ time, the true feast used to take place in the evening, after a day spent in dancing and fun. At the end of the day, the husband would be conducted by his friends to his wife’s parents. His arrival used to be announced ; after which, ushers in the lady’s house would come to meet him for greetings. Thus, following the Jew’s customs, the husband used to come to the wife’s house to take her. Obviously, that practice joins the word of God which states in Genesis 2:24 “ For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and they will become one flesh”. If it happened that the husband goes to the house at night, the ladies needed to have a lamp. But it must be clear that a little mistake in the project of wedding between Christ and the church can be fatal for the church. There are two sorts of Christians in the church : the wise and the foolish. The foolish do not have oil in their lamp. In another word, they do not have the Holy Spirit. They are not ready to meet Christ. They did not try to be born again, to be in the communion of the Holy Spirit which is supposed to be their lamp lit. But the wise virgins always examine themselves. The foolish virgins thought that they were ready. They imagined how nice the wedding would be. They had in mind how the house in which they would live looked like as Frank Müller, a retired pastor thought. This is the summary of his story : In 1960, Müller retired. In his imagination, he wanted God to let him know the world in which he would live in Heaven. Then, one night as he was asleep, he found himself before the last judgment. He saw two gates : one held by an angel in white with a white book of life ; then another gate held by an angel dressed in black with black books. He went before the white angel and wanted to see if his name was written in the book of life. To his surprise, the angel told him his name was not inside. “No, no, no, it is not fair”, said Frank Müller. “I used my life serving the Lord ; what he did is unjust”, he continued. The angel told him shortly after that there was a name of a Müller in the book he held, but that Müller is a captain of the army beheaded at the age of 40 for freeing prisoners. “Unbelievable !” the pastor thought. But, the angel told him that he had already gained all his rewards while working on earth, and that he used to take money, goods and everything from people to whom he ministered the word of God. The angel continued telling Müller that there was a cobbler, beggar living in a hut before the pastor’s house at the time they were speaking. He also specified that people were hungry while the dustbin of the pastor used to hold food that got spoilt in it. Finally, Frank Müller was sent by the white angel to the gate where the black angel was. At that very moment, he woke up from his sleep at two o’clock in the night. Automatically, his wife asked what was wrong with him. But, without paying any attention to what the wife was saying, Müller asked her to go and take the cobbler and put him comfortably in one of his guests’ rooms. The wife protested under the pretext that it was too late. The pastor called his maid and gave him the same order. The latter went to the cobbler’s hut, but he was already dead before he arrived there. The news was reported to Müller who could not believe his eyes. At 7 o’clock in the morning, he caught a heart attack and died too. Dear brothers and sisters, Let us remain watchful as we know neither the day nor the night, Maybe we think we are ready ; but are we really ready ? Let us watch and watch ! Is that pastor really ready ? He was convinced about that, but unfortunate ! As the bridegroom was not able to help the foolish any longer, the same way, a day is coming when Christ will no more be able to help us. The exceptional wedding with Christ is coming ahead. O, the foolish virgins were not ready and they missed that single and ultimate occasion. As the wise refused to give some of their oil, as a day is coming when whoever wants can no longer help us. Yes, indeed ! Even Noah was not able to open the door of the ark to help his contemporaries, nor was Lot able to help his stepsons to come out of Sodom and Gomorrah. Each of us will appear before the court of Christ. Let us be ready and examine our life day after day. Let us hold our lamps lit. Receive Jesus Christ, tomorrow is not yours. See your life style again. Tomorrow may be surprising !
par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, December 05, 2010 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 5 décembre 2010

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Who gives to whom, between man and God ?

Can man really give to God ? King David recognized that everything comes from God, and it is from his hand that whatever we give him comes. God is the owner of all our belongings. He is also the one who gives us opportunities to enjoy the goods he offered us. It is God who gives longevity, health to enjoy the things that we have.

What David gave to God to build his Temple.

The nature of the gifts of King David shows us how much he loved God. What did he truly offer to God ?

Gold, silver, precious stones of different colors, onyx, iron, wood,… are valuable objects that David offered to God for the building of his temple. In another time, someone gave him everything so that he could offer a sacrifice to God. But he answered the man : “I will never offer to the Lord, my God, sacrifices that do not cost me anything”, 2 Samuel 24:24. I will buy it from you with money.

David is showing us here that what we give to God should be things that are of value for us, things that we get after hard work. He shows us that the true value of our gifts is first of all measured by the sacrifice that we underwent to get them. As the saying goes, “No pain, no gain”. What we give must have cost much to us like the widow’s offering of whom Jesus said she gave more than all because she gave everything that she possessed unlike the others who only gave their additional belongings.

What we give must be a wound to our life, a big hole caused to our account. For God to appreciate our gift, it must be to the rate of our account in bank.

How did people give ?

  With a desirable heart.

  With joy,

Ananias and Saphira

They constitute a couple who agreed together to give the product from the sale of their property. Pretending that they gave all they had (hypocrisy, lie) they drew curse/death on themselves.

We need to give to draw blessings on us and not curse. In order to better give, we must recognize that wealth comes from God as strength, power, glory, the power of making things great and firm.

Who gives to whom ?

Everything comes from you, and we receive from your hand what we offer you. It is God who gives us. We do not give him. He asks us to give him back what he has given to us so as to test us and see the degree of our love for him ; but sometimes we react like a child whose mother offered him something while still stretching her hand to the child, saying : My little boy, give it to me, and the child refuses by hiding the gift behind him which a dog snatched from his hand. Refusing to give to God is not wise.

When we evaluate the nature and the number of gifts of King David for the building of the temple, it is huge and beyond belief. A summary evaluation of the precious materials mentioned in 1 Chronicle 29 : 1-7 :

  The quantity of gold equals 36,000,OOO,OOO,OOO FCFA.

  The quantity of silver equals 6,66O,OOO,OOO,OOO FCFA.

  The Bronze equals 5O,OOO,OOO,OOO,OOO FCFA.

  How much can we evaluate the silver, the woods, the white marble, and the precious stones of many colors ? Let me not tell you that.

What are the blessings that we receive from God ?

1- A good health is a blessing,

2- A good salary is a blessing,

3- Having children is a blessing,

4- Peace is a blessing,

5- Longevity is a blessing,

6- Intellectual level is a blessing,

7- Having a good husband is a blessing,

8- Having a good wife is a blessing,

9- Having a well paid job is a blessing,

10- Building a house is a blessing,

11- Having a good harvest season is a blessing,

12- Having good leaders is a blessing,

13- Living is a blessing,

14- Being saved is a blessing,

15- Being intelligent and wise is a blessing,

16- Being handsome or beautiful is a blessing,

17- Being protected by God is a blessing,

18- Eating well is a blessing,

19- Having nice clothes is a blessing,

20- Traveling and discovering other nations is a blessing,

21- Having a good country is a blessing,

22- Having streams, mines, and fruitful trees is a blessing,

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, November 28, 2010 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 28 novembre 2010

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After many years of sufferings, David ran errand here and there and came at last, to the supreme magistrature of his country. With the blessings of the Most High God, he built a beautiful house made of cedar for himself. During that time, the covenant box that represents God in the midst of his people was lodged in a tent. He said :"Here I am I living in a house built of cedar, but God’s covenant box is kept in a tent". Because of this, I will build a house ; what a noble idea ! David made a good remark. How can a human-being be well lodged than his creator ? It is abnormal. If each one of us had such ideas, God’s work would not suffer from anything. But unfortunately ! We love ourselves at first before loving God. But this morning, it is not about this topic that we want to talk. God refused that project to David and committed it to his son Salomon. But after that, God began to count his good doings that he fulfilled in David’s life. While David was thinking about God’s house, God also was thinking about him. God’s good doings in David’s life God availed himself of that occasion to enumerate his blessings in the life of David commencing by his son. 1- I took you from looking after sheep. God perfectly knew where he has searched each one of us from to make us what we are today. God showed David that he was a man from bush, a shepherd who could be unknown. Who among us came from a royal palace ? Who came from an ivory tower ? Who among us was a multi-millionaire when God called him ? 2- I made you the ruler of my people. This is said, to show David that he is the God that elevates. He chooses whom he wants and elevates whom he wants without taking into account his modest backgrounds. It is God who has elevated you and has given you success in your enterprise. 3- I have been with you wherever you have gone. And Jesus would say :”And I will be with you always, to the end of the age". When we know how David ran here and there by fleeing from Saul we would truly appreciate what God said. He ran here and there on mountains, in valleys and in caves where dangerous snakes dwell. He even went to the enemies of Israel, he risked his life, he made himself a mad man with a view to escaping, his town of refuge was burnt by his enemies and he slept at the beautiful star. Like an exiled politic, he suffered a lot. In all this, God was with him. What encouragement ! God could say the same thing toward each one of us. I was with you since you were in your village until you came to Cotonou, to University ; when you were a little school boy, an apprentice… I was with you. Ah ! We need to thank God. 4- I exterminated all your enemies before you David’s enemies were exterminated. You and I are still alive until today because of God. Satan, Demons, witches can do nothing in our life because of God’s protection. Do we acknowledge all this ? Do you know how many enemies God has exterminated for us ? They are numerous. 5- I made your name great like the name of the great men that are on the earth. People talk about you beyond the territorial limits : Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger… God is the one who gives us glory. It is him who makes our name great in this world. 6- I give a dwelling place to my people. Political stability is a blessing that we shouldn’t forget. It is God who gives everything to man so that the later maybe happy. If you have a shelter that you build with huge amount of money, all this is a gift of God. 7- I have planted him so that he may be fixed and be no more agitated. God shows that he is the one who protects and secures his children on this earth. There are countries where the dwellers have never had peace. They are agitated by all sorts of plagues. 8- I granted you rest by delivering you from all your enemies. 9- I built a house for you. Here, house stands for family. 10- After you, I will elevate your posterity. Look at how God loves us ! He is interested in the posterity of his servant. When King David learned all these, he shouted in his prayer : “Eternal Lord ! Who Am I and what my house is, so that you bring me to where I am ? It is still a little thing in your sight. Eternal Lord ! You also talk about the house of your servant for the times to come… 2 Samuel 7:18. 11- I will make your reign firm. The blessing that God prepares for the son of David that will succeed him on his throne is cited. God promises him his support. God is taking care of your future. Upon learning all these things, David explodes in adoration ; Verse 18-28. He is grateful to God and asks God to achieve all he has promised to his family. You yourself, consider this morning, all the things God has done in your life until now. Offer him a thanksgiving. It is by pure grace that God has done all these things. To Him be the glory ! David concluded by saying : "The house of your servant will be blessed forever". Let it be so for each one of us. Ah ! If God would cite all his blessings in your life, there would be numerous. Be thankful ! What do you think to do for Him in return ? As for David, when he lived in his house built of cedar, he said : "Here I am living in a house built of cedar, but the arch of God is kept in the middle of a tent". Between God and me, who is greater ! Is it God ? Then, I will build a house worthy of his greatness. Today, here in the University temple, where does the Lord live ? He lives in an uncompleted temple at the mercy of dust, rain, wind and all sort of bad weather. It is the same David who, at a given occasion said :"I will not offer to the Lord, my God sacrifices that have cost me nothing" ; 2 Samuel 24:24. We have a day of thanksgiving, of acknowledgement to God for everything he has done for us during the year 20 10.
par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, November 21, 2010 by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


dimanche 21 novembre 2010

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What do people really think about the after death ? In spite of the great light of the word of God, some people keep on asking questions on the origin of the world and the fate of man. Some critical spirits even go so far as to deny the resurrection of the dead. They put themselves in a cyclic line so much that they state : ‘’When the physical body of a man ceases to function, or when it dies, the energies that inhabit it do not die. They migrate to another life and have the power of taking a new strength.’’ That is the infernal doctrine of reincarnation. As a consequence, they make us notice that the difference between life and death is that death is the last moment of life and the first of a new life. Others even state that “there are many successive lives until one becomes the Great All and ceases to breathe life”. Also many say : “Everything stops at death… only the world keeps moving, for the soul is made to disappear.” Everything is fulfilled here on earth. What human stupidities ! Does human folly not hold us to vanity which drives us away from God ? Are experiences not multiple ? There are many people who have no experience at all. However many people have had funny and real experiences on earth ; experiences of the foretaste of the after death. Some sick people in a critical condition, often at post surgery, have died. Though their biological death may be proven, it is noticed that they come back to life again. That is how an old woman died and her body was wrapped and locked in a room. Some time later, the children of that old woman came in the room where they found their mother alive brushing her mouth with a stick. Maybe these people must have surely seen a lot of things like Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:1-4. Anyway, an experience at “the borders of life and death” is not amusing.

What do Lazarus and the rich man teach us ? Now there are some people crying over there saying : “Have pity on us. Please enable me to go back on earth.” Too late ! Going back to start one’s life anew ? Too late ! Talking about the two extremities of life, Jesus described two men : a rich man and a beggar. One has lived in happiness and wealth while the other was plunged into misery. The first was admired by men and the second despised. What does the life of the rich man look like ? In fact, the rich man’s life was egoistic. His dressing, his house, and his style rank him among the rich. He would get dressed in costly and refined clothes. All his days were days of feasts and pleasures. He was respected by everybody. But he did not use his wealth to help the poor. He was pitiless. He lived for his money, his glory, and for his own sake. He was thrown into torments because he was greedy. How is Lazarus’ s life ? Lazarus was deprived of the right to act, to make choices, deprived of bread leftover which fell down the rich man’s table. It is worth noticing that he is the only individual to whom Jesus gave a name out of all his parables. Yes, indeed, his name must be called out for all his good doings and faith that he showed on earth. Lazarus types can be counted in millions in our world : all those for which life is hard, painful or at risk, those who cry day and night. They are deprived of acquaintances and communication, deprived of their dignity, their self-confidence (poverty is not only limited to the lack of the necessary means and well-being). It prevents us from having a long, holy, and creative life. People who are deprived of a resting place ! O, only dogs used to take care of Lazarus, the beggar. He was covered with ulcer but connected to God. O, Lazarus’s Latin name ! (Eleazar). It is a Hebrew name which means : “God is my help”. In spite of this meaning of his name, Lazarus was a victim of hunger, suffering, and disease with a great shame and total humiliation. However, Lazarus had an entire confidence in God in spite of all his pain. He suffered until he died ; a death in pain. What does death experience teach us ? Isn’t this parable one of the great words that reveal death ? Death as regards misfortune or happiness, of negative or positive sanctions. A day is coming ! It is hurrying up ! The day when you are going to get doubled and when your soul will move from your body. Bang, it will be over, over ; You will travel at the speed of thought. Your soul will leave your body. Nothing will hold you. You will cross walls, posts, slabs, trees, rivers, oceans, lagoons. Nothing will hold you. You will cross mountains, vehicles, planes, and boats. Therefore you will get down to the Hades (place of torments) where you will go up to Abraham’s holy place. One day, a little boy of 5 asked : “ Does everybody lie in his bed in Heaven ? Yes, indeed, some people live in their house while others stay in torment. And what will death look like ? Rewards ? What will the whole matter be like ? Singers, choir men, intercessors, sweepers, deacons, Moto park operators, etc. All will be rewarded. Men of God, all those who will have worked for the Lord in faithfulness will greatly be rewarded. Let us invest in the work of God. Let us gather our treasures in Heaven. Before dying, Thérèse de Lisieux said : “I am entering life”. But in all this, what house will you inhabit ? A good house for having invested in God’s work or a dirty house as you have invested nothing in God’s work ? Each deed will go through fire, the fire will test the deed of everyone. You go under sea ; you drink alcohol in secret ; you smoke ; liar choir man ! When are you going to stop ? You still hang on to impudicity, masturbation, skin bleaching ; you go to graveyard at night ; you steal in your office ; you cheat on your partner ; you are married and still have mistresses out ; you go to charlatans ; to visionaries ; you go to see “alpha” ; you sometimes give money for people to check what your future looks like for you ; you come to church but still have things at your wrist ; you still burry things ; you are engaged with two girls at the same time. Is this not a sacrilege ? You alone deceive three men, taking money from them ; you come in our midst, but you are regularly on a mission to your boss, as an agent of Satan, a wicked person ; you come to destroy the spiritual lives of Christians ; As Satan did to Job, you come to destroy the life of Christians ; you always come like a sheep, but you are a great wolf. How long again for you to stop being hypocrite ? How long will you keep on playing tricks on people ? Look at all the troubles that you cause to Christian families ? Families that you upset, men that you have made prostitutes or women you have made great debtors ; pregnancies that you have destroyed ; failures that you have caused ; accidents you have provoked ; people that you made sick. Look ! What have you gained out of all this ? Death will reveal everything. Death will scatter everything. If you do not get repented, you will get down to torments. Nothing will be hidden. Everything will be made known. If you get repented, you will mount at your death. All secret will be known at death. Nothing will be kept under silence. The rich man has seen, Lazarus has seen. Everyone will see. Come back now, otherwise it will be too late for you as it was for the rich man. It will be too late for you, too late for you….

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, November 14, 2010 by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


Reading : 1 Kings 21:19 ; Proverbs 13:22 a 1 Pierre 1 :3-4 .

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dimanche 14 novembre 2010

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An evangelist and his wife were very poor, have already got 14 children. The woman was certainly worn out by the weight of age and a strict prohibition to get pregnant anymore for the fear of trespassing. Surprisingly she discovered that she was pregnant of a 15th baby. Formidable : blessings or problem/ death or anguish. We need to judge by ourselves. What would we recommend her ? To be silent on this heritage and abort or to risk death ? Abortion does not exclude death ! Recommending her to abort and you have just killed John Wesley, one of the greatest evangelist founder of the Methodist Church.

Look and appreciate the people to whom that heritage has opened the door of the kingdom of heaven.

The notion of heritage is seen with exceptional biblical heirs who were not at all first born. What a grace ! I would be blameful if I didn’t quote Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David, Salomon and many others. I was so important that the mean heir received a double portion of the heritage. We can see Elijah claiming a double portion of the spirit which was upon Elisha, 2 Kings 2:9.

A heir used to defend the interest of the family and supported old parents (Jacob in Egypt with Joseph).

That notion of heritage was so strong that it got confirmed by the institutions of levirate and sororate. Pieces of land should belong to the family even if circumstances were to oblige them to be rid of the land. As Elimelech in the book of Ruth 4:1-22. Wonderful indeed in his promised heritage is the God of the Bible, the God of trinity, the One God, the God in 3 divine persons, all this without any confusion nor division, separation and transformation.

God has indeed put at our disposal a heritage that neither Satan nor Demons, nor depths, nor can height snatch from us nor destroy unless we do it ourselves. Ourselves because situations can put us into temptation. I can remember one situation where a father was sick of goiter, her wife tuberculosis. They had 4 children : the first child was blind, the second dead, the third one was deaf and the 4th was sick of tuberculosis. There is the situation in which she discovered that she was pregnant of another baby again. Was it the imminence of other misfortunes or of an exceptional happiness, shall we ask ourselves ?

Who would foretell it ? Due to that extreme situation, what would we recommend her ? Abortion with its potential death risk or the risk of a new misfortune ! If you recommend her abortion, you will have precisely killed Ludwig Van BEETHOVEN, a great musician who was the 5th kid of his family. He organized his first concert at the age of 7 and a half and died on March 26, 1827 followed by hoards of nearly 30 thousand persons to his graveyard. Was he not a heritage child that saved the family from disaster, calamity and earthly misery ! Who could foretell or believe ?

If ever you kill a heir you will have nothing, you will lose and regret forever. Ask those who bear such things on their heart : they have killed that handsome boy and that beautiful heir (the princess was killed by pills and await the great day of last judgment to accuse the woman and the man who schemed the death).

Kill, smash and slice them. The Day of Judgment will reveal everything. You kill them and rob their days on earth.

Remember what the Lord told King Achab : Are you not a murderer and a thief ? 1 Kings 21, 22. In fact the vineyard of Naboth was an agricultural crop. That property belonged to Naboth and his family. The decision of selling or exchanging it can jeopardize the family’s future. All over, the law in Israel conserved within the same family the property of cultivable land, Leviticus 25:25-28, Numbers 27:1-11, Numbers 36:7.

In case of extreme poverty, the land was to be hired. But it must come back to its former owner during the year of jubilee, Leviticus 25:10, 13, 18.

The reaction of King Achab was that of a spoilt child for, to the refusal of Naboth, he went home sad and angry and refused to eat until his behavior drew the attention of Jezebel, his wife. O, how much jealous Satan is of our heavenly heritage, our Eternal life !

Achab’s wife comes from Sidon. Jezebel, a princess from Sidon where according to the custom, all land is the King’s property. In spite of all the assassination attempts of Naboth, King Achab violated openly laws about land questions in Israel, but he was not successful. Besides, who has been successful after killing or stealing ? What a disaster as that of a white man who raped a 13 year old girl !

Fortunately or unfortunately, that little girl got pregnant. The situation was horrible, so much that many talked about it as they foresaw an imminent disaster that would not last in falling on the girl’s family.

What would we advice her parents ? To abort and undergo its consequences ? Or to keep and risk a human death ? Her parents made up their mind to keep the pregnancy. On the day she put to bed, that little girl gave birth to Ethel Waters who became a great gospel singer and a renowned American artist. Who could foretell or believe. O, if you make a mistake, your heritage will be destroyed.

Pilgrims, passengers, travelers that we are on the earth ! But we have an incorruptible heritage in heaven. Apostle Peter tells us loudly with joy and the triumph by the following expressions, I quote : "Blessed is the father of our Lord Jesus" .Why ? because he gives us a lively hope and an heritage which is not corrupt, nor stained, nor faded. The power of God will guard you. You will see that heritage. The exiled, the strangers without destiny have often lose all hope

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, Octoberber 31, 2010 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !

Theme :

dimanche 7 novembre 2010

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, Octoberber 31, 2010 by brother Firmin DAHOUNDO !


dimanche 31 octobre 2010

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Word - 37.5 ko

Introduction Since creation, the Lord talks to people through several communication means : In Job 33:14 it is shown that God communicates with people through dreams, revelations, prophesies, events, nature and other things.

Unfortunately his people are insensitive most of the time. That is why, in addition to punctual interventions, God Almighty put at the disposal of men a written word which is fertile and permanently available. This morning, we are going to try to answer some questions about some considerations by the psalmist according to which the word of God is a lamp to feet and a light to path. Those preoccupations can be :

  The scope or the real meaning of that declaration ;

  The roles of the word of God ;

  The acquisition of the word of God ;

  The obstacles to the learning of the word.

1- The scope or the real meaning of that declaration

The word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path, Psalms 119:105. That verse shows the attachment of David to the word of God. In fact, that King of Israel turned to the Lord in order to be guided and per excellence, the way he took, was that of studying the precepts of the Lord.

Due to his faithfulness to the living God, David completed his lifetime in a happy old age, full of days, wealth and glory, 1 Chronicles 29:28, unlike his predecessor Saul, who died on the battle field because he was unfaithful to the word of God.

The true light that enlightens every human being, John 1:9, is our Lord, our Savior who made himself a human being as John 1:14 reveals. Thus, the word of God illuminates the life of whoever believes in the name of Jesus our Lord who said : I am the light of the world ; whoever follows me will not walk into darkness but we will have the light of life ; John 8:12. Because, anybody who walks in darkness does not know where he is going, warned Jesus in John 12:35.

The son of God gives eternal life to whoever wants to follow him. When we are to take a decision, the Bible gives us examples of people who were confronted with the same situation and we saw the means whereby they became victorious. It is indispensable to read, to listen and implement day and night the word of God that grants success ; Joshua 1:8.

It is by obeying the voice of the Lord our God that we will have life and an extension of our days on earth ; Deuteronomy 30:20. The word of God is a precious treasure for whoever puts it into practice, because it brings happiness in every domain of the life of its receivers and believers. The word gives the power to become a son of God ; John 1:12.

It is the word that gives us prosperity in every domain as our soul prospers ; John 3:2.

2- The roles of the word of God

The good doings of the word of God are numerous. It is useful in all circumstances. It is a light that enlightens and instructs : an excellent food for growth, a formidable weapon that we can use and a fabulous treasure to discover. In fact, the implementation has several advantages :

  The word leads to happiness and success ; Joshua 1:8, Luke 11:28.

  It leads to new birth ; 1 Peter 3:23.

  It embeds advice from God ; 2 Timothy 32:16.

  An indispensable food to spiritual growth and to the strength needed to progress and to chase the enemy away like our Lord Jesus was tempted in the desert ; Mathew 4:1-11.

  The word of God is a sword ; Hebrew 4:12.

  It prevents people from sin ; Psalms 119 ; John 15:3.

  The word increases faith ; Romans 10:17.

In reality, the Bible can be compared to a parachute : for it to be useful, it must be opened and the more we allow it to work in our life, the more it deploys its marvelous power to transform, to bless, and to comfort.

3- The acquisition of the word of God.

  The availability of the supports of the word of God in a permanent way : Deuteronomy 6:6-9.

  The reading of the word of God ; 1Timothy 4:13…

  The active participation to Sunday school and to teachings ; Acts 2:42. The existence of that department in the church is therefore important.

In actual fact, learning to read the Bible is learning the language of God :

  When we want to learn a language we need a method and if possible, a good one ; we must be ready to devote our time and to have a good motivation to support our effort.

  I would add a fourth condition : we need to launch ourselves, i.e. we must take the risk of speaking, without expecting to know everything about such language. If not, we would never speak. The same goes for the leaning of the language of God. It is not necessary to know the Hebrew and Greek language, though they are useful and even necessary for certain people ; but perseverance and knowledge must be got.

4- The obstacles to the apprenticeship of the Word

Truly, the reading of the Bible presents certain difficulties to which we need to pay attention for a moment.

a- The first one comes from the density of this word : It is God’s word.

When God speaks to us, He does not chat ; it is to tell us something ; either what He is for us or what we are for Him. We will never finish discovering God or discovering what we are for Him.

b- The second difficulty emanates from the paradoxical fact that this

Word of God is given to us in Human Language. When God wants to communicate with us, he must put himself to our level, he must utilize the word and the reality we know. From there, derives a certain misunderstanding.

A passage from the Bible never totally expresses what God wants to tell us, but what men were able to understand at such moment of their history.

c- In addition to all this comes a third difficulty : the Word of God is given to us in the language of a country, of a period and it bears some stamps as the writer, W. Harrington said :”God uses authors who were human beings to speak to us…” It is via them that He addresses the readers of the Bible. Also, we can only be sure of what God wants to tell us when we are able to exactly apprehend what the authors themselves wanted. But more than that, God adapted His message to the particular gifts of the instrument He chose and of the culture of those to whom He addresses His message in the first place. Evidently, He spoke to us and He continues speaking to us, not through the mouth of Europeans or Americans, but through that of the ancient Jews. And it is there, for the written word, another resemblance with the incarnated word : Jesus, in fact, was not a man of an undetermined race or period, but a Jew of the first century.

d- What can help us

If we have real difficulties to read the Bible well, there are also efficient helps.

  The spirit : the inspired word (the Bible) is the work of God’s spirit. It is the spirit that guided human authors in their work. It is that same spirit, still alive and active, that can help the believer in his reading of the word today, John 14:26.

  Reading within the church : the Bible is a word given to a people. It is made to be read or listened to in the church, in groups. That way of doing things shows many advantages : It is a psychological help for perseverance. It is a means to avoid or limit a subjective reading ; a group reading enriches understanding through the contributions of one another ; finally it is the normal setting : The word constitutes, feeds and reinforces the community that listens to it.

  A good work tool : to penetrate the Bible, to get familiar with the world in which the word of God took form, it is useful, even necessary to have a good work tool, i.e. a good edition of the Bible.


In order to surmount the weaknesses of flesh, we must fortify ourselves in praying so as to be able to do the will of God. In fact, whoever perseveres until the end will be saved as the gospel has revealed in Mathew 10:22

Let the prayer formulated by David in Psalm 119 : 64, 68 and 124 as follows : ‘’Teach me your rules’’, be the daily desire of any Christian who wishes to be constantly enlightened by the word of God.

par DAHOUNDO Firmin

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Message of Sunday, October 24, 2010 by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


Reading : 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 ; 2 Timothy 2:4-8 .

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dimanche 24 octobre 2010

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Word - 27 ko

In the 1960, some enlightened people estimated that in Africa, Christianity was 1km long and 1 cm deep. Things were not developed at that time, but today, I believe that Christianity was already 10 km long and unfortunately 0.75 cm deep in terms of the implementation of the word of God. Is there not a general problem in the whole world nowadays as regards how the word of God is implemented ? Let us remember that, in James 1:22, the Bible says : "Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourself." In fact, as the Corinthians were the addressees to whom Paul sent his first epistle, the same way Timothy is the one to whom Paul sent his second epistle. In reality, vs. 27 is the summary of the first passage of the Corinthians which stems from verse 24 to 26. Also, vs. 8 is the summary of the second passage of Timothy (from 3 to 7). What is the particular relationship that links Paul to Timothy ? In fact, Timothy who is the addressee of Paul’s epistle is somehow the legitimate son (spiritual son) of Paul (2 Timothy 1:2). Undoubtedly, Timothy has got a solid spiritual background. He was trained following the Holy Spirit by his grandmother and mother (2 Timothy 1:5). As Joshua is also the spiritual son of Moses, the same way, Timothy is of Paul, in terms of successor or predecessor. Regarding Paul the Apostle, he completed his race like an athlete. He felt his death coming ahead, an event that he compared to a remote destination. He went across challenges and battles, troubles and completely confusing situations ; (2 Corinthians 11:21). He hardly treated his body because of the gospel. Let us notice a difference between the fact that it was said to Timothy "fight the right battle" and "I fought the right battle". We can fight a bad battle, a battle of downfall. Let us also notice that there is a difference between a bad fighter and a fighter who is bad. In fact a bad fighter is a Christian who does not fight according to the rules of the battle, i.e. standards and values that regulate Christian life. In another word, a bad fighter is a Christian who never associates faithfulness and obedience to the word of God, to his prayer and fasting. All he can do is to fast in unfaithfulness and observe night vigil in misbehavior. He always refuses to combine the word of God with his battle. Let us remember that, Uriah who knew the rules of war did not quit the battle field in spite of the deadly and bloody plan made by David to eliminate him. He did not quit Jerusalem to go and sleep with his wife as King David wanted. A soldier who fights badly is a Christian who joins the enemy’s camp to combat his partners. Many are people in that case. They just stand in the battle field, but fight differently. Satisfied on the completion of his race, Paul is waiting joyfully for the crown that awaits a winner - he foresees that day beyond his death which will be decided by common justice. What do we observe today ?
  It is true that governments organize seminars, meetings and general assemblies.
  It is true that people have created reforms, scientific revolutions with big names such as : NEPAD, United States of Africa, African Integration, Regional Integration, South–South Cooperation… Africa has always remained doomed in its ancestral lethargy. Nowadays, the world swims in peak darkness and moral degradation (a suffering Africa, a world ruled by mediocre governments, corruption, killings, coups, disorders, blind government…). Only a few of them stagger, doddle and wander like one eye-man and pigs taken by hunters’ traps. The first cause of that fact is that the majority of the world’s leaders no longer remember Christ. They have suddenly put Christ aside. The second cause is the fact that the majority of the decisions taken sleep in drawers, and their implementation suffer a lot from a biting kwashiorkor. Eventually, we have a sick Africa and a dead world. What are the consequences of …. Don’t we have new churches every day ?
  There are places of adoration everywhere:…
  Prayers of fire, combats, and miracles exist ; even campaigns against HIV/AIDS exist. All sorts of doubtful sensitization exist.
  Today, Christians seriously fall into the trap of easy money, misbehavior, lie…
  Some religious leaders are taken in by the appearance of this perverse and luring world. Sometimes, others are too proud of themselves, greedy and always unsatisfied, running after happiness and materials. As a consequence we have many Christians spread all over the world, but the majority of them are versatile.
  Where are we heading to ?
  How many people get rescued when disasters strike ? How many of them will be taken to heaven ? What is wrong in spite of the preaching by famous preachers of this world ? In spite of the numerous men of God, Bishops, apostles, national and international prophets, teachers, pastors… Two main causes have led us into that situation :
  The first cause is the abundance of sin shown by the fact that many people come to church but don’t have their mind in Christ. They are only religion people.
  The second cause is that the majority of Christians do not put the word of God into practice as he wants. But anybody who does not fulfill the word of God has already turned from Christ. Dear brothers,
  Remember Jesus-Christ who suffered and was taken gloriously to heaven.
  Remember Christ who fought sin and who stayed faithful until death, the death of Calvary.
  Remember Christ who suffered in poverty without house, bed, mattress, without transportation means.
  Everything was lent to him, even the sepulture in which he was buried.
  Remember Christ who is the Lamb of God, the Redeemer, who overcame death, the terrible judge.
  Remember Christ who has been faithful in his father’s house.
  Remember that Christ has registered the hour, the minute and the second of the time you got converted.
  Remember that one day Christ will reveal all your sins. Is the disorder in which you are not a dirty life ?
  Remember that Christ differentiates the way to miracles from that of heaven, the way to wealth from that of heaven.
  Remember that Christ abstained from many things to be a winner.
  Remember that Christ will reward all the people who will remain faithful to him.
  Run in a way as to win the prize of heavenly vocation.
  Remember that Christ will come back like a thief.
  Remember that Christ will take the church to heaven one day.
  In a twinkling of the eye, we will be taken to heaven. Where will you spend your eternity ? You have forgotten Christ.
  Remember Christ
  Come back to Chri
par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, October 17, 2010 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 17 octobre 2010

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Among the weapons that Satan uses to destroy the work of God is lie. Lie is a powerful weapon of Satan to destroy communities, families and homes, to break friendships, organized groups within churches, etc. when he puts the spirit of lie in someone who opens his heart to him, he succeeds in destroying the work of God.

What is lie ?

Words invented by a person on another, to the purpose of dishonoring the latter before the people who used to put their confidence in him : a counter truth told to destroy. The purpose is to harm as the victim is hated, as people are jealous of him and as a consequence, they invent a word to destroy and harm him.

Once upon a time, a young man lied to a young girl about a boy loved by the girl. He said to the lady that her suitor is sick of epilepsy and that he frequently falls down. Another old man told the women of his area not to love men from another area. Here is his lie : “As you see them stout, this does not mean health, but they are rather full of diseases”. All this happened within Christians. A Senegalese proverb says : “Lie produces flowers that bear no fruits”. Indeed, truth eventually triumphs over lie. Both lies that I have given here had put the mess on their victims’ lives, but finally, the truth was revealed and the liars were discredited. Let us come back to our story. This is a story of the reign of one of the wicked kings ever in Israel, who is Ahab. He was married with a pagan woman who turned him from serving the true and living God, the creator of heaven and earth by leading him to worship, Baal, an evil God. The cult of Jehovah was replaced by that of Baal with 400 prophets serving him who were withdrawn and taken care of by Jezebel and Ahab. God got angry with Ahab and wanted to destroy him. As there is no evil in God, he wanted to use evil spirits. Spirits came and each of them defined the strategy they would use to destroy Ahab. God saw that their strategy was not convincing enough. He ignored them when a last spirit came and explained his strategy to God : “I will be a spirit of lie in the mouth of all the prophets. God enabled him to do that.

The power of lie

The 400 prophets prophesied lie unanimously. A similar judgment is coming at the end of things on earth. When God will send a bewildering power to all those who have not received the love of truth, but who have taken pleasure in injustice as in 2 Thess. 2:10-12 ; that deceit will be done through the power of Satan so that those who have not believed in the truth be condemned, 2 Thess. 2:9.

While going to that battle, Ahab did what he had never done before. He disguised himself in order not to be identified. However, he was struck by an arrow shot haphazardly by a soldier from an enemy army. "I am wounded", he said. Take me out of the battle". Let us come back to the prophesy by Micaiah, the true prophet of the Lord.

A person who prefers lies to the truths will perish. In our world, we have religions that draw crowds behind them and promise paradise to their believers. Who is actually behind those religions ? Who invented them ? I am warning you that spirits of lie work through such settings. In the Garden of Eden ; Gen 3:4-21

Jealous about Adam and Eve’s happiness in the Garden of Eden, Satan came with lie and led our forefathers into a mess. Instead of looking like God, our forefathers discovered horrible things : they were naked. Maybe right now, Satan is holding a deceitful message to someone in the assembly : a young lady, boy, a woman or a man.

Satan is willing to get you lost. Listen to God. Here is what he says to the young : "You are too young to be interesting in religion ; you are running the risk of regretting your youth. Go to the discovery of this world’s pleasures ; as soon as you become old, then you can interest yourselves to religion". But when they will become old, Satan will hold another message to them : "You are too old to stay within people…".

The word of God says that Satan is a liar and the father of lie ; John 8:44. Turn yourself from lie. God hates the liar ; Prov 6:17.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, October 10, 2010 by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


Reading : 1Corinthians 15:54-58 ; Acts 9:36-42 ; Heb 2:14-15 ; 2 Timothy 1:8 .

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dimanche 10 octobre 2010

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Among all the living beings, only man has a clear conscience about death. Beyond the fact that the origin of this conscience could be empirical, one should recognize that it is interiorly linked to man. No matter how powerful some people could be, death always succeeds in killing and taking their life as simply as possible. Resistance to death has therefore become inexistent to the extent that its scandal through the world is absolute and deep.

It (death) remains a universal and perfectly natural phenomenon. It always appears like a mystery, an old mystery. Well ! Death is a monstrous mystery that gets established, henceforth, as a powerful and ferocious adversary of man.

The strategy of death has never been known to human beings and could not be known at all. But to God’s glory, Jesus knows death and above all, masters all its strategies.

Indeed, where death hides, where it plans people’s disappearance from this world, nothing escapes our Lord. Jesus had got to be a victim of death so as to better appreciate its rapacity in its chain and penetrate the sufferance of those who lose their dear relatives.

One day, a woman woke up at midnight under the effect of an obsession and she did not know why. She sat on the bed, sweating. She suddenly heard a sigh beside her, then a second one, and a third prolonged, fearful, lugubrious and strange sigh.

She heard the noise of a body who was trying to save himself through movements. Then, things became silent. A big silence appeared : it was her husband who was fighting with death.

The woman called her husband but she got not answer. She rudely and violently shook him, but no movement. Shouting, she quickly got down from the bed, naked and lighted a lamp in a rapid and foolish gesture.

What a tragedy ! This is the expression that flashed through her. She was quivering very much. The lamp lightened her husband’s face. A white foam came out from his closed lips. Her husband’s eyes were shut. The wife patted his heart but it was not beating anymore unfortunately. She lifted his hand and it heavily fell down back. She lifted his eyebrows and his eyes were white in a frightening gaze. O ! The woman shrieked and half naked, run out.

O, what a night full of mysteries ! O, what an unforgettable darkness ! Well, indeed, lights were being flashed from every side. People were calling up to each other from every side ; some sobbing in suffocation, and voices screaming. OK, he is dead !

That brave man… Can a man die that way ?... Such a remarkable man ! What cries and deep groaning ! How cheeks were wet of tears ! At dawn and with the sun in the sky very soon, there again, the coffin was already tangling under pellets of well stacked sand. How wicked death is ! …

Farewell ! Go in peace and may God receive your soul, your kind soul which did no evil ! If your death is caused by a neighbor who prepared that crime secretly, God saw him !

Let that criminal’s deed be revealed one day. Lightening will angrily strike and that criminal who believed to be eternal, whom neither the immensity of the sky, nor the greatness of the universe, nor the depth of mysteries frighten, whom no one would dare or could imagine, that immortal criminal will be felled and struck. Farewell ! Farewell !

At that very moment, a voice was heard : "wicked death". Another voice was heard as follows : "even if it was a bad lot, why does death itself dare to kill such an innocent man, that kind man !”. But, another voice was systematically heard "does death know an innocent or kind person ? "

Then a third voice arose suddenly with authority : ‘’of course death knows very well those who are really in Christ’’. Well, the death has always known Christ, and it knows those in him. Death knows you indeed ! It knows you.

It knows you to be invincible. The angel of death has no power on those who are in Christ, as demons knew Paul and Christ so much so that they testified : "I know Jesus and know who Paul is, but who are you ? Acts 19:15-17".

  The demon of death knows who you are.

  He needs to know it.

  The children of Israel were delivered from death in Egypt.

Our God who saved us through Christ has sent us a holy call. The grace of God that came in this world through Christ himself destroyed death, our last enemy. 1 Corinthians 15:26. We need no more to fear death.

Indeed, from the death and the resurrection of Christ, life mystery and that of the imperishableness has been unveiled. Death is defeated indeed. That is why Paul, in the dynamism of believers’ victory over death, said to the Corinthians : "Death has been swallowed up in victory. O death, where is your victory ? O, death, where is your sting ?". 1 Corinthians. 15:54

• Jesus was put to death in flesh but was made alive in the spirit. Through his death, he annihilated the devil who holds the power of death and succeeded in delivering those, who fearing death, were kept captive ; Heb. 2:14-15 That is why Jesus said that if anyone keeps his word, that person would never see death.

• Jesus overcame death. He even went so far as to preach to spirits in prison and to those in the Hades, 1 Peter 3 : 18-20. Those spirits are nothing else than people who had disobeyed God in Noah, the patriarch’s time.

• Indeed, Jesus defeated death and announced the Gospel to the dead so as to prepare them for judgment.

• Jesus defeated death and he remains life and resurrection, because, filled with that power, he raised Jairus’ daughter up, Marc 5 : 21 -43 ; the single son of Nain’s widower in Luc 7 : 11 – 16 ; then Lazarus, dead since four days, John 11 : 1-46.

The story of a missionary named John Richardson is told. That man found himself in prison one day. They were seven in number and every day, each prisoner was to be executed. It was at war time, on August 15, 1945, the day when the Japanese were defeated before Harry Truman, the American president. So when the time of John’s execution came, the prison keeper came to see him and he said : ‘’John ! Get out, get out ! The war is over ! Get out !’’. So, suddenly, John’s death was turned into life. That is the way it is going to be for you as well.

Let all features of death present this morning, any death track upon your life and family be transformed into life and happiness ! Jesus communicated that victory over death to the disciples so much that it was easy for them to face death.

We can remember that faith and hope have led primitive Christians to wash the body of Tabitah (Dorcas) who died, and they put it in a high room. She fell sick at that time and died. Death had no pity on her spirit of generosity (her good doings and alms). It did not want to have pity on poor widowers that that brave woman used to help. It was in such a hurry that it created sadness everywhere and shortened Dorcas’ life, though her mission was not over yet.

But Peter’s presence, animated with the spirit of life and resurrection and with the word of authority (Stand up, Tabitha) brought that woman back to life. She opened her eyes, sat down and stood up finally by Peter’s assistance, Acts 9 : 36-43.

So, in that manner, hope came again ! O, let hope come back to your life ! In your enterprises, your business, family, studies and your job !

• I command that all spirit of death disappear from your life, your family, your service, projects and from your future ! Indeed, let any spirit of death disappear from the church. Let the spirit of life and resurrection take control of our life.

• Let all words of death spoken against you be transformed into life ! Jesus defeated death for us all.

Halleluiah ! Halleluiah ! Halleluiah !

He is the first and last, and the living One ! He once was dead ! But He is alive again forever and ever ! He holds the keys of death and Hades, Rev. 1:17-18.

We are more than winners.

Remember that death had been rebuked from Hezekiah’s life for 15 years.

• Job’s sickness could not kill him, death was sent away from his life for 140 years. He lived again for 140 years and saw his grand-children and great-grandchildren until the fourth generation. Each generation stands for 40 years. Job died at a very great age.

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, October 03, 2010 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 3 octobre 2010

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There is a saying that : "A kindness, shown to somebody is not a loss". The word of God encourages us to show kindness in the following term : “So let us not become tired of doing good ; for if we do not give up, the time will come when we will reap the harvest. So then, as often as we have the chance, we should do good to everyone, and especially to those who belong to our family in the faith.

Jonathan and his kindness towards David We read the first kindness of Jonathan towards David through 1 Samuel 18:1-4. David took up the challenge by killing Goliath. When he finished speaking to Saul :

  Jonathan loved him

  He made alliance with David

  He gave him his robe, his armor, his sword, his bow and his belt.

When Jonathan’s father was trying to harm David, Jonathan interposed and spoke to his father in favor of David. 1 Samuel 19:4-6. Chapter 20:2 Jonathan sustained David morally and promised to inform him about the bad words of his father towards David.

Verse 32 : Jonathan defended David before his father. Jonathan went to the fields and met David with the aim of encouraging him and to sustain him morally. Jonathan and David kissed each other and cried together concerning the fate of David ; verse 41 Jonathan spoke to David with affection and asked him to remember him ; 1 Samuel 20:13-16. Because of Jonathan, David’s life was saved. He was kind to David. The following passages show us that when we show kindness to somebody it is not a loss.

David reached the supreme magistrature of his country. His benefactor died. Saul, his enemy died on hearing the death of Saul and that of Jonathan, David composed a funeral song that he ordered to teach to the children of Judah ; 2 Samuel 1:17. Let us read some of the striking words of this song : Verse 22-27. When David strengthened his kingdom, he remembered Jonathan’s kindness and wanted to reward his son. David looked for Jonathan’s son. When the latter came to king David, he said to him : "Don’t be afraid, because I want to be kind to you because of Jonathan, your father…" ; 2 Samuel 9:7. In spite of the handicap of Jonathan’s son, David do not consider that, he didn’t looked down on the young man. He considered him in his crude state because of Jonathan’s kindness toward him during his years of cavalry.

Mephibosheth considered himself as a dead dog according to his own declarations in verse 8. He considered that he did not deserve to eat at the table of the King because he was a cripple, an orphan. Now, he is in the royal palace as an adoptive son of King David. Not only was he admitted to the royal palace, but also he ate with the King at his table. When I look at the daily diet of Nehemiah who has just been nominated Governor but who has not received the wage of Governor, I wonder what King David ate daily.

As for Nehemiah, he said : "I have 150 Jews and magistrates at my table, also, those who came from the surrounding nations : a cowd was prepared for me each day, 6 selected goats and birds and every 10-day all the necessary wine was prepared for me in abundances." The table of Kind David was not any kind of table : no maize, no dough of maize or that of "gari" and little fish. Not at all ! But rather meat of cows, of goats, of sheep, of birds, of wild animals, of fish, and fruits… Mr Mephibosheth ate what he wanted, sitting comfortably in his oriental settee.

He enjoyed the fruits of his late father’s kindness toward David. A servant of his father cultivated his fields. He was married and had a son. Happiness fell in his life as a ripe fruit. No kindness is a loss. What Jonathan did, his son harvested the fruits in its time.

The word of God declare in Mathew 10:42 "And whosoever give a cup of cold water to one of this little because he is my disciple, I tell you truly that he will not lose its reward". If we put faith in what we read, if we believe in the word of God, we will be blessed. Be kind to brethren, to God’s servants and God will open doors of blessings to you.

If David, a fallible human been could remember Jonathan’s kindness after many year, what about God who has an infallible memory towards brethren who are kind to his children. He says in Hebrews 6:10 "For God is not unfair. He will not forget the work you did or the love you showed for him in the help you gave and are still given to other Christians".

God will be king to you, he will reward you for your good deeds. God sees what you do toward the brethren who are in problem. Your secret deeds will be rewarded in the time to come. You too, you will eat at the table not of a King but of God himself. Your name was already selected as a benefactor like Cornelius in Acts 10. Kindness is not a loss :"Invest your money in foreign trade, and one of these days, you will make a profit" ; Ecclesiastes 11:1. Your kindness will come back to you one of these days. Nothing will be loss in God’s sight.

Eg : The midwives of Egypt refused to obey the king and kept the new born babies of Israel alive ; Exodus 1:17. The bible says that God was good to the midwives : Puah and Shiphrah who prospered for having been kind to God’s people who are in slavery in Egypt.

God made their families prospered. Prosperity means well-being, health, success, happiness, abundance, fortune, progress in economic domain, increase of wealth. The opposite is poverty, misfortune, crisis, ruin and marasm.

What good deeds the midwives did ? They kept the male sons of Hebrew families alive. And you, what are you doing to the people of God to facilitate the work of God.

• Rahab, the harlot was kind to the Israelite spies sent by Joshua to explore the town of Jericho : Joshua 2:1-4 ; "She hid them". The sinful woman of a strange origin had faith in God and protects his messengers. Because of this kindness, she received many blessings :

1- Her own salvation and that of her family.

2- She became an Israelite

3- She got a husband named Salmon

4- She bore him a son named Boaz

5- She was classified in the lineage of ancestors of our Lord Jesus.

6- She had a blessed offspring because Boaz got married to Ruth who bore him Obed.

Isaiah and David emanated from her. Who can sum up the blessings that proceed from a good granted to a poor person, to a widow, to an orphan, to a servant of God, to the church…

Who can measure, who can weigh these kinds of blessings ? They are so numerous and multiform, they come upon parents and their children. Because of her legendary hospitality, a Christian woman received one day an unknown stranger who said to her before leaving : "Listen ! You will ask for death and it will not come, you will live long". Currently, she is about 120. O ! My God ! If the people of God could understand what it is to be kind, they will be blessed.

It is after a kindness that Apostle Paul received from the church of Philip that he left the following inspired verse : "And my God will provide for all your needs according to his wealth with glory in Jesus Christ" ; Philippians 4:19.

Tithe is part of the numerals deeds that we can do. "Colgate" was blessed in his industry to the extent that to pay his tithe, he gave 90% of his benefit and kept 10% for his own and his family.

The inventor of Coca-Cola supported missions so much that he was blessed and became its President. Coca-Cola always remains a drink that the whole world appreciates. All these great men learned to give to God, to be kind. You too, learn to be kind to the work of God and God will do something special in your life.

You will reap the fruits of your kindness. Do not let yourself be intimidated by greedy people be it your husband or your wife.

God wants to bless you.

Jonathan’s reaped abundant fruits from the acts of kindness did by his late father toward the anointed of God, David.

Be blessed.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, September 29, 2010 by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


Reading : 1 Kings 22, Esther 8 : 15- 17, John 5 : 17.

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dimanche 26 septembre 2010

The book of Ester tells an exciting story, a prepared plot by an anti Semite Prime Minister in order to destroy the Jewish people. Truly, the Semites are from Asia, descendents of Shem, son of Noah and speak a language called Semitic. In fact, that Prime Minister, Haman is a Nazis, a foolish man, megalomania. He was willing to dominate and destroy the Jewish. Actually, it was Haman spirit that Hitler was filled with later by creating Nazism which is the doctrine elaborated by the German State (1933-1945). That book which shows the human spirit in its entire nature and depth, relating the portrait of the reality of daily life, introduces three characters to us :
  A superb heroine (Ester) who saved an entire people from a mortal situation and took up a challenge.
  A hero (Mordeccai) who saved a king’s life.
  A perverse and corrupted man, boastful, full of Cain’s spirit, a man called Haman who dreadfully failed in front of his challenge. I- Geographical context It was at King Atarxerxes time who reigned from India to Ethiopia over 120 provinces. That King envisioned the invasion of Europe and destroyed Greece. Besides, it was the main reason behind the invitation where the first festival lasted over 180 days with big men, leaders, princes and army commanders ; and the second festival for those in Suez, the city capital. In fact, the city of Suez was at 320 km away from Babylonia in the East of the Golf of Persia, the current Iran. Therefore, the kingdom was stretched up to Iraq.
  It is there that there is the current greatest opposition of the Arab world against Israel.
par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, September 19, 2010 by Pastor Bi Zoua ZOHORE of Côte d’Ivoire !


dimanche 19 septembre 2010

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Word - 26.5 ko

1- God is eternal ; John 8:58 ; 2- He answers the prayer and comes to the rescue of whoever calls upon Him. 3- He dwells with whom he has sent ; Acts 1:8 4- He assures victory to whom He has sent ; Ps 60:12.
par Pasteur Bi Zoua ZOHORE

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Message of Sunday, September 12, 2010 by Pastor Jacques KASSOUHIN !


dimanche 12 septembre 2010

Before he died, Moses blessed the 12 tribes of Israel with prophetic blessings to show them what would happen in the future. This is worth keeping : "God has always wanted that his children who serve him day and night be blessed and become source of blessings to others”. As Christians, we must understand this manifest truth of our father who is in heaven. We must not be negligent in this domain to believe in fatality. To Salomon, God said : "Ask whatever you want me to do for you ?" ; 1 Kings 3:5. We all know how the story of Salomon ended up. King Salomon asked : "Knowledge to judge people and to discern evil from good". That desire pleased God and He said : "Behold, I will act according to your word. I will give you a wise and intelligent heart so that there will not be any one before you and that there will never be anyone like you. In addition, I will give you what you have not asked : riches and glory so that they will be no king like you in your entire life time. And, if you walk on my ways by fulfilling my rules and commandments as David your father did, I will prolong your life". Through this conversation between God and Salomon, we can learn the following : 1- God wants to bless his children, 2- The blessings he has for us are as follows : a- A wise and knowledgeable heart, b- Riches, c- Glory, d- Long life or longevity. Nowadays, most of us believe that, asking God to give us money through our prayers is fleshy. That is not true ! Ask money and glory, i.e. promotions in your services, and ask longevity for your life as well. God said to the children of Israel : "You will be the head and not the bottom". Many of us will be the bottom and not the head by the fact that they don’t ask God to bless them. What are the blessings that Moses said unto Asher ? 1- "That he should find favor before his brothers". That means : "that he becomes favorable in front of them, or that his brothers should love him". The best blessing that man can have on earth is to be favorable and useful to them. Let us consider Dorcas : That woman was in favor to others. When she died, people bitterly mourned her death. They may have complained, saying :"Why that ! God did not act fairly ! Why did death leave Diotrephes or so, so people…Never !...She must come back to life" ; and that is what happened. About one year ago, I lost my uncle (the Mayor of Glazoue). His death caused a great mourning to his family, his village and all the people who knew him nationally or internationally. At his burial, there was a host of people who were present. During the mortuary celebration, somebody said : "Open that coffin for me to raise him up". Can we see how much that mayor was in favor to others ? Upon Dorcas, was a great grace. It is true that she shared her belongings with the needy, but we should not forget that there was a great grace that was on her. Therefore, she liked people. Talking of politics in Benin, General Mathieu Kerekou, former President, was liked by his people. Why ? Because of his wisdom ? The development of the country in his time ? Beside those considerations, it is to be noticed that they was a grace on him, so much so that when he insulted people, they would laugh instead of getting angry. Finding favor before people does not depend only on what we do to them, but on God’s grace on us. 2- "That he should put his feet into oil" How can we understand "plunging feet into oil ?” "That his olive trees should produce oil in abundance." Here, the blessing we need to understand is material, financial and spiritual. Feet that are plunged into oil leave their traces wherever we go. This also has to do with spiritual blessings, meaning that Asher should be rich for God, by producing spiritual fruits. What will material and financial blessings be used for if we don’t live for God’ sake. Jesus said : "what is it worth to a man to win the world and lose his soul ?". 3- "That his bolts should be in iron and bronze." The wish of Moses to Asher was that he would be away from his enemies. Let us read Psalms 91. It is a word of encouragement to know that God protect us against enemies, the wicked, crooks and others. This is what Moses’ prayer on Asher means. a- That your physical health equals your days. While celebrating the tenth anniversary of a brother’s house, the man who prayed said : "God, give a good health to this young man for him to enjoy the fruits of his hands". What will our wealth be used for if we are not healthy ? John’s prayer on Gaius means the same thing with Moses’ on Asher. b- Spiritual health "That your spiritual health should equal your days on earth… That you should prosper in your attachment to God. That from year to year, your spiritual progress be known to all until the end of your days " E.g. Caleb told Moses :" Give me this mountain and I will cast its inhabitants out. I have much strength to go out and come in even though I am 85 years old now." Caleb is the Christian whose spiritual strength is renewed every day. The word of God says : "He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak…" ; Isaiah 40 : 29-31.
par Rév. Jacques KASSOUHIN

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Message of Sunday, August 22, 2010 by Reverend Leon AFFRAN of Côte-d’Ivoire ! !


Reading : Ecclesiastes 7:8, Luke 6:12-16.

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dimanche 22 août 2010

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Word - 25.5 ko

The example of Judas Iscariot.

Judas is the son of Simon, the man from Karioth. John 6:70.

Judas means : "Let God be praised".

Judas was chosen by Jesus-Christ.

He was among the 12 apostles ; Luke 6

He was chosen by Jesus after a night of prayer.

He had got everything on him to succeed.

His record.

  He has been a participant of Jesus’ ministry.

  He witnessed the multiplication of bread.

  He witnessed the different healings and miracles.

  From the day he was chosen till his death, he lived with Jesus. What happened in his life ?

  His heart was bad.

  His thoughts were not of God.

What is the condition of his heart ? John 12 : 4-6.

  He was a thief, a liar

God wants us to be consecrated fully to his service.

Remorse does not mean repentance.

As David, let us turn to God.

We need to be watchful over our heart. God is the support and the source of our wealth.

Let us dwell in Him and persevere until the end.

Whoever perseveres until the end will be saved.

God bless every one of you.

Amen !

par Rev. Léon AFFRAN

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Message of Sunday, July 25, 2010 by Pastor Leon HOUNGBEDJI !


jeudi 29 juillet 2010

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Word - 29.5 ko

A Doctor visited a dying old woman in a despicable house. In that condition, the man was greatly astonished when he heard the woman murmur the following words : "Blessed be the Lord  !".

So the doctor leaned toward her and asked : "How can you praise the Lord in such a place ?”.

She answered : "It is easy ; I can’t help thinking of my movement to my heavenly palace".

It is obvious that God’s desire is to see people of all races, all nations and all saved tribes to be with Him one day in heaven. Apostle John clearly reveals that intention of the Lord through the following words of Jesus "… I am going to prepare a place for you in the house of my father…". But before hoping any triumphant welcome to heaven, we must first show our candidacy.

I- Act of candidacy

• In northern America, during slavery, a completely incredulous master had, for his service, a slave who was a true Christian. He kept on troubling the faith of that poor slave. Every day, he joked in asking him embarrassing questions :

  So Sam, do you believe that you will go to heaven ?

  Yes, Master !

  So, are you chosen ?

  Yes, Master !

  Sure that his slave wouldn’t know which answer to provide, he asked :

  What about me, am I going to be elected ?

  Praying in his heart for a moment, the humble slave was inspired an answer by the Lord and he said :

  O master, I don’t believe that one can elect somebody who is not a candidate ! Astonished by such words and finding nothing to answer, the master suddenly turned back and went away.

It is obvious that no one can enter heaven unless he or she has shown an act of candidacy before.

This goes through repentance and faith in Jesus. We need to be born again. Unfortunately, many Christians and many candidates to heaven are stricken by ineligibility because they don’t fulfill the criteria to go there.

• According to Benin constitution, any candidate to a presidential election must be morally correct and must fully have his citizen rights. Otherwise, he would be ineligible.

You can’t go to heaven if you are not morally correct.

• It is on the slopes of the "Long’s Peak” that we find the ruin of a forests’ giant. Naturalists say that the three has lived for more than 400 years. It was already growing before Christopher Columbus landed in San Salvador.

It was stricken for more than 14 times by lightening. Rains and storms poured on the three for 4 centuries without being able to destroy it. But it was killed only by coleopterans.

That giant, which, neither weather nor nature could wither away or vanquish, fell under the bite of an insect that is crushable between the thumb and the index finger.

How many giants have suddenly gone sagged to the consternation of their admirers today ! Their downfall was caused by that hidden little thing which seemed quite insignificant : a grudge harbored in our heart, a selfishness that refuses forgiveness, a desire to be praised, and a lie that provides service.

This detail which is neither innocent, nor little before God gradually paralyzed all the spiritual life and broke the resistance force of the person who used to be the support of so many others, and hurried him into ending up an activity which used to be a source of blessing for him. Mathew 7:21-23.

Neither our talents nor our titles are what influences God, but the obedience to his word.

II- A triumphant welcome

We will be well welcomed in heaven.

• When "the Trans Atlantic" brought President Roosevelt from his African tour to the port of New York, he received a triumphant welcome. The musical orchestra was present. Soldiers stood to attention, the marine bore the flag, women of honor were magnificently dressed up. From the same boat, an old missionary who had completed his mission oversea also came down. A small group of Christians went to welcome him soberly. In the tumult, they wished him welcome.

  We’re sorry not to be able to offer you the same greetings as granted to President Roosevelt.

Pointing to heaven, the missionary told them :

  Don’t mind dear friends, I have not gone back home yet. The welcome that awaits the Lord’s soldiers will much more be triumphant than the one granted to heroes of this world. We will be welcomed with all heavenly honors.

  Trumpets will be blown

  Our body will be changed into glorious bodies.

  We will be accompanied by angels.

  Christ will welcome us in the kingdom of God where there will be no more tears and gnashing of teeth.

Yes, this earth of pain and misfortune will come to pass and the heaven of glory will open his door to us. It is at that time that the day so much expected will rise triumphantly for us.

That is why, stand firm dear friend.

Have a pilgrim’s courage because a great happiness is waiting for you.


Overall, an eternal happiness is waiting for us in heaven with God. But, we still need to be a candidate through repentance and salvation to get there.

par Pasteur Léon HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, May 23, 2010 by Reverend Erast BATIEMA !


Reading : Acts.l:8 ; Matthew.28:l9 ; Jr. 4:35 ; Es. 6:8

dimanche 23 mai 2010

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The preaching of the Gospel to the world constitutes an imperative of the New Testament. The power of the Holy Spirit was a normal experience of Christians during the primitive church.

The Holy Spirit brings the necessary power for the life and testimony of Christians.

 A total consecration to God and an entire commitment to his work (Acts 2:42)

 The Holy Spirit enables us to be powerful witnesses of Christ. In its end, the New Testament reveals the primitive church as an active one.

 The Power of Pentecost is not reserved to those who have a lot of gifts, but it is at the disposal of all believers who want to serve Christ. (To depopulate hell and populate heaven)

What happens when we receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit ?

The Holy Scripture is clear. We are committed into a spiritual conflict : We fight against authorities and dominations. Our enemy wants to invade everything, leads souls into hell ; he wants to destroy, kill...

Therefore, the church of Jesus Christ must exercise its authority and power upon the devil. But you should know that the devil is not afraid of the church itself. It is the fire of the Holy Spirit that he is afraid of : the power or fire.

 Fire draws ; it repels. Each Christian who has become a full part of the true church through faith has the responsibility to ask what God promised and to receive the spiritual power from above.

That special anointment is the power from above, promised to believers once they receive the gift of the spirit.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a subject of glory to God as explained by Jesus in Acts 1:8.

The ultimate reason for which we seek the fullness of the spirit is to be a good witness of Christ in every aspect of our life. Also :

1- The baptism will improve our testimony for Christ for our life. The Lord will be so real for us that people will see him through us, (Acts 4:13)

A life full of the spirit is supernatural that glorifies Jesus (Holiness)

2- The baptism will improve our testimony through our words. We will utter words of revelation and those of power (prophetic manifestations).

3- The baptism will improve our testimony through our works. Isaiah 6:8 ; John 4 : 35 ; Matthew 28:19

Nowadays, the mission is urgent and God is looking for people to walk before Him.

Like the world in Isaiah’s time, our world is languishing, loaded, invaded with worries, diseases.

Idolatry, selfishness, injustice, upset moral values characterize our world.

We just need to look up and see around us, and we will see that the world is full of people who cruelly are in suffering (soul, spirit and body). There is no day without an event on media showing the disastrous reports of terrorist a

par Rév. Erast BATIEMA

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Message of Sunday, May 16, 2010 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


Reading : Judges 8 : 30- 31 ; 9 : 1- 6.

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dimanche 16 mai 2010

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Word - 68.5 ko

Marriage, being a divine institution, should not be undertaken without prudence or without seriousness as our preamble underlies it. But unfortunately, we bitterly notice that certain people place in their marriage some bombs that will explode sooner or later in their family, causing the death of many people and also some innocents. These delaying bombs are parts of our acts which, in short or long term, will bring a lot on the plate of our family members, of the children that are from those links of marriage who will later look daggers at one another. We get married for happiness during and after marriage, for the family to stay united and to prosper in everything.

The story we have just read happened at the time of the judges, a dark period in the history of the Israel people. God told them to chase all tribes far away from their sight so that these nations would not contaminate them through their way of living. But, unfortunately, once settled, the people mingled with other peoples, practicing their tradition. During that period, the Israel people were dominated very often and God would provide them with a freer and after the death of the latter, the people would fall back into the same faults again. It was a period during which Israel formed a confederation of tribes and God would give a category of leaders taken in their natural state, without a new birth, still having their unchanged character.

Whenever the people fell under the oppression of neighboring nations as a consequence of their going away from God’s face, God, in His pity, would grant them a freer from the different tribes that accomplished occupations of military leaders, magistrates and prophets.

As spiritual life was at its lowest level, those leaders could not control themselves in marital domain. They were polygamists serving God like Israel’s kings. The one that we are going to talk about, married many wives and as though they were not enough, he got another concubine in Shechem who bore him a son to whom he gave the name Abimelech, a name of philistine kings ; an enemy of Israel.

One of the delaying bombs in couples is named : “Illegitimate children” The Bible tells us that that man got 70 children. The Old Testament used to close eyes on polygamy. God has never allowed it. Polygamy comes from man. The model that God showed is the case of Adam and Eve indeed. God did not give several wives to Adam although, at the beginning of humanity, He said : be multiplied, populate the earth. He did not give Adam a multitude of wives to facilitate this multiplication though.

Abraham got only one wife, Sarai and Isaac his son got only one wife. Jacob should have only one wife when his father-in-law betrayed him by giving him his two daughters. Bewilderments came later in their looking for children.

After Gideon died, the delaying bomb exploded. Abimelech, the isolated child of a concubine, usurped power with the help and support of his maternal uncles to whom he was able to talk maliciously. He went to his maternal parents so as to plot a coup-d’état, or even a great scheme against his seventy step-brothers.

He succeeded in killing all his brothers in Ophrah on a single stone where they were all guillotined. What carnage ! What a hideous or horrible scene ! Among the seventy sons of Gideon, only one escaped ; he is Jotham, the youngest who was helped by people. If these children were from the same mother, this would not be possible. Children from Polygamy, from different mothers cannot love one another ; they create conflicts which occasion troubles. God, being omniscient, knows all these things. He knows what contributes to peace ; that is why he gave only one wife to man.

The only son of Gideon who survived was obliged to flee after he had proclaimed a judgment against Abimelech, chap. 9 : 21.

Abimelech continued his carnage across the country. He burnt a tower in which there were 1000 men and women, chap. 9 : 49.

He was getting ready to burn another tower where men, women and children found refuge, when a courageous woman threw a piece millstone on his head and fractured his skull, chap. 9 : 53.

That is the evil that an illegitimate child had got to create in his family, in the country. He triggered civil war, poured anger upon peaceful populations.

Another case of delaying bomb is the mistake made by Abraham by marrying Hagar upon the advice of Sarai, his wife.

Abraham had got only one wife. But, being barren, that wife gave him her servant, Hagar, an Egyptian woman so that she could get a child through her. Abraham accepted and Ishmael was born. Problems began when Hagar was pregnant : insults and despise invaded her mistress.

All this meant nothing compared to the aftermath of facts. Ishmael became a main problem later ; an international one which makes all the world’s nations suffer today.

Abraham preferred Isaac, the son of promise to his brothers, Hagar’s sons and the sons of the woman whom he took and who was named Keturah, following the death of Sarai, Gen. 25. He gave all his wealth to Isaac and offered gifts to his concubine’s children. He sent them far away from Isaac, his son, to the East. That attitude created some sort of hatred or jealousy in those children against Isaac.

Satan seized the opportunity of that behavior to create another religion parallel to Christianity which, both have the same father, but with completely different practices. They were two enemy religions. The problem of Israel with Palestinians, with Arabs stems from the illegitimate union of Abraham with Hagar, his wife’s servant. The entire world is suffering today because of that delaying bomb which has finally exploded. Suicide bombings, bombs carriers are the negative consequences of those unions.

What delaying bombs have you placed in your life as a couple ? Have they been deactivated ?

Let us not play with marriage as a divine institution. The great day of God’s judgment will include this aspect. The Bible states that God will judge adulterers and will throw them into the pond of fire with the devil and his acolytes.

The Holy Scriptures state “Marriage is to be honored by all, and husbands and wives must be faithful to each other. God will judge those who are immoral and those who commit adultery”, Eph. 13:4

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, April 25, 2010 by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


dimanche 25 avril 2010

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Word - 34.5 ko

At the beginning, man was holy and righteous, perfect and good. He was all good (1:31).

Adam and Eve were morally created as free beings, without sin, but with the capacity of committing sin or not. They can choose to fall or not.

It is in this context that Satan tempted Adam and Eve by using wrongly their instincts against the direct commandment of God. But in the temptation itself, there was no power of strong obligation forcing them to sin.

Therefore we can sum up Satan’s temptation as an attractive one for man in the following way : It brings man to desire to have what God forbade, to know what God did not reveal and to become what God did not want them to be. In that sin there was flesh lust, that of eyes and life’s selfishness.

Eve fell down by seduction and Adam by affection because of his love towards his wife. Therefore, the introduction of sin into the world has been a harsh blow inflicted to human kind, then to the entire creation. This needs two redemptions :

  The redemption of human kind ; Gen 3:15.

  The redemption of creation ; Romans 8:19-21.

Sin has then made all human beings lustful for evil. So, we

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, April 18, 2010 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


Reading : Genesis 8:1- 5 ; 13- 19.

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dimanche 18 avril 2010

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Word - 34.5 ko

Does God forget like man ? Not at all !

The Bible uses human expressions to shed light on the way God acts towards his children which sometimes seems to be a forgetting.

Noah and his family were saved from the flood. The long sojourn in the boat started worrying Noah. Let it be remembered that it rained for forty days and forty nights. The violent ascent of the earthly winds contributed to the flood. The water swallowed all the mountains and made the boat rest upon the mountains of Ararat.

Noah and his family were locked up in the boat which he could not control for God himself is the one who closed it. The water took long time to dry. Things stayed as they were for months. He spent 150 days, 285 days and later 371 days and soon, it would be a year. Finally, Noah counted the days and the years. He was 600 years old when he entered into the boat ; he has just celebrated his 601 years anniversary. He spent about a year in the boat.

Noah had not experienced such a cataclysm in the past so as to know what would happen when such a thing arrived. He didn’t do studies on navigation and on the problems of water. He could not imagine that the water would last for so long.

Noah seemed to be forgotten by God in the boat. Each day he could hear the cries of animals and birds etc. His sons could certainly ask him the following questions : "Father when we would finally come out of this boat ? Is the water still abundant ? What had God told you about the end of the flood ?" I can imagine that Noah, the old man at the age of 601 years could answer them : "I myself ignore what would be the continuation. It is a year since God spoke to me".

Noah worried about the future. He wondered : "Our provisions will soon finish what would herbivores and carnivores eat ? What would happen ? Here, Lioness roars, cow moos in its cowshed, camels neigh mixing their cries with those of donkeys, but what would all that become if we stayed too long in this narrow place ?

In his impatience, Noah imagines what he must do. He sends out birds so as to be informed about the level of the water.

In the different flights of recognition, the raven and the dove came back which shows that the water was still abundant. When the dove was sent out for the third time, it could not come back for it had found a place where to lay its feet.

Where was God, by leaving his servant in this great depression ? Had God forgotten his servant the only one who was found righteous among the people of his generation ? Why leaving him locked up without telling him what could happen later ? Noah could no longer hear God speaking to him for 150 days. He had no idea about the dryness of the water and when God would do it. God tested Noah’s faith. He had not forgotten his people.

God remembered Noah

We have been told, time without number, about God’s memory towards some people in the Bible.

Not only did God remember Noah but also the animals that were with him. God caused a wind to blow on the earth and the waters started going down. The Bible says that God uses winds as his messengers. He always has means to solve our difficulties.

It is a long time since you heard the voice of God in your life. You are passing through a hard moment and a total calm reigns between God and you. You seem to be forgotten by God. You are sinking in abyss and only your head is not. Like Noah, you have worries about your situation and your future. Everywhere God loves you ; he is the one who chose you from the world, he has saved you, but behold ! He is silent about your situation !

This morning, I have good news for you. The good news is the following : God will remember you one day. God will remember you in one area of your life which seems to be forgotten. God is not unfair to forget all you have done for him. He will remember you in the following days, during this month or during this year 2010. I just want you to know that God will remember you. He will clean all the tears in your eyes. As he remembered Noah, he will remember you too. When he remembered Noah, he started using his weapons to dry the water. He caused a wind to blow on the earth. God has means and resources available and sufficient to solve the problems of his children. God happened to start speaking to Noah from verse 16 – 17 : "Go out of the boat… » Can you imagine all the joy of the family while getting out of the boat to start a new life on the embarrassing situation in which that hardship has put you ? You will get out of it and all your family will be blessed. God will remember you.


Household without children

1- The Lord remembered Sarah and she bore a son to Abraham. Genesis 21:1. She was 90 years old.

2- God remembered Rachel and she bore a son to Jacob. Genesis 30 : 22.

3- The Lord remembered Hannah and she bore Samuel. We could say the same thing about others such as :

4- Elizabeth, Zechariah’s wife gave to John the Baptist.

5-The wife of Manoah gave birth to Samson. Judges13:3.

 God remembered Joseph and he became the first minister of Egypt after many years of suffering and unrighteousness inflicted to him by men : his own brothers, Potiphar’s wife and the king’s favorite officer. It looks as if Joseph’s name was wiped off. To the people of his house, he has disappeared. And to his father, a furious animal would have devoured him. God remembered Joseph. He was greatly rewarded : Position, wealth, conjugal life etc.

You who love God and are passing through difficult situations that you are not able to explain, I would like to tell you that God will remember you. God sees everything ; he will remember you one day.

A great reward is on the way. At his conversion to the Jewish religion, Cornelius, the centurion started doing goods. Help here and there, the construction of synagogues, help to priests, travelling of the travelers to Jerusalem etc. God was looking at all that. One day, an angel was sent to him with the following message : “Your prayers and works of charity have gone to God and he has remembered you”.

God will remember you concerning everything you are doing for his work. Your gifts here and there for evangelism, for the construction of God’s houses, our help towards God’s servants ; God will remember you and He will bless you abundantly. You will count money and will say : “I too, am I the one who is counting such sums”. The world has not yet ended. Many opportunities will be opened before you. Your future will be assured by the Lord. You will be called "trees" of righteousness, which means trees that honor God, a plantation of the Lord, to serve his glory. Isaiah 61:3.

You will dominate ; your posterity will possess the country, Amen ! One day, during the midday prayer, a prophecy said : your parent cultivated cassava and planted palm and coconut trees but you ; you will inherit vines and lands of beat.

Keep this prophecy, for it will be fulfilled in somebody’s life. Another prophecy said that in the future, you will run great projects and you will be the chief who has your own driver. God will do that. Girls and boys of this Assembly, all of you who love God, God will remember you.

God bless you !!!

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, April 11, 2010 by Pastor Justine SOSSOU !


dimanche 11 avril 2010

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Word - 34.5 ko


Today, it is no more surprising to notice that some personalities, even the most respectable and respected of our societies are involved in occult and mystic practices. Others are still adepts of convents. Those convents and loges are regulated by rules and regulations strictly followed with demands by any adherent and they are ruled by masters who are feared and to whom one must show faithfulness and integrity, so much that people might even lose their life if those principles are ever breached.

If, then on this earth, false masters are so much exigent in the orders they give their followers, how much more wouldn’t it be important to bow to the demands of the master who has authority on earth and heaven, who has all power and whom we follow and have decided to follow ?

Therefore, it is to answer that question addressed to every one of us this morning that I have proposed the theme “Serve the Lord with faithfulness and integrity” to you as written in Joshua 24:14. But why should we serve the Lord ? And why should we serve him with faithfulness and integrity ? How can we serve him with faithfulness and integrity ?

I- Some reasons for serving the Lord :

A- We serve the Lord because our salvation comes from him.

In fact, before leading the people to get committed, the previous verses show us that Joshua first took some time to remind all of them of the great deliverances, the victory and the goodness that they benefited from the Lord and upon which a covenant was established. That covenant was a permanent contract that united God to Israel. In the same way, under the same covenant, we must never forget the death and the resurrection of Christ who is the source of our salvation.
- we must also be committed to follow the Lord in repentance, faith and obedience. It is only in doing that that we can serve the Lord.

- We must serve the Lord because we love him, and we love him because he was the first to love us.

B- Reasons for serving the Lord with integrity and faithfulness :

- Due to the fact that God does not like services done without integrity and faithfulness. David states in Psalms 51 : ‘’O, God, if you had wanted sacrifices, I would have offered them to you, but you don’t rejoice in sacrifices”. The sacrifices that are pleasant to the Lord are a broken spirit : O, God ! You don’t hate a broken and concrete heart. Only integrity and faithfulness draw the approval of God about the services that we grant him, which is of a great importance. Christ approved of the service of a servant in Mathieu 25:21 ‘’ Very good, you are a good servant ; we can trust you’’

- Faithfulness and integrity in the service done to God open greater doors to us : Not only does Christ approve of that servant, but he gave him greater things to manage. Mathieu 25 : 21, b “You proved to be faithful in a little thing, that’s why I can entrust you a greater management. Come to share the joy of your master with him”.

- If our service gives joy to our Lord, what will he wait for before blessing us ? And make our faith perfect in Him ?

II- How can we serve God with integrity and faithfulness ?

Jesus is the perfect model to follow. All the earthly life of our Lord imbeds a lot of instructions and effective lessons in the way of serving God with faithfulness and integrity for us today. The Lord himself is inviting us to behave like him.

- Let us see that illustration drawn from John 13, as follows :

- Jesus washed the feet of his disciples on the eve of his death. When it was Peter’s turn, the latter protested : “You, Lord, want to wash my feet ? Never ! Mathieu 13:13. “You call me Master and Lord ; and you are right, for I am. In fact, if, therefore as Master and Lord, I washed your feet, you must henceforth wash the feet of one another, Verse 15. I have just given you an example so that in your turn, you behave the way I have behaved towards you.

• If we decide to be the first to serve the Lord with integrity and faithfulness, we must seek to behave faithfully as the Lord himself served his Father in this world.

• Christ served with humility, not to be served, but to serve.

• The reaction of Peter is a normal one. The Master had never taught selfishness in his service. He taught us humility, patience, unity, peace, etc.

• If we decide to serve the Lord, we cannot serve another master beside him, Mathieu 6:24 “No one can serve two masters”

• Philippians 3:8 shows us that we must serve God with fear and obedience. Christ was obedient until his death.


Dear brothers and sisters,

Serving God with integrity and faithfulness is for us a duty and an order vis-a-vis our God. It is even the only and best reason for any Christian life. Thus, by living like that, we are going to be true witnesses of Christ as he wants us to in this evil world that quenches for deliverance. How are you, who are listening to me now, serving the Lord ? Are you serving him with faithfulness and integrity ? Or do you let yourself be corrupted by the pleasures and seductions of this world ?

I would like to invite you to pray.

par Pasteur Justine SOSSOU

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Message of Sunday, April 04, 2010 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI, Pastor of TU !


dimanche 4 avril 2010

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Word - 28 ko

I- Historical context.

Remember that the people of Israel suffered in Egypt for 4 centuries and more. God sent Moses to free his people but the latter met a fierce and strong opposition from King Pharaoh. God sent 10 plagues on Egypt to oblige Pharaoh to let the people of God go. The tenth plague was the most dreadful, that of the death of the first-born of families as well as animals. To spare his people from that plague, God asked him to offer as sacrifice a lamb without default and to spread some part of its blood on the lintels of theirs doors so that the destructive angel would spare them from the death of the first-born.

II- Meaning of the word "Easter"

Easter comes from a Hebrew verb which means "pass over" or "spare". When the destructive angel would pass by in the country to kill all the Egyptian first born, if he sees a household with the blood of the lamb, he would pass over it ; he would spare that household marked by the blood.

All those events were in preparation for the lamb of God to come later, the lamb that takes away sin from the world. John 1:29.

III- Easter in the Jewish history

Every year the people of Israel used to celebrate the Easter in remembrance of the sacrificed lamb and their triumphant coming out of Egypt. They used to celebrate Easter Day, kill a lamb, take the yeast from their house, and eat bitter herbs in remembrance of the suffering endured by their forefathers in Egypt.

The most important moment of the evening came when the father of the family told what had happened when God delivered the ancestors miraculously from Egypt.

In the course of the New Testament, Jews always would celebrate the Passover feast. In Luke 2:41-50, we see the parents of Jesus who took him to Jerusalem for the festivities of the Passover.

IV- Easter and Jesus-Christ

Easter embeds a very rich prophetic symbolism that talks about Jesus. It was the feature of things that were yet to come namely redemption through the blood of Christ.

Passover addresses :

1- The saving grace of God. The people of God did not deserve that grace. We are also saved by grace.

2- The blood of the sacrificed lamb needed to be applied on the doorposts of each household so that the first-born’s life could be saved.

That blood talks about Jesus Christ who poured his blood on the cross to save us from death and the anger of God regarding our sins.

3- The Easter lamb’s purpose was to replace the first-born (the death of Christ for the sinner).

Paul said that Christ, sacrificed for us, is our Easter. 1 Cor 5 : 7.

4- The spraying of the blood on doorposts.

It is a gesture of faith and obedience, Hebrew 11:28.

Salvation in Christ is only obtained through faith. Christ was raised up during Easter. He overcame death, Luke 24.

Note :

Greek Easter = Pascha celebrated at spring. It is associated with the historical history of the Israelites’ departure from Egypt.

The crucifixion of Jesus took place on Easter’s preparing day.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, March 28, 2010 by Reverend Eugène BOKOUE, Pastor of Godomey !


dimanche 28 mars 2010

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Word - 32 ko

There are certain truths that we must always have in mind when undertaking anything.

  What am I doing ?

  To whom am I doing it ?

  How am I doing it ?

  Example of :

Matthew 25 : 33 "He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."

Matthew 10:40-42 "He who receives you receives me, and he who receives me receives the one who sent me. Anyone who receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward. And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward."

Sub-theme : Lessons to draw from the shunammite’s story.

Reading : 2 Kings 4:8-37


In the Bible, there are some characters whose life represents a great source of teaching to us. Here is what confirms how rich the word of God is and what a light it is to Christian faith.

In this message, we are going to highlight the lesson from the story of the woman from Shunem.

1- The Bible introduces her as a well-to- do woman because she distinguishes herself by her actions ; Verse 8 :

2- She considered Elisha as a Man of God. She did not mix up things. Verse 9 : She said to her husband, "I know that this man who often comes our way is a holy man of God."

3- She understood that a man of God should be treated not like anybody. Verse 10 "Let’s make a small room on the roof and put in it a bed and a table, a chair and a lamp for him. Then he can stay there whenever he comes to us." Matthew 10:40-42.

4- Her husband also showed a prompt attitude in conformity to God’s will. He did not suspect his wife vis-a-vis Elisha, the special visitor ; Verse 10.

5- The shunammite achieved all what God put in her heart to do for the man of God ; Verse 11. She preferred offering more comfort to Prophet Elisha than to herself.

6- The man of God was very happy of the good done to him by the couple. Then, he wanted to pay them back with a particular blessing ; Verse 12-16.

7- Later, the act of the shunammite yielded blessings to her :

  She got a child ;

  She received the resurrection of that child one day ; Verse 17-37.

  Deliverance from famine ; 2 Kings 8:1-2.

  The king judged her favorably one day by returning her belongings to her. 2 Kings 8 : 3-6.


Let us not forget the story of Prophet Elijah with the widow in Zarephath in 1 Kings 17:8-24.

Let us behave like those women.

par Rev. Eugène BOKOUE

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Message of Sunday, March 21, 2010 by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !

Theme : One day !

Reading : 1 Thessalonians 4:3-7 ; 13 – 18, Mathew 24 : 38-44 .

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dimanche 21 mars 2010

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Word - 31.5 ko

Here is the statement by an old man :

‘’Well, in an evening during the dry season, as we were having our family prayer, I read the fourth chapter of the first Epistle of Paul to Thessalonians before going to bed. While meditating on the last verses, I fell deeply asleep and had a dream.’’

In fact, I dreamed that I woke up early in the morning and surprisingly I didn’t find my wife by my sides. As I got up, I knocked several times on the other doors of the rooms without any answer. I entered the rooms, but there was neither my wife nor my daughter inside : "Surprising, very surprising as phenomenon !". In vain, I searched the disappeared in the whole house.

Better still ; the entrance doors were meticulously so locked from inside than they were on the previous day. After calling my best friends, it was noticed that neither my wife, nor my daughter was with them. Then, I went to my wife’s sister. I rang the door bell several times and she finally came to me apologizing because she was the one cooking breakfast after her maid, a good Christian disappeared without making the fire or giving any explanation.

Well, we could not understand how she disappeared from the house although all the doors were tightly locked and the keys were still as we let them the previous day. How strange for those disappearances ! Everywhere, it was the same worry. Wherever, people searched members of their family who disappeared. In the streets, a big crowd of people would hurry here and there in their greatest excitement and lamentations. They would sorely weep and shriek. Immediately, a voice resounded from heaven : "Listen ! At this moment, people are just Christians by name (hypocrites) who give more time to the leisure and entertainment of this world than to God. The tastes of spiritual things have disappeared from many Christians. But behold ! ‘’Here I stand at the gate and I am coming soon’’. Soon, the word of the Lord is going to come true : "From two people who stand together, one will be taken and the other one left down."

Indeed, we have been to a work place in town : O, everywhere in the streets, men, women gathered in larger number than usual and on their faces lies a deep worry.

In the business center of the town, a lot of stores were still closed and there was no activity in others.

In the bars and cyber centers, as well as game rooms, a great deal of people would begin to have serious discussions.

Some would shout : "O, my accountant has disappeared !" And others : "O, my driver as well !’’. In royal palaces and temples of Voodoo and in neighborhoods, almost nothing has changed.

With sex workers and big quarters of bandits, nothing has changed, but the panic was general. In the chamber of commerce, there was one of the greatest traders’ meetings but no buyer or seller to gossip. It is useless to open a list to justify all the unhappiness of the people found dejected at those places.

Everywhere, everybody agreed on one fact : That it was a supernatural and strange phenomenon as I told you.

In the afternoon, there were churches that were overwhelmed with people who had never been there before : voodoo worshipers, noble men, renowned charlatans, mermaid worshipers, some high officials and people of all kinds, some came with their charlatanism instruments to discover the fact and those who had never touched t he Bible by the past took the Bible of the disappeared and came to church. Everyone wanted to know the reason and the cause of the trial and the meaning of the Bible. Many authentic Christians and preachers disappeared. There was a big disorder everywhere. The atmosphere was stinking and repulsive with the anger of the devil and his demons, along with worries and troubles in the whole universe.

But there were careless people who would say : “Let me stab you if you want to join them”. In the church there were all sorts of reproaches, accusations, and counter accusations among pastors, priests, Christians, evangelists, men of ministries (ministry of fire, of deliverance, of miracle, of healing…).

In the church, a great deal of people that were never met before were present.

When the situation cooled down awhile, the pastor took the floor and by weeping he said :" My heart is bleeding with thousands of wounds and in its deepest compassion at your affliction ; moreover, given the fact that I bear a great responsibility in this mortuary situation, my pain is truly indescribable.

He sobbed deeply and deeply and he continued saying :" Nobody can share the severe disappointment that invades my heart when I see the poor result of my work". He kept on pouring some tears. ‘’People blame me on the fact that I spoke a lot about earthly things rather than heavenly things. People also say that I let you ignore the truth about the arrival of such a day, which you should be ready for, expecting that it would be a troublesome event as it has just struck us’’. :"And I myself missed the journey". The pastor felt down, sobbing with severe and strident cries. Other Christians also started sobbing. Suddenly, all the electrical lamps of the church went off. There were dreadful cries, murmurings and general tears, for all were contaminated. A great fright seized the entire earth so much that terrified, that old man leapt from his bed and as he got up and was trembling he looked at his wife to know if she was beside him.

Dear friends ;

We will never be fed up saying that the event is surprising, that it is an amazing rising. Jesus is coming back to take us with him. A day is coming and it is coming in hurry and the earth is going to witness the disappearance of people and true Christians will be known that day. Masks will fall down.

Hypocrites will be known.

Your adultery, your theft, your wickedness will be revealed. When the trumpet will be blown, your wife will disappear and you will be left alone ; your children will disappear and you will be alone and those entitled to disappear will disappear.

They will leave the earth with its pain, its tears, its misery, and its great persecutions to Satan and his demons before long.

Give up this bad attitude that you have.

Prepare yourself !

Set your life into order ;

Change your way of worshiping God ;

Don’t betray yourself ;

You will never enter the way you are, unless you change ;

It will be puff ! Once and once like a lightening and everything will be done.

The dead in Christ will rise and will mount nicely to the Celestial city.

The living in Christ will have a blameless body. This will be the time to say :

Farewell to the earth ;

Farewell to Satan ;

Farewell to his demons ;

Faithful Christians, find your comfort in that hope !

Soon and very soon we will depart from earth. A day is coming when everybody will die and we will all go to God to be judged, each according to his deeds.

O, Lord ! Help me to gain our celestial kingdom.

If you are a liar you need to stop lying now.

If you are a traitor, you need to stop now, for you don’t know when Jesus is coming back.

If you are a thief, you need to stop now.

If you are a hypocrite, you need to stop now.

If you are unfaithful, you need to stop now because you don’t know when Jesus is coming back.

God bless you !

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, March 14 , 2010 by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 14 mars 2010

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Word - 33 ko

Have you been told that a man got registered at primary one in his village at the age of 99 ? Can we still be a student at the age of 99 ? Indeed, at God’s school we remain students. We know nothing. We must always learn from God. At a certain age we think we have enough experiences to be a teacher. It is not so with God. With Him, we remain students. Abraham, called at the age of 95 left his home town, he obeyed and left without knowing exactly where he was going.

After 24 years, God appeared to him and said : "I am the Almighty God, which means El-shaadai in Hebrew, a name of God mostly used by patriarchs. God revealed himself to Abraham as the Almighty, which means that He has all the power, nothing is impossible for him. As the almighty God, he can accomplish his promises even if there is no natural means to do it. With this revelation, Abraham could not stand on his feet. He bowed down with his face touching the ground as a sign of adoration and submission to the Superior Authority. God wants to correct him so as to better bless him. During those few decades, Abraham was better known to God and God knew how to teach him.

First lesson

a- The walk before his face

Abraham should learn to walk before God. What does it mean ? It means :

  Live under my sight, always obey me, and walk before my face. Why was such a lesson given to him ?

God observed his servant for many years and had noticed a lot of mistakes in the life of the latter. As the promised child was delaying to come, Sarai gave Abraham her servant Hagar to get children from her. Abraham did not refuse the proposal. From that union, an illegitimate child was born. The servant became haughty and despised her mistress. The mother was expelled with her son. Having had pity on them, God brought them back home with plenty of promises for his boy who was Abraham’s son. The servant was there, at home, with the fruit from flesh. The trial was still pending. Sarai was still childless, she was painful and thought God was against her ; otherwise her servants wouldn’t be putting to bed every year. As for her, she was getting older and older. Discouragement, anger, troubles, and sadness were parts of Sarai’s daily life and of her aged husband as well, whose body was gnawed by old age. Sarai had sent him some wicked words as follows : "It is your fault that Hagar despises me. I myself gave her to you and ever since she found out that she was pregnant, she has despised me. May the Lord judge which of us is right, you or me !" Geneses 16:5.

Overwhelmed by all those barrenness problems, and other stresses of life, a lot of questions without answers invaded him and weakened him morally. Things seemed to go upside down ; his nephew Lot was no longer with him. He chose the green pastures that were entirely watered. As for Abraham, he occupied the mountainous lands. In chapter 15, God promised a great posterity. He even asked God what he would give him. ‘’I am going without a child ; I have already chosen the heir of my properties : It is my servant who was born in my home, Eliezer of Damascus’’. Abraham was confused. He needed advice. El shaddai was to be his teacher. You too may have been walking a long time with God. In spite of the numerous biblical promises, it seems that you haven’t got what you need. Your family is crossing a deep valley of endless sufferings. You keep on living normally as a couple. But in reality you are not happy ; you have squabbles because of the things that some people have and despite your love for the Lord, your zeal in serving him, God seems to have forgotten you and you are now discouraged in your family with a lot of questions in mind. I would like to tell you that God wants to give you the same teaching :

  The walk before his face,

  Live under God’s sight,

  Keep on trusting him, for he has a wonderful plan for your life.

  He is El-Shaddai, the Almighty to whom nothing is impossible.

Walk before the face of God like Abraham, Enoch, Noah, Daniel, Joseph…

Second lesson

b- Being blameless

What does this mean ? It means being irreproachable, perfect, right and just. Why did God insist on integrity ? It is in the purpose of achieving his promises in his servant’s life.

Sin prevents God from fulfilling his plans in the life of his servant. God asked Abraham to walk before him and be upright. As Abraham’s faith was a necessity to the reception of God’s covenant, he needed to make a sincere effort to please God so that the blessing of the divine covenant would continue being given to him. In other words, the promises and the miracles of God are fulfilled only when his children try to live a righteous life, or a life of obedience and entire consecration to Him. The same thing is in force for us today. That is why the Lord is exhorting you to keep on walking before his face and being upright, which means to be irreproachable.

God wants to accomplish great things in the life of someone. But it sounds as if doubt and impatience are taking control so as to prevent the fulfillment of God’s promises in that person’s life. What is promised is no longer far.

You should know dear sister and brother that your faithfulness only advantages you and for that reason you should continue walking with him.

Always be blameless, for the Almighty rewards faithfulness and obedience.

God accomplished his promises in Abraham’s life.

After Abraham was taught these lessons, God started fulfilling what he promised. As Abraham understood the lessons that God taught him, the walk before God’s face, the integrity in his behavior enable him to live abundant blessing times. God does not only try his children endlessly : Three angels visited Abraham and he offered them hospitality.

During their day, one of them told him : "I will surely return to you this time next year, and Sarah, your wife will have a son" Geneses 18:19. This could also be your promise, you who have been expecting a child. By faith, I proclaim blessings from God in your life during this year. Like Abraham and Sarah, you too have been going down in your faith after looking around you. God is asking you to keep on walking before Him and to be blameless so as to enable Him to achieve his precious promises in your life, in your family and in your household.

Your blessings are on their way. They are drawing near you slowly but surely. God does not want to leave you the way you are. He wants to bless you. Maybe only some hours, days, weeks, months or years separate the blessings. You will enjoy abundant blessings from God. Abraham and Sarah did not hope any more to have a child. That is why they made some mistakes in the past. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses, God asked Abraham to keep on walking before Him in perfection. That is the way God fulfilled his promises. There are a lot of people among us who do not have the patience of remaining faithful to God, without knowing that the word of God cannot tell lies.

Abraham ended up happily.

Let us always remain students of God, no matter our age on our Christian way.

Let us sit on students’ benches and God will teach us spiritual lessons which will make us be servants who are greatly blessed by God. Let us avoid the mistakes made by Abraham’s family. Let us imitate his faith and determination of remaining on God’s way.

God bless you !

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, March 07 , 2010 by Reverend Paul LANKOUANDE of Burkina Faso !


dimanche 7 mars 2010

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Word - 31.5 ko

This morning, our topic has to do with the work of the Holy Spirit. The text that we have just read expresses it quite well. Ezekiel is a man of God who received that revelation. He was a man who used to receive revelations from God, since he had the spirit of God in him.

Ezekiel saw water run from the house of God. Where that water runs, everything that moves starts living. Where that water runs, everything that is dead lives. That shows the importance of the presence of the Holy Spirit in the church. The church walks with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God led the Israelites during the day as well as the night. It guides them on their way by day, through a pillar of cloud ; and by night through a pillar of fire to give them light so that they could walk by day and night, (Exodus 13 : 21). That shows the work of the Holy Spirit among his people. It teaches us, in the New Testament, the work of the Holy Spirit within his people. That work was shown on the Pentecost Day (Holy Spirit anointment) : The Holy Spirit that should lead the children of the new covenant. We can say that the church was built by the Spirit of God.

It is that water that the prophet saw, meaning that in the church, it is God’s Spirit that works. Therefore, it is in the church that there is life. In Burkina Faso, amidst Gourmantche people, there was a denomination that got settled long ago even before the Assemblies of God. But it is only 10 years ago that the Assemblies of God got settled in that area. At their arrival, the Assemblies of God noticed that that denomination only had two churches in the city of Fada, whereas, today, they count twelve churches. That clearly shows us that the work of God can only be done with the action of the Holy Spirit. Taking into account the book of Isaiah, chapter 11, the prophet talked about the Spirit of God that was laid on his people in the following way : “Then, a branch will come out of the stalk of Isaiah and an outcast will be born out of his roots. The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him : The Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of advice and of power, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord. And he will delight in the fear of the Lord. He will not judge based on appearance, or decide by what he hears with his ears. Isaiah 11 : 1-3.

The Spirit of God gives us a power above the one from the world. Let me tell you a story : I went to a prison one day where I preached to 133 prisoners of whom 80 got converted. A policeman spoke to me, asking : “What is in you, which enables you to draw and control such men, whereas, with our guns, we are unable to ? What is your secret ? I answered him : “We have Jesus and His power”. So, as children, if we accept to be the people God entitles to be, the world will see the power of God in our life. The word of God tells us that God gave us His Power, a Power that surpasses that of the world. Isaiah teaches us that wisdom and understanding are the shares of the child of God.

The understanding we are talking about is not that one as seen by the world, but that which comes from God, which is very important. If we accept to live under the conditions that Christ wants for us, the world will see the Power of God through our life. There is church where the Holy Spirit dwells.

The Bible says that when man measured off 1000 cubits for the first time, the water reached his ankles, which is the first work of the Holy Spirit in a Christian’s life. He measured off 1000 cubits again and the water was at the level of the knee. He measured off 1000 cubits again and after making him cross it, the water was at the level of the waist. Then, 1000 cubits again, and it was a river that he could not cross, for the water was so deep to swim in ; it was a river that could not be crossed. That shows the fullness of the Holy Spirit in the life of that man. At what level do you have the Holy Spirit in your life ? Is it at the level of the ankles, the knees… ? The Spirit of God is not static, but dynamic. You should know that when you will have been filled by the Spirit of God so much that you will need to swim, it is at that moment that you will be able to love your enemies, or be able to transform people. In a word, you will bear a lot of fruits. I am not talking about people who give false prophesies, slander, though they are full of the Holy Spirit, but about people who let themselves be used by that authentic Spirit of God. The Spirit of God does not stir up squabbles in his church ; it rather produces fruits in us. Verses 8 and 9 of our reading show that wherever there is river everything that moves will live. Here, fish symbolizes all the people that we will bring to Christ, by the work of the Holy Spirit, through our prayer, our life and testimony. Every fish species is found in the sea, to mean that you will bring all sorts of men to the Church (to Christ) : rich people, slaves, the sick…

What is the level of that water in your life ? Is it at the level of your ankles, your knees, or waist ? Or, have you reached the stage of swimming ?

Dear brother and sister,

If there is no transformation in you after you have received the word of God, your life looks like a dumping ground, for you need to understand that the man that the word of God cannot transform can’t find transformation anywhere else because the Word of God is powerful. It stands at the creation of everything : sea, earth, living beings, the visible as well as the invisible. If that word is not able to transform you, there is no other form of possible transformation. The fact here is about those in the church who do not even care for an improvement of their relationship with the Lord. In his vision of the river surrounded on every side by green trees, prophet Isaiah shows that the Holy Spirit in us makes us bear a lot of fruits.

Beloved in the Lord,

God believes in our gathering here for the transformation of Benin. God always uses his own people to work. He does not work alone. He sends his servants so as to transform the world positively.

Let us closely see the level of development of South Korea, which accepted Christ and the level of North Korea that rejected Him. The difference is crystal clear. This means that if we are spiritually blessed, we will also be materially blessed. In Burkina Faso, precisely in the town of Bilanga, the communal and traditional authorities have unanimously understood that it is God Who can change their commune, for during the last convention, the authorities were present and they all felt the work of God in their life. They decided that pastors should organize a special prayer service for their commune. And this year, it will take place on Sunday, March 21st, 2010. You should know dear brothers and sisters that everything is done by the Holy Spirit.

God bless you.

par Rev. Paul LANKOUANDE

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Message of Sunday, February 21, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 21 février 2010

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Word - 37.5 ko

Haman, some kind of the King’s favorite, was hurt in his own pride due to the fact that all the subjects of the King bow down to him when he passed by in the royal court, whereas Mordecai, a Jew, refused to obey because to him, such a respect was a worshipping of a human being. Mordecai did not want to transgress the first commandment of God that stipulates : "You will not worship any other God except me. You will not bow before them." Exodus 20:3,5. Hurt in his pride, that man made such an irrational decision. He concluded : “Killing Mordecai alone would not satisfy him”. We need to eliminate his entire race spread in the whole empire. To succeed in carrying out his evil plan, he used three main ways, namely : occultism, lie and money.

I- The three main ways used by Haman

A- Occultism (Esther 3:7)

Before meeting King Xerxes, Haman wants to make sure that the occult powers that he serves are favorable. The lot was cast : It is a kind of incantation to choose a favorable date in the year. The lot fell on the twelfth month or Adar’s month. In addition to the lot he would also have used other occult practices to play on the King’s intelligence so as to blind him, to convince him, for him to accept his decision without asking him clarification questions. It took nearly a year between the lot and its execution.

B- Lie or blasphemy (verse 8)

Here is the second way he used. He is describing this people without naming them. He said :

• This people are harmful to the harmony of the kingdom. Making them disappear will not cause any loss to the King.

• This people have different laws from those of the other nations and they don’t observe the King’s laws.

• It is not a profit for the King to keep this people in his empire. Let us see how he is lying and dishonoring the Jews before the King. After using occultism, he adds lie to it so as to succeed. It remains a third bullet that he has to shoot that is the third way.

C- Money

A proverb says that when money appears, justice disappears. In return, Haman was committed to allot the royal treasury an important amount of money which equals 25. 000.000 F.

With those three ways : occultism, lie and money, the King did not even have the curiosity of knowing the name of the people that should perish. He contented himself of getting rid of his responsibilities and letting the management the country’s affairs in the hands of his great watchman. One could say that his talisman succeeded. The king took off his ring and gave it to Haman, which means that the King gave Haman the most extended power to carry out his diabolic plan, that of the destruction of the Jewish people, the tribe from which the Messiah should come for the salvation of the humanity. The edict was written without delay, copied, translated and bound and sent to all the provinces of the empire through the postal system inaugurated by Cyrus, shall we say.

Mordecai was informed and he was consternated, he tore his clothes. He informed Esther, the Queen about the matter. She was truly shocked. A plan will be elaborated to face the situation that is prevailing.

II- Esther’s plan (Esther 4 : 16-17)

To seek God’s face through three days fasting. Esther solicits a spiritual help from his brothers and sisters. This way is different from that of Haman. The people spent three days of fasting and prayer before the Lord.

Three days of dry fasting was programmed. Jesus fasted 40 days and 40 nights before commencing his powerful ministry. The evil consultation of Haman lasted a year. But the people of God took only 3 days of fasting and the situation was overthrown. Our God is not deaf. After 3 days of fasting, something would happen. What would happen if the people neglected payer ?

III- God’s powerful intervention

• The king had a sleepless night

• He started reading the official records of the country.

• He discovered one of Mordecai’s past good deeds.

• He wanted to know the distinction sign and honor that Mordecai got from such a good work.

• He granted Haman a debt of gratitude.

• He decided to honor Mordecai publically.

These are the first effects of the 3 days of fasting and prayer. Prayer is the Christian’s most powerful weapon. Prayer and fasting are very useful in spiritual battle. That is why our church organized prayer sessions every Wednesday and Thursday, night vigil on Fridays. But all this is insufficient if we want to see God acting in our favor. With fasting and prayer, we will make heaven descend. The other effects :

• Esther entered the palace without being invited. Here is a seventh effect of the power of fasting and prayer. The King heart is touched.

• God showed the strategy that Esther should use which is to invite the King to a banquet she prepared.

• Dressed in her robe and royal crown, Esther stood before the King and received his favor. In full view of the Master of the Persian’s empire, the Queen moved forward and touched the golden scepter. She was granted the favor and half of the kingdom was to be destined to her if she wanted.

All this is the result of the effects of prayer and fasting on the King. His heart was favorable to do good.

• Overturning of the situation (Chap 9:1-2)

We need to open some parentheses. The king did not even know what was going on between his favorite and Mordecai. For the debt of gratitude, he chose Haman to honor Mordecai. Mordecai was on the royal horse while Haman was pulling the string, shouting. (Chap 6). But when Esther revealed the macabre project of the enemy, the King told her : Who is that man ? And where is he who decided to act like that ?

The oppressor is Haman, Esther told him. (Chap 7:6-7).

• The wood that he prepared was as high as 25 meters for Mordecai to be hung. He was the one who was rather hung.

• Mordecai was appointed at his place. (Ch 8)

• His house was given to Esther who offered it to Mordecai.

• The announcement papers about the Jews’ massacre were revoked and replaced by papers allowing Jews to revenge from their enemies.

• The Jews massacred their enemies in the entire empire.

Haman and his followers represent Satan who hates the children of God. They seek to harm Christians through occult, diabolic means, through witchcraft, magic and all kings of evil.

Mordecai and Christians who walk in the light represent Jesus. To overcome and destroy every evil attack, Christians must fast and pray. God can change the situations that trouble his children. The thrones and fences erected by the devil fall in front of the power of prayer.

Are you facing diabolic situations ?

I am inviting you to pray and to fast.

The situations will change. Let us not enable the enemy to destroy us or destroy our children or our race.

Let us stand up and use our spiritual weapons. Victory belongs to us.

God bless you.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, February 14, by Reverend Barthélémy BONA !


dimanche 14 février 2010

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Word - 59.5 ko

I- Where must we persevere ?

A- In Actions and good behavior, Job2 : 3.


  Spiritual values

  Faithfulness, purity and honesty in marriage : listening to others, kindness, forgiveness.

  Our behavior is paramount for the conversion of others ;

  Everything we say is not valuable, but :

• The transformation of our personality by God ;

• Happiness in families ;

• The confidence and peacefulness of men ;

• The love of others – the conviction of our testimony.

B- In our commitment to serve the Lord

 Salvation is individual, but the service of God is common or collective (Geneses 2:18).

It is not good for a man to stay alone.

It is good and pleasant for brothers to be together. Psalms 133:1. God always wants to act in the communion of brothers. (Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am among them). The Lord is addressing every local church :

  In worshiping him,

  In teaching,

  In implementing the word,

  In praying.

God reveals himself when people come together and when the church is united.

• God gave the church :

  Teachers, prophets, evangelists, pastors. He uses the members of the church to make everybody perfect.

We are in a world ruled by Satan. Let us show him that we are a community of people transformed by God. Ephesians 4:29-33. Let us show that we are transformed people by forgiving one another, by being kind and understanding. The church means forgiveness, patience, love and mutual help. Therefore, there shouldn’t be :



C- In our evangelism mission

• Evangelism becomes hard in some parts of our country. Europeans and Americans preached the Gospel to us. They reached out to us : evangelism means movement, self devotion, and devotion of time, of one’s materials.

• The Gospel is in progress our country,

• Young people are zealous for the Lord,

• Pagans get converted. We must reach out to people. Jesus used to move from village to village and from town to town.

II- Where is the strength to persevere to be found ?

A- The love of God.

He listens to us, shows us his grace, forgives and understands us.

B- Hope

Jesus rose from death. He defeated everything. He overcame death. Jesus is coming back.

C- Faith. Hebrews 11:1

  Faith is like train that follows the rails. It does not derail.

  Through faith, we are forgiven ;

  Through faith, we receive ;

  Through faith, we live ;

  Through faith, we overcome.

The victory that triumphs over the world is through our faith. 1 Jean 5:4.

par Rév Barthélémy BONA

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Message of Sunday, February 7, by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


dimanche 7 février 2010

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The Holy Scripture declares with triumph : "Don’t be afraid ! I am here with good news for you, which will bring great joy to all the people. This very day in David’s town your Savior was born - Christ the Lord ! And this is what will prove it to you : You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger." Luke 2:10 – 12.

Indeed, I also announce to you a good news which is a marvelous joy for all the earth and the heaven.

It is universally known that this child who was born in Bethlehem, who grows up in Nazareth and died in Jerusalem, has won for us three great victories. Indeed God became human to save men. In fact everything is possible for God.

-  It will be useless for Christ to change angels’ life unless his aim is for angels’ salvation.

And if ever that had been possible, it would be dangerous. Too bad for us and too good for Satan and his demons who would repent, get forgiveness and consequently be saved and it will be done for us and we would fall in an empty salvation, like Esau before Isaac !

In fact, Isaac told Esau : Your brother came with whim and he took your blessings. Esau told him "Father, haven’t you spared any other blessing for me ? Then Isaac replied :"Look, I made him your master".

Esau kept on saying : "Is it only that blessing that you have ? Bless me too". Then he wept.

Isaac took the floor and said : "Listen, your home will be deprived of fat on earth and of the dew of the sky. You will live out of your sword and you will be your brother’s servant. Geneses 27 : 35 – 40.

But Jesus who is our brother preferred us to Satan. Even the chosen angels who are in heaven are not our brothers. They are our servants and they are just our companions.

-  As for Jesus, he is our brother and friend. John 20:17, John 15 : 15.

-  Indeed, it is because of us that our brother and friend Jesus has gone through a long way from Mary to be born on an earth that is very hostile to God. God the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit agreed to send the Son before it was too late. He came to destroy the works of the devil. Very long before the fulfillment of the promise of Jesus’ coming, Satan managed to form his trinity made of himself, of sin and of death. It is of course a trinity of abyss. The coming of Jesus and his bloody death at the cross of Calvary gave a terrible and deadly sanction to that diabolic trinity.

Therefore, we possess by attribution, by acquired right, by legacy, by mandate, by proxy and by heritage a triple mysterious victory :

- Victory over Satan and his demons

- Victory over sin, and

- Victory over death.

Today, we are going to talk about our victory over Satan. We received it indeed, for Christ gave us the power to become children of God because we were born neither of blood, nor of fleshy will, nor of human will but of God. John 1:12-13.

In fact we are not illegitimate children, even less fatherless children. We are the princes of the King of Kings. We are not ordinary people. There are people who would like to bear that identity but they get lost moving from church to church.

Our very first victory has been over Satan. Revelations 12:10. Satan literally means adversary, accuser. He made God’s plan fail by making Adam and Eve fall. Geneses 3:1-7. He destroyed the chosen family link from which the Messiah should come by leading Cain to kill Abel.

God replaced Cain by Seth. However, he pursued Seth through whom the name of the Lord began to be called upon, (Geneses 4:26) through bad influences and the degradation of his descendants. That triggered the flood, for the entire world was corrupted and the Lord was afflicted in his heart and regretted making man, since the latter’s wickedness became worse and all the desires of his heart only led him daily towards evil. Geneses 6:1-14. From there, Noah, his wife, his three sons and daughters-in-law were saved. Very soon Satan led Noah to drunkenness, for he cultivated the land, planted vine, drank some wine, got drunk and became naked in his tent. Geneses 9:20.

Nevertheless, of the three sons of that man, Shem, Ham and Japheth (Geneses9:18), Shem was chosen by God, from whom came the sons of Heber (Geneses 10:21) who were later called Hebrews.

From that lineage came Abraham and Sarai. If Sara did not send Hagar out for the second time, Ishmael would kill Isaac because Satan came again to attack the lineage of Abraham by opposing Ishmael to Isaac. He would have taken part in that matter of Hagar’s pregnancy. Otherwise, how could one understand that at the great festivity organized by Abraham to wean Isaac, Ishmael started making fun of them by laughing ? Geneses 21:8-9.

Satan opposed Esau to Jacob. Besides, from the mother’s womb they were fighting.

He oppressed the children of Israel in Egypt but failed dreadfully at their coming out from the fourth plague. Geneses 8:12-13. Ishmael was expelled. Jacob had run away, otherwise Esau would have killed him and that would have been another failure.

He attacked Job, destroyed his wealth, his children and bewitched him seriously, but he failed. Job 1 ; 2.

After the death of Moses, he came to argue over his body, took it but angel Michael reprimanded him and he failed. Jude 9.

He also led Israel into idolatry, into prostitutions and all kinds of sins, favoring deportations, destroying the temple of Jerusalem as well as the city but he still failed.

He resurfaced on the entire Jew people at the time of Esther, so much so that he decided to kill them all. What genocide ! But he failed. Esther 3 : 10-15.

He came again and accused Joshua, the great priest, though corrupt ; but he failed because Joshua was found just by the angel of the Lord (who is Jesus pre-incarnated) and he even got a ribbon on his head.

He revealed himself as devil (Gen. 3:2), destroyer (Rev. 9:11) serpent (Rev. 12:9), tempter (Math. 4:3), prince and the god of the world (Jn. 12 : 31) dragon (Rev. 12:8). He failed everywhere despite those different changes of strategies and forms. (Rev. 16:13). By his death, Jesus Christ eliminated Satan, meaning that he ruined him completely, put him out of true actions, and made him concretely ineffective, degraded. Indeed, his activity and power were restrained. Thus Christ announced the three great defeats of Satan.

The first great defeat of Satan is that of the cross (Gen. 3:15 ; Jn. 19:18).

Paul said that Jesus – the cross- stripped dominations and authorities and publicly delivered them as a show by triumphing over them at the cross (Col. 2:15)

The second defeat comes before the reign of a millennium, where Satan will be bound for one thousand years (Rev. 20:2).

The Bible said : “And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain. He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years’’.

The third defeat of Satan will come after the reign of a thousand years.

The Bible said : “When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations in the four corners of the earth.....and the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulphur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. Rev. 20:7-10.

The same satanic trinity is found out here : Satan, then the beast (his son who incarnates death), the false prophet (his spirit that leads to death). The correlation between this satanic trinity is in Rev. 16:13. Soon, this world will totally be snatched from Satan, for Rev. 11:15 states : "The seventh angel sounded his trumpet and three were loud voices in heaven which said : “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign forever and ever. Indeed, Satan rushed himself to become accuser of our brothers. But, salvation has come now, as well as power, the reign of God and the authority of Christ : Rev. 12:10. We are winners. The church is victorious. The church has victory, though its past has been bloody with : murder, hypocrisy, sarcasm, massacre, treachery and sounds of people’s skin being burnt. Indeed, the church suffered high persecution triggered by Satan in the beginning.

In Hebrews 11, Paul recalls that :

- Some escaped through sword (sword of the devil)

- Others were tormented and would not accept deliverance so as to obtain a better resurrection.

- Many underwent mockery, prison, whips or were thrown to ferocious beasts to be crushed.

. The head of John the Baptist ended up on a dish, Mathew 14 : 1-8

. James was killed by a sword, Acts 12:2

.Stephen was stoned to death, Acts 6:55-60

.Paul was beaten and dragged out of town, although he was dead, Acts 14:19-20.

God was obliged to stop the satanic folly of some people such as Herod who, in his marvellous joy of witnessing that persecution, was dressed up in royal clothes, and sat down on the throne. Then he released a special speech that the crowd qualified as a speech of god and not a man’s. Automatically, he was knocked by an angel and he sighed gnawed by worms. Acts 12 : 20-23.

The satanic folly of Adolph Hitler regarding the genocide of Jews also obliged him to disappear forever.

Dear brothers,

Do not fear anymore. It is true that the gates of the Hades cannot prevail over the church of the Lord. Satan is actually defeated by the bloody death of Christ on the Cross of Calvary ; so, fear no more.

We are freed, and liberated from his chains. We are neither his friends, nor his slaves, nor his brothers, nor his servants. We are triumphant over him. Victory is yours. You have defeated him. Fear no more. He is defeated because domination, power, and reign belong to our God forever and ever. Soon, we will hear from heaven a strong voice saying : Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia : Salvation, Glory and Power belong to our God forever and ever Rev. 19:1

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, January 31, by Reverend Magloire KOUDAWA !


Reading : Genesis 16:1-6 ; 21:1-2.

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dimanche 31 janvier 2010

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After 10 years without children, Abram and his wife Sarai could no longer wait for the descendants that God promised them (Geneses 13:14-18).

So, Sarai said to Abram "The Lord have kept me from having children. Go, sleep with my maidservant ; perhaps I can build a family through her". Without considering the reaction that God had had regarding his own initiative of choosing a heir (Geneses 15:2-5), Abram gave in wrongly to Sarai’s proposal.

The means whereby Sarai gave a child to her husband was often used at that time, Geneses 30:1-13. The custom is approved of in the Mesopotamian law. It is written in Hammurabi’s rule, Babylonian King of the second millennium before Jesus Christ. It allowed a barren woman to choose a wife for her husband and to take as hers the children given by that woman. As I said earlier, Abram gave in to Sarai’s proposal wrongly because he should know he was chosen by God to be set aside. He should not comply with the Mesopotamian custom.

My beloved in the Lord, we are not to comply with what the family code prescribes in Benin (case of polygamy). We are separated from the world. Coming back to Abram and Sarai, let me tell you that their impatience naturally created a rivalry situation between Sarai and Hagar her maidservant, the price of which both women are paying. Despise for the first, Sarai (bareness was a great dishonor for a woman), ill-treatment for the other (Hagar remained a slave). That rivalry still continues today (Jews and Arabs, Christians and Muslims).

Finally Isaac, the promise child was born.

Let us always be patient by avoiding troublesome solutions. Let us always wait for God’s time because it is the best for us. Let us not seek to help God because this attitude will not remain unpunished in our life today and in the future.

Let us learn to wait for God’s time.

My own testimony : we got our first boy after 5 years of marriage and for the time being we have 2 boys (Mahuna-God gave, Mawuse-God answered me) and 1 girl (Mahuwe- God did it). I know a couple who got their first born after 13 years of marriage.

The God who did it to me and to others will also do it for you. I am telling you this morning that if you believe you will see the glory of God. If gold is ours, it will come to us.

Ps 37:4, 5 ; Isaiah 41:10, 14.

par Rév. Magloire KOUDAWA

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Message of Sunday, January 24, by Reverend Basile HOUNBGEDJI !


dimanche 24 janvier 2010

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God has accomplished three very important actions for the believers :

1- He brought us to life with Christ. Thus, we are neither spiritual sick ones, nor moving dead, nor eternal hell candidates. We are living and we have life.

2- He raised us up with Christ ; therefore we have already defeated death and Hades. We have defeated evil power ; we died in sin and are bearers of life and holiness. What a victory we got and will get !

3- Finally, God made us sit together in heavenly places in Jesus Christ so that as Christ acts, we also can act.

Consequently, Christians share, not only Christ’s resurrection, but also his authority, his power and his victory over evil forces (Chango’s, Mamiwata’s, kinninsi’s, hebiosso’s, sakpata’s, ogou’s, incantations’, the forces of diffirent kinds of curses, of all strength, color and of all nature.

Moreover, our victory over principalities increased and over infernal powers, over dominations and wicked authorities, over earthly and heavenly spirits, over familial and tribal spirits, over mysterious and warrior demons, over the powers of the whole universe, over basic shapeless and unrecognizable spirits. We belong to God.

Speaking against old murmurs poured into our ears, Apostle John had this to say : “But you belong to God, my children and have defeated the false prophets because the spirit who is in you is more powerful than the spirit in those who belong to the world”. He said to his contemporaries : “Don’t have any fear, you have defeated them ; trinity in you makes you winners and invulnerable”.

We are not sitting on earth or on mountains, or on trees, or on the sea, or in graveyards, or in Jerusalem, or in Bethlehem or in Golgotha, but in the heavenly places, for He Who possesses us (we are in Him) and that we possess is in Heaven. Christ in us ! Indeed, we have been raised and promoted, our status changed ! We are heirs and co-heirs of Christ, called to dominate, not to undergo. Christ in us and we in Him, are winners over all extraterrestrial power. We are in Christ, and God deployed his power in Christ by raising Him from the dead and by making Him sit in his right hand in heaven above all dominations , all authorities, all powers of all dignities and above all name that cannot only be named in heaven but also in days to come. God put everything under Christ’s feet and made Him the Supreme Chief of the church. It is a pity that people sometimes call themselves “super steward”, “Supreme chief of the church”.

The world is below ; after that, we have dominations and evil authorities and on top, the universal church having Christ as its Head.

We rule, dominate and we command. God truly loved us through Christ and that love which is manifested from God through Christ is only a late revelation of the plan of God to the inhabitants of the world without any exception.

- Even, Africa which apparently is a cursed land is not truly cursed at all, for Africa has always been a continent present in God’s plan.

- It would be a pity to let ourselves be dominated by any curse, no matter its nature. We are already saved.

Geneses 6 : 10 introduces the three sons of Noah to us : Shem ; Ham and Japheth. In fact, 1 Ch. 1 : 5, 8, 17 presents the descendants of Noah’s three sons.

- Gen. 9:18-29 shows us Ham’s curse.

- That curse is not only questioned by theologians, but also by some sociologists who do not indentify themselves in that curse.

- Ham begot Cush, who, according to some historians, became or was considered the ancestor of Africans.

- Generally Cush became the name of a cultural era made up with the southern part of the current Egypt and the northern part of the current Sudan. The inhabitants of Cush are called the “Aithiopes”, a word meaning people who have black skin. This people have been assimilated with the Ethiopian people. The Egyptian culture exercised a considerable influence on Cush.

- Jer. 13 : 23 spoke about the people of Cush in these terms : “Can an Ethiopian change his skin or a leopard its stripes ? to mean that Ethiopians are descendants of Cush.

Greek and Romans had an expression that meant “Wash a white Ethiopian” to show the futility of changing what cannot be changed.

- Now, Cush’s language gathers more or less than four hundred different languages spoken in the horn of Africa like Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia. According to Ester 1:1 ; 8:9, the Persian Empire extended from India up to Ethiopia. But in the Old Testament there are nearly six hundred and eighty references of Egypt. Africa has always been taken into account by God in his plan. Though the vision of Egypt in the Old Testament is both positive and negative (Ex. 13:3 ; Deut. 4 : 20), one needs to keep that the greatest events of God have always incorporated Africa. Abraham stayed in Egypt when there was famine, Gen. 12 : 10 ; he received a big size of his wealth from pharaoh’s hands, Gen. 12:16.

It is in Egypt indeed that Jacob and his family found refuge to save their life from the famine. It is still in Egypt that Jacob’s family became a great people, Ex. 1:7-8 ; Gen. 46:2.

Judah’s people also found refuge in Egypt to run from the sword of the Chaldeans after the destruction of the temple, 2Kg. 25,26. Jesus’ parents escaped to Egypt to spare Him from the massacre of Herod, Mt. 2:13-15.

Simon of Cyrene (Mk. 15:21) is an African, for Cyrene is a Libyan port. Yet, it is that African man who was the only person who could help Jesus to bear his cross. Where were they, the other people ?

People who came from Libya were present in Jerusalem the day of the Pentecost ; even those from Egypt, Acts 2:10

Moreover, regarding the reception of salvation at the beginning of the Christian era, God never spared Africans. It is at that moment indeed that God made an angel descend so as to instruct Philipp (deacon) for the salvation of the Eunuch Ethiopian (African), a minister of Candace, Ethiopian queen and superintendent of all her wealth.

We come from far away and have gone very far. None of Ham’s curses can reach us.

We are honorably blessed in Christ.

The Bible said : “I gave you the power to walk on snakes and scorpions and on all the power of the enemy and nothing can harm you.”

-  Are we not more than winners ? Did Christ not see Satan fall from heaven like a light ?

-  Are we not spiritually stronger that all satanic army.

-  Don’t we, in Christ, also have our enemies under our feet ?

-  Paul stated, “If we are walking in flesh, we do not fight according to the flesh, for the weapons we are fighting with are not fleshy, but they are powerful by the virtue of God to overthrow fortresses.

-  The process whereby enemies move under our feet has just begun and will go to end. As trees bow to the wind, so must our enemies show us submission. They are under our feet and will keep on being under our feet

Every weapon against you will be in vain. Let all the misfortunes of the whole world planned against you get submitted to you.

In the name of Jesus, let the evil wind of the East, the west, of the south, and of the north bow before you in this year 2010. Let all diseases, miseries, disasters, traps and plagues planned against you in this year 2010 fall under your feet.

We are sitting in heaven. So, do I declare under our feet all program of failure, of death, of attack, of shame and confusion and all program of spiritual or business downfall.

-  Let all human and spiritual enemies fall under our power.

-  Let all spirit of blindness, dumbness or deaf and lameness planned against us for this year 2010 be put to chain.

As Africa has honorably been uplifted, let the happiness destined to you for this 2010 not suffer from any blockage ; rather let the Lord raise you honorably above everything that can be called enemy and make you possess their gate.

In the name of Christ, possess the gate of your enemies.

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, January 17, by Reverend David MENSAH !


Reading : Isaiah 43:10-11 ; I Samuel 7:12 ; Job 22:26 ; Psalms 77:15 ;Exodus 15:11-12.

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dimanche 17 janvier 2010

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Who can be compared to God ? Who can speak like God ?

God is incomparable. God exists because he is alive. He is alive because He exists.

Creature, human nature and the history of humanity give robust evidence to prove God’s existence.

I- God said :

• Then God commanded, "Let there be light" – and light appeared. Geneses 1:3

• Then commanded, "Let the water below the sky come together in one place, so that the land will appear" – and it was done. Geneses 1:9

• Then he commanded, "Let the earth produce all kinds of plants, those that bear grain and those that bear fruit"- and it was done. Geneses 1:11.

• Then God commanded, "Let lights appear in the sky to separate day from night and to show the time when days, years, and religious festivals begin". Geneses 1:14.

• Then God commanded, "Let the earth produce all kinds of animal life : Domestic and wild, large and small"- and it was done. Geneses 1:24.

• Then God said, and now, we will make human beings ; they will be like us and resemble us. They will have power over the fish, the birds, all animals, domestic and wild, large and small. Geneses 1:26.

II- God said that He is God

For, apart from Him…, who existed in the beginning ?

Who could speak and command ?

III- Renew your confidence in God

You have to renew your confidence in God and start anew for 2010.

We have the true God (I Th 1:9).

Let our delight be in Him (Job 22:26).

For us, God is God. We have gone trough a year and a new one has begun.

IV- So far, He has helped us. (1 Samuel 7:12).

He is even with us through 2010.

So, let’s have conviction and assurance in Him.

par Rev. David MENSAH

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Message of Sunday, January 10, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 10 janvier 2010

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Word - 49.5 ko

Here is the message which Paul the apostle of Jesus gave to the rescued of the ocean. Embarked with them as a roman prisoner so as to appear before Caesar the emperor according to his own request, Paul was then carrying out one of his most difficult voyages. In the beginnings, seeing that the weather conditions wouldn’t be favorable to the navigation, though he was not a specialist in that domain but having God’s wisdom, Paul gave wise advice to the commander of the crew, but the latter did not want to consider the advice of a prisoner and privileged the advice of the captain and the owner of the ship. Let’s read Paul’s words in verse 10.

By reading Paul’s warning carefully, we notice a kind of word of knowledge coming from God. What a pity ! Lay men can’t often distinguish what comes from God.

An African proverb says : "If an old man’s advice is not listened to in the morning, it will be in the evening, but too late". That is what happens in this story. The centurion rather listened to the captain and the owner of the ship than to the words of Paul. They started the voyage. But soon a stormy wind began blowing on the isle. It was blowing so harshly that the ship couldn’t stand it.

That strong storm shook the ship and the mariners threw the goods away so as to lighten the ship. Neither the sun, nor stars appeared over many days. The storm was so strong that they all lost any hope of surviving. The ship was made of 276 sailors, so let’s imagine the cries of those people in trouble. Everybody lost the hope of living.

It is at that moment that Paul stood up and released this word of encouragement 21-25.

There are a lot of messages to consider in that passage :

  Taking heart

  None of you will perish ;

  An angel of God to whom I belong ;

  Be sure ;

  I have confidence in God ;

  It will be as I was told.

What an encouraging word for a crew in peril on a furious sea !

Paul is a man of God, a missionary, a distinguished evangelist, a prophet, a man in contact with the true and living God. That God hurried his angel to talk to him. God had his plan in the life of Paul the apostle and because of him, he saved all the crew. "I’m giving you all the people on board with you ". The presence of a true Christian at a given place secures the area.

God didn’t say that it is because of the ship’s owner, the captain, or because of the officer that he would save them. God considered his servant more than everybody. He had value before him.

I would like you to know that you have value in front of God. God considers you in your production unit, in your family, in your neighborhood and everywhere you go on this earth. He will always send his angel to secure you. In this dangerous voyage, God was with Paul as in the prison.

  Take heart by leaning on God in everything you undertake.

  An angel of God is watching over you.

To show all the sailors that the Lord achieves what he promises, Paul encourages them to eat, for none of them would lose a hair from his head, verse 34.

To conclude his message, Paul said "I have that confidence in the Lord that it is going to happen as I was told". The word of God is true. The prophecy is true ; it will come true in its time.

• I have that confidence in God.

God wants us to trust in him, in his word for his promise to be accomplished in our life.

I don’t know the storm that is shaking your life at this moment. You are crossing an area of turmoil that moves you right and left, you have become the item of death, you are unbalanced. Everything has become gloomy around you ; you can’t see the horizon of your life anymore, you lost the hope of living. Your nights are long and your days troublesome. The future is no more promising. Your hope vanished…

But there is a hope for you today, for the God whom I belong to is asking me to tell you that you won’t die at all. You will live because he has his plan for your life.

I have confidence in God that it will happen as I was told. The light will brighten, hope will come back. The day is coming with its brightness in your life. Have confidence in God. Don’t lose hope ; he does not abandon his children. “It will happen as I was told". Paul said : we were 276 on the ship ; we all landed safe and sound. I have confidence in God. What God said will be 100% fulfilled. They were all saved.

We have a lot of biblical promises :

  Behold, I’m with you everyday until the world’s end ;

  And my God will provide for all your needs ;

  The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want ;

  Don’t look with worry ;

  I’m coming to your rescue ;

  If you are going through fire, waters, I’m with you, don’t worry about anything, you are worthier than birds ; I support you with my triumphant right hand.

It is God who said all this.

I have confidence in God, be sure that what God told me will happen as he said it.

Dear brothers and sisters of the University Temple,

God is speaking to you this morning ; he is reassuring his collaboration to you, his support, and his help.

Christ is the master of the universe, the earth is under his feet and everything belongs to and is for him. As a servant of the true God, I reassure you that God is with you and will deliver you from this storm that is shaking your life. You will come out of it blessed and great in Jesus name. “Be sure, for I have that confidence in God that it will happen as I was told". Alleluia !

The promises of God will be accomplished in your life, God never told us that we won’t have life troubles, but he said He will be with us until we overcome. In verse 23, Paul said that an angel of God to whom he belonged and that he served appeared before him in that night. In other words, the God to whom I belong and that I serve sent me his angel.

An angel has been sent here to this UT to release this 2010 message onto you.

• You will find out a double portion of what you lost.

• Your blessings will be doubled this year.

• God has taken the control of your situations.

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, January 03, by Reverend Khalifa SABOU !


dimanche 10 janvier 2010

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Dear brother in the Lord ! The way you see God will determine how He will show himself to you. If you view Him great, he will reveal himself to you greatly, but if you see him with little eyes, it will be so for you. When you choose the first option, you have nothing to worry about. All that the Lord showed me through dreams or visions or that I heard him say about this church is seen today fulfilled.

I wish you a good and Happy New Year 2010. When your pastor invited me to release the message of this morning to you, I told him that I have no more power. What shall I say ? Finally I accepted.

I really believe that you received wishes from everywhere for this New Year. I have this for you : ‘’ It seems that in Rome, in the beginning of the new year, especially the first day, all the old goods (clothes, dishes, radio sets….) are thrown away ; others repaint their walls indicating that their sufferings of the year are over. I don’t wish you such a thing, for even if you do so, that has no meaning. You know…., our enemy is subtle.

Our exhortation this morning is that of Apostle John (called the apostle of love) in 1 John 4 : 11, which spoke about brotherly love. That is what justifies my presence here this morning. I don’t have the intention of saying that you do not have brotherly love. But I would simply like to tell you that you need to avoid the obstacles to this love. And the latter is no more what it used to be in the past. Today, in our churches we have “hedgehogs Christians”. The hedgehog is an animal that has a skin covered with thorns, so that it is impossible for two hedgehogs to fight against the cold, since their attempt to yield warmth to each other proves inefficient due to the characteristics of their skin. What are those characters that constitute obstacles, these thorns we have to get rid of in our brotherly love ?

I- Our natural heart (Psalm 51 : 7, 12) ;

Our natural heart is affected by iniquities and sins ;

II- Our bad behavior ;

Our bad behavior is a terrible thorn ;

III- Our attitude or hurting words.

In our churches, we come across Christians who utter hurting words. We also have grudges of heart.

I know that on the New Year’s evening, we formulated wishes (happiness, health, prosperity), promises (faithfulness to the church in our tithes) to God. I just want to warn you that only your heart can provide happiness to you. It is not the New Year.

Servants of God, it is your heart which will bring you happiness. These obstacles have great consequences in a man’s life and particularly in the believer’s. They lead the Christian to no more be spiritual, preventing him from growing in faith. That is why it is not surprising to see small groups made by affinity even in the church. Christians chat during the preaching.

Love is practiced. My wish for this 2010 is that you try to study the theme through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, for without love, nothing will work in your life. But with brotherly love, you will order that mountain : “Move from there and fall in the sea”, and that will be done.

(Math. 21:21). In this context, mountain does not mean a pile of granites, it is rather the set of challenges we daily face. Many a Christian has no attitude showing their Christianity in their neighborhood due to their natural heart, to the thorns of their life.

Song of Songs Chap. 8:6 said that love is stronger than death. Look at the case of the primitive church that was united with brotherly love. The world knew that these people were truly men of God. They made chain break, as well as the obstacles blocking them. We also can do that. The power of God can break that of the devil, for our God is above everything. The Church of Ephesus in the Old Testament has been congratulated in Asia, in Revelation 2 : 1-3 by our Lord ; but in verse 4, God said : “But what I have against you is that you abandoned your first love.” All this, despite the praises of God onto it. I want you to be faithful in your brotherly love. It is even a commandment of Jesus : “If you love me, keep my commandments”. John 14 : 15

Paul spoke about that love in Roman 12 : 9 in this way : “Let charity be without hypocrisy”. Do you know that there is hypocrite love ?

One day, an old combatant went to put calumny on a pastor somewhere. While coming out, he met the pastor in question that he greeted with reverence, whereas he had just put calumny on the latter. I wish that your love be without hypocrisy in 2010, for Jesus forbids it to us. Hypocrisy is seen everywhere and if you are not vigilant, it will affect your love. In the same way, in his first epistle to the Corinthians in Chapter 5:3 said : “And when I would distribute all I have to feed the poor, even though I would have given my body, if I do not have charity, all this has no profit for me”. Distributing one’s belongings to others, releasing one’s body to be burnt seems to be an act of love, but it is not.

The word of God is Yes and Amen ! Our love must be authentic. You can even master all the verses in the Bible or know how to praise God, dance for his glory ; if you have no love, all that is in vain. But how is that possible ?

When I started knowing Christ, I saw love towards all by members so much so that the commander at that time said about the Assemblies of God’s Church that it is a true church, but when hypocrisy entered the church, we can see things that are going on today in many churches where small groups of two, three or four people are formed by affinity in addition to many other ailments that affect the church. Does the Bible not say in 1 Corinthians 13:13 “Now, then these three things remain : Faith Hope and Charity, but the greatest of them is charity.

Dear brothers,

God wants you to get rid of these things so as to see his glory. God will save souls in this church if you obey him. Tell the truth to your neighbor, to your partner (husband, wife). Let the wife tell the truth to her husband and vice versa, for on the last day, God will judge us each according to his doings. The husband cannot defend his wife, neither can the wife her husband.

Be authentic and true Christians.

God bless you.

par Rév. Khalifa SABOU

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Message of Sunday, December 27, by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !

Theme : Lord ! Be gracious to me

dimanche 27 décembre 2009

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Word - 39.5 ko

What a formidable man ! What an exceptional privilege ever observed since the Old Testament ! What a special grace, because Simon did not compulsorily ask for the favor to see Jesus before his death. What a divine warning ever wished !

For Simeon to have the noble and profound grace to see Jesus "with his own eyes" before dying, this causes a comparison between him and the great men of God that preceded him.

Job, the tank of all calamities, in spite of all his actions of pity and piety, his efforts to sanctify his children before the days of festival, did not have the favor to see Jesus Christ.

Abraham shouted and saw Isaac ; he prayed and heard God speaking to him audibly. He was called "the father of faith". Nevertheless he missed the grace to see Jesus Christ.

Enoch walk with God and was taken but never see Jesus on earth in spite of his holiness that exempts him from the natural death.

Moses was patient and strongly patient more than any man on earth, he spoke with God face to face, he was faithful to God in his entire house. God revealed himself to him without mystery, and he saw a representation of the Lord.

He insisted to see the face of God and the Lord revealed His back to him. What a holy man of God ! Should I say, but in all this, Moses never saw Jesus that came in flesh before he died and was buried by God. Was David not a man after God’s heart ? A man who repents anytime he falls into sin.

What a type of man ! Always ready to repent, to humble himself, to descend from the ladder of pride even before a certain Nathan. What an exceptional military !

Indeed, he is not like some men who have nothing, totally poor without any degree but are arrogant.

In spite of all his qualities, David did not see Jesus who came in flesh before he died.

Joshua, a holy man of God, lifted up by God, replaced validly Moses. All the people feared him as they had feared Moses. Joshua 4:14 ; Nevertheless he did not see Jesus before he died. Though his eyes saw the crossing of Israel through the Jordan, the falling of the walls of Jericho, the falling of Ai he was not able to see Christ.

Elijah and Elisha, in spite of their piety and faith that were helping them to perform miracles even after their death (in the case of Elisha), knew rain, fire, animals, kings, militaries, diseases and even death knew them. Nevertheless none of them could chase death and see Christ before they died.

What should I say about Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and his friends who quench the power of fire ?

What should I say about the messianic prophets, such as Isaiah and Micah who prophesied upon the coming of Jesus ? None of them had the privilege to see the fulfillment of the prophesy though they both prophesized at the same period.

It will cost God nothing to exceptionally give them 800 years more. Isaiah 9:5 ; Micah 5:1.

  Those who said nothing concerning the birth of Jesus did not see it though they wanted to see.

  Those who prophesied and wanted to say could see nothing and certainly Simeon who did not ask, who was tired of living and wanted to die is the one that God retained especially in life to see. What an unexpected happiness !

 Happiness, joy, all the blessings that you do not expect will come on you in the New Year that is approaching.

 How great is Simeon’s pleasure to see the supreme God coming in flesh.

 You will be in the admiration of what God will do for you in this Year that is coming [God will visit you], He will change your life, He will satisfy your life with abundance and will fill your cup and it’s going to over flow in Jesus Name.

A great grace will come upon you. In the powerful Name of Jesus, you will be surprise of the grace that will be exceptionally given to you.

  Oh ! What a nice surprise for Joseph and Mary who were extremely poor.

In fact, at about one Month after the birth of Jesus, according to the law related to mother’s purification after childbirth, Mary and Joseph went to offer the prescribed sacrifice : a per of doves or two young pigeons.(Leviticus 12:1-8). Their offering shows that they were poor, and they could not offer the lamb that was the habitual sacrifice(v 8).

 Through that same occasion, they were submitting themselves to the commandment that stipulated that every first–born male is to be dedicated to the Lord and be redeemed(Exodus 13:1-2 ; Numbers 18:15-16).

 If the coming of Jesus has surprised this couple that was saying to itself : "what an immense God borned in a poor family like that of ours”.

 Oh ! Let God open your entrails. Out of you a child will be born and he will get you out of shame, poverty and confusion.

 Indeed, out of your family will come that child you are expecting and he will be the glory of God among the Beninese.

The way Simeon’s astonishment was great the day where he saw the parents of Jesus bringing the small child (Jesus) to the temple, the same way a day is coming for you where God will visit you, your salvation is at the door and your deliverance is ready. The light of God will soon be upon you.

You will see in the name of Jesus.

You will see God’s glory.

 The way Simeon saw Jesus ; the same way will God make you see his grace.

 Nobody will enjoy from your happiness.

 If the grace is granted Simeon to take the living and almighty God who came in flesh in his arms,you too, receive your grace this morning

  Receive your happiness

  Receive your blessings

  Receive your promotions

 Death will run away from you until you see what God has planned to you and you will enjoy it.

 The Lord will answer you, He will answer you.

 You will see the year 2010 and you will enjoy all the happiness in it.

 If Anna the old prophet has prayed for the coming of the messiah like her homonym of the Old Testament had prayed for the coming of Samuel and he was born and continue to grow and was nice to God and to people, the same way Jesus was growing in stature and in wisdom.

Also, your happiness is coming and will receive all the attention of the Lord.

  The God that was gracious to Anna and Simeon will not only make you see his grace but will also make you enjoy it.

In the name of Jesus, receive grace.

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, December 20, by Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI !


Reading : Psalm 124:8

dimanche 20 décembre 2009

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Definition of the word conclusion

Way of concluding, final agreement. We often talk about the conclusion of a treaty, of a negotiation. It is a final solution. It is a consequence drawn from reasoning. Here is the conclusion of a young lady at the end of her training :

Meanwhile, our two months’ training at SOBEMAP, precisely at the human resources office and at the administrative and social affairs office has been an opportunity for us to enrich our knowledge and experiences both in theory and practice. In any case, this experience in the world of business allowed us to realize the reality of the activities within a company. In addition, it enabled us to notice the interdependence between all the entities and the difficulties to which companies are daily faced. In the same way, that training made us face the challenges that companies encounter : training old workers, recruiting new well equipped executives, being trustworthy, managing efficiently and effectively human resources. Those are the managerial aspects on which companies lean to better resist the prevailing competition.

As a Christian in a world hostile to God, where the devil reigns as a supreme master, creating desolation and sufferings of all kinds, we must have the conclusion of our position in Christ. Each of us must walk following the conclusion drawn from our Christian life. Our conclusion can be solid, firm or fragile. We should have a conclusion that expresses our firm conviction of God, our faith position in front of threats from the devil, our enemy. Each of us must walk according to a conviction that we have of God.

After recording the high deeds of God towards his people, his constant protection in front of threats from enemies, the Psalmist drew the following conclusion that was a firm assurance to him : "Our help is in the name of the Lord who is the maker of heaven and earth".

Such is a nice conclusion of a believer who lives a victorious life through the vicissitudes of life. The Psalmist is showing us the way par excellence whereby you can find rescue. It is in God, the creator of heaven and earth, that we have our help.

We don’t know what the coming year reserves to us as hardships. No matter the problems that we will have to face, be they economic crises with their effects , or diseases, war, death, frustrations, oppositions, hatred, abandonment…, our help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth, 1Samuel 17:47.

David and the giant Goliath

When David faced Goliath with his threats, David had a conclusion ; while facing Goliath, his conclusion was : "All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves ; for the battle is the Lord’s and he will give all of you into our hands." Our conclusion should be our motto, our statement of faith, our conviction that keeps us firm, quiet when the world is agitated. Many people walk according to their conviction, their faith, but whom do they trust in ? When they are threatened, in whom do they trust ? Some trust in idols, talisman that they wear around their waist, in charlatan, in marabou, in enchanters, in shrines, in stones, in ancestors, in spirits, in sects and mystic orders ; all the people who lean on those aforesaid things lean on naughtiness that will bring them death instead of help. All those things cannot rescue us during hardships, "Because victory belongs to the Lord". Victory does not lie in armors. It is neither found in the big number of soldiers, nor in the way of fighting, but it is in the Lord. Upon that nice conclusion, he was stronger than Goliath, Verse 51.

Elisha and the Syrian army. (II Kings 6:16)

The Syrian army came to surround the town of prophet Elisha to seize him alive. Elisha was not afraid. He had a conviction. In front of that situation, his conclusion was : "Fear not, because those who are with us are in bigger number than those with them". His conclusion is that the angels of God that were around him are more numerous than the Syrian army. He got victory over enemies who were made blind by the power of God. Our conclusion must guide us in our daily fights. If we know that angels fight for us, and that victory belongs to God ; if we know that our help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth, we will live a victorious life.

Our downfall stems from the conclusion that we finally draw in our life as believers. If we lean on doubt, incredulity, we will never have victory. Job in front the vicissitudes of life.

If any believer has harshly been tried through his faith in God, it must well be Job. But in front of that opposition, Job drew a conclusion. The following is his conclusion : "But I know that my Redeemer is alive and he will be the last to rise up on earth". When my skin will be destroyed, he will rise up ; when I will not have flesh any more, I will see God. I will see Him, and He will be favorable to me ; my eyes will see Him rather than another person’s" Job 19 : 25- 27.

That conclusion remained ascribed in the life of Job. His trial had an end followed by an abundant blessing. Paul, the Apostle and his conclusion.

If people encountered problems through their Christian life, Paul is one of them. But he had a nice conclusion, i.e. "Who will separate us from the love of Christ ? Shall it be tribulation or fear, or persecution, or hunger, or nakedness, or peril, or sword… ? But in all this, we are more than winners by the One who loved us. Romans 8 : 35 – 37.

"We are more than conquerors by the One who loved us", he said ; " For, I’m certain that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor dominations, nor current things, nor things to come, nor powers, nor the world above, nor the world below, nor any other creature can separate us from the love of God shown through Christ, verse 38 – 39. Let that be our conclusion for the year which will soon open its doors widely to us.

We have that assurance that nothing can separate us from the love of God. If God is with us, who can be against us ? We are winners before the battle field. If life is a battle, we are winners. No problem shall defeat us. We will change our problems into blessings. The power of God dwells in us. That is why we are fearless. Even death is afraid of us.

The devil looks at us, but can’t do us any bad. Let us exploit our privilege in God, let us have victorious conclusions, walk according to our conclusions.

Daniel and his 3 companions in Babylon in a pagan king’s yard. God is the One who changes times and circumstances, who overthrows and enthrones kings, who gives wisdom to the wise and science to those who are intelligent.

Daniel 2:21. In front of the dangerous threats of king Nebuchadnezzar who wanted to force Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to worship the statue that he erected, the conclusion by these men was “We do not need to answer you upon this. Look, our God that we serve can deliver us from the burning furnace and he will deliver us from your hands, O King. Otherwise, you should know, o king that we will not worship your gods and we will not worship the golden statue that you erected. That is the heroic conclusion of those 3 Hebrews. In the end, they were winners in that situation. The King made them prosperous in his kingdom.

Not only did they receive honor, but their feats in that matter made the king take important decisions towards the true and living God, verse 29. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, We have an almighty God who guides us daily. We do not know what the future has for us. But we trust in our God that we believe will bring his unconditional help to us in front of difficulties that we will encounter.

Our help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth. The year 2010 is going to be a year of prosperity, peace, joy, success, glorious progress and of health for us…

God bless you !

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, December 29, by Reverend Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


Reading : Esther 4:10-14

dimanche 13 décembre 2009

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Do you know how many times God delivers us from the devil’s stupidity ? What can we truly offer him in return ?

I once attended the ceremony of certificate handing at "Palais des congres" where a lecturer said something to illustrate the reality that God came one day in a resuscitation room in a hospital. To paraphrase him, he noticed with regret horrible situations such as : delirious cries of sick people… “Ooh, I’m going to die”, bleeding of people, some under oxygen fighting hardly and sometimes in vain while breathing and sighing slowly to death ; some disappear like water being poured into a can ; others still disappear leaving a great fright in the ward.

Sometimes, many have been in coma since two, three days with unconscious gestures in front of parents who keep waiting in fear. Besides, this makes me remember the day when I attended for the first time the death of an old man. His breath goes far, comes back at last, accelerates for a while then goes far away again and suddenly comes back and gets accelerated quickly and finally disappears like a slaughtered coq. Funny mystery for the world…shall we imagine ! Indeed, in that resuscitation room, doctors were hurrying to save the sick. Then, suddenly our good God shows a large smile and appreciates with a particular joy the staff of that hospital. But when the personnel hands their pay slip to him, he had pity on them.

Indeed, I can remember that day when I put pressure on a surgeon in Savalou for him to take care of a wounded child that I took to him. He laid his hat on the floor and said : “what is the matter self ? Yes, sure you happen to appreciate God with a particular eloquence as God did towards the personnel of that hospital. Indeed, don’t we generally hear people say : “If anyone were to testify, I should of course be that person ?”

If God loves anyone, I should definitely be that person ? But the question we should put to ourselves is whether we are able to show our gratitude to God as we often say it so well verbally. If God were at the offering stand, wouldn’t he find a disparity between our words and our actions ?

What did Esther not say when she came to the throne in the foreign land ? She magnified God, glorifying him, because what happened was really extraordinary. She certainly missed words to thank God and rank him in all his glory. Who would choose Esther who is a slave and a foreigner if we were to choose a queen ?

But when it came to intervening near the king for the deliverance of the Jews, Esther realized that she could not risk her life to that extent. Mordecai didn’t lose time in telling her the truth in face, Ester 4:13-14.

  Imagine and see with what eloquent interrogation Mordecai concluded his reply. “Who knows if it is not at a time such as this one that you became queen ?”

  Indeed, who knows if it is not at such a time that you were converted, saved, redeemed, healed, delivered from that mortal accident, freed from that problem or taken to that position ?

  Is it not at a time as this Thanksgiving Day that God saved you ? He who is faithful in little things will receive greater ones. Let’s leave our gifts to the treasury of the Lord.

  Can we pay the cost of our health ? Do we know the cost of our deliverance from mortal accident ? Of our different victories ? Of our peace, joy, happiness, our degree, our position, our growth, our honor, our breath and protection ?

Remember Abraham’s attitude about Isaac, about Hagar’s and Ishmael’s events. “He expelled one to kill the other”. However, almost weeping, Abraham answered the child ; Geneses 22:7-8. In this entire situation, Abraham freed Isaac for the death.

You, too have to free your Isaac who is very dear to you. That is what we can read from the Bible in Geneses 22:15-17.

Give and your project will come true.

Give and you will be blessed and your wealth will be multiplied.

Give and you will get that degree you are looking so much for.

Give and you will get that scholarship.

Give and you will possess your enemies’ gates.

Give and that position will be granted to you.

Give and you will overcome your enemies as Esther finally risked her life to lead her nation to defeat their enemies.

Remember, remember and remember that it is at a time like this one that you became Christian.

It is at a time such as this one that you are still alive.

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, December 06, 2009 by Bro. Rodrigue DAVITO !


Reading : Ezekiel 3:17-21

dimanche 6 décembre 2009

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The non assistance to people in danger is a penal fault punished by the law, as you have not reacted. You have been indifferent. You contributed to the worsening of a man’s health situation, to his death. You killed him. The State will ask an account from you ; you will be answerable for it, because you should have acted quickly, done everything to save that person.

Let us consider what life was like in Israel :

• The spiritual state of people :

there were spiritual decline, atrocious abominations, every kind of evil was done and sin had come to its highest level. Israel became more rebellious than the surrounding nations.

  God’s punishment :

There were plague, famine and sword ; a father will eat his son and vice versa. Ezekiel 5V9-10. Punishment as ever inflected before, nor after ; a harsh punishment.

  Ezekiel’s mission :

to be a look man and a watcher. Like him, we should always watch out to warn and save the wicked and the righteous man who is getting lost. Otherwise he will not be saved himself, though he is righteous.

  The spiritual state of the current world :

sins control and reign and there is too much abomination. God is no more privileged. Even our churches are seriously affected today, a situation that gets worse everyday. Too many things are done and tolerated today in our churches. And all these things are put on the back of church leaders and rejected upon other people. All that is in the world is also in the church. Repent, otherwise you will face God’s punishment ! 1 Corinthians 6:9. We will be subjected to hell and enemies’ atrocities, a troublesome and restless world.

  Mathew 28:18-20 : preach the Gospel through your attitude, your speech, your gifts and your prayers. Warn the world otherwise you will be accountable for their blood.

  Everybody should show gratitude to contribute to the salvation of the lost souls.

  God is love, so he sent his begotten son for the church to be watchful over lost souls. Consequently, you must make use of every opportunity you have because these days are evil (Ephesians 5:16).

  God made us wealthy, so we must pay him back wealth ; Deuteronomy 8:17-18.

  God abandoned us because our hands are full of blood Isaiah 1:15

Dear friends,

A real change comes from God who knows our heart, so God is calling you today to go and save souls

par Frère Rodrigue DAVITO

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Message of Sunday, November 29, 2009 by Rev. Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


dimanche 29 novembre 2009

“New birth, the pillar that gives access to eternal life, the ultimate rite.” The story of a great English Lord of middle age who was dying is told. He called his servant (an old man) that he believed was a fervent Christian and asked him :

  I’m going to die, I’m not sure to go to heaven, can you tell me what I can do ?

The old and wise servant, knowing the selfishness of his master, said : Master, if you want to be saved, you must go to the pigs’ herd to kneel in the mud and say : " God have pity on me. I am a sinner".

Immediately, the master replied that he could not do that. What would my neighborhood and servants think of me ?

After a week, the master called his servant again and said “What did you say that I should do to be saved ?".

The old man answered : Master, you need to go to the pigs’ herd. I thought about what you told me, I’m ready to go.

Then, the servant told him : Master, it is not really necessary that you should go there, you simply need to be ready to do it ; by confessing your sins, and regretting them sincerely, putting your faith only onto Jesus. Not only will you be saved but you will also go to heaven.

 As it is in the world as in the church, there are some questions that are asked and continue to be asked.

What must I do to be saved ?

Is it truly an alcoholic, a thief, a liar, a murderer, a sexual perverted, an angry man…. like me that can change ? Radically change and become a new man ?

What can I do to receive Jesus Christ ? O, I need God, how can I find him ?

What can I do for my numerous sins to be forgiven ?

Shall I be able to go to heaven one day ?

But in fact, what must I do to inherit eternal life ?

Imagine an old man, who shouted while sobbing : I served God for 70 years ; my life has been nothing than mud. I’m going, but with regret to hell ; bending his head, he died.

  Rightly, such questions were resounding from the depth of Nicodemus’ heart, though his soul was enveloped by pride and his body wrapped by selfishness ! But very early, he made up his mind, for his external look could mean : I can’t understand what he meant. But his internal man’s side was greatly shouting : "I, too, what shall I do to be saved ?" That is why he went in the night to Jesus and said : Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher of the law who came from God, because no one can do the miracles that you perform if God is not with him. The very answer that we should humanly expect from Christ would be : thank you, thank you for your complements excellent doctor Nicodemus. I’m telling you, I’m truly a teacher coming from God ; it is God himself who sent me.

See, Nicodemus, see all those miracles that I perform, who among you can do the same, who has ever done them from the world’s creation ? It’s not all…when I will start raising the dead, it will be bad, you see. But I don’t know why your friends, these old teachers do not want to believe me. It is fortunate that you understand. Depart from them. Indeed, if a teacher of your rank understands that I’m a teacher coming from God, "so you are saved". I’m telling you, "You, Nicodemus, only are saved ; your eternal life is guaranteed ; I confirm it to you. Be free, don’t care anymore about others ; let them die.”

But this was not the answer of the Lord ; he said : I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again of water and spirit. That statement of Christ came as a stabbing sword, teaching a great truth, a fundamental truth of any access to the kingdom of God, a steering truth, an answer that Nicodemus was expecting less. You can be of any denomination, Doctor, chairman, international pastor ; if you are not born again, you cannot enter the kingdom of God.

In another word, Christ was telling him : I do not need your appreciations, whether you appreciate me or not does not matter. What I want to inform you about, and the truth I want you to know is the following :

No eternal life for whosoever is not born again.

No eternal life for whosoever is not born of water and spirit.

No eternal life for whosoever does not let himself be penetrated by the Holy Spirit.

No eternal life for whosoever that does not make a turn back in his life.

No eternal life for whosoever that does not repent and believe in Christ.

No eternal life for whosoever does not consecrate and leave himself entirely to Christ.

No eternal life for whosoever that does not make a full commitment to the Lord.

No salvation, no eternal life for whosoever that does not cross the line between life and death.

  Whosoever that does not follow that spiritual rite, will not see the kingdom of God.

Since you were born, has it ever been an action of the Holy Spirit in your heart leading you to sincerely believe in Christ, to repent, to regret your sins, to abandon them, to decide never to commit them again ?

  Has anything ever happened in your life ?

It is truly impossible to say the right time when night becomes day, when night gives way to day. But we know when the light of the day comes. We know that one.

Be we Christians of an old age or of the last season, deacon, pastor, singer, monitor, laborer, Christ minister, international accountant for Jesus ; if ever and ever you make a mistake of not being born again, you will miss heaven. No more salvation, no more kingdom of God for you ! Receive Christ, receive Christ ! But how ?

1- You must recognize that God loves you (John 3:16).

2- You must repent from your sins, if you do not, you will perish (Luke 13:3).

To repent does not simply mean regretting one’s past, regretting is not sufficient, you must turn from your sins.

3- You must receive Jesus as your Savior and Lord, for to all those who received him, he gave the power to become children of God.

4- You must publicly confess Christ, for he said : "Whoever confesses my name before people, will be confessed by me, before my father in heaven".

Is it necessary for me to manage in another way before coming ? The Bible said : “If you hear his voice, don’t harden your heart.”

Come, come, it is not necessary to arrange your family and your life. You don’t need to arrange your life and business first… Come, come the way you are. You are not asked to start abandoning some behaviors that hold you far from God, you have already tried all this and you did not make it.

Come, come, the way you are, with your sins, your spiritual deformation. Come with all your spiritual problems.

• Come with your lies, treasons, selfishness, your spirit of squabble, of libel, of criticism. There are certain parents who lie so much so that children are compelled to turn their face from them.

• Come with your diseases, your burden, and your problems.

• Come with your charms, your statuettes.

• Come with your demons, for Mary of Magdalene came to Christ with her seven demons.

• Come with your magic books, Jesus is inviting you.

  Accomplish the ultimate rite or else you will not see God.

  If you do not convert yourselves, you cannot live either.

  So get converted and you will live (Ez 18:32).

  Have the spiritual passport.

  Why do you think that you have eternal life whereas, in fact, you have never behaved in a way as the word of God has recommended ?

Even personally, the testimony of the spirit has never confirmed your eternal life.

Worse, by experience one cannot see the work of God in your life. We spent 50 years in Christianity, but we still look like a stone in the ocean.

  You pretend to be born again, but you have never prevented yourselves from committing the same sins that were attached to you from adolescence ; you still commit the sins of your ancestors.

  You have never stopped being trouble, confusion and fights makers.

Come, come, the Lord Jesus is calling you the way you are.

Examine yourselves, are you born again as you are ?

Can’t you see that the stubborn sin that you are carrying and in which you regularly swim, which your father died from ?

The Lord is waiting for you, come to him.

You say to yourselves, “this is a weakness in our family.”

Of course "you are the one who call it weakness, God calls it sin" ;

You say that "it is your nature, your habit". You must understand "every habit that becomes a repeated sin leads to death. You beat people anyhow, your friendship never lasts with people, and you always have squabbles with your colleagues ;

You always cause problems to people and you say that they are darkness and you, light.

 If you don’t bewilder or trouble people’s friendships, you divide them. Are these good or bad habits ? Bad habits rightly lead to sin. You always impose your opinion and if other people do not agree with you, you make trouble. You become angry and you destroy everything that is not your suggestions.

You say that it is your nature, your habit (No it is your sin !). I beg you, leave that sin.

Dear friends,

Come, come, come, you need to be born again, or else you will not go to heaven. You need to be broken, or else your being born again is questionable.

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, November 22, 2009 by Rev. Pascal SAMBIENI !


dimanche 22 novembre 2009

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I am going to tell you a story : Four youths were killed in a car accident after having over drunk. The tragic news that his daughter died in a road accident was reported to the father of one of the victims. In his indignation, the father who was troubled, shouted : I’m going to kill the waiter of the bar who sold them alcohol. But when he got to his own cupboard to take a drink, the father found a letter written by his daughter : “Daddy, we took a few cups of those drinks, for we are sure that this will cause nothing”. Let us ask ourselves the one that he is going to kill now. The guilty one is himself. As a father, he did not show a good example at home regarding the behavior to adopt as far as alcoholic drinks are concerned.

Negative consequences of alcoholism in Noah’s life

God testifies about Noah’s life. In his time, he was a righteous and upright man ; he walked with God as the Bible said. Genesis 6:9. God gave him three marvelous sons who followed his footsteps. Noah saved all his family from the flood that exterminated the world at his time because of his righteousness.

As the Bible does not hide the faults of the great men in the Bible, Noah made a big mistake under the influence of alcohol. In his drunkenness, he made himself naked in his tent. As you know it well, a drunker has no more control of either his movements or his actions. This is what the great Noah did. When he did not drink, we didn’t see such a thing in the life of the patriarch. This must make us think.

After recovering from his drunkenness, he heard about all that had happened and how his own son Ham contemplated his nakedness and brought the news to his brothers. He became very furious and cursed Ham by attacking his son. To do harm to Ham, he cursed his son saying : “Cursed be Canaan ! The lowest of slaves will he be to his brothers”. That curse has its effect on several nations on earth. What prevents Africa from developing though it has all natural resources ?

Thanks God for the coming of His son Jesus who came to make us equal with other peoples. This first appearance of wine in the Bible is linked to drunkenness, to sin, to shame and to a curse. Due to the ailments that alcoholic drinks cause, God made of full abstinence the absolute rule for his people. Leviticus 10:9, Judges 13:4-7, Numbers 6:3. After this, we have never heard that Noah took alcohol again. He lived for 350 years after the flood.

Alcoholism consequences in Lot’s life

Geneses 19:30-38

After being saved from divine punishment on Sodom and Gomorrah because of his righteousness, Lot took refuge in a cave with his two daughters.

It is there that the worst sin was committed by a man whose life was pleasant to God. How come he committed such a sin ? It is under the control of alcohol that Lot committed such a sin. His two daughters made him drunk and he committed incest with them. What a shame !

A father who impregnated his two daughters ! Because of that sin, those who do not understand the Bible reject it, saying that it is not the word of God since it mentions shameful sins. Two wicked tribes were born from this incestuous act. I wonder how Abraham reacted when he heard this. History forgot Lot. He who takes alcohol will be forgotten one day by history. How many Christians who used to be powerful in the Lord let themselves taken into alcoholism and have become rubbish and useless men today.

What does the Bible say about alcoholic drinks ?

 Do not drink wine nor strong drink ; Leviticus 10:9  Wine is a mocker ; Proverbs 20:1

 Do not be among winebibbers ; Proverbs 23:20

 Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning, that they may follow strong drink ; Isaiah 5:11

 Do not be drunk with wine ; Ephesians 5:18

 God paid homage to the Rechabites who refused to take wine ; Jeremiah 35:2-6 (Because of that the Lord of armies, the God of Israel said : Jonadab the son of Rechab shall not lack a man to stand before Me forever ; verse 19).

From all that precedes, and considering the negative consequences of alcohol in the life of individuals and the society, our theological position regarding alcohol should be clear : Abstinence should be encouraged. Paul said : But food does not bring us near to God ; we are no worse if we do not eat and no better if we do. Be careful, however, that the exercise of your freedom does not become a stumbling block to the weak. I Corinthians 8:8-9. This passage can be applied to alcoholic drinks.

God bless you !

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, November 15, 2009 by Rev. Basile HOUNGBEDJI !

Theme : What a mercy !

dimanche 15 novembre 2009

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O Lord, have mercy on me ! So, dear friend, have mercy on him. Lord, Lord, have mercy on this perishing world ! The mercy of God is one side of His love as of His grace. It is demonstrated on the less privileged ones who prove to be pitiful and compassionate.

It is necessarily seen in different aspects of our life ;

  In our salvation : it took the mercy of God to save us,

  In our being born again : without it no one can be regenerated,

  Even in our earthly pilgrimage : whoever lives without mercy will die without grace.

  The mercy of God as in church service, as in our life,

  Before the throne of grace : who can holy go through the presence of God and be well rewarded without His mercy ?

  The mercy of God for eternal life : for there are people so engaged in the Lord but who became master liars just three months before their death. What a sad fate ! But what is surprising is that there will be no divine mercy at the throne of the last judgment. That white great throne for whomsoever sitting on it will see the earth and the heaven passing away before him ; and there will be no place for them.

  The dead, small and big will stand before this throne.

  Books will be open, each dead person will be judged. Sea, death, and Hades will each vomit their deaths. Whoever is condemned to eternal hell is really condemned. The one to whom mercy has been shown for eternal life will have mercy. Will you really enter eternal life on the day of the Great Judgment ? Will you really be able to go heaven ? O, immeasurable mercy, think about us ! Will your repeated lies allow you to enter ?

Will your prosperity in adultery, in fornication set you free on that Great Day of Judgment ? Will your harshness, your strictness, your intransigence, your anger, your repeated blows on your partner, wife, terrorizing her or threatening her of dismissal ; your selfishness, your deadly jealousy that resound in the following expressions : "I’m going to kill someone today", your empty accusations, your repeated suspicions on your partner set you free ? How long will you keep on threatening to break everything in your house ? Your fiancé is your husband, it is your wife. Why do you put pressure and invade her with questions and reproaches ? I saw you yesterday with Mr. X, what do you have in common ? Last month I saw you with Y, what do you have in common ?

  And it is always the same story. Delude your jealousy. Will your characters enable you to find mercy ? How long will you keep on deceiving your boy friend, your husband ? What do you gain from deceiving that ignorant and naïve man ? Tell him the truth. Doing it will rather honor you than humiliating you. Therefore he will be obliged to have mercy on you. In fact are we not invited to grant mercy to one another ? Of course.

Have mercy on him.

Indeed, a king wanted to settle accounts with his servants. When he began counting, they brought him somebody that owed him ten thousand talents. Nowadays that amount is about 90,000,000 FCFA. That man was in a desperate situation. The burden of his debt was so heavy that he has no hope of solving his problems, of reimbursing his debts. In short, he was ruined and his situation was like a polished pebble in the sea. He had nothing to solve his debt with, so much so that his master ordered that he and his wife and children should be sold along with all his belongings (but his existence will have no record for a long time).

  All this for the debt to be paid.

  In fact that was the olden way of dealing with debtors who couldn’t pay their debt back.

  Thus, the creditor sells the debtor, his wife as well as his children and all his possessions. They are sold as slaves for the maximum of the debt to be paid back.

After that statement by the master, the servant fell on his knees before him and said : " Lord, be patient with me, have mercy on me and I will pay back everything", though he was conscious of the fact that he couldn’t ever pay back the, except under an exceptional condition. What is formidable from the master’s decision is that he had mercy on him and canceled all the debt of 90,000,000 FCFA.

What an extraordinary mercy !

Listen ! If God were to enumerate and count our involuntary sins that we daily commit, what is that man on earth who will be able to pay for them ? Who will come out of hell if he were sent there ?

  God always has mercy on us after simply heard from us : "Lord, forgive me all my sins committed by omission”. No sooner had the debtor left his master than he met one of his companions who owed him 100 denarii. He took hold on him and seized him by the neck in a way as to cut his breath, or kill him if he protested. He said : "Pay back what you owe me".

  But what are those 100 denarii worth today ? There are just mere 180 FCFA (< 200 F).

His fellow fell on his knees before him and begged him, but he refused and threw him into prison until he could pay back everything. But when the master heard about that implacable and wicked spirit of that servant, he said to him : “You wicked servant, I canceled all that debt of yours because you begged me to. Shouldn’t you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you ? In another word, "why couldn’t you have mercy on him" ? In anger his master turned him over to the jailers to be tortured until he should pay back all he owed. If you don’t have mercy on people, God will also remember all the sins he forgave you, he will keep them anew. But grant your fellow mercy. Why don’t you want to have mercy on him ? Why do you want to lodge in your heart all the business that occurred more than ten years ago ? Why this rigorous decision of not setting your foot in his house ? Grant him mercy.

Why have you resolved not to ever greet him on this earth ? If you greeted him, what a miracle you would have performed.

  Have mercy on him or were you dreaming of seeing him and greeting him after death, if you don’t do it here ? Are you so sure of seeing him again ?

  Why have you made up to forgive him everything except that treason ?

  Why that savage decision to compulsorily pay back what he did to you ? Have mercy on him.

  To how many people have you already retaliated the wrong that they did to you five years ago ? Have mercy on him.

  How many times will you fall sick because of that anger ? That damage you underwent ? Grant him mercy.

  Have you forgotten the over 90,000,000 sins that the Lord forgave you. Look into your earthly side mirror. What sin did you not commit before coming to the Lord ?

  Ask the Lord to give you the power to grant mercy.

  Ask the Lord : Grant mercy to this world and to the church of our time.

  O ! What so a great fire reserved to this dreadful Muslim world, to the so called born again Christians, to fetish adherents, to those people grouped into sects ! Lord, have mercy and save them.

  What a great fire abyss destined to such bad brothers, to those unfaithful, to those thieves, to those traitors ! Lord, have mercy, have mercy.

What an endless fire storm reserved to those so called singers to the Lord, those so called choir singers, those so called monitors, teachers of the Word, pastors, priests, those so called workers in the Church ; who have never broken off with sin ? Lord, have mercy ! What other suffering again in eternal fire for those sick people in hospitals who do not know Jesus, for those renowned prisoners, for those faithless and lawless crooks if God does not grant them mercy ?

Lord ! Have mercy ! Have mercy ! Have mercy ! Have mercy !

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, November 8, 2009 by Rev. Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


lundi 9 novembre 2009

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What is hell ? What is paradise ? What is eternal judgment ? Let hell swallow me if it exists. Let eternal life expel me if it is real. If there is any way to perdition let it count me among its elements. Such are the words of a man one day. Words that are the expressions of total discouragement, of a dejected soul, a depressed soul that is abandoned to itself, left to misfortune. No sign, no compassion, no sound of a probable relief. Indeed, great men are always capable of great mistakes. A powerful prophet shouted some day : "It is enough !" "It is enough !" "It is enough !" "It is enough !", "O Lord, take away my life ; for I am not better than my fathers". These are the words of such a great man of God, which were so deeply expressed : That man who willingly commanded rain and heaven. (Heaven ! Retain rain ! Send rain and fire !)

O, Elijah was deeply discouraged so much so that, to the question of the Lord "what are you doing here Elijah ?, he dared to answer : "I deployed my zeal to the God of armies", for the Israelites abandoned your covenant (a situation looking like the one of Asa’s time), they upset your alters and they killed your prophets with swords ; I stayed alone and they sought to kill me. [sign of a double discouragement]. Those words were twice repeated in 1 Kings 19:10 ;14. Discouraged, he thought he was alone whereas God has spared 7.000 men that did not give up before Baal and whose mouth did not kissed him. 1 Kings 19 :18.

Elijah, the prophet did not know that he was among the rest, thinking he was the only one left. But he was among the 7001. If a woman is Elijah’s source of discouragement, what is, for you, the source of your discouragement ? Satan ? God ? your sin ? a failure ? A situation ? Indeed, discouragement can overcome us in many ways. It can derive from sin, a defeat, a lack of consecration, a lack of faith, from a satanic jealousy, the jealousy of bad friends, …

But if you have sinned, get rid of your sin, then you will have the necessary strength to resist that spirit of discouragement which invaded you. You are invaded ! Listen ! Only faithfulness to God will grant you victory over that kind of discouragement you are suffering from. Israel did not understand this fact early in Asa’s time and basically before Asa’s reign. Surely your discouragement comes from your entire lack of consecration to the Lord. You wonder :" It is too hard, too strong, too high, I can’t stand it, I will never make it, it is impossible…

You are speaking like the other 10 spies that rebelled against Joshua and Caleb, who said : "Nevertheless the people are strong that dwell in the land, and the cities are walled, and very great and moreover we saw the children of Anak there" Numbers 13:27-33.

We finalize our own defeat, as in ourselves, as in our enemy. Testimony : "Take courage !" as a pastor is used to saying. Why, in spite of your consecration, your attachment to God, you undergo in the devil’s hand and you let yourself be taken by discouragement ? Stand up ! Push the enemy back !

• You can overcome that attack of discouragement that comes from the devil, from demons, from your co-workers, from bad friends Don’t give in to discouragement so as to be taken by the anger of Moses who said unto them, "Hear now, you rebels ; must we fetch you water out of this rock" ? Numbers 20:10.

• Don’t act like Job’s wife who said to him "Do you still retain your integrity ? Curse God, and die". Job 2:9.

• You are able to overcome that spiritual pressure. Stand up and dominate, stand up and snatch your victory ; snatch it ; snatch it.

 Paul, the apostle, victim of that discouragement, triumphed. Say no, no and no to that discouragement. Acts 14:19 specified that the Jews were winning crowds and after stoning Paul, they dragged him outside the city, thinking that he was dead.

Be that as it may, Paul stood up and went back to the same city and left for Derbe and came back again to (Lystra) fortifying the spirit of the disciples, exhorting them to persevere in faith, saying that it is through a lot of tribulations that we will enter the kingdom of God. What a man of courage !

Paul even lost hope of living at a given time but finally took courage. He was stoned, left to death, tortured, flogged, put in jail, constantly in peril from bad friends, Jews, pagans and Satan, but he triumphed. But he triumphed and triumphed.

 Fortify yourself and be courageous ! Such was the order of God, besides, a commandment to Joshua.

Dear brother, fortify yourself and be courageous. Don’t look like that Pastor who decided to find a solution to his problems by creating his own church entitled "United Assemblies of God".

 But it is only by fortifying himself that Asa succeeded in delivering Israel from the hand of his enemies.

 See the war between Ethiopia and Juda : In Juda only, there were :

  300,000 men wearing shields and spears

  280,000 men from Benjamin wearing shields and shooting arrows a total of 580,000 men, but the Ethiopian army was made of 1,000,000 men and 300 chariots. However Asa marched against her and defeated her.

 Asa called upon the Lord, saying : Lord !, Lord ! Come to our rescue. It was a crushing victory.

Dear friend, call upon your God, the Lord of armies. Indeed this took place after Israel came back to the Lord, because for a long time there was neither true God for Israel, nor priest to teach, nor law. It was a total disorder, an indescribable spiritual decline.

But in their distress they remembered God and returned to him, they looked for him and found him (v4). You too, will find him. But it was a real disaster among the people, a real disorder, irrespective of any rule or law.

There were great troubles (the same way your heart is in trouble), people were fighting against one another, cities against cities because God was troubling them with all kinds of trouble.

But suddenly Azariah was seized by God’s spirit which stirred up king Asa’s spirit. That spirit hovered over him and he gained back courage, zeal and determination.

That same spirit spread over the whole people through this encouraging statement : " Fortify yourselves and don’t let your hands get weakened, for there will be a reward for your deeds".

Workers of this church, there is a reward for your deeds. Indeed king Asa took courage and here are the consequences :

  He made the abominations of all the country disappear (v8).

  they offered to the Lord 700 cows and 7,000 sheep (v11)

  they took the commitment to seek the Lord (12)

  whoever did not look for the Lord should be put to death (v13)

  they swore faithfulness to the Lord in a loud voice (v 14)

  They all rejoiced upon this oath (v 15)

  Asa took that courage to withdraw from Maacah, his mother, the dignity of queen because she had an idol

  There was no war until the 35 th year of his reign We were all present at the starting point, we all should also be present at destination.

Dear friends

 Why so much tears ? Why such a great discouragement ? Elijah, Job, Asa, Joshua and Caleb are all among the rest.

 O, here you are very discouraged, you no longer pray, you abandoned reading the Bible.

 You feel hard to come to church because of what happened and is still happening.

 You squarely abandoned what you used to do for God.

 But why abandoning such a great project ?

 Why abandoning such a great work ? Don’t forget that there is a reward for your deeds.

 Can you let yourself be visited by the spirit of God ?

 Let the Holy Spirit renew your strength

 Bear the problems, face the difficulties.

 Why do you want to ……

 Why will God not be able to …..

par Rév. Basile HOUNGBEDJI

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Message of Sunday, November 1, 2009 by Rev. Pascal SAMBIENI !

Theme : The negative effects of anger

dimanche 1er novembre 2009

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Anger is defined as a violent emotion that pushes a human being, to avenge a wrong done to him or a wrong he is about to be done to. At the end of his life, Jacob, the old patriarch, gathered all his children to tell them what would happen to them in the future. All of them gathered to listen to their father, who was very old. With a voice, trembling, but full of vigor and authority, Jacob called his first-born, named Ruben and said : « You, Ruben, my first-born …You will no longer have the preeminence » ; due to the fault that the latter committed.

The damages of anger.

Simeon and Levi lost their father’s blessings.

A whole town was destroyed in the past because of the anger of these two men

Jacob referred to the event of Genesis 34 : 7 where his daughter Dina was raped by the prince of Shechem. Full of a violent anger, Simeon and Levi massacred all the men of the country and took their belongings away. They did this without their father’s knowing. This way of behaving displeased Jacob. Did God not intervene, the risk run by the little family of Jacob was very dangerous. When the nations surrounding Shechem heard what the sons of Jacob did, they were about to destroy all Jacob’s family, but the Lord sent a big fright on all those nations and they gave up their plan. That is the risk run by Jacob’s family. The old man kept the memory and when he was about to die, he separated them from his children. What the Bible said about anger.

James 1 : 19-20 (to be read)

As chistians, the word of God warns us against anger. A human being’s anger does not follow the will of God. I am going to tell you about one example of anger’s effects that I read.

« While a man was washing his car, his four-year-old son picked up a stone and wrote something on the side of the car. Being exaggeratedly angry, and without even taking a look at the graffitis, the man held his son by his hand and beat him several times, not knowing that he was beating him with a adjustable wrench, i.e a device in steel.

In the hospital, the boy lost his fingers due to the numerous fractures that he got. When the boy saw that his father was very sad because of his injury, he asked : « Daddy, when will my fingers grow again ? » .The man was very disturbed by the question and was speechless. He went back to his car and hit it several times. Saddened by his own doings, he sat in front of the car. Then, he saw what his son had scrawled on his car and he read : « I love you daddy ». The following day, the man committed suicide. » It would have been better for the car to be scratched, since it could be fixed, rather than the hands of the boy to be lost forever.

History tells us that anger and love have no limits. Always choose the last one so as to have a good and cute life. You must understand that things are created to be used whereas human beings are created to be loved.But the problem today is that men are used and things are loved.

Dear brothers and sisters, whenever you find yourselves in front of situations that tend to make you angry, remember that : « things are created to be used, but human beings are created to be loved ». How many lives, and homes are destroyed by exces of anger ? How many people have physical and moral injuries due the their parents’, tutors’ or teachers’ anger ? How many couples are divorced, or children injured because of anger ?

Examples :

- I know a student who was made deaf by his master, who slapped him many times. That child could no longer continue his studies, for he became a disabled, a deaf person. Jacob condemned his two children’s anger and withdrew them from his descendants. He cursed their anger, saying this : « In their anger they killed people. »

Under anger, a woman told her son : « You are a son of the devil, go away from the house ! At the age of thirteen, the child left the house and he became a bandit.

Anger in our life can destroy us, or destroy our husband, our wife, our children , our colleagues and friends. There was a man who would cut himself with a knife whenever he is angry.

Anger can bring about civil war. An angry man cannot find a girl to marry, because he will start beating her during their engagements. Even if he succeeds in marrying her, that wedding will end up by a divorce. It is the same thing for an angry girl ; it will be very hard for her to find a husband. One of the criteria to serve God as a pastor, or a deacon , is the following : « The bishop should not be a man of anger (Titus 1 :7)

Is it possible for a human being not to get angry ?

The answer is no ! We can get angry, but the sun should not set upon our anger. We are asked to control our anger, to be slow in getting angry. We must be moderate. We should not allow anger to take place in our life to become a danger to us and to our family and surrounding.

A doctor said : « I would die the day a man would make me angry ». And that is the way he died. In past years I witnessed a case in which a man beat his son to death under the effects of anger. Such acts are very frequent in Benin (A woman burnt the right hand of her son, pretending he stole some fish ; another woman put a hot iron on the breasts and buttocks of her maid… all those people stayed in prison and their police record have the marks of those acts.

The Lord wants to warn you against your anger. It is it that will lead you to the hades. In a church there was a woman who used to faint and become motionless like a wood for a long time before she recovered whenever she got angry.

Your anger caused trouble to your wife and your children. Abandon it today at the feet of Jesus. Your anger may have made your husband ill of heart attack or blood pressure, or something else. The christian is invited to control his anger. We are in the world and too many things can stir up a harsh anger in us. Let us be careful. Let us control our anger even if we are right.

May God help us to obey his word and live in a pleasant way to the Lord, to love one another and provide our families, our churhes and our work place with peace.

God bless you ! If we were angry before being converted, let our surrounding testify that we have changed after our conversion. Proverbs 14 :29 ; 16 : 32a

Reverend Pascal SAMBIENI

par Rév. Pascal SAMBIENI

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Message of Sunday, October 25, 2009 by Rev. Basile HOUNGBEDJI !


mardi 27 octobre 2009

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We do not know how God inspired the Bible " His word" to those who wrote it. We only know their personality and style were incorporated in the Word. The Old Testament is in Hebrew (except some passages in Syrian) and the New Testament is in Greek. But it is quite obvious that all translations cannot show all the nuance of the original writing. Be it about a page of the Bible concerning the visible and invisible things, the past or the future, the words of Christ or that of Satan, the proverbs of Solomon or the history of Israel, the sins of David etc. All is inspired, one can trust the texts of the Bible because God kept it from error. Each word was chosen by the Holy Spirit, even the thoughts and the language of the Bible. Even some passages of the Old Testament were included in the New one without error (Genesis 22 : 18 ; Galatians 3 : 16 ; Genesis 14 : 18 ; Hebrews 7 : 2).

There is all in the Bible

• The Acts of sovereignty of God :

- Satan against Job and presenting himself in front of God (Job 1 & 2),

- God uses a spirit which was transformed itself into spirit of lie (1Kings 22)

- God took Elijah to the sky and resurrected a death by Elisha’s dryed bones (2 Kings 2)

- A fish swallows a man, Jonah

- God buries a man (Moses) (Exodus 3)

- The arch on the sea

- God showed himself by the back (Exodus 33)

- A powerful prophet appeared in the ustensils of a magician etc (1 Samuel 28 : 11-12)

• Miracles of high range

- Creation, ten plagues in Egypt (Exodus 7 ; 8 and 9)

- Separation of the Red Sea, of the Jordan, manna, quails

- Earthquakes (Acts 16 : 25)

- Miracles on the men, rocks etc.

• Most attractive acts of virtue

- of love, forgiveness and reconciliation

• Behaviors of very low morality curling the greatest madness, a human cruelty so to say.

- Brothers killing themselves (Genesis 4 : 8)

- Incest (2 Samuel 13)

- Assassination

- Adultery of a revealed king (2sameul 11)

- Polygamy

- Father-in-law going all the way with his daughter-in-law (Genesis 38 : 18)

- Girls having sexual intercourse with their father at the point to be empregnanted each one (Genesis 19 : 30).

- Diversion of heritage (1 Kings 21)

- To sleep so as to kill one’s baby (1 Kings 3 : 19)

- Theft of baby, to accept that a baby is divided into two (1 Kings 3)

- Semen interrupted (Genesis 38 : 9)

- The death of a great soldier killed by people without weapons (2 Kings 7)

- Tasting of human